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17-02-2009, 13:07
Hey, not sure if I should be posting this in the M, P&T General Discussion forums or some other section but this will do for now. On the top right of page 114 of the SM codex theres a SM model carrying a stormbolter and a power sword. It claims its a sternguard veteran sergent but serching the GW web stores, it doesnt appear this particular model comes with the sternguard boxes and i couldnt find it anywhere else either. Im hoping someone here might be able to tell be how to get a hold of this model

17-02-2009, 13:10
That model was a limited run, that was a special addition to the 4th edition army box that came out with the SM codex launch.

It's being used in the codex to represent a veteran, but the model itself is now very hard to find and sells for quite a bit on ebay. I managed to pick one up for myself a while back.

edit: here's the Stuff of Legends page