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12-02-2009, 13:20
so i ran through some threads attempting to 'tier' the fantasy armies...

and i've always found that a 1-and-done bracket system is the best way to see how arguably similar things/ideas/people stack up... this works for everything from "who's hotter?" to "which nation has been more ruthless in its grasp for world domination throughout history?"...

seemingly impossible choices are made glaringly obvious in the aseptic phosphorescence of an even teamed bracket...

the first step to this is 'seeding'... that is, ranking the participants based upon their relative power/performance levels... with 16 teams (i threw a "bye"/chaos dwarf choice in as a dummy 4 seed to bring the 15 armies up to a workable 16) there will be four 'divisions' [see attached] with four teams in each division, ranked from 1 to 4...

in the first round of each segment...

4 plays 1
2 plays 3

then the winner of the 1v4 game goes on to play the winner of the 2v3 game...

then the winner of the 1(or 4) vs 2(or 3) game goes on to play the winner of their complimentary division... and so forth...

when it comes to seeding there are (i'm presuming) some safe bets, such as:

high elf = 1 seed
ogre kingdoms = 4 seed

now here's the neat thing... all i'm after on the seeding is a vague consensus... if we get anywhere close its a-ok, 'cuz then there can be an upset (say, a 3 taking down a 2 or a 2 beating a 1 in a later round) and any slight wrongs can be righted... it'll be patently obvious to us that that 3 seed should have been a 2 or vice versa...

take a look... lets get our seeding all set then run through a voting tournament and see how things go... if ya'll are interested in this sort of thing, of course :)

i know i am 'cuz this week will see me in meeting after procedural meeting... so my laptop is gonna be my best friend as my mind wanders away from board rooms :P

[attached is a DRAFT of what the system looks like... the rankings are just there for reference... we're gonna cook those up via discussion...]

thanks for your input!

12-02-2009, 14:16
If your seeding the armies itll be something like;

1. Vamps, Daemons, Dark elves aka the terribly 3 (only truley broken stuff imo)
4. Orc N Gobbos, beastmen, ogres (bottom 3)

These are generally agreed with.

Then id say;

2. HE, WE, Brets,
3. Lizardmen, WoC

As my other definates.

Dwarfs/empire depend massivly on the build. fraz/alter + 2 stanks or Thorek gunline are 2/3 whilst balanced are more like 3/4.

so probably 3.

id place skaven in 3 and tomb kings 4th (predictable but useable).

I dunno probs thus;

1. Daemons, Dark elves, Vampire counts + High elves
2. Wood elves, Brettonians, Dwarfs, Empire (assuming gunline/tourny style)
3. WoC, Lizardmen, skaven
4. Tomb kings, Orcs N Gobbos, ogres, Beastmen

thats 15. So if your including Chaos dwarfs ether 3rd or 4th with TK moving up.

Id say its more realistic to move HE down and brets down. Thus giving a truer look.

12-02-2009, 16:20
I'll agree with that. Dwarves and Empire don't need SCs to be successful, a solid general can win, but the builds are pretty restricted, particularly without SCs. My point is that in a tourney environment, even without SCs, Empire and Dwarves will do fine, they just need a good general.