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14-02-2009, 00:00
I played my first games of warhammer on wednesday. I played a 500 point game against dwarves and a thousand point game against orks.

I won the first one marginally. But a win is a win. The second game was crazy. I scored a massacre. We played with the method were you put up a big board down the middle so you can't see what the opponent is fielding or where he is deploying it. Man was I intimidated. When the board lifted my eyeballs went huge. He had 3 times the force I had. All across the table was flooded with green green green. I never thought in a million years I'd win the game. But I broke him badly. My 12 grave guard with Manfredd the Acolyte got a charge off with vanhels at the same time as a Varghul was charging the same unit.( i screened off the graveguards flank with a small force of raised zombies) The unit in question was his generals unit. He had his orc boss in it with a goblin shaman caster level 2. We routed him in one turn and the varghul over ran ( thank you royal standard of stirgos) . The varghul was on the opposite end of the table and behind enemy lines by the end of turn 2!!! OMG im amazed at how powerful that unit is. And to think I was never going to use him in any of my battles as I initially thought very low of him.

My Graveguard and ghouls cleaned up whats left in the middle while 20 zombies tied up his orc boar riders the entire game on my far right flank. The Varghul behind enemy lines charged 20 orc arrer boyz and they stood and shot at him. 20 on a hill and only 1 wound to show for it. The Varghul broke and ran down the entire unit.

He conceded to a massacre in a game that would have truly been a massacre anyway. And I went to bed with a big smile on my face after they all went home. I only wish he was a bit better of a sport. Think he didn't like losing to a girl. but no mind....GOD I LOVE This GAME!

I need to PAINT PAINT PAINT. Cuz I l ain't taking the counts down to the bunker without it em lookin good. 20 ghouls painted.........1 skeleton painted so far.. Lol only another 6 months to go. On a side note ( i know Im rambling I'm excited...glad I didn't listen to my girlfriends, they always say Im a dork for playing a dorky boys game btw)...anyways on a side note I get my modular table in today( the one sold by games workshop) and I can't wait to play out battles on it! Oh well back to painting.

And to anyone else out their in full on paint mode. May the painting gods be with you. You'r not alone!


14-02-2009, 00:15
Think he didn't like losing to a girl. but no mind....GOD I LOVE This GAME!

You're a girl :eek:? Massed PM's incoming!

Hehe, nah in all seriousness, good to see someone new enjoying the hobby. Though I don't really envy you having to paint that many units.

Personally I'd recommend perhaps experimenting with both the spray gun and the new GW washes, both of these things rappidly speed up painting times, especially on rank and file models where perhaps the level of detail isn't perhaps as important as say your characters.

Oh, and I wouldn't worry too much about your bunker if it's anything like my local one - the fact that I have a model that's undercoated is more than a lot of the entire armies that some kids turn up with! (Though definately keep up the painting as fully painted armies look infinitely better than unpainted ones)

14-02-2009, 04:52
Congrats on a victory, especially for your first games!

I hope you enjoy the hobby to the fullest:D

(I'm just Nicha11 Warseers resident optimist).

14-02-2009, 05:06
it shouldnt matter whether you are a girl or not. isnt that was women have beenfighting for for the last 200 years in society?

anyways, congrats on the victory. painting is great. fantasy is amazingly fun and its always nice to get another player.
dont be too discouraged if you arent that good in the beginning. it took me several years to become decent. and to be honest even if models have several colors on them, they look way better than the grey plastic. even just priming them odels black, and drybrushing a couple colors on them looks great. white dwarfs used to have a lot of painting tips, but i can give you a couple.

first off, use only animal hair paintbrushes. the synthetic fiber ones are cheaper, but the paint isnt able to stick to the fibers in a good way, so it makes for horrible painting.
secondly dont buy the GW paintbrushes. they are rediculously expensive. just go to a craft store of some kind, and buy small paintbrushes made with camel/horse hair.
lastly most paint brushes come to a point. i always cut these off with some scissors to give myself a "flathead" type of brush which i find easier to paint with. it makes the colors more flatter i find.

as far as warseer goes, try not to get into flaming wars with people, because arguing gets you into trouble! if warseer isnt fun, then dont use it. and as with most online forums, take everything with a grain of salt.

14-02-2009, 11:21
the GW spray gun is a fantastic tool. Foundation paints, washes and dry brushing will all reduce painting time whilst still giving excellent results. I find badger hair brushes to be the best personally. Welcome to the hobby. Always nice to see VC players too.

Lord Malorne
14-02-2009, 11:48
Aye, don't let it be known your a girl, you WILL be PM'd by...members :(.

The GW paintbrushes are just fine, the foundation and wash's are very useful for getting armies painted, keep at it and make some zombie goblins now ;).

14-02-2009, 16:36
yes. the foundation paints are good for speedy painting, so great for my skaven :)

14-02-2009, 16:47
Foundation paints are an absolute godsend and I have no idea how I survived without them. Although they rarely get used as actual foundation, since I rather like the colour of both Mechrite Red and Iyanden Darksun...

Congrats on winning, and it's nice to see cheerful posts among the usual whining.

14-02-2009, 18:10
congrats on the win. VC are tough, dont get cocky, though, a good general can give you fits.

14-02-2009, 21:23
I have been painting for a long time actually. I am just new to warhammer fantasy battle. Played Mordhiem and Necromunda for years with a spashing of GorkaMorka for a period of time also. I need to post my ghouls here so you guys can see em. Im quite proud how the first batch of twenty came out.

14-02-2009, 22:29
I love the new foundation paints, and the new ink washes are also very good.

At least some of the undead (skellies and ghouls) are fairly easy to paint and make look good. Not so true of zombies, but it is fun assembling the plastic zombies so I generally forgive them.

Glad you enjoyed your first two games! Hopefully your friend will be ready for a rematch.