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03-12-2005, 21:13
In memory of "the basement", and the greatness that we will never be able to recreate down there.

Two day straight splurges of Warhammer 40K. 8 people in a basement. 10 at one point. Those who weren't gaming were playing "James Bond" or "Perfect Dark" multi player death matches on N64. If you weren't doing that you were on John's beyond slow computer trying to construct an army list for your next two hour game. Every night around 6 Wojcik's mother would serve 6 or 8 guys fresh cooked homemade Polish food. Every morning we'd be treated to a fresh cooked breakfast. In between all of that we would consume mountains of pizza rolls and "Big Fizz" (99cents for 3 liters) soda.

The table was big. Maybe 8x4? It was packed with terrain. Factories, mountains, burned out wrecks of tanks... then off to the side was rulebooks. Piles of rulebooks. Dice. Half eaten slices of pizza, and army composition lists. Models lay scattered through out the room, but on the board itself were pounds of plastic miniatures fighting with every ounce of strength the most holy emperor or most reviled chaos god could give them. Epic battles between Marines, Orks, Eldar, Chaos Legions, Imperial Guards and countless other creatures of Games Workshop's imagination.

And we enjoyed it. Wasting our summer days in some basement when we could have been out trying to ***** random sluts or do some equally retarded thing that teenagers of that age would have been trying to do.

Instead we battled with little plastic men and dice. We invented. Dick and Plesca. Dick is in the Marine Corps fighting in Iraq now. Plesca is a fratboy who does coke. But Dick and Plesca were inventors. They inspired the rest of us. We made our own battle bots with six foot splurts of homemade napalm, we held gladiatorial combat way before jackass popularized it with youth, we built homemade guns and fired home forged bullet's through John's basement walls.

Then after a few days we'd go home, clean up, get more money, spend the day with our family, and make the voyage into geekdom once more.

I miss those days :/

by thanitus

04-12-2005, 08:08
We had a "basement". It was my buddy's apartment. He shared it with another gamer and several other friends lived in the same complex. We set up a table in the little offset area from his kitchen and made terrain to fill it from cardboard and packing styrene.

All summer long we waged battles across the table, man against man. sometimes tow against one or even doubles play. The dvd player was always on with some cult vampire movie or anime, usually Ghost in the Shell. Those were Bob's picks and he would play them over and over until no one wanted to watch them again.

The computer was always in use as Russ, who owned the apartment, was the only one with cable internet. Sometimes a tabletop game would be waged while head to head computer matches were fought one room away.

The girlfriends would come over, sometimes painting, sometimes nagging. People came and went as the day or night drew on, each working a different schedule. Still the games would go on.

New armies were fielded, new tactics created. Army lists that were too broken or odd to be played anywhere but in a fun game were used. House rules abounded.

One day someone got the bright idea to get paintball guns and we tore up the apartment complex chasing each other with little paint pellets. July 4 rolled up on us and we spent the day blowing up Dark eldar with fireworks, drinking underage, and smoking things that shouldn't have been smoked.

Time goes on as it must and people grow and change. Two of those friends are in the Army, one overseas. One is married with two kids, neither his own. One disappeared never to be heard from again.

No matter what time did to those people though, there was always that table, that summer.

04-12-2005, 10:20
not that far away of a memory. Just two and three years ago I had smilar summers. I probably spent almost every other night at my best friend's house playing 40k, or fantasy, or whatever game happened to come to mind. there was also his litle brother doing something, and usually at least one of the two other friends who lived on the same street. during the school years, I'd be somewhere on that street nearly every weekend, and I'd be gone at least 2 nights a week (potentially including Vet's night on Thursdays as well).

Then I got a job. a bit later, I got a girlfriend. last school year I saw my friends little outside of lunchtime at school, for weeknights I was working or doing homework, and weekends were divided between my girlfriend and my job. this past summer I had a job working full time. I barely saw my friends. Now I'm back in school, this time university, I rarely see them, and none of us have moved. Wargaming is a part of me, It's still a major pastime for me, but it's no longer my driving concern. I've changed, I've grown. I miss the good ole days of 2 years ago, but I also look forward to the good days ahead. :chrome:

05-12-2005, 00:40
yeah actually yesterday there was five of us together, by no means the "golden age" but really brought back lots of good memories.

05-12-2005, 00:45
Sounds pretty lame to me.

05-12-2005, 02:29
its like those old stories of D&D players but with warhammer
sad, but im kinda envious

05-12-2005, 02:59
2 days straight? I'd love that, its all I can do to get my 3 hours on mondays in.

What you say is true. Sadly for some reason, teenage summers can never be recaptured.

The Machine GoD
05-12-2005, 05:51
UGH, how I wish I still had a place to game. The one place I did closed and I have no where to play now.

05-12-2005, 05:57
i notice he didn't describe the smells, that's the one thing i remember after all those years, the horrid, horrid gamer stink

05-12-2005, 12:56
actually it never stunk where we played, we usually took a shower upstairs or went home to get some things showered and came back.

05-12-2005, 15:01
It does take me back as well, long weekends playing GW games and streetfighter or golden eye aguanst the horde of gamers I know or taking a break to watch horible horror movies we'd went out and rented while consuming three or four 12pks of soda to stay up after work friday night, a quick nap sometime around sunrise on my buddies couch or floor and then a looong saterday of gaming, a rush for some real food/fast food and pick up more soda and back to the gaming table, or time for some RPGing with the same crew late into the night, busting out some epic or space hulk or warhammer and some more streetfighter and runiing out on the porch for some smoke breaks not thinking about mondays school or back to the summer job, sunday mysteriously passing somewhere along the way, getting home and cleaned up for the weekdays. those were great times of my gamer youth and I feel sad for those who missed out and dont understand this thread. I wouldnt trade those days for anything.

05-12-2005, 15:19
heyu this is a good idea... around new year, i might see if i can get a '24hr gaming week' at my games room... if it were to be done by then, so easter here i come!

05-12-2005, 19:00
yeah there are some people that look at this thread (i've xposted) and just not get it. I feel sad for them that they can't feel the joys of comraderie that you gain just playing a simple game. To think that was something like six to eight years ago, all of us are finishing up college already just turning 20-21. But we will never forget these days