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Prince Sairion
11-02-2009, 12:49
Seconds out, Round Two!

A while ago myself and best friend Truthsayer decided to embark on a plog to get us painting again, it worked. We painted like the clappers for a while, then slowed down, then stopped. A Tale of Two Lazy Gamers was great for us to showcase what we were up to and receive awesome feedback from our fellow warseerers.

And so it's back, kinda. What motivated me to start this again was that (foolishly) Truthsayer mentioned the idea a couple of weeks ago, the issue is that he was not so sold on the idea as I am, so it remains to be seen as to whether there are infact two of us on this thread, but I'd hope so for these reasons.
1. I'd hate to think that he'd leave his mate on his own :cries: (Crack the violin out mate)
2. I would hope that those of you who read our thread last time would badger him enough (through this thread) to join in the fun.

ATOTLG1 was dominated by my High Elves and T's Orcs and Boblins. This one will be BIGGER from my perspective as I have a few projects on the go at present.
I will present these to you over the coming days, but for now, a comparison shot between what I began the first thread with, and what I now have painted:



Prince Sairion
11-02-2009, 12:51
A few more pics:

Prince Sairion
11-02-2009, 12:57

That's where I'm up to.

Without having the guts to drag out all of the stuff I have left to paint, here is a quick list off the top of my head:
Unit of white lions
8 dragon princes
Around 30 silver helms
15 reavers
3 bolt throwers
Dragon rider
Griffon rider
2 eagles (1 the direct mini with a mage riding)
10 spears
20odd archers
battle standard

What I still want to buy/create:
40 sea guard
More phoenix guard
couple more eagles
lion chariots
characters (I have so few)

The big dragon with the prince atop is naturally Prince Sairion, this is his army from the Tower of the Sun. Tomorrow I'll show you project number two. . .

11-02-2009, 14:31
Good show, sir.
Now on to the sequel!

11-02-2009, 21:17
Well well well, what have I done!?

I mentioned to the Prince a couple of weeks ago about starting a new tale and after thinking it through decided against it due to not being able to commit to regular painting and modelling.

Soooo, the Prince has decided to have a go at multiple armies whilst I will concentrate on my Dark Elf army and possibly some new additions to my old Lizardmen force.

a few pics to start then.

the army. some stuff not in the pic still

up close pics of the army #1

up close #2

the Prince's worst nightmare! a 4th is in the making!

11-02-2009, 21:23
My Spear Legions
In clockwise order, Kraken Legion, Iron skulls Legion, Leviathon Legion and Blood Gargoyle Legions. Led by My Drachau. If you've read the Malus books you'll know.

Cold One Knights led by Malekith

Dragon Dreadlord

Prince Sairion
12-02-2009, 18:36
Project two:

Warriors of Chaos!

This is going to be a very different project from my Elves as I want to do a fair bit of converting before painting the blighters. I have also decided on an army list that I want to work towards owning the creating the minis for, which will follow in the next post.

The pics:


Inside the spearhead

Other minis

The bits box (just for chaos bits)

The bits box includes a greater demon of nurgle, beast of nurgle, minotaurs, classic minis, ungor (!?) and Scylla.

The spearhead box contains a couple of classic sorcerersw and Truthsayers dark emissary mini and spawns.

And all of these models adds up to . . . Barely anything that will make it to the list! Hence the conversions.

Prince Sairion
12-02-2009, 18:44
The army list design is as follows:

Exalted of Khorne
Rides Chariot of Khorne
Axe of Khorne, favour of the gods, shield

Tzeentch level 2 sorcerer
Talisman of protection
scroll, biting blade

Nurgle level 2 sorcerer
Warrior familiar, blasphemous amulet, achid ichor

12 Chaos Warriors with halberds and shield, full command, war banner

12 Chaos Warriors with halberds and shield, full command, rapturous standard

25 Marauders of nurgle, full command, great weapons

6 hounds

6 hounds

5 marauder horsemen, throwing axes, shields

5 knights, std, banner of wrath

5 knights

4 spawn.

I have never collected an army to a set list before now, I normally aid GW's coffers by picking up far too many miniatures and then not using any of them. Oh, wait, that's exactly what I've done again! ;)

I know theres loads of plogs out there folks, but your comments are very much appreciated.

Emperor Norton: It's good to have you on board, well done on being first to reply on the plog! The sequel will hopefully do what a lot of film sequels fail to, improve on the first.

13-02-2009, 12:40
This is MADNESS!

Prince Sairion
13-02-2009, 16:57

Or rather, this is just a small portion of the unpainted/painted collection. I'd go over the edge if I actually dragged out all of the stuff I have to paint!

13-02-2009, 18:10
your collection was great ..

please check mi log too

13-02-2009, 19:54
No chance of any elf on elf batreps?

14-02-2009, 00:30
Welcome back, guys!

Just like the last time, you can count on us to prod you and bitch about the lack of updates every now and then! (well, until FurryMiguel shows up...then the "every now and then" will be translated into "every two hours" : D )

Prince Sairion, Truthsayer, your armies look fantastic and I'll be really glad to follow your endeavours once more! (if you have the time, throw in a battle report or two just like in the first tale, will ya? )

Enough talking, now show us some piccies!

14-02-2009, 10:52
Great to see my favourite blog back on track! My HE army is not even close to yours, size wise... Now working on chaos as well, but fairing really badly in gaming leads me to abandoning them soon I think: I never make it into the combats I want... would love to play against them though, since they're so easy do keep from getting into the right combats: too few units...

Good luck with yours though, but Ulthuan must give you credit for providing such a beautifull force, worthy of Asuryan! Keep the work on those going!

Layne in Spayne
14-02-2009, 10:58
My dear truthsayer, that is one big ass dark elf army, and may I say, it is led by an extremely big ass Drauchau. Not your fault though, there really is no suitable model for that.

lord marcus
14-02-2009, 13:31
yea, i mean you could always convert a dark elf dreadlord on a giant rock or something.

14-02-2009, 15:25
Cheers for the kind words guys!

Layne in Spayne & Lord Marcus: I would love a smaller version of sauron but alas it will not be. I love the idea of a Drachau, In game terms I give him Deathmask, Armour of Darkness and Crimson Death.

Oh and Layne, that is not all of it! I have another hydra, 30 cold one knights, 25 shades, 5 bolt throwers, 20 corsairs and another cauldron to be added to the army. Ive totalled it up to easily about 10k! worthy of Malekiths attention.

Im sure we can stretch to some battle reps in the tale of two lazy gamers 2!! Ill get onto the Prince about it!

14-02-2009, 17:36
Looking good there, boys!

Layne in Spayne
15-02-2009, 01:26
...yet that was but one of the hosts, and not the most big ass, that truthsayer now sent forth.

15-02-2009, 06:33
Nice collection of stuff esp the high elves. Orange is such a unique colour for them :D and also noticed the White Lion riders too!! What are they proxied as?

15-02-2009, 12:24
Nice collection of stuff esp the high elves. Orange is such a unique colour for them :D and also noticed the White Lion riders too!! What are they proxied as?

The prince uses them as Dragon Princes when he plays a white lion list, he should give them the lion standard when he plays against my dark elves as he cant pass a terror test or fear test to save his life (literally), even with the r-roll!! ha ha ha. I always laugh because its almost a certainty when he plays them.

Oh and Prince when you read this. go here for rulings on razordons.http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=183298

Prince Sairion
15-02-2009, 16:32
Good to have so many of the 'old guard' back supporting our log.

Kraal: Yep, battle reports will be on the way, pity as we'd just played a couple of games but didn't take any pics. It'll happen.

happy_doctor: Yeah I haven't heard from Furry in a while, I remember seeing a blog with his name on it though so I'll have to pay him a visit! Good to have you back on board for phase 2.

grhino: I was starting to think that way about chaos, but the list on page 1 really has started to work wonders for me. The reason for me collecting them is simply to convert some minis to death and just blame it on the chaos wastes for how they look!

Truthsayer: So we're playing no save modifier then yeah? ;)

Darkmaw: As the teller of truth rightly pointed out, the lion riders are dragon princes. I just wanted to make them to have some different minis knocking around. They were expensive to make, but they look nice enough!

On the note of battle reports,

Truthsayer, I challenge you to a 2250point game High vs Dark!

As there is such a lot of interest from our subscribers however I feel we should let them choose our other two games (we play 3 2250's in a day). What do you think? If yes, we just need to let these good folks know what armies there are to choose between and it's a go!

A pic for thee

2. WIP (heavily WIP) of my TOFP entry for this month, 10 white lions

I'll take a pic or two of the completed lion rider unit and post it soon.

16-02-2009, 18:51
This is quite... unique when it comes to insanity, but bloody approriate. I suppose that when you play full-scale matches with these armies, heads will roll.

Prince Sairion
19-02-2009, 08:41
I have this model - and a toilet roll - have had for years, don't know who made it/where it came from.
As I hope to make my chaos army look like the chaos of old, (very old) deranged, warped, with every individual model looking like they are on their own quest for demonhood - I refuse to add an 'a' to demon - I feel it could fit in well as one of my sorcerers.

But which one? The list on page 1 has a nurgle on palanquin and a Tzeentch on steed. The throne has an eye (suggesting tzeentch) but the mini looks more nurgle.

It obviously needs to be painted, Ive added a black wash to the old painting to allow me to go over it. What do you think??



19-02-2009, 12:10
Wow, that toilet paper looks very realistic.

I'd say the mini would make a great sorcerer of Nurgle on palanquin, maybe with some kind of substructure to make the throne look like an actual palanquin.

07-06-2009, 12:16
Any chance on seeing progress on your armies? I always really loved you ambitious plans for huge armies and collosal battles! Wish I could find an opponent who liked to play games like that and have an (beautifully painted) army to match the ambition

07-06-2009, 15:37
why be evil and have that many hydras! seriously that alone cost over 100 quid wouldnt it?

aside from the scariest set of rare choices ever, i have to say that im extremely impressed by the amount of models completely painted! keep on going!

07-06-2009, 19:57
that model is defo a palanquin it looks sick,

truthsayer that malakeith looks sick in that unit of CO knights, he fits really well, unlike on the dragon or the old silly fat cold ones

08-06-2009, 11:40
Your high elves have an awesome colour scheme, I love it. The Dark Elves are coming along just as nicely... can't wait to see them done.

08-06-2009, 13:56
The shields on your cold one knights look so awesome. The paint scheme makes the army look truly cruel and evil. Really inspiring stuff.

16-07-2009, 06:32
You're not going to continue this, are you? Pity: would be great to see those DE and HE armies fully armed, dangerous and painted having a go at each other.