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16-02-2009, 05:48
Well its time to start thinking of what to do next. I would like to do a Pure Plastic Non-MEQ Army, what are some possibilities? Id like to do a Dark Eldar army at some point, would it be possible to make a Competative DE army with out using metal? Even though I dont want a MEQ army, Id like to put together an SoB force, is a pure plastic SoB force even possible with Kitbash?

After my pure plastic chaos Ive grown wary of metal models and would like to do my best to avoid all metal. I dont mind kit bashing were needed, but with plastic I can change and modify any model with ease even after painting with no visible signs of damage I just love it.

16-02-2009, 08:05
Personally, I'm doing an all plastic Ork army for this years Tale of Painters (see the link in my sig). Now that you can get the AoBR Warboss it's possible to do an all plastic army.

HQ is the hardest thing to find in plastic. I imagine with new IG command sprues coming out soon that they will be possible too. You could also do CSM because they've got the plastic Terminator Lord.

Not too sure about DE, but they're rumoured to be out later this year/early next, so will get a bunch of new plastics too. SoB would require a lot of work, although I'm sure I've seen someone on Warseer do some SoB with Eldar plastics as the base...


16-02-2009, 08:22
Imperial Guard are easily doable in all-plastic, so long as you don't mind limiting yourself to Hardened Veterans (or cunningly converted Stormtroopers using SM scouts) for Elites.

Hell, with a bit of ingenuity you can have an all-plastic Guard army right now, and if you wait until May you can have a superb all-plastic Guard army straight out of the box - have you seen the Command Squad box contents?! It's madness of the best kind!

16-02-2009, 08:24
Dark Eldar would be a little hard to do in just metal. All you'ld have is a troop choice and a fast attack choice. Orks and in a couple months the Guard are both non-MEQ and can be done fully in plastic.

16-02-2009, 08:36
Pure plastic Tyranids:

HQ: Warriors
Elite: Warriors
Troop: Gaunts, Rippers, Genestealers
Fast: Warriors w/ Wings, Rippers w/ Wings, Spore Mines (plastic from old Maccrage set, bits sellers have them cheap)
Heavy: Carnifex

The only metal models left are Hive Tyrant, Broodlord, Lictor, Gargoyles, Raveners, Biovore, Zoanthrope. You don't truly need any of these in your army, though Tyrants, Lictors, and Zoanthropes are definitely up there on the "consider having" list. You can make Raveners from warriors if you want using extra bits from Genestealers and leaving off the legs, and you can make Gargoyles if you scratch up wings on Termagants.

Pure plastic IG will be possible in May, though some of the optional units may not see pure plastic until wave 2 or 3 (Hellhound has some metal I think?).

Pure plastic Tau:

HQ: Crisis Suits
Elite (ALL): Crisis Suits, Stealthsuits
Troop (ALL): Fire Warriors (and Devilfish), Kroot
Fast: Piranha, Gun Drones
Heavy: Hammerhead, Sky Ray

The commanders Crisis suit has some optional metal bits, but otherwise you can use a regular suit. I dont know anyone who takes Ethereals. Pathfinders and Vespids are metal, and not necessary; Pathfinders can be scratched from Fire Warriors with a little GS work. Broadsides have metal guns; Sniper Drone set is metal.

Penitent Engine
16-02-2009, 08:42
Pretty much any army can go all-plastic if you think about it (with the possible exceptions of SoB, GK's and Daemons-unless you love Bloodletters). Every army has, in its plastic kits, the potential for HQs, and some kit bashing can make everything else.
Eg DE army:
HQ-Lord (from Warrior/Dire Avengers parts-this turns out really well)
ELITES-Wyches/Mandrakes (warrior parts + Fantasy Dark Elf Corsairs)
-Grotesques (ZOMBIES and Guard/Eldar)
TROOPS-Warriors/Raider Squads
HEAVY SUPPORT - Ravager (I can't remember if this is all plastic-never used one-so if need be, convert using spare Raider bits)

Easy as pie ;)

16-02-2009, 08:48
HEAVY SUPPORT - Ravager (I can't remember if this is all plastic-never used one-so if need be, convert using spare Raider bits)

Easy as pie ;)

The ravavger is a plastic/metal hybrid kit, though it could easily be made out of plastic - the only hard part is getting the extra lances (dinsintegrators are only in metal) off the raider and finding a suitable side shield.

Or you could jsut use scourges (warriors + plastic wings of some sort) - but the cost for arming them with dark lances would be astronomical (money wise). Unless you use bitz websites that is.

16-02-2009, 12:07

Coincidently, the only two armies lacking most plastic are the only two armies lacking everything in plastic. (Sans one tank with each army and that's only because they are taken from the Space Marines)

Whilst it is possible to Kit bash a Grey Knight force that looks decent and is still a decent price kit bashing Sisters are another mater entirely.

Sadly, to add insult to festering injury, there is absolutely no news of any GK or SoB plastics anytime soon. (Not to dis Harry but he still didn't confirm anything or provide a date and there is nothing from any of the other rumour providers.)

I'd suggest you start DE, at least you know they'll be getting better (And more plastics) sometime this century.

16-02-2009, 13:07
There is Eldar too.

You can make an autarch from Direavenger parts
Farseer can be made from Direavenger and High elf mage parts

Elites are a problem

All the troops choices except for rangers are available in plastic, but again, you can use high elf parts to make rangers.

fast attack: vypers or model shining spears from jetbike and cold one rider parts

Heavy support: warwalkers, wraithlord and falcon are all available in plastic.

16-02-2009, 17:35
Eldar can be done in mostly plastic. The HQ and Elite units would be the only ones that are not plastic, but only the HQs are mandatory. You could probably put together a pretty competitive list with just plastic Eldar.

Orcs and Tau would also be possible.

Necrons and Chaos Space Marines are also do-able, but I don't suppose they fit your non-MEQ requirement.

A Thracian Major
16-02-2009, 17:45
guard are still fairly easy to do right now as an all plastic army, officers don't need to look any different from the regular troops, except perhaps in weaponry (plastic weapons kitbashed from empire/spare marines can give you plasma pistols, power swords, bolt weapons etc), and rank markings can be painted on. Another thing that can be done is to use the head form the armour accessory sprue with the peaked cap for officers. Company standards can be nicked from empire missile troops (with a shoulder pad sculpted on if you really want). But between kitbashing and converting, nearly any army is fairly possible to do non metal. A lot more fun and the paint doesnt chip.

16-02-2009, 19:18
Without bending over backwards, the two easiest are guard and Tau, as stated above, though Tyranids are also doable.

The question is do you want no metal at all, or are occasional hybrid bits or an HQ fine? No metal at all is tougher (I'd do Tau in that case, or maybe Guard), but no full metal units is actually easy to achieve for a lot of armies now.

16-02-2009, 19:42
Orks are very doable in all plastic - don't forget, a plastic Warboss and plastic Nobz come in the AoBR box, along with some Dethkoptas.

16-02-2009, 20:28
I'd say any army is do-able in all plastic, for DE you could just use Eldar weapons, add some DE decorations and presto, you've got a Dark Lance. For Tyranids you could just use a Fex as a Hive Tyrant, even though Fex's are more akin to elephants.

Keep in mind even SM, GW's golden boy are still not all in plastic, there have been enormous changes and the majority is in plastic, but nearly all the new untis are in metal (Thunderfire, both veterans, new characters, only thing that comes to mind is Redeemer).

16-02-2009, 21:17

All plastic Eldar is a possibility... but without metals in elites, the list is going to be hamstrung in a number of areas.

That said, a MOSTLY plastic eldar list is pretty simple. You can easily go for mech- Avengers style, as the tanks are great kits and Avengers are amazing troops choices (unit of ten killed all but one berzerker from a ten-man squad last night... Doom is a beautiful thing), but you are going to need about one dedicated elite unit to each DA unit to remain competitive - that means plastic.

Wraithlords in plastic means that more infantry focussed lists can be built as well. Never under-estimate guardians (although to be really effective, warlocks are kinda important), and two wraithlords backed up by three war-walkers would be a crazy back line. Still, having a couple dedicated counter-assault units will be important - and warp-spiders are an amazing unit in more infantry focussed lists (and in general... best Fast attack choice for my money).

In sum, until eldar get at least two plastic elite units, all-plastic eldar will be ridiculously hard to pull off effectively.


The Good Doctor.

Private Ginger
16-02-2009, 21:28
I have one question. What does MEQ mean?

Lord Wasa
16-02-2009, 21:30
MEQ=Marine EQuivalent

Private Ginger
16-02-2009, 21:31
ah ok. Thanks.

16-02-2009, 23:21
Lets assume that for HQs, you either convert from the plastic boxes or have 1 metal model. That being said, here are the easy ones:
-Imperial Guard
-Eldar with no aspect warriors besides avengers
-Nids without a Tyrant
-Orks (very easy)

So, basically all of them, but the one that stands out the most is orks. Very few limitations that I can think of, especially if you use assault on black reach. Dark Eldar are possible to do without metal. A good dark eldar will have jet bikers, wiches, and lots of dark lances. A good number of raiders too. While you should ahve wiches, you can live without them i suppose. The Dark Eldar are hurting for an update IMO, so most metal units are somewhat worthless.

And no, Ive never seen anyone go for a plastic SoB army.

16-02-2009, 23:23
Oh, and I just realized Tau are essentially all plastic. The only notable exception is the broadside, but you can live without them if you take hammerheads. Other than that, the staples are all plastic.