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16-02-2009, 05:09
i have played 40k for eight years. i have 5000 points of orks (3500 painted) and 2000 pts of templars (very few painted):( any ways i want to play fantasy and ive always been attracted to chaos but idk what i should do for an army or if i should start the new system? advice? i would appreciate it thanks!:)

16-02-2009, 06:06
well, wecome to strategy, which ill deliver you from ray gun hell.

just kidding.

look at the models. read the fluff. find and army that inspires you. find one that you can really sink your teeth into. then learn to play that army, some people say let your style determine your army, i say, if you dont love it, you wont get involved enough to learn to play it properly.

pick the ones that make you want to field an army, be it monolithic chaos warriors, elven archer raining death, empire soldiers holding the line, or my favorite, hordes of ratmen bent on devouring thier opponents....

find you love, find your army.

welcome to WFB.

16-02-2009, 06:26
Im more in the camp of play to your own style.

What armies do you like and how do you invision playing fantasy?

The Red Scourge
16-02-2009, 08:34
Just take a look at the models, and find out which ones you want to paint. WoC is a fun and cool army, its great for learning the basics of the game, as they have an immense focus on beating people up and looking good while doing it :evilgrin:

I personally started out with WoC, I later jumped to WE to try out a more rounded army, and I'm currently building a VC army to try out big infantry blocks (these things always scared the painter in me) :)

16-02-2009, 09:06
I think its a bit of both style and inspired, If you choose an army because you like the lore and models, stick with it no matter how hard it gets, I have an Ogre Kingdoms army and a Dark Elf army, I have the Dark Elves because I became frustrated with Ogres, and yeah with the DE I won a lot more...but as much as I like them I love the Ogres so I have since gone back and its way more satisfying too me playing with them than the DE, play style a little but lore and models way more, its about what you like, even if someone says an army is bad, so what, and if they really are again so what, in the end its all about enjoying yourself and just being you, so the army you play should be what you want, oh and welcome!

16-02-2009, 11:49
I would say that a good army to start out with would be empire, as they don't have too many rules, have a good variety of troop types, and should let you get to grips with the game without being overcome by special rules.

16-02-2009, 12:02
....I later jumped to WE to try out a more rounded army...

Admit it you wanted to play 40K :p

Legionare Of Bloodlust
16-02-2009, 12:13
First of all, thats alot of orks...
Secondly if i were you buy the chaos codex/army book and make a list that you think you will like playing with, and find a friend who wants to start warhammer too because then you can have a few tester games with each other and see whether you really want to go all the way and get a massive chaotic horde:):):)