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16-02-2009, 06:57
Alright, I assume this would be the correct area to post this, but if it isn't please move the thread.

Anyways, what I have so far is 3 AoBR sets, giving me 3 tactical squads, 3 dreadnougts with multi-meltas, and then 15 terminators. I have also bought a rhino, a razorback, a tactical squad, and then a scout squad along with a 10 man assault squad in the works.

I plan on buying a vindicator to complete my 1000pt army, but what should I look into buying / painting after that? All opinions are welcome. I was also thinking on maybe some scout bikers for a 1750 - 2000pt army, for terminators and a librarians sake.

16-02-2009, 08:16
off the top of my head:
1) a landraider perhaps to move those terminators around?
2) a regular terminator squad for the terminators with heavy weapons? (perhaps getting the bits online would be a better idea, if you just want the weapons. it'll require you to cut the pins from the AoBR terminator bodies, but it should work altogether)
3) a devestator squad. for one it gives you the devestators, but also a bunch of extra heavy weapons for the tactical squads, like heavy bolters. it comes with more heavy weapons then marines in the box.
4) a command squad. lots of lovely bits.

those are what I can think of right now. I hope it helps. :)

16-02-2009, 10:21
What you have already looks like way more than 1000 points - more like 2000. All you really need is some heavy weapons for the termies and maybe drop pods for the dreads.

16-02-2009, 12:21
Ok, assuming just the standard options for your tactical squads and using 2 of the 3 commanders as captains with their pictured wargear, you are sitting at 2165 points using no extra wargear or upgrades on your models.

I would suggest:
Devastator box so you can get some alternate heavy weapons than Missile launchers
Either convert one of your extra captains or pick up a tech marine to use as a master of the forge so your Dreds can go in heavy support (right now, you have 6 elite options)
Drop Pods
More Transports (more tanks = more better = your opponent can't focus all his anti tank fire on 1 or 2 tanks)
Think about getting some Land Raiders and a Predator or two, even the cheap as dirt ac/2hb pred is nice and can put out a lot of anti infantry firepower
Close Combat termies wouldn't hurt either.

You might want to think about bits ordering (from one of the bits companies) some assault cannons for your terminators

Grand Master Raziel
16-02-2009, 15:07
God-damn! That's a lot of AoBR sets! Well, by all means, buy the Vindicator. Here's what else I'd get:

1: A Devastator Squad box set. That'll give you a wider array of heavy weapons. What you'll do is stick the Dev Squad heavy weapons (specifically plasma cannons and heavy bolters, if you want my recommendation) in your Tac Squads, and take all the missile launchers from your various Tac Squads and bring them together into a Dev Squad. Dev Squads work better with a uniform set of heavy weapons than they do with a mix, and 4 MLs happens to be the best all-around choice you can make.

2: Rhinos. You want a Rhino for each of your squads. If you haven't glued down the turret of your Razorback, it can double as a Rhino just by taking the turret off. If you haven't assembled it yet, don't glue down the plate on the top that goes into the rectangular opening. That way, you can alternate between the Razorback's turret ring and the Rhino's top hatch doors (which you can glue together for convenience's sake). Gravity will hold it in place well enough.

3: Power fists. You want power fist-armed sergeants leading all your squads. The reason for this is that there are certain types of opponents (Monstrous Creatures, Dreadnoughts, Independent Characters with good Invulnerable saves) that your squads stand little to no chance of defeating unless you have a power fist in there. I want to stress that point: they're not just nice to have, they are absolutely necessary.

4: A Land Raider or a LRC wouldn't hurt, either. You can have some of your Termies ride in the LR with your Captain.

2) a regular terminator squad for the terminators with heavy weapons? (perhaps getting the bits online would be a better idea, if you just want the weapons. it'll require you to cut the pins from the AoBR terminator bodies, but it should work altogether)

That will, in fact, work just fine. It's what I did. If you don't feel confident ordering bitz, you could get them by buying the Dark Angels Veterans box set. You get a bunch of Terminator bitz, including an assault cannon, plus for the power armored troopers you get a power fist, a couple of power weapons, and diverse other nifty goodies.

16-02-2009, 15:11
You can also get assault Terminator arm sets + shoulder pads from Bits sellers to make some assault Termies from your Black Reach ones (assuming you have not assembled them all yet). Definitely pick up a Land Raider if you get assault Terminators, and as suggested above a box or two of Devastators to give your tacticals extra punch, and a command squad. Another two Rhinos might be a good idea to fully mechanize your Tactical Squads. The Razorback can be used as either a transport for your command squad, or a mobile fire base for a tac squad advancing on foot so one is good for now. Land Speeders are also good for mobile firepower, and to draw fire. Especially if you put any upgrade weapons on them like assault cannons, typhoon missiles, or a multimelta.

16-02-2009, 15:30
Just a few points
1 - You have 5 elites choices so you either have to drop some units or get a Master of the Forge to let you take the dreads as Heavies. That would then be a squad of 10 termies, a squad of 5 termies and a dread as an elite, then 2 dreads and either a vindicator or a predator as heavies.
2 - Consider getting some Lascannon arms for the Dreads, either from a bitz store, friends or forgeworld, as you're kind of lacking in long range firepower. Alternatively get three drop pods and drop the multi melta armed dreads right on top of your enemies tanks. They probably won't last too long, but they should make his tanks go boom!
3 - After sorting that out consider stop buying stuff for a while. You've more than enough, lol. Get playing and painting and then think about what you really need in couple of months.
4 - Consider getting the Dark Angels codex because with all those dreads and termies you could run a sweet Death Wing list, giving you two armies for the price of one.

16-02-2009, 17:24
Doppel's point is a good one - if you are building this army for the table, then you would be wise to simply paint up what you have, get it to the table and revise when you get in a few games according to weaknesses you find in the list.

The vindicator is a nice model, though... It should make a welcome addition to just about any collection. The devastator box is also probably one of the best released in recent memory - no marine collection should be without one.

Also, the techmarine model is really nice and a pleasure to paint. A Master of the Forge would allow you to use all those dreads and terminators in a single FOC... But Dark Angels would allow that as well (although then one of your tacs would have to stay home - if it weren't split into a couple dev squads... dev box would allow this)

You are rapidly filling up the Force Organization Chart... before you start adding more units, some more transports would probably be a good idea - you'll probably end up wanting at least one more rhino to make sure your squads can support each other on the move.


The Good Doctor.

17-02-2009, 23:21
My 1000pt all comers army is
Chaplain with jump pack
2 Tactical Squads with flamer / missile launcher, one has a powerfist seargent, the other a power weapon
5 Scouts with sniper rifles / heavy bolter
Rhino w/ extra armour
10 Assault Marines - Thunderhammer, 2 flamers

So I only really plan on using dreadnoughts and terminators in the 1500+ ranges. Perhaps dreadnoughts on occasion in the 1000 bracket.