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08-02-2009, 16:07
Hi there!

I just had a chat with my brother who played Space Crusade last night (lucky git, I haven't played the game for years now). He was the Chaos player and said he came to the conclusion that the Commanders are nigh unkillable. (i.e. very tough if you prefer that)

As I don't have my Space Crusade game with me and couldn't remember that well (can't remember that anyone ever lost his commander though) so maybe the people who have fresher memory of the game can help me a bit here.

What's your opinions/experiences with the toughness of SM Commanders in Space Crusade. If you insist to post your "amusing story of exceptional dice and big lols" I concur but I would prefer if most of the posts would focus on the topic at hand.

Thanks guys. :)

08-02-2009, 17:17
Depends. The Ultramarine and Blood Angel commanders are pretty hard due to the medipack and the forcefield, but the IF guy and the Eldar Exarch tend to die a lot more often. It also seriously depends on their weapons. A heavy bolter commander as well as the one with the axe are pretty easy to kill in CC - after all, armour doesn't count there, and the loser loses the difference in wounds. I used to play Chaos a lot, and I usually ganged up with Gretchin to kill the Marines first in CC, and go for the commander with Orks and CSM. Sure, they have two dice, and the gretchin only one, but there's a lot of 0s on those white dice...Let's just say that party kills where not unknown in our gaming group.

21-04-2009, 18:30
As mentioned a lot of it ran to how lucky you could get on the dice (I swear my son was telkinetically blessed a lot of the time), but if you could isolate him and then produce genestealers or a couple of orks he could be in trouble (at least early in the campaign).

To some extent it also depended on how many chapters were on board - you only had limited stuff so had to divide it to cover a lot.

It was the Eldar that gave me the most grief once my opponents realised the Exarch was not invulnerable and planned their moves a bit better

Ahhhh memories

20-07-2009, 08:28
The big problem with it was that all the dice were 50% miss so it was difficult for the marines to keep the kills comming once the board started filling up. Once the swarm descends you'd be locked in combat and unable to use your area weapons.

We always used to run the powerfist/sword commander, he is so much more powerful. Later on he'd get a meltabomb as well to take down the pesky dreadnaughts. Occasionaly the IF guy would run the combiplasma but I don't think we ever used the axe/pistol combo.

Just watch out for the genestealer card!

21-07-2009, 10:34
I've played SC quite a few times, both as Marines and Chaos and Commanders are indeed quite tough.

I find three approaches as the Chaos player are best for dealing with them:
Ignore them and use a few gretchin to block their paths. These critters are fast and cheap. Perfect for blocking the way and keeping him isolated whilst you pick off the squad.

Against Heavy Weapon and Power axe, close combat attacks are worth there weight in gold. Gretchin and Orks in sufficient numbers will overwhelm due to probability. These troops should be thrown away in close combat at the first opportunity against marines and commanders as they do a lot more damage this way.

Against the Power Fist and Sword combo, especially with melta bombs and medipacks, I tend to adopt either the block and ignore approach outlined above, or charge in with practically everything except Chaos Marines. In particular, you must focus any android and/or genestealer attacks on the commander as these have the best chance of forcing him to spend his precious melta bombs and/or medipack.

The Chaos dreadnought is a special case and worth mentioning separately. If the melta bombs have been spent, then it can be a very effective commander killer in close combat as it has equal odds and three lives. More importantly, unlike its shooting, its skill in CC does not diminish. I tend to go if the commander is alone, CC will kill him, but if he is with his squad, then I tend to try and shoot off as many of them as possible as quick as possible if i can help it.

Hope those suggestions will help you keep your hulks clear of any of those pesky crusaders.

04-08-2009, 13:52
My memory's a little hazy, but I recall a commander being killed by a gretchin during my youth.