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11-02-2009, 01:21
I have a WM High Elf army that I should get around to completing one of these days. Problem is, there's not much point if no-one else has an army to play against. I'd like to collect a second force for intro games, but I'm not sure which.
I'm very much drawn towards Dark Elves - luverly Hydra and the possibility of some fluffy fights and scenarios. But would they be too similar in playing style?
Chaos or Empire are alternatives I'm looking at. They're also a bit easier to pick up on ebay. :p

Cpt. Drill
11-02-2009, 02:30
High elves are pretty similar to Dark elves I would say...

Possibly a larger army more focused on combat could be a fun match up. Orcs are an entertaining fight but it seems like hard work for the orc general... Empire would be cool but they arnt very characterful enemies... Maybe araby? They are quite different!

13-02-2009, 01:45
Dwarfs for War of the Beard games/campaigns would be interesting.

Cpt. Drill
13-02-2009, 11:21
Thats a very cool idea!

Although the only problem wioth war of the beard dwarves is they have something like three units to choose from, which makes for a pretty dull army... (guess you ould make stone and bolt throwers for them...

14-02-2009, 02:23
Another army I would suggest would be Orc and Goblins, allowing you to fight Grom the Fat's battles and campaigns.

15-02-2009, 17:47
HE: good at shooting, high leadership, cavalry

Dwarves: also a shooty high leadership. no cav
O&G: horde low leadership, good mix of things

I recommend Skaven: low leadership horde, all infantry, little shooty

15-02-2009, 18:20
Skaven: ..., little shooty
Are you joking?
2 Warp Lightning Canons and 2 Jezzails per 1k.
These always form the backbone of my skaven armies.
Really useful for breaking up formations thanks to confusion.

I don't have any recommendations as all armies can be made into viable opponents via the fluff. That and I wimped out by getting them all :D

15-02-2009, 21:54
:D Sounds like a plan.

Thanks for the suggestions. Thing is, the only one of those I'm watching on ebay right now is O&G.

I am pretty cheap.