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02-05-2005, 04:37
Tran picked up the auspex but the device showed nothing but static. The Apothecary tended to the wounded scout behind him as he scanned the dark corridor with his helmet sensors. "Brother, how is the wounded one?" Tran asked. "We must do the surgery here or else I fear the young brother is lost." the apothecary replied. Except for the whirring of surgical instruments the area was silent. Tran could hear the beating hearts and frantic breaths of the guardsmen around him. The beams from their flashlights danced along the walls, illuminating the blood stains and scratches long hidden by the darkness. The uneasy silence broke as a low hiss reverberrated through the corridor. "Hold here servants of the Emperor." Tran said. The hisses grew louder and the sound of chitin scraping against steel grew closer. The guardsmen began to step back, farther and farther behind Tran and his brothers. "Hold here, servants of the emperor." Tran said, the pilot light of his promethium flamer now flickering, it's radiant light shining in the eyes of all around. The dancing lights now began to illuminate blurs of blue and purple. One guardsman let out a panicked yelp, taking another step back but a large hand grasped his shoulder, calming him. His shivering subsided and he raised his lasgun. Bolts clicked and capacitors hummed as warriors prepared to deliver the emperor's wrath to the xenos that approached them. "We, servants of the Emperor shall hold this pass!"

Just an idea for my chapter. This is purely a fun chapter and it not going to be for some uber powergaming freak list. Some of the themes are going to "gimp" me, such as absolutely no plas weapons heh. This army will be heavily centered around my army's 5th company just because I feel like it. Any comments welcome :cool: One thing that drove me nuts was the disadvantage aspire to glory. It wouldn't make sense that the commander could not use termie armor as he's the highest ranker in the army. I want a chapter centered mainly around Yuy and his retinue and I like to imagine him and his retinue donning the chapter's only termie armor for a big battle like how heroes do in a movie. Aspire to glory wouldn't allow it so I took another fluff-doable disadvantage instead.

These guys are derived from the Dark Angels though not much is known about their founding other than that the Rogue Angels appeared relatively recently.

The Rogue Angels company honored an oath to accompany a rogue trader mission and sent their 5th company to do the work. While the 5th was out exploring the unknown with the trader mission Abaddon sweeped through their home sector and wiped the Rogue Angels' homeworld off the map.

Since the 5th was so far out with the Rogue Trader mission word never reached them about their homeworld's destruction. 5th company Captain Yuy still believes that when he comes home he'll walk through the glorious halls of the Cantho Chapel and report for his next assignment. The status of the other battle companies is unknown as the command center in destroyed. The future of the Rogue Angels looks bleak, but Yuy is not concerned about that. He only prays to the emperor that he and his brothers survive what horrors this Trader mission may encounter.

--Perks: Be swift as the wind

The expeditionary nature of the 5th company calls for increased mobility. Therefore additionaly bikes were requisitioned prior to launch.

--Cons: Faithful unto Death

The company is isolated from the rest of the chapter and does not have a significant number of specialist troops.

--Army troops and weapon info

As a relatively new chapter, the Rogue Angels had just a few of the ancient plasma guns, all of which were snatched up by the veterans of the 1st company very quickly. The 5th's battle barge, the 'Mamori', only carries a stock of promethium flamers and melta guns (Though the flamer is preferred for corridor fighting). Most tactical squads stick to the flexible Missile launcher leaving their few special heavy weapons for the devastators to use (Devs have no plasma cannons either). The chapter's only dreadnought 'Oji' was still sleeping when the 5th left, his fate will remain unknown until Yuy's return to Cantho. The battle barge carries a small compliment of bikes and *second-founding era landspeeders for scouting newly discovered planets, though the captain prefers to travel in the company's only landraider with his retinue.

* "Landspeeders salvaged from an abandoned structure in 'Chao dup', a desolate planet neighboring Cantho. How they came to be there is unknown but the techmarines weren't complaining"- Brother Ventus, Scout Sergeant

As for color scheme, You can see is in the pics below. The power armored guys have light grey with dark grey as a secondary color while the Terms are reversed. RA's use DA symbols just because it's my chapter and I like them :p

(oh, and don't mind all the power swords on the PA guys, those are a bunch of vet sarges and Captain Yuy in the middle. )

02-05-2005, 05:11
I like the models very nice the storyis not too bad but the good traits seem off
u should take Trust your battle Brothers and Blessed be the Warrior to represent a balanced Shoot and Assault army

02-05-2005, 05:12
i know this is a stupid question what does DIY stand for?

02-05-2005, 05:29
DIY means "Do it yourself"

As for changing traits, I think I'm actually going to change "Take the fight to them" to "Be as swift as the wind".

More bikes would represent my idea of an expeditionary force more since marines would need bikes to better scout new planets and such. I'm going to say nay to "Blessed be the warriors" since it doesn't fit the fluff. Besides, this army isn't meant to be a winner, it's for fun (^_^)

02-05-2005, 05:39
yeah the bikes makes more sense
blessed be the warrios would make sense if u dropped the Jump Packs

02-05-2005, 20:07
Well done. I like both your fluff and your paint job.