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15-02-2009, 06:10
I have a game coming up against Ogre Kingdoms (I am playing Vampires) and was making my list. I really wanted to bring a multi wound weapon, but the only one available to vamps is the Frost Blade at a whopping 100 points. So for laughs I started putting together a kit for a vampire lord, and got to thinking how would red fury work with the frost blade. So I checked out the FAQ and low and behold you get an extra attack for each wound on a models profile that you kill. So I started doing the math hammer and came out with this:

Vampire Lord
Frost Blade
Infinite Hatred
Red Fury
Dread Knight


20 Ogre Bulls

Ok the vampire has 4 attacks and lets say they all hit (hitting on 3s with rerolls), and they all wound (wounding on 3s)

So that is 4 ogres dead or 12 wounds caused. Now the vampire gets 12 more attacks and lets say your lucky as hell and hit and wound with all of them. Thats 12 more Ogres dead.

For combat resolution your character has generated 48 Combat Resolution by himself! That is insane.

Obviously in a real situation your not going to hit and wound with all of those, but its crazy nonetheless

I decided not to bring this guy as Vampires are pretty Over Powered versus Ogres anyway and this would just be a slap in the face and would not result in a fun game for either of us, but I am curious just how much combat res people have actually managed to rack up with a single character?

15-02-2009, 06:20
Of course if the tyrant gets in there first its bye-bye vampire lord.

15-02-2009, 13:17
Killed a carnosaur in a challenge with my lord holding the hellfire sword. Got +10 combat res from it. Nothing compared to the potential of that vampire though.. nice!

15-02-2009, 13:21
Konrad vs a unit of at least 33 Treekin (we've all seen that one!).

Assuming all attacks hit and wound, he'll get 5. These are then multiplied into 10 by his sword, and 20 because Treekin are Flammable. That's 20, right off the bat. But then, Red Fury!

Those 20 attacks could produce a further 80 wounds, for a total of 100 inflicted! Hoorah!

15-02-2009, 13:24
Bone giant vs millions and billions of zombies=millions and billions of CR!

15-02-2009, 14:05
This was recently on the quiz here.

Lokhir Fellheart gets one extra attack v's each enemy rank, no limit. It would never happen, but potentially an enemy unit could have lots of ranks (just enough to fit on the 6ft long board)

Not sure how many 20mm bases you can fit, someone worked it out to be 110 ranks. So that's 113 attacks. Not a bad combat res

But as Oberon said, that still doesn't beat the Bone Giant, his max number of attacks are unlimited.

15-02-2009, 14:15
Isn't the answer to this something to do with Gargrim Ironfist from Storm of Chaos? I recall masses of CR from the Slayer Cult list.