View Full Version : Chainsword for power sword plasma pistol for bolt pistol

14-02-2009, 20:50
I'm going to Ipswitch GW on wednesday to play in an apocalypse game (thers supposidly on 3 til 6). I'm fielding Pedro Kantor. I want to field an honour guard squad but after sorting out my men I find the I only three men left 2 armed with a chainsword/plasma pistol and the other boltpistol/chainsword. Do you think I be allowed use plasma pistols as boltpistols and chainswords as power weapons??

14-02-2009, 20:54
That's going to depend entirely on the people you'll be playing with. I'd be cool with it, they might not be.

14-02-2009, 22:13
Paint the chain swords edge gold instead of silver on the power weapon models , just say they are special chain swords from terra :D