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12-02-2009, 08:35
well i've been thinking about starting 40k again and doing a little painting mainly along side the odd game or too with my brother who's talkin about starting as well.

hes concidering either Tau or orks.

i cant make my mind up between Space Marines ( tho even down to witch chapter is hard enough to decided) Eldar or Tyranids.

For space marines I can really make up my mind about which chapter to paint my army as, i was condieing blood ravens but they can look a little dull, then i was thinkin Ultramarines mainly because i think the painting on them looks really nice but there extremly overplayed and finally between dark angels. If i was going to play SM i'd like to have quite a small elite army thats hard to take down and able to handle either Tau or orcs.

Tyranids arent soo much of a problem painting wise as I love the way hive fleet benamoth looks but i may design my own splinter fleet.

eldar its gota be ulthwee or bel-tayn (sorry cant spell it)

The main reason im getting back into it is due having an appendonectomy and cant leave the house much for two months or so.

so what are your oppinions on which army i should be between the 3 choices of Space marine, Tyranid and eldar.

12-02-2009, 08:46
one of the best chapters/flavours going at the moment for space marines are salamanders with Vulkan He'Stan. if not, lots of sternguard and drop pods are also getting around.

eldar are deadly, the ones i see are wave serpents and aspect warriors (so, pretty much biel tann).

i havnt seen many nid armies anymore.

12-02-2009, 09:04
Its Beil tan ;)

Agreed at the moment its the salamanders that are getting the loving on the space marine front. And Vulkan has to be one of my fav characters atm, too bad I have a ultra army :P

Ultras dont actually get played that much, as alot of people avoid them for just that reason, but the ultra hate gets to me at times.

If you want an elite army, id probably go for blood angels. Their codex is free online from the GW website and they have some really savage SC and great close combat fighters.

Failing that if you can hold on they are re-doing space wolves set for release at the end of the year. So things like tactical squads and rhinos ect are still shoe ins to get it started.

Eldar are my fav army, as you can make any build successful and quite alot of fun to paint & play.
Beil tan armies of elites (there are elite troop choices too) in wave serpents are some of the toughest armies to beat, as they can come in on the 2nd turn using reserve denial (2 x autarchs allows your force to come in on turn to on a 2+) and it means you can move very fast getting to the weakest or most essential part of an opponents army and rip it apart before the rest of their forces can get near.

Nids... been tempted to play nids, especially for the carnifaxs, but the thought of painting all those units is a bit daunting :S
Although a nidzilla list is still very tough to beat, all carnifaxs, hive tyrants and gene stealers

12-02-2009, 09:44
beil tan i recon would look awsome, or i may make a custom army with their rules but not their paint scheme.

ultras i think i'll be if im playing SM just need to find the right blues and stuff for them as i dont wana them bright blue and yellow.. want them dark looking

12-02-2009, 09:44
Its Beil tan ;)


Yeah, I'd go with Space Marines too. The Eldar got a little blandified with their current codex (though not as badly as some) and if I had to pick the two armies Tyranids are worst against it would be Orks and Tau I'm afraid. Space Marines are a good fun army, with lots of interesting choices and 'hooks' to theme your chapter around.

It's very possible to make small elite armies with the Space Marines, between their veterans and terminators. Just keep in mind that such armies aren't particularily competitive because they lack scoring troops, and even terminators die almost as fast as regular Space Marines given the proliferation of lascannons and plasma-guns (and other AP2/power weapons) in the metagame.

12-02-2009, 10:11
ok decided on space marines now

just a really really hard choice on wither or not to be Ultras or Dark angels..

I only really want to be dark angels for the death wing look... as it looks fricking sweet

but i may design my own army

12-02-2009, 11:20
some dark angel players are a bit off about the rifts in the DA codex compared to the newer SM codex. i hear quite a few DA players say they only play DA for their combined deathwing raven wing army. other styules of DA just dont work apparently, according to DA players.

the SM codex is pretty solid, there are some spooge units but its mostly pretty hard. salamander flavored armies are, like i said FotM atm, but they are very solid.

if i were you i would consider reading bat reps, lists and both codex books to get the best idea. but imo, i'd go with the new SM codex. more options, harder and personally more fun.

12-02-2009, 13:18
Painting space marines makes you go CRAZY!!!

12-02-2009, 15:51
Could always create your own chapter that uses similar colour (damn you auto spell, i deny your Americanization of my language) scheme?

Personally i wouldn't go for dark angels, you will be forever named a heretic and be turned away and shunned by the loyal forces of the imperial :P
(Were planning on buying a Cypher model just for my DA obsessed mate, have him randomly on the field running about)

The DA haven't got as much shiney new stuff, and its caused alot of their players to play space marines in DA colours. You still have the hardcore DA lovers saying they don't need the shiney new toys, so its about how much you love the fluff really.

Best thing about ultras is you can seriously play on their love of bling, people tend to avoid them for this, but i play on it, making the army as pompous as I can.

Also have a swordwind-esque Yme-loc army. Picture a beil tan list but in codex grey and blazing orange. Oh right baby ;)

Brother Loki
12-02-2009, 17:51
If you're thinking of making up your own marine chapter have a play with the Space Marine painter over on Bolter & Chainsword - It'll give you a chance to try out your ideas without ruining models if a colour scheme doesn't work, and without spending any money.

You can find it at:

12-02-2009, 19:22
go for dark angels

i mean come on...smurfs are just sooo goody goody waah waah dorn obey my codex type of guys (black templars speaking here)

dark angels are a bit down in the dumps but are cooler imo

12-02-2009, 21:35
I'd say Marines and Orks. And all things considered with that set up... Being returning players that would be a great time to split the cost of Black Reach with your brother and end up with rules, armies and all.. Or, if you both would get a box.... trade out, both have rules and BIGGER armies.

The Samaritan
12-02-2009, 21:38
but really they look great :)