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05-02-2009, 02:56
Well, first comes my Dark Eldar character, a work in progress. Please feel free to provide comments and suggestions.

WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld Spd
86 81 54 55 105 79 78 82 92 6

Special abilites: Lightning Reflexes, Nightsight, Catfall, Leader, Feint, First Strike, Heroic

Equipment: Splinter Pistol with reload and choke toxin, Agoniser Sword (reach 3, otherwise same as rulebook), Medi-pack, Knife with choke, Implant Dispenser (gland that can be turned off/on) with De-tox, Spur, and Psychon, 40 Soul Seeker rounds (range H) coated with choke, Mesh armor on all locations except head, Conversion Field

The story comes from a playtest of this character, a brief skirmish versus a Rogue Trader.

The playing area was small, and sparsely covered with debris and some pylons sticking up from the ground, plus a large rock outcropping. I went first with my higher speed, and simply walked and paused for breath. On seeing my opponent's character move into view and fire his pulse carbine, I ran, ending out of line of sight. The next turn, I simply ran once and paused for breath, hoping to get in a few shots once he moved into view, and poison him before charging. Unfortunately, I badly miscalculated, and my opponent calmly walked into view, fired his pulse carbine and proceeded to draw his power cane sword just in case. Of course, I had been indulging in a bit of friendly trash talk ("Oh you'll never hit, the dice are on my side..."). Naturally, he scored an easy hit at 3" range and rolled a leg hit, bumped up to a groin hit by Deadeye Shot. At this point, I realised I had forgotten the force field I had planned to add. The hit dealt 13 damage after armor, knocking my character to the ground stunned for 2 turns and forcing her to take a System Shock test, which I failed miserably. The end result: my first ever character OOA result (and I've been playing a while), and great hilarity to all involved.

Strangely, that was one of my most fun games, despite taking my first OOA.

05-02-2009, 03:57
Yeah, bet that sucked. Oh wait... Power cane sword-doesn't that just conjure a great image?

Commissar Holt
12-02-2009, 13:28
The stats and special rules look about right for a Dark Eldar, one would expect them to be very nimble and light.

Is there any background to this character or any plans on how its going to be played in a game or a campaign?

I think that the agoniser sword may need a little bit of work doing to it though, I hear the word painful and injur but not the agony factor that I would assume would come with such a horrible weapon.

12-02-2009, 23:23
Actually, this was a character I did mostly for fun. I briefly considered using her for a campaign, but decided not to.

Any suggestions on the agoniser, if you think it needs work?

13-02-2009, 02:00
Try a sword coated in Choke or Bloodfire. Works well for my gaming-group's DE. Other things we've used for them include neural whips, standard agonisers, and scythian venom talons to represent haemunculi scissorhands.

By the way, what's the profile for your splinter pistol? And the soul-seeker rounds?

13-02-2009, 04:55
Splinter pistol is unmodified shuriken. I'm reluctant to just make up weapons, since I probably would overpower them.

Soul Seekers make it range H, otherwise the same.

Choke sword could work nicely, I'll have to try that.

I've added a conversion field to her equipment; it was meant to be in there originally, but I forgot.

13-02-2009, 10:27
Splinter pistol is unmodified shuriken. I'm reluctant to just make up weapons, since I probably would overpower them.

Well, one that worked quite well for us was the following:

Weapon: Splinter Rifle
Class: Legendary
Type: Basic
Range: C
Shots: Single (1), Semi (4) - semi in this case representing rapid-fire blasts a bit like an automatic shotgun
Accuracy Modifier: None
Damage: Hits D3 locations and does D6 damage to each
Ammo: 40
Reload time: 2 actions
Weight: 25
Special: Can be used in melee, counting as a Reach 4, D10+2 damage weapon with a Parry Penalty of -15%

So it doesn't do much physical damage, but has a bigger chance of incapacitating the opponent from toxins (they were generally coated in Choke or Bloodfire, but the user had to specify which for each reload) which we thought was just right for a DE weapon.

Our splinter pistol was basically a single/semi autopistol that fired poisoned flachette rounds and had the option of attaching a combat blade.

13-02-2009, 13:18
Cool, I'll give that a try. Thanks! :)