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10-02-2009, 17:50
Well we all know the rumours that the Spyrer suits used in Necromunda were designed by the Tau to do research of Humanity.

So I was wondering, say the research is complete.
It has been decided that one of these suits is to go into full production and will be added to the Tau Codex.

Which suit would you pick?

You can see pictures of the suits here:

And a brief description of each
Jakara: Lightest of all Spyrer hunters, emphasising speed and agility over heavy armour.
Yeld: The most bizarre of the Spyrer hunters, a winged fiend with wings of chameleon metal and claws of laser energy.
Malcadon: A Cunning hunter that catches victims in webs of iron-hard silk before tearing them apart with steely claws.
Orrus: The most brutal of the aspects, beating and crushing opponents into a bloody pulp with its huge fists.

10-02-2009, 17:54
This idea of Tau inventing the Spyer suits is new to me. Can you cite this?

Lord Damocles
10-02-2009, 17:57
IIRC the quote didn't imply anything along the lines of Spyrer Rigs being of Tau origin. What it did say was that they incorporate Tau monitoring devices.

The fact that their weapon systems have little in common with Tau weapons implies that they're more likely Dark Age human technology which is traded through Tau hands.

The quote was/is from the 3rd ed. Tau codex. The names approximately match with Tau translations (for example Y'eldi is 'to fly' or something along those lines).

10-02-2009, 17:58
None sounds really Tau-like...

But I voted Yeld, just because I think Tau want to be (even) more like Eldar and therefore need swooping hawks-like things :P.

10-02-2009, 18:17
None of them, because they didn't design any of them. The Jakara is the only one vaguely close to the Tau's tactical doctrine, but it has a power weapon.

10-02-2009, 18:26
Good to know some people here can still think outside the box ;)

My vote is for the malc. Was always my favorite spyre in necromunda. To me tau are the evil socialist empire, demanding that you fight and die for the greater good, and I think they need a sneaky, masked killer to stealth about and make sure everyone is doing all they can for the cause. That, and it's like spider man and the predator had hot nasty mutant love, and produced something beautiful.

10-02-2009, 18:27
It's the names of the suits. the names are in the Tau language.

10-02-2009, 18:29
I liked the Orrus, and as it is so not Tau, it would be a tactical thing.

Which I would consider to be very Tau-like.

10-02-2009, 18:30
even tho it might not be from the tau, the big fisty one, because the tau need it.

10-02-2009, 18:32
I voted Yeld because I think Tau need another unit with jump packs (not jet packs)... that or they could just make Vespid worthwhile... So Yeld for me please.

10-02-2009, 18:32
...and it's like spider man and the predator had hot nasty mutant love, and produced something beautiful.

:eek: Argh, make it stop! :eek:

Lord Damocles
10-02-2009, 18:39
Some people might be interested by the actual relevant quote:

More difficult to enforce is when such technology finds its way into the hands of those in positions of authority or are difficult to trace. One example is the hunting rig of the so called 'Spyre Hunter' gangs found in the Necromunda Hive Complexes (CF: Ordo Xenos File 4353/Alien Technology/B). These aristocratic ne'er-do-wells wear armoured battlesuits said to be self sustaining, self repairing and fully capable of recording the wearer's every action. The implications of this last facility are truly horrifying. Does this information return to the Tau? Have these aliens been using these technological abominations to spy on our cities for all these years? It is imperative that these gangs be made to hand over their hunting rigs lest the Tau garner even more information concerning the Imperium.

The name translations are:
O'res - Powerful
Mal'caor - Spider analogue
Y'eldi - Winged One
Ja'kara - Mirror

10-02-2009, 20:51
That info on the names is nuts. IIRC when the spyres first appeared it simply said they were (unamed) xenos technology, and they were first released way before the tau ever showed their ugly grey heads in public. It was later on that the connection was made to the Tau, quite possibly first in the fluff cited above.
Which makes me wonder how they have names in the Tau language. which ever way they worked that out that is unusually thorough for GW, I'm imppressed.

Anyway on topic. Tau would most benefit from the Orrus suit, as far as I see it. But would they be piloted by human or xenos allies or by FW's, cause the latter option wouldn't really fit with Tau philosophy. Be v. cool if you could use in small squads like stelth suits.

Ps. If I got the above wrong please remember; I'm old, fat and horribly horribly sober;)

10-02-2009, 21:43
I voted Yeld, because mobility fits the Tau warfare, the laser claws give them some cc abilities.

10-02-2009, 22:06
The idea that Spyrer suits are Tau-made is uneducated guess by paranoid Imperial official (probably a collegue of bright spark who concluded that since he does not understant how Ork weapons are supposed to work, they make it work using psychic powers).

The Tau have no faster-then light message transmission technology except message boats, so suits which gather information on humanity make no sense for them - there is no way to transfer that data. Besides, Necromunda is in Segmentum Solar, on opposite end of galaxy to Tau Empire. Sending these suits there from all places is just unpractical.

EDIT: Last but not least, Spyrers are supposed to be young aristocrats from noble houses from Spire doing rite of passage, and using ritualized combat rigs in few traditional configurations. Noble houses and their traditions are millenia old (even lesser hoses from hive city ar so old that they developed dominant genotypes, like muscular goliaths or inbred Esher males). As the Imperium has means to prolong human life to 200+ years, and influential members of Sypre houses have enough cash to buy them, Spire houses are even more stagnatic then usual arristocracy - old people live for centuries clinging to their ways rather then dieing and making room for young blood to introduce new ideas. Contact with Tau was only made 200-300 years ago. Any product bought from Tau would be novelity to noble houses, there was not enough time for it to become estabilished element of their tradition. Even assuming Tau were capable of making such suits when first contacted by humanity (again unlikely, as Tau technology changes in time).

All in all, it sounds much more like Tau-phobic scholar geting paranoid and seeing Tau products in any advanced xeno merchandise.

10-02-2009, 22:18
But since the Tau are really Eldar pawns, maybe the suits were planted and monitored by the pointy-eared ones!?!?!:eek:

Or the C'Tan did it. :p

10-02-2009, 22:33
I thought Necromunda came out way before Tau, dan ret conning.

Plastic Bolter
10-02-2009, 22:39
This is so cool that GW would plan and plant this sort of fluff into the codex's and other books. I voted Malcadon as it's the most Tau like to me.

Zahr Dalsk
10-02-2009, 23:18
I think they should continue the XV22 Stealth Battlesuit and try to make it available to every single Fire Warrior.

Those spyrer suits don't seem very Tau-like in design or purpose.

10-02-2009, 23:30
From my understanding, those actual spyres are not the ones meant.

I think it meant that they were variants of an actual battlesuit.

I had an idea to use a battlesuit in necromunda, but different paint scheme, weapons and some warning transfers from an airfix kit around the jetpack etc to give it a human look

11-02-2009, 01:08
Those suits look more dark eldarish than Tau.

11-02-2009, 04:43
I must agree, all of the suits look not very tau'ish and much more resmeble eldar or something... the only two that maybe resmble tau in the fluff are the Yeld, and the Malcadon.
The Yeld mathches the stealth suits and perhaps would belong as some sort of commander class in a stealth suit, similar to shadowsun.
The Malcadon seems to fit the idea behind the tau of laying in wait like a spider to unleash a deadly and disatorious trap for the enemy. But i voted for the Yeld, i think a diffrent more tau'ish model would look really cool on the battle field.

11-02-2009, 09:38
I'd rather see some of the variant tau crisis suits from FW make it into a new codex along with the option of a pathfinder style rail rifle option on crisis suits given the new jet pack rules for 5th.

11-02-2009, 10:25

It sounds like it would be an awesome looking battlesuit, and would give the Tau some much needed help in close combat (even though it's not their thing).

Plus, what's cooler than wings and laser claws?

11-02-2009, 10:27
I'd like to see an assualt suit aspect brought into the tau, so all fo them.

The yeld sounds more interesting then the others however.

11-02-2009, 13:42

What he said^ :p

However, if this were Tau tech then I vote for the Jakara. Allways been my most prefered design.

However I've always liked Escher and Van Saar more.

11-02-2009, 23:26
spyer gangs came out longer before the tau army was brought out big leap in were they came from. as pointed out earlier they are of xeno's design and bought by the noble houses illegally but also accepted.

12-02-2009, 00:40

those things all look hideous.

12-02-2009, 04:25
Anyone of them giving me something in CC. I'm so bored with only playing two phases every round that I've gone Farsight out of pure desperation.

12-02-2009, 09:18
Anyone of them giving me something in CC. I'm so bored with only playing two phases every round that I've gone Farsight out of pure desperation.

Then your not playing the right army. fluff and game build wise tau HATE CC (with the exception of farsight), what they are really good at is mobile shooting. while some units can do OK in CC and you have the kroot meat shields tau should always strive to avoid it if possible.

12-02-2009, 10:06
The Yeld certainly seems pointless to me since the Tau have gained Vespid support (even if they have useless rules).
Orrus looks the most Tau of lot, and would benefit them the most, but the fact that these suits are armed with close combat weapons and tech that the Tau simply shun I doubt any of them really.
Sir_Turalyon seems to have the whole story straight though. Opposite side of the Galaxy, no faster than light communication, old traditions in the Spryer aristocracy. Not Tau related. (Cool thing about the names fitting into the Tau language though, whoever wrote the Tau language must have been a Necromunda player :p).

12-02-2009, 10:33
Then your not playing the right army.

I'm sorry then, for not complying to your requirements for playing Tau. I'll scutter off and find myself a new army (I have done that too, by the way).

fluff and game build wise tau HATE CC (with the exception of farsight),

Fluffwise the Tau are also a very pragmatic race who tend to go the way which yields more results. See what I did there?

what they are really good at is mobile shooting.

After seven years you'd think I'd pick up on that, but, alas; no. I suppose I'm just dense.

while some units can do OK in CC and you have the kroot meat shields tau should always strive to avoid it if possible.

I know what Tau can and can not do. I merely expressed a wish on what they may become.

And to elaborate upon that view; I do not hope for a close combat oriented Tau meta-game, rather playing a game with Tau where the assault phase actually holds some meaning other than jumping away with my Crisis Suits.