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15-02-2009, 19:32
Mayday, Mayday !!

I just got this crazy idea, why not try and build a Reaver, now that the Warhound is almost done..................................:D

I will, as usual, do it my own way, lots of changes to existing Templates.

It will be a mix of all the normal Paterns, but mostly Lucius. (More right angles.)

YES, IM LAZY !! I know !!

It will take its time, as im having a hard time at work.

Started on the Feet today, made most of the parts and started to assemble them. Got one Base done.

C&C always welcome.

Hope you dont get to bored.


15-02-2009, 19:38
well, if it's up to par with your other builds....than it's going to be awesome! I look forward to following your progress.

- Subscribed

15-02-2009, 20:19


I cannot wait to see some more progress on it

15-02-2009, 20:45

Is that Tamiya putty you've used on the seams?

15-02-2009, 21:00
Started on the Toes. The Warhound only had 4, this Beast has 5 !!

@ Projectkmo: Ill try :angel:

@ Dictator: Sorry, guess ive got a "leadfoot" right now !

@ Mangozac: No, its Humbrol. The Tamiya ones i got here in Sweden were all "runny" and did not set.

Thanks, all of you, for the possitive feedback !


15-02-2009, 21:41
Great news, another cool PLOG from SDKFZ!!
Expecting lots MORE pictures in this one!!!!!!

Bugbait out

15-02-2009, 21:44
Yeah, more pics. Get to work!

16-02-2009, 20:55
I told you that it would be a SLOW Update rate, so please bear with me !

Didnt have much time to work on the Foot today, but i got this far....

Now you can see how i imagine that it will all come together.
It measures about 17 cm. in width and is roughly 25 mm. high.

Well see when i have the time to post again.


17-02-2009, 18:03
Made more Toes. Think it looks OK sofar.

Judge for yourself :

The Leg Hydraulics will be attached to the five plasticbeads on the Base.

Questions, just ask !!


17-02-2009, 20:10
Great start, always impressed with your scracth builds, so i look forward to good things from this one.



Zwing Zwang
18-02-2009, 19:08
Ahh.. how sweet to see more of your grand skill!
Take your time, but keep us updated.

19-02-2009, 15:28
Thank Mates !!

Havent had time to work on it Yesterday. Will see if i get around to it Tonight.

But then again we have a drill with the Friebrigade so who knows ?

Im searching for a Tube to add to the top of the Leg, as a outerCasing for the central Piston.


19-02-2009, 16:03

your project logs are always truely incredible, and im convince this will be the same.

As your humble Commisar appears in every picture so far, promise me you'll use him for scale through out!!!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

19-02-2009, 16:09
i be watching this, nice start

21-02-2009, 19:19
Sorry, no Pics. today. :(

Done some more Toes and started on the main Piston + the five supports.

Also, found some Pipes that i can use as the Knee and Hip joints.
Thank God for D.I.Y. Shops !!

If im pleased ill post some Pics. tomorrow.


22-02-2009, 20:03
Not much, but hereis the Pic. i promised.

Leg in current state :

The smaller Pistons are not glued down yet, they will be aligned and pined in the same tilted shape as the main one.

Looking at the FW Reaver i saw that it had some sort of Cogwheel on the Kneejoint, so i did my own version.

K&K sofar, anyone ?


22-02-2009, 20:21
I have a sneaky feeling this is going to look excellent :D

22-02-2009, 20:33
Lets hope so, Thanks ! :angel:


22-02-2009, 20:45
I think attention to detail is the key here, and with you taking your time and from that Warhound I don't think that's going to be a problem :)
I've not dared to get my templates and knives out to attempt my own yet hehe

22-02-2009, 20:50
Why not ? Just have a go and see where it lands !

Its great fun, i Promise !

As far as Details goes, im trying to do the Frame first and then add the Details, TRYING TO !! :p


22-02-2009, 20:55
A sad lack of plasticard has something to do with it! I do have some mountboard (thick, sturdy card) I could have a play with (I could make the framework of a Warhounds' legs) which may be good practise before I start buying things and making a hash of it haha.
Plus I'm trying to Chaosify a Predator without any of the Chaos vehicle accessories :P

22-02-2009, 21:23
Sorry for the double post - just wondering, what thickness of plasticard would you advise for the basic frame/structure of the titan?

23-02-2009, 05:06
Well i do most of my basics with 1mm or 0.75mm. Ive found that it gives enough strenght and stabilaty, no need to use "heavier" stuff.

As for details, i go for anything between 0.3mm to 3mm, depending on what im doing.

Hope it helped.


23-02-2009, 10:25
Thanks a lot :)
My Open University course arrived today so I guess I'm going to be a bit more busy than usual over the next couple of months, but we'll see what I can get done :)

25-02-2009, 18:26
Finaly had some time to work on the Leg again.

Have fixed the Kneejoint to the leg with metal Nut and Bolt to get as strong a Leg as possible.

Also fixed the smaller Pistons to the upper part of the leg, dont dare to fix them at the Beads as i might need to move the ankle to get the stance right,
when i get that far. :eyebrows:

Well im of to the Plasticard again !


26-02-2009, 00:46
I like the way you use Space Marine shoulder pads.

26-02-2009, 15:08
Yes, Shoulderpads is the Thing !! ;)

You can use them for almost anything and it will look good.


26-02-2009, 15:35
Mr Goodwins Shoulder pads will forever be used for everything...

SDKFz... the leg looks ace... good work chief!


My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

26-02-2009, 17:29
Does that bolt run the entire length of the lower leg. Strengthening the legs is what worries me most about scratchbuilding a Reaver.

26-02-2009, 19:28
Thanks, But no, the Bolt is only for the Kneejoint. Ive already pinned the Ankle with Plasticpegs. It worked on the Warhound so i made them sturdier but used the same Consept.

Made a start with the Tigh and Hipjoint, the whole Leg is now approx. 25cm.

Also made a "Fake" Leg so you can see how it will look.

C&C someone ??


26-02-2009, 21:58
Is there any way you can make the knee joint bent? As they tend to look far better and more dynamic in a 'walking' pose...just a thought.

27-02-2009, 05:05
To make them bend usualy makes them weaker, but its not glued down yet.
When ive made the other leg ill start to experiment with the pose.
Ill probably do it in some sort of walking pose.


27-02-2009, 05:52
Like the hydraulics to the ankle, are you going to do any to the toes?
Walking pose would be good.

Bugbait out

27-02-2009, 13:42
looking good so far man keep it going and yes a feeting pose would look cool.

27-02-2009, 20:54
@ Bugbait : No, they will be bulked out to the rear though. Like an extra layer of Armour. And perhaps a similar lower Band that i made for the warhound.
@ Whitewookiee : Thanks, will see what ill do to the pose !

Im a bit worried about the stability if you make it "walk" to much. Might try to do a spread Legs stance instead. Ponder, ponder.........


28-02-2009, 18:45
Started the other Leg today. The Base is done and ive started on the Toes.

When im pleased ill post some new Pics.

Thought about the stance again, im not sure about the stabilaty with the Legs in a walking pose.

What do you think about spreading the legs a bit, "Gunslinger" style ?

Send me your thoughts about it, please !


28-02-2009, 18:54
Well, the FW Reaver has a slightly spread legged pose, but with the body turned to one side a little, like it's paused after taking a step to shoot...(at least the one on their site is like that), so something similar may work quite well?

28-02-2009, 19:48
Yes i thought about that, i think that it may work for me too.

Think ill give it a try !!


15-03-2009, 11:08
I am curious, are you using lackof's templates or Stevetid's?

16-03-2009, 17:47
Honestly, i dont know ! I got these from a Friend.

HEY, it says Stevetid on the top of the printouts so i guess its his im using :D

But as usual ill do a lot of changes to my own liking.
Have done some changes to the Legs already.

Tryed to fix the Legs together in a walking pose, its hard ! Im worried that it may toppleover when i add the Guns.

Will send in some Pics. when im pleased with the result.


17-03-2009, 01:57
Great work so far. Can't wait to see more progress.

05-04-2009, 14:34

NOW its time to update the Reaver:http://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff61/finvovve/grip021-2.jpghttp://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff61/finvovve/grip023-1.jpghttp://i236.photobucket.com/albums/ff61/finvovve/grip024-2.jpg

The leg armour is just in paper so you can see how it will turn out.

C & C welcome.

Its about the hight of the Warhound at the waist.


OP master N
05-04-2009, 14:46

The worrysome part of that, is that I'll probably end up copying you... And I really need to get a few other projects done first. :)

Anyhow; nice legs... :) can't wait to se how this turns out.


05-04-2009, 18:57
these legs....;)


Zwing Zwang
05-04-2009, 20:15
Looking good... mighty good!

Best of luck!!

12-04-2009, 03:29
The legs are very good, but I think the large armor may hide too much detail you have made.
Maybe shorten it up a little and cut some 45 degree angles at the corners?

12-04-2009, 20:28
@ Tommygun : yes, they will be smaller when i make them in plasticard.
The details will still be visible as the leg armour on these Reavers only cover two sides of the leg. ( Front and outside. )

Thanks all of you !!


12-04-2009, 21:16
This build is looking great, I shall be following the progress of this with great interest..

Continue the fantastic work,

Best wishes,



12-04-2009, 21:22
@ cthorpe : Thanks ill be needing them !! ;)


11-05-2009, 14:58
Done some more work on this beast ! Added the anklepistons to the right leg.

Started on the ones tha will conect to the crotch.

Made some more toes.

Have not had the time to take some pics. yet.........

Stay tuned !


11-05-2009, 16:29
i cant wait to see the progress on this latest monster!
Thanks for the inspiration ala awesome!

11-05-2009, 18:50
Okey, hope your pleased !


Just did a quickshot so you get the idea.

And yes, Mr Commissar is still there :D

C & C as always welcome !!


11-05-2009, 22:35
That is looking really good.. like the piston details..

Continue the great work,


12-05-2009, 20:29
Thanks !

Done some more on the pistons at the lowerlegs. All of the "shoulderpads" are in place !
Also done the "caps" on the sides of the knees.

Started on the groin sidebits.

Will send in some pics. when im pleased.


12-05-2009, 20:59
I can't wait to see some of the details you will be putting on this.

13-05-2009, 18:51
Okey, new pics. !


This is the innerside of the knee caps.


Heres a pic. of how the hip joint will look. There will be angled sides to the hip part.


Tell me what you think !


17-05-2009, 19:20
Done some more details on the Hip sides:


Snapshot of how its rising even higher :


Sneak peak of the carapace, sofar :


Starting to look like a Reaver to me ! :D

C & C as always very welcome !!


OP master N
17-05-2009, 19:41
Like the legs, love the hips... ;)
One could start to think I was refering to something else...

Seriously, love the angles side of the hips!


17-05-2009, 19:52
Jepp, something with a lot more curves :angel:

Thanks mate !!


17-05-2009, 22:04
Thats looking great.

I knew i recognised it from the start, seeing the carapace i just relised it using the same templates I'm using for mine, with a good amount of changes, using tubes would certainly be easier than cutting all the tiny strips and it looks better. I might just borrow a few ideas. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing more updates, it might encourage me to continue as well hopefully.


18-05-2009, 18:36
@ sneaky : I hope that i can encourage you to continue with your Reaver !!

Have you put any pics. of it here on the Forum ?

If YES, where can i find them ?

Back to the Plasticard.


19-05-2009, 12:43

Yea i've got a few pics in this thread: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=157136

Starts off with me trying to make my own templates, didn't work to well, then using the other templates at post 20, I've done a bit more work since then, but no pics up yet. I'll see at the weekend about putting the next lot up. Mostly rough work so far, need to go round with the green stuff but its fairly solid.

I think if i get it started back up again, round joints will be a must like you're, looks so much better than whats on mine atm.


19-05-2009, 20:26
Done some more on the Carapace, sorry no pics.

There will be a lot of changes/opening ups to the rear where the Engine is.
Planing to add Grills and Enginestuff underneath.
Then there will be some sort of Louvers at the bottom.

Will post pics. when im pleased.


23-05-2009, 17:11
TAA DAA !!!!

Time for a quick update on the Reaver !


And a pic. of it together with the Warhound !


Startig to look like something, dosent it ? ! :D


the damned artificer
23-05-2009, 17:19
This is very prommising, the fabricator general will be very pleased with your progress, deux mechanicus.

23-05-2009, 17:57
That's coming along damned nicely, old boy.

23-05-2009, 19:46
Thanks for all the friendly comments !

Ill be back when theres more to see. Must do a "real" central cylinder, the one in the pic. is just a spraypaintbottletop.

When the main frame is done ill start on the detail work.

B.T.W. does anyone have a pic. of the backside of the FW Epic Lucius Reaver ?
I want to get a good look at the detailing on the backside but can only find pics. of the front.


23-05-2009, 19:51
hey man did you make that wrahound your self as well and if so could you by any chance send me some templates for the war hound because i am fancying a challange cheeres dude looks great.

regards wookiee.

23-05-2009, 19:54
That looks very promising, im looking forward to seeing it finished!

23-05-2009, 20:04
@ whitewookiee : Sorry, i used the same templates as all the others, BUT made some changes were i found that they could be improved.

This answers your other question, YES its scratchbuildt !

There should be a thread about the Warhound some were here too.
Cant remember the name of it but try seaching for Warhounds.


23-05-2009, 20:09
Found it its " SDKFZs scrachbuilt Warhound", Enjoy !! :chrome:


24-05-2009, 01:12
Shaping up nicely SDKFZ!

24-05-2009, 11:57
Thanks T_55 !! Not much left until i can start on the detailwork. :D


24-05-2009, 15:54
Slow and steady wins the race I see! Looking very promising :D

25-05-2009, 14:27
I couldnt help myself !!!! Started on the detailing on the legs......sorry !!

Sad to say no pics. ....................yet !!!


25-05-2009, 16:17
After seeing your warhound, this should be a pretty darn good reaver when you finish it (hopefully ;))

On the warhound, where did you get the imperial symbols (the eagles and skulls, etc)?

Great work, keep it coming :D

25-05-2009, 20:15
@ threeShadesOfGray : Thanks a lot, Mate !

The main Eagle is the IG vehicle vox-thing, the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol skull is from the Manofactorum. Sawn of and sanded flat.

All the other skulls are from the old skeleton sprue. I used all four skulls and cut them in half and sanded them flat ( again ! ).

Hope that helped !


26-05-2009, 11:04
Sure does, thanks man :)

01-06-2009, 20:54
Here are the Pics. i promised you, enjoy !:chrome:




Think its coming along nicely, any thoughts ?


Warlord Nazgred
01-06-2009, 20:59
looking great keep going

01-06-2009, 23:32
Nice pistons! Those knees are looking great too! :D

Where are the balls from? Or are they just little silver beads?

01-06-2009, 23:49
Nice idea, I never thought of using pearl beads.
Does the other half know they have gone missing?:D

02-06-2009, 04:42
Nice idea, I never thought of using pearl beads.
Does the other half know they have gone missing?:D

Indeed! Now that's using your noggin! :D

02-06-2009, 21:05
@ threeShadesOfGrey : Oh yes ! They are beads from the local trinketstore !

@ Tommygun : SSSHHHHHHH !!!Not so loud ! But seriously, yes her idea :D

@ MrP : Just keeping to a frase that a friend of mine used to say, "always take a second look at ordinary stuff, it may be useful ! "

Thanks a lot, mates !! :chrome:


06-06-2009, 17:01
Tried to make the armour at the front of the hip.

Tell me what you think.

And then a closeup.

Darn, just saw that the piston had snapped out ! SORRY !


the damned artificer
06-06-2009, 17:55
Nice progress, I like your cog N' skull logo. Have you started on the head yet ??
You have a very clean building style that I Really like.

06-06-2009, 19:43
That's one tidy cod piece :) lol. That skull is great! Good to see this beast progressing :D

07-06-2009, 10:08
Thanks a lot, Mates !

Sorry, no head yet. But ive seen yours so now i have all sorts of ideas ;)

Been doing some riveting on the "Hip" part and started on the rear details.
Also been playing around with the four Pistons that connect the Hip to the Legs.
Lots of work...........but GREAT FUN !!!! :chrome:


07-06-2009, 11:49
Photo update time !!


Pic. of how i mounted the four Pistons :


And from the Back :


What do you think ? Think its looking Ok, myself.


07-06-2009, 14:44
I think it looks good, just not sure how it would work in real life. I always try to think of how parts like this would work mechanically in real life myself. That way I get something that looks like it works. Maybe you could try adding small block to the insides of the legs where they meet like you have made for the underside of the hips. Just something to signify there's a significant joint there instead of just the beads meeting the leg? Just an idea ;)

the damned artificer
07-06-2009, 16:56
Again I love it ! can't wait to see your head when you start it ;)... Think the legs are great. What about those arms, whats the plan ?? :chrome:

the damned artificer
07-06-2009, 17:51
Just found this thread on dakka dakka, don't know if you've seen it but it's really cool and might inspire you. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/238420.page

07-06-2009, 18:13
I like the detail that you are putting on, especially the admech symbol. Good stuff :)

07-06-2009, 19:58
Thanks, Mates !!

@ threeShadesOfGrey : I have been thinking a lot of what to do to those conections. I might try to do some sort of housing, but i dont know......will have to wait and see.

@ the damned artificer : Not sure what Arms i will use, but at the moment it looks like it will be Lasblaster, Meltacanon and Apoc.launcher. How does that sound to you ?

Yes ive seen that one and its very good, and inspirational, thanks !!

@ Demonrich : Glad you liked it ! ;)

Started on the central "Tube", slowly, slowly.........


OP master N
07-06-2009, 20:32
You put my efforts in plasticard to shame...

Love your work!


the damned artificer
07-06-2009, 20:32
@ the damned artificer : Not sure what Arms i will use, but at the moment it looks like it will be Lasblaster, Meltacanon and Apoc.launcher. How does that sound to you ?

Yes ive seen that one and its very good, and inspirational, thanks !!

Sounds pretty damn awesome, although I'm not that big a fan of the apoc. launcher but I guess it is almost mandatory and I would definatelly put one on if I build a reaver. I'm kinda a sucker for plasma weapons, but you will probably want to make the weapons magnetised ?... so you could always do a plasma mega blaster later on to please an old tech priest ;)

Deus Mechanicus !

07-06-2009, 20:44
@ the damned artificer : Jepp, your right, all the weaponmounts will be magntised. I like the look of the "old" Reaver from Epic, and it ALWAYS has a Apoc.launcher ( or an over sized Bannerpole ! ) so here i go ! ;)

Plasmablastgun, might do me one fo those later on, both for the Reaver and for the Warhound, ill shift it around between them.
The Warhound already has magnetised weaponmounts so who knows....

@ OP master N : I hope i dont !:eek: Just keep them coming !!

Thanks !!


19-06-2009, 20:56
Sorry for the slow utdate speed, but as i said......SLOWLY ! :D

Still no news on the conectors.

This week has been H**L, not had a lot of time to play with my plastic.

Only done some detailing on the "backside", enjoy:


Think it turned out quite nice. Here you can also see the new centraltube.
I liked the idea of it not being round but built up of armoutedplates.


19-06-2009, 22:17
Nice backside with hard armored cheeks.

the damned artificer
20-06-2009, 10:29
Can't wait to see more of this beauty :D
What are you planning for the hip-joints ?? I think they look a little blank. Rivets or something to spice it a little ??

20-06-2009, 17:29
Jepp, they will look like the ones on my Warhound, i guess :chrome:

Some rows of rivets and some bands in thin plasticard. Maybe ill throw in a hatch or two.

Nice to see the progress on your Beast aswell !


22-06-2009, 13:30
Got an idea for those conectors ! Working on it right now.

Ill send in some pics. when im done !!

Stay tuned !!


25-06-2009, 10:18
Sorry for the delay !

Hera are the pics. of the conections and the new details sofar ( on the back of the legs. ).


And a closeup


Think they turned out realy nice :chrome:

Well im off again !


25-06-2009, 11:17
Lovely detail!

25-06-2009, 11:24
Those look perfect now! Can't wait to see the rest of this thing get built too now :D

25-06-2009, 11:51
Thanks Guys !

Glad you liked it, as i wrote before, i think they turned out nice !

Done the front conections with cutdown shoulderpads.
they are closer to the Legs so i couldnt use the semicirclerod that i used for the back conectors.


25-06-2009, 12:29
Likein that idea on the back of the legs

25-06-2009, 14:57
They look like this :


You will not see to much of them when the thigh armour is in place though !


the damned artificer
25-06-2009, 15:28
I love them :D
Nice use of the command vehicle sensor too.

26-06-2009, 08:55
Jepp, i had to have a box back there so why not use these ?

They even include a rear looking camera to see that you dont step on someone or something whilest walking backwards ! :D


26-06-2009, 16:06
AND as youve all been very nice to me, time for some new update pics.

Started on a new part today.




Still very vip but you get the idea, like the old Epic metal one.

C & C very welcome !!


26-06-2009, 16:33
Great progress so far SDFKZ, good to see you still chipping at it.

26-06-2009, 16:59
Thanks T_55, cant seem to leave it alone for to long ;)


the damned artificer
26-06-2009, 17:55
Uhh finally the head :D
Where did you get the tubes/cables from ??
It's looking great, I like thet you went oldschool on the head.

26-06-2009, 18:42
Glad you liked it, but as i wrote earlier, still very vip !

The Cables are used to install electricalwires in walls, the Company where i work sell it by the meter. Available in two sizes and two colors, black and sand.
The black one is smaller the sand one thicker.

There will be a full Controllroom and Crew.

And as IM old, i like that style ;)

the damned artificer
26-06-2009, 19:41
Cool, but where are you planning on making room for the crew ?? :p
Are this just a mock-up for the real thing ??
Btw are you swedish ??

Ohh sorry for all the questions, especially the last one, but just so damn currious :D

26-06-2009, 20:57
No worries !! Yes im swedish, just outside of Helsingborg.

There is infact lots of space for the Crew. The Cockpit is larger then the one on my Warhound and that one takes the three man Crew.
Two in front and the Princeps in the back, here the Crew will be placed more tighly together in the front of the Cockpit.
More like a V-shape as opposed to the T-shape of the Warhound.

Hope that helped !


the damned artificer
26-06-2009, 21:53
Yes it did, thanks :D
Are you gonna scratch-build the crew or what is the plan here ??

26-06-2009, 22:06
I assume the metal bits are to align the plasticard?

Considering how little is in the pics, it already is beginning to resemble a reaver titan head and looks very promising :D

26-06-2009, 22:16
@ the damned artificer : Part scratch, part sentinelpilot, as it look right now.
They will be lowerd into the lower part of the "Jaw", up to their hips aprox., the Princeps will be higher as his throne will be on a base.

@ threeShadesofGrey :Jepp, they only support the, not yet glued plasticard.
Im pleased to hear that im heading in the right direction :D


27-06-2009, 21:26
Didnt have much time to work on the Reaver today, but here are some update shots.

Mainhead, front and side.



And a closeup on my Moderati still vip,you get the idea :rolleyes:


What do you think ?


27-06-2009, 22:11
I like the look, old boy.

the damned artificer
27-06-2009, 23:30
That looks sweet, couldn teel from the previous pics that the head had that much space for crew. And the crew looks very cool so far, what do you have in mind for the princeps ??

28-06-2009, 00:21
The head is looking good so far :D It'll be interesting to see how you do the princeps. Are you covering the eyes or going to put sensors like the FW one?

28-06-2009, 11:09
@ the damned artificer : Idont know, yet, what ill do with the Princeps.
I think that ill make him look rather "new" as it is a new Titan ;)
Ill have to rumble trough my boxes and bags to see what body i can use.
I like the Princeps from FWs JackalWarhound, might do something simular.

@ MrP : Glad you liked it :D

@ Demonrich :Ill do my eyes like FW has done to their Reaver, with sensors and stuff. They wont be for looking trough.

Thanks for all the possitive feedback everyone :chrome:


the damned artificer
28-06-2009, 17:45
Nice so something along the lines of this ??

Will the eyes be see-through ?? if you do the lenses and stuff like FW ??

28-06-2009, 18:21
Jepp, that the guy !! And yes there will be see-trough lenses, so you can see all the sensors, cameras and stuff behind them ! :D

Back to the Plasticard........:chrome:


the damned artificer
28-06-2009, 19:47
Ohh damn I want to build one of these beauties sooooo badly, well it might end up with me starting one slowly if yours keep getting cooler as it have so far :D

20-07-2009, 20:00
Sorry that it has been some time since my last Entry. Have had Vacation and done some Touring in Europa with my Wife and Kids.
Just love to ride a Bike in the Alps !!

Have done some detailwork in the Cockpit. Added a rear Door and a Chair for the Princeps ( thanks for the idea Artifier :D ).
Also had to rise the "top Platform" as it touched the Piping on the Chin.

Pics. ?

Here you are .....



Any ideas, anyone ?

I also wanted to show how im going to do the Toes.
Just a mockup to show the Idea.


There will also be side Parts to the rised back Part and it will be sligtly longer
than this one.
Ill most likely do a lower Edge like id done on my Warhound.

C & C allways welcome so please DO write me and share your Thoughts.


23-07-2009, 16:10
Next udate, but not on the Head ! I have some thinking to do there, so its put on hold.

Did an Engineroom and the top Cover. As the Warhound had Panther Engines.....
the Reaver got Tiger Engines !

Hope that 4 Maybach HL 210 P will be enough to power it !!



And then.......Lid on !


Had to do another Pic. when i had sanded it smooth.


There you have it, todays updte from SDKFZ !!


23-07-2009, 20:33
Hope that 4 Maybach HL 210 P will be enough to power it !!


Now the moderati conversion was already ace, but this engineroom got you a 5 ;)

...by the way, i've got an old toy on 4 wheels...you wouldn't be able to to give it some serious umph? :D

23-07-2009, 20:49
THANKS Mate !! And about that Toy on wheels..........................does it take a Maybach Engine ??? :D


23-07-2009, 20:55
THANKS Mate !! And about that Toy on wheels..........................does it take a Maybach Engine ??? :D

...sadly not at the moment;)...we may have to elongate the chassis...:D

The Custodian
23-07-2009, 21:14
:eek:My god! You sir have put my attempts to making a reaver to shae... But yet it inspires me now... i hope you dont mind If i copy you on a good chunk of things?

the damned artificer
24-07-2009, 19:14
Have done some detailwork in the Cockpit. Added a rear Door and a Chair for the Princeps ( thanks for the idea Artifier ).

You're welcome dude ;)

It looks really good inside the cockpit so far, and the engine room is nice too.
The only thing I don't like is the mesh you've used for the cover, it isn't as nice as your model and I think it deserves the best :D I have got some really nice photo etched mesh that is produced by a danish model train company, I can send you a link when I get it out of my boxes during the next week (I'm moving ) if you are interrested of course :chrome:

24-07-2009, 20:58
@ Vimes : That all right, ill wait ! :D

@ The Custodian : Go right ahead !! If i can inspire you then IM pleased !

@ the damned artificer : Good luck on you move, Mate !! That Mesh sounds interesting........BUT...........iv allready glued MY mesh in!!! Its sandwiched between two plasticardsheets.
Dont know if i like to break up the joint again ( or, horror of all horrors, do a new one ! )

Heres a fast update on the lower Enginehousing.


Here you can see what i meant with "Louvers" in an earlier Post.
They are made to look like they can be shut tight if need arises.

This is when i added some Rivets and Nuts.


And finaly a "stackyourunfishedtitan" shot.


Hope you like them !!


24-07-2009, 21:02
Wow, just wow.

The Custodian
24-07-2009, 21:31
Hmmm nice, heres a question though, how thick is the piping you used on the legs and knees/hip? Same with your pistons... Im thinking of using pens on mine but im wondering if theyre to large or small...

the damned artificer
24-07-2009, 22:52
@ the damned artificer : Good luck on you move, Mate !! That Mesh sounds interesting........BUT...........iv allready glued MY mesh in!!! Its sandwiched between two plasticardsheets.
Dont know if i like to break up the joint again ( or, horror of all horrors, do a new one ! )

Hehe okay I think I can live with that, but only because that lower vent system is totally killer !! :D
And thanks, all my beautifull minis are packed in stupid plastic crates :cries:
I will dig up the link for you anyway, you never know when you will be needing some great mesh.

25-07-2009, 08:24
@ The Custodian : Well the main Lega are 25mm top Pice and a lower 20mm Pice.
The Pistons are 8mm top bits to 6mm lower bits.
Dont know if your Pens match those numbers but, there you are.

The Hips ar made from a pluming fitting i found in a D.I.Y. shop.
They are ca. 42mm at the edge and 27mm at the Hip side. If you go looking for Parts like theese, take care so you dont end up with the wrong type of Plastic !!
Its "Fatty" to the touch and dos not hold Paint OR GLue !!
It needs to be the normal Styrene Plastic, its a flat finish.

Good luck to you, Mate !!

@ the damned artificier : Very glad you liked it !! Thought that it turned out rather nice, myself.

Trust me, i know the feeling of having all your wonderful Models in Boxes.
Its depressing !! ( I went and opened my Boxes all the time ! My wife didnt like that at all :rolleyes: )

Ill be back when there is something to show.


26-07-2009, 19:14
Done some thinking...............might change the armament on this Beast.

Thinking of dropping the Turbolaser for a Gatling Blaster. I like the design in Stevetids Plans.
Am doing a test Gun to get the right look, at the moment.
Ill send in some Pics. when i get it together.

Have a Question for you all, is the Meltacannon a better choice than the Volcanocannon ??

Have not heard anyone use the Meltacannon so i need your advice.


26-07-2009, 19:43
Done some thinking...............might change the armament on this Beast.

Thinking of dropping the Turbolaser for a Gatling Blaster. I like the design in Stevetids Plans.
Am doing a test Gun to get the right look, at the moment.
Ill send in some Pics. when i get it together.

Have a Question for you all, is the Meltacannon a better choice than the Volcanocannon ??

Have not heard anyone use the Meltacannon so i need your advice.


TBH, on a reaver I'd go for two Laser Blasters and a carapace Turbo laser, giving 8 5" templates of Destroyer fun!

For the Melta vs Volcano, I'd pick a Volcano - you lose 3" of template, but the destroyer makes up for it by removing the need to roll for armour penetration/wound :D Not to mention the Instant Death and removal of those pesky cover saves! Lastly, the +1 to damage from the AP1 Melta is mirrored by the Destroyer rule, making the damage rolls the same with both.

The Custodian
27-07-2009, 01:32
The weapons in those plans are ace dude, go with them...

27-07-2009, 21:00
Well, good-evening to you all !

Started to fix the Feet of the Reaver, this is how they look at the moment.


There will be a lower Edge too as soon as i get my plastic organised.

Here is a Pic. of the Gattling in its earliest state.


Still a long way to go !!


27-07-2009, 21:32
This is looking great..

Continue the great work.. I've just downloaded the Reaver templates myself.. and am VERY interested on your interepretation of them and how you put them together..

Best wishes,


the damned artificer
28-07-2009, 11:13
It looks great, is the lower edge going to be like the warhounds feet ??

28-07-2009, 13:43
Brilliant Stuff - Can't wait to see what kind of paint-job you are going to do!
Maybe a Mica Fleck to go with that Benz-Bach engine? :P

28-07-2009, 15:34
@ cthorpe: And my best wishes to you on your project, please send in some Pictures of it.

@ the damned artificer: Kind of, they will be "smaller" i both height and width, but otherways the same. A Band with some sliced plastic rod on and some detail in front.

I looked at the FW Reaver and how its Feet look, and went from there.

@ kizzt: Yeaa, that would be something !! :D

BUT i think that it will be from the same Legion as my Warhound.
....so it will have a similar paintjob.


the damned artificer
28-07-2009, 23:17
Nice :D
Looking forward to some pics of them lovely detailed feet.

OP master N
29-07-2009, 09:46
Been missing out due to a trip with Ving to Mallorca...
But your slow and purposeful progress have been grinding on and on.
Love the engines and the head.
Why not use six smaller tubes for the gatling, it looks more like a water-cooled maxim
machinegun at the moment.


29-07-2009, 21:18
@ OP master N: IT HAS SEVEN BARRELS or six and a centralrevolving Tube.
I just did that Photo to show the length of the gun, not to build a vickers or a Maxim ! ;)
@ the damned artificer: Well, look what iv goten for you my Friend.........FEET!



And then the whole Foot done !


Hope your all pleased, i am !


29-07-2009, 21:53
Looking spectacular SDKFZ, looks FW quality. I am not even kidding

29-07-2009, 22:37
Those feet do look extra special! All the little details really add to the piece.

the damned artificer
29-07-2009, 23:57
I'm usually not a feet person, but these babies does do the trick for me :p No seriousely they look very very good, are they done or do you have other things in mind for them ??

fiore hellheart
30-07-2009, 02:19
What thickness plasticard are you using?

ps: it looks AWSOME!!!!.

30-07-2009, 02:37
I think I'm starting to get a foot fetish.

30-07-2009, 06:14
First things first, Thanks a lot, Mates !!

@ Dictator: FW quality.............im blushing !!

@ Demonrich: I think that youve got to take the Time to add all those small details to get a good job done.

@ the damned artificer: I need to "Rivet" the Foot itself and then i might, but not sure, do some sunken Rivets on the top of the extra Armour.
In front of the Aguilas.

@ fiore hellheart: Feet mostly 1mm. Details all sorts of rods and strips.

@ Tommygun: :D

As i wrote before, now i only have to do those other five Toes !

Ill be back !!


30-07-2009, 11:54
Your making good progress SDKFZ, i admire the detail you've been able to put into the feet! Can't wait to see more.

01-08-2009, 21:56
Update time !! Have done those Toes. Now thats a lot of Eagles !!


Close up.


And the Gun, now with all six barrels :D


Thats it for this time, thanks for watching !


the damned artificer
01-08-2009, 22:57
What about the shin armour, have you built it yet ?? the legs are gorgeous so far :D

02-08-2009, 12:00
Done some test pieces but nothing serious so far.

Also done some more on the Gun, no pics. yet, sorry !


02-08-2009, 13:42
The more I look at these homemade Titan threads the more I've come to realise that pretty much anyone with time, inclination and a bitsbox can create one of these model monsters.

That said, it's the attention to detail that separates the 'run-off-the-mill' Titan project and the really special efforts. In my humble opinion you definitely fall into this latter category.

I'm very impressed by the little details you've included into your construction so far while also keeping sight of the 'feel' and proportions of the project as a whole.

Well done to you sir, and keep up the good work! :)

02-08-2009, 15:01
@ MvS: Well thanks a lot, Mate !! Ill try not to disappoint you. ;)

And as a Token of my apprecitation, heres the latest updates.

This is how the Feet look now that im done with them, enjoy !


And this is how far ive come on the Gun.


More Pics. when ive made more progress.


02-08-2009, 16:01
Those feet look great! I can't wait to see a little more detail on the gun. what did you use for the tube surrounding the barrels?

02-08-2009, 23:07
Superb. Just superb.

the damned artificer
02-08-2009, 23:15
How tall is the beast in cm's ?? like from feet to hip and hip to top and the width from shoulder to shoulder :D
Would it be possible toget some full model pics of it from front side and back ?? Would really like to see the whole of it together at this stage.

03-08-2009, 21:47
@ can´t_decide: Plumbing Pipe 32mm diameter. Thanks !

@ the damned artificer: Total height 39cm, width (at the moment) 28cm,
Foot to Hip 24cm and Hip to Top 15cm.

Sorry no Pics.:cries: today, ill try tomorrow.

Have started on the Lower Leg Armour, made the Basis for both Legs and mounted them, detachable !! :D


03-08-2009, 21:49
Cant wait to see it finished, nice feet, cant wait to see the legs!

04-08-2009, 17:52
On Public Request.....................heres REAVER !!





And it goes on right......

04-08-2009, 17:58
......here ! Sorry for the bad quality of the Pics. but im a builder not a Photografer :eyebrows:

Leg Armour Pics. next !




Now then, now ive given you some things to comment, havent i . :chrome:


04-08-2009, 22:47
Snyggt jobbat!
It is so much fun to see the progression of your project.

05-08-2009, 02:42
Excellent work on those legs. I like the armor as well. I can't wait to see the detail you apply to it all over. Your work really is amazing.

05-08-2009, 09:32
......here ! Sorry for the bad quality of the Pics. but im a builder not a Photografer :eyebrows:

Can't spell either :D

Seriously though that reaver Titan is looking sweet as. As pointed out earlier the detail you have added really makes the model something to savour bit by bit.

05-08-2009, 09:53
I think the topic title should be changed to: SDKFZ does a Reaver, FAST!

I keep looking in here expecting that the new posts are replies but they're not - they're more progress!

05-08-2009, 11:41
Wow, looking fantastic! Are you going to do any more to the armour plates on the legs? Also, will you be adding any cabling around the groin area, and for the weapons?

the damned artificer
05-08-2009, 15:35
Thank's for the pretty pics dude :D
The leg armour looks great so far, are the round things in the middle of it going to be small vents or is it some kind of lock mechanism for the plates so they can be taken of ??

05-08-2009, 17:59
@ Seved: Tack för det ja, det värmde !!

@ can´t-decide: Thanks a lot, Mate !

@ Slaaaaaanesh: Yes, i know, my spelling sucks ! :cries: Ill try less spelling, more Reaver building .
Glad you like it, Mate !

@ Mangozac: But, but...... If you look at how fast some of the others on this Forum builds Modells, im quite slow....................or ?

@ Demonrich: Yes, im planing to do some Cablework in the groin :angel: and some for the guns too.
The Armourplates will look similar to the ones on my Warhound, so there is a lot of work ahead.
Nice that you like it !!

@ the damned artificer: Yepp, your right, those Tubes are what i use to install the Legarmour to the Legs ! As i wrote earlier they are removable, makes adding details so much easier !
I will make new ones on the outside to match the ones on the Groinarmour.

When im done with the Legarmour, ill be back !


06-08-2009, 00:25
@ Slaaaaaanesh: Yes, i know, my spelling sucks ! :cries: Ill try less spelling, more Reaver building .
Glad you like it, Mate !

I take it you aren't a native english speaker (your location listed as sweden). Your spelling is great for it, now build darn you build! :)

(A whip crack is heard)

06-08-2009, 10:37
@ Mangozac: But, but...... If you look at how fast some of the others on this Forum builds Modells, im quite slow....................or ?

Point taken, but you're still way faster than my scratchbuilding!

06-08-2009, 14:57
@ Slaaaaaanesh: Okey, okey..........im building ! :D
And yes im from Sweden, but my swedish spelling is also rubbish !

Heres a quick update on the Legarmour.



Hope you see all the details. Will do some new shots when im done with the other Leg.

Tell me what you think !


the damned artificer
06-08-2009, 15:40
Excellent... :D

06-08-2009, 20:16
Thanks ! :D

Im sanding the other Legarmour right now. Also started on the Thigharmour.

Could be that i post some Pics. tomorrow......


07-08-2009, 00:10
That armor is great! I love that the details are still on the legs, but having the armor on top too is awesome. I'm quite jealous right now, as I started a reaver a while ago, with the same templates, but it hasn't had anything done except the head. And that is lacking detail so far. Keep it up!

OP master N
07-08-2009, 15:49
While your building may not be up to the speed of some exeptionally fast builders here, you are still well in among the norm...

What's more important, the quality are superb. Spesielt til svenske å være... :)

Keep it up!


07-08-2009, 17:22
@ Can´t_decide: Dont let me keep you from making your own Reaver, just grab the Bull by the Horns and GO !

@ OP master N: Tackar för det ! :D

Thanks a lot, Mates !
Heres a little some thing to wet your appetite.....


And this is how the Thigharmour will look -details.


Starting to look like somthing dont you think ?


the damned artificer
07-08-2009, 20:14
UHH UHH do some work on the head, would really love to see it with the head on it :D


07-08-2009, 20:21
I know, i know !! But i need to get the Right ideas for some things first.

You dont need to worry, it will have a Head ! :D

Back to work !


07-08-2009, 21:49
Don't get me wrong, I'll finish mine. I just have a few other things going on right now, and don't have a ton of time to work on it, and then i have 20 or 30 other ideas on projects...Your work though is making me want to finish mine. It's really amazing!

The Custodian
07-08-2009, 22:18
Good god dude! Thats amazing! Youve convinced me to redo my reavers feet like yours... Much nicer and easier than what the original plans had going. And the detail... Wow... If I may ask what are you making your rivets out of?

Also where did you get those Aquilas from?

08-08-2009, 10:04
@ can´t_decide: Thanks, and i know that feeling of wanting to do 20 odd Projects at once. Trust me !!!

@ The Custodian: Thanks Mate ! The Rivets are sliced 1mm plastic Rod. The Bolts are sliced hexagonal Rod.
The Aquilas are from the Imperial Armoured Vehicle Sprue, you get 2 from each Sprue. If you dont have enough yourself ask some "Imperial" Friends ! :chrome:


08-08-2009, 10:14
I was wondering how much taller is your Reaver compared to a Warhound?
I had given up on building one, because I thought I would not have enough room to store it.
Seeing the Warhound in the back ground, it does not seem that much bigger.

08-08-2009, 10:21
@ Tommygun: Its not, the Warhound is about 10,5 inch and the Reaver is 15 inch to the top of the Enginegrill.
It will add a few inches when i get the Launcher on top, but its not that tall.

I did the same misstake to think that all Titans are Gigantic, but they are not that big if you follow the "Norms" .


08-08-2009, 12:49
Thanks, I feel a Reaver in my future now.:)

The Custodian
09-08-2009, 08:19
Also if you do a laucher on the carapace I suggest you take a look at the epic lucius reaver since the plans create a much smaller launcher than the longer epic one...

OP master N
09-08-2009, 10:04
Hmmm... (15"x2,54cm= 38,1cm) just over 8 cm's taller than my Revenant...



09-08-2009, 11:20
@ The Custodian: Yes i know, and the design is not right either. The Lucius should have its mountings in the back of the Launcher.
There should be small "Blocks" on the rear and it should have the typical Lucius Patesystem on it !

Thanks, Mate !

@ OP master N: GO, GO, GO !!! :D
Id just love for more People to start building ther own Reavers !!

Done the Armourplates on the Thighs and some more Details on the inner Legs.

Pics. ................tonight perhaps.................:chrome:


09-08-2009, 11:31
Maybe I'll start a "Tommygun's does an ultra slow Reaver" log.

09-08-2009, 11:39
Please do !! :D


09-08-2009, 12:30
Found the Camera !

Here is a new Pics. of how the Thigharmour looks.


If you look at the side of the Leg you can see the new vent i put in there.

Heres a shot of the whole Legassembly.


Havent done the Riveting and Connectors yet, but its coming along nicely.


09-08-2009, 20:20
Well, now i have, and some upper leg detailing too.

This is the whole lower Leg Assembly, again.


Detail shot of the Hip and Thigh.


Detail shot of the Shinarmour.


There you have it ! Please let me know what you think of it sofar.


09-08-2009, 23:14
This is looking fantastic..

The detail that you are putting into this really repays the hard work.. this is going to be an amazing model..

Continue to inspire,

Best wishes,


10-08-2009, 00:01
The legs are looking very special. I like the design you have used on the leg armour. With that amount of detail on the legs you now have your work cut out to make sure everything matches it!

the damned artificer
10-08-2009, 16:11
Ohh I can't wait to see the torso and head details, cus you have made the legs look so awesome. Will there be any insignias, skulls etc on the leg armour ??

10-08-2009, 17:03
@ cthorpe: I hope i do !! THAT would make me proud, if anything !!

@ Demonrich: Ill try my very best, trust me !

@ the damned artificer: There will be the Legio Insignia and a Titanlegio T plus a marking for Reaver Titan that i found in an realy old WD.
Dont think ill add any skulls here but on the Back perhaps.........

You will like to hear that ive started to work on the Head again, dont want to show yet but itll come in time, stay tuned !! :D

Thanks for your appreciation, Mates !!

Its so much more fun to do this when you get a pat on the Shoulder every now and then, Thanks (again ! ) !


10-08-2009, 20:16
That is just so great!

I really love how it's turning out. Keep on the good work!

OP master N
14-08-2009, 21:52
Hot diggety, those legs! (never thought I'll say that about a model ;) )

Sure gives me expectations for the torso, arms and head.


15-08-2009, 09:53
@D3V!L & OP master N: Thanks, Mates !! Glad you like it and send me your thoughts.

Ill do my best not to disappoint you Guys !

Im working on the Head at the moment, but i dont want to show till im satisfied.


16-08-2009, 20:30
Hello again ! Some updates, but no "Headshots". Not pleased so i tore the Thing apart again and started all over, just the Top-part :D

Here is the Gatlingblaster.


Still needs more Details, i know, but its looking OK to me.

Here is the Left Arm Mounting.


Dont have any good Pics. of the Lucius Reavers Mountings so i had to guess and add some Details of my own.

Well, back to the Plasticard !


16-08-2009, 22:02
really cool :)

17-08-2009, 21:52
A Lucius Pattern Reaver?¿? Why the hell I don´t see this post before?¿

Really amazing work

OP master N
18-08-2009, 18:52
Well it certainly does'nt look like a vintage machinegun anymore...
Keep it up!


21-08-2009, 20:28
Well it time to show you Fellows how itve done on the "Head-Front" !


Still a long way to go but it starting to look like some thing, doesnt it :chrome:

You can see the Eyes with inset Lenses and scanners but it will have a lot more work to it before im pleased.
The "Jaw" will have a Grill infront of it with 3 Slots so you can see the Radiator behind it.

Here is a shot of the Titan with the Gatlingblaster in place.


Hope you like it ! I know i do :rolleyes:


the damned artificer
21-08-2009, 21:15
Yes that's what I'm talking about dude ! the head looks so great so far :D... one question though, is the collar over the head supposed to be that big ?? cus you almost can't see the head.
The gatlingblaster is looking great as well.

21-08-2009, 21:23
The creature has a face now.

22-08-2009, 12:04
Well that is the size it has on my Templates. The Head and Headguard are made as, or in the same measurements, as the Templates.

I also had a look at some new Pics. i found on the Web of the FW Model.

Looks like its got its Head higher but otherways looks the same.

I hope that it turns out alright anyhow, maybe a SDKFZ Forgeworld special ?


22-08-2009, 12:19
I hope that it turns out alright anyhow, maybe a SDKFZ Forgeworld special ?


Ikea Pattern Reaver.

22-08-2009, 12:31
@ Tommygun: Yhea, right :D Obvious !!


22-08-2009, 13:18
The progress on this looks great!! Well done, I love the head, the titan is now developing a personality..

Best wishes,


22-08-2009, 13:57
This is awesome!
I cannot wait to see this beast finished and painted!

23-08-2009, 04:10
It is looking quite brutal. I am excited to see the face upon completion.

23-08-2009, 20:48
Thanks, Guys !!

Done some work on the other Arm/Weaponmount + the Cables that are on the Back of the Body. Found that Carcabling is tucked into Plastic Tubes of about 10mm thickness and flexible like the ones i used on the Front of the Head, so i bought a Meter of the Stuff !

Have also worked on the "Nose" Grill on the Head.

Ill send in some Pics. when im pleased with the result ;)


OP master N
25-08-2009, 19:50
Now your talking!!!
Might not be long before you break out the paint... ?

Looks great!


25-08-2009, 20:52
@ OP master N: Its still a LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGG way to go before this Baby gets to know the taste of Paint :D

I need to do a lot more Detailwork, build two more Gunsystems and finish the Head first !

Not pleased with the "Nose", tore it out again :mad:

Did some work on the Central Tube instead. Did a Ring around the Bottom of the Tube and started on the Supports that are in the four Corners.
Also did the Top-spaceing Disc, it sits between the Tube and the Main-Body.

Still no Pics., sorry, will try to take some tomorrow. :angel:


25-08-2009, 20:55
Keep up the great work!

25-08-2009, 20:56
@ isaac: YOU BET !! ;)


26-08-2009, 19:13
Okey !! Small update.

This is how the Central-Tube looks, at the moment, upsidedown :eyebrows:


There will be more Details, when im done sanding this Thing !

The Templates told me to do the Disc at the Top but not the one at the Bottom.
I did one because i thought that it would look better with a Rim here too !

Well, well, back to work !


the damned artificer
26-08-2009, 21:13
What template are you using ?? have only seen templates for the armourcast style version.
It's as always some nice work from you dude :D

27-08-2009, 15:07
@ the damned artificer: I use stevetids Templates. I got them from a Friend of mine.

......and, thanks ! :D


27-08-2009, 15:59
looks feckin awsome mate well done

the damned artificer
27-08-2009, 16:06
Well it sure does look alot better than the templates I got :P.

27-08-2009, 20:21
@ God LFC: Thanks a lot, Mate !

@ the damned artificer: Well they are just Templates. ;) They have no Details what so ever and just provide you with a Frame to work on.

But if you, like me, like the look of the Lucius Titans, then they are all there is.

............and the Lucius pattern uses flat Panels with sharp Edges......yes, i know...........im lazy and i cant do nice round Shapes :chrome:

B.t.w. done some basic Lasblaster Barrels.


the damned artificer
27-08-2009, 22:03
Hehe nothing wrong with sharp edges, it doesn't have to be all curvy and smooth to be nice :D

27-08-2009, 22:44
I like either.

28-08-2009, 20:26
Some new Pics. of the Central-Tube.

One with...


...and one without Flash !


And one from the Front ( still dont like the Head:eyebrows: ).


You can also see the start of the Hoses at the Back of the Titan.
The inner one had fallen of its mount on the Tube !
RATS !!!!

Well thats it for today.


28-08-2009, 20:54
I'm moving this thread to the new Imperium Project Logs Sub Forum


30-08-2009, 14:13
Stated work on the Lasblaster. Done most of the basic work on the Barrels.

Will post some Pics. later for you to evaluate :D


30-08-2009, 16:52
Stated work on the Lasblaster. Done most of the basic work on the Barrels.

Will post some Pics. later for you to evaluate :D


can't wait!
looking great
that's how i imagine a lucius pattern reaver

the damned artificer
30-08-2009, 20:01
Show some close-ups of the head, please :D

30-08-2009, 20:56
@ tagsta: Thanks, Mate ! Glad i made a Lucius that looks like one ;)

@ the damned artificer: Its not much to look at at the momen but, here you are.



There you are, pleased ? ;) Like i said, not much to see yet. I broke it down again and im in the process of rebuilding.

As for those Barrels, they are here.


And a closeup.


Looking OK sofar, i think. Need to do the Backpart now. Im worried about those "Coolingfins" at the Back ! ?
Well, well, will just have to wait and see how they turn out.


the damned artificer
31-08-2009, 16:59
It's shaping up nicely :D but isn't the epic lucius reaver's head rounded or does it just look like that ??

31-08-2009, 20:34
@ the damned artificer: Well i look in an old Citadell-catalog, with all the old Parts for the Titans, and it looks like its more or less square to me:eyebrows:

If not, ill just have to add that to the Version of SDKFZ (IKEA) ForgeworldPattern, dont you think :D


the damned artificer
31-08-2009, 21:25
Hehe yeah do it like that :D IKEA could be a forgeworld on the northern fringes of the universe. It does also make alot more sense that it isn't round as it's a lucius pattern.

04-09-2009, 15:44
Well, im of on Holiday, again. So i guess it will be some time before i post again.

See you all later, Mates !!!


OP master N
04-09-2009, 21:51
@ the damned artificer: Its not much to look at at the momen but, here you are.

Could have sworn you wrote: "much looking at women"....

But I agree, there are a lot to look at.

The head migth be a bit puny, but it's nicely made!


11-09-2009, 09:19
Im back ! But ive got one h**l of a cold :(

So sad to say, there will be no building for a while.

I did do a Pic. for you to look at while im in bed though.

Please enjoy !


Cough, cough !


11-09-2009, 14:44
Looking great so far!

Keep going!

the damned artificer
11-09-2009, 16:39
Looks great, the shadows on the head makes the eyes look crasy (Stupid white plastic, bad light reflection) :D

11-09-2009, 18:04
that thing looks great!

11-09-2009, 21:56
Thanks a lot, Mates !!

And yes, ill just have to do something about those Eyes ;)

Be right back when im done coughing.


12-09-2009, 01:44
Holy crap, its coming together really well. The details so far like crevices on the shin guards look great!