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17-02-2009, 18:46
I found these deep in a box in my closet... any idea as to value of these guys?

the 3 marines have 1985 molded into them


17-02-2009, 18:53
:eek: is...is that a jet-bike. Omg thats awesome. Only time i ever seen RT figures was in a stockist somewhere in wheymouth (UK). unfortunatly i can't help you with the prices of what they would go for, but i would look at the nearest thing in todays range and put them out there for a bit more cos they are old.


is the jet-biker holding a spanner :confused:

17-02-2009, 18:57
The Jetbike is worth a fair bit, the normal marines less so, your best bet would be to check out prices by looking at completed listings on ebay.

17-02-2009, 19:42
Wow, those bring back memories! Those marines are (I believe) from the first ever range of Space Marines GW released (about 6 models), right back when 40k first came out (in fact I think it may have been slightly before)

17-02-2009, 20:27
Well I have been playing since 87 or so... so I guess I picked them up along the way - but I always played Eldar and Harlequins.

- yes thats a spanner/wrench... I believe its the TechMarine variant.
- Oh thanks... never think about searching through the completed listings on eBay... thanks!

I have also found other random old stuff - I will try to post up. I have lots of old eldar - but I plan on holding onto most of them (including zoat terror squad).


17-02-2009, 20:36
Jetbikes I have seen and indeed have a squadron of but I have never seen the tech variant before! Don't even recall seeing piccies of that in the Dwarf - wow!

17-02-2009, 20:45
Yeah, that's a techmarine on a jetbike (on v2.0 of the jetbike, too). These are also from back in the day when IG could use them too (and had models on them, like commissars).
From memory, these SM ones had Chaplains, medics or techmarines on them (just like the metal bikes that they could take as well).
Those are original SM though. Lascannon, and two 'bolter' dudes according to the catalogue pages I have.

No idea on their 'value'.

17-02-2009, 21:19
I have both the jetbike and the lascannon guy in my RT era Crimson fists.

When I bought them on ebay last year, they were going pretty cheap, but this nostalgia craze is growing and so have the prices.

17-02-2009, 21:49
Hmmm I have another jetbiker with the imperial guard dude on it... it's painted and not still sealed in its blister like the marine is. What is pretty cheap? hehe (ballpark figure?)... I have these guys up on my local game group site and I just want to nail down a "fair price" for these items. I will run a ebay completed search tonight to double check I suppose.


17-02-2009, 22:07
I think I got the jetbike for under $10 (before shipping). The infantry I bought as a lot of 6 for under $20.

17-02-2009, 23:39
Well, I would say with something that old its kinda like a baseball card, it might be worth alot, but only to someone who wants it. I see old chaos stuff all the time on ebay, usually starts around $5, just search 40k OOP and your bound to find some.

18-02-2009, 02:18
Some of the RT stuff is getting pretty pricey. I'm glad I am sitting on a fair bunch of it. A lot of 16 Chaos Renegades I was watching a couple of days ago closed for 76$ on Ebay. Just a moment ago the original two landraider box set closed for 152$. Both went out of my price range.

The basic Marine stuff like you have is staying fairly low in value.....presumably because they are amongst the most common models.

If you are interested in selling off the models you have, let me know. ;)


18-02-2009, 03:03
Do not put them on ebay at the mo.
i put a box of 18 rouge trader harliquins on there (mint condition) and got bugger all for them.

still got shed loads to shift.
my advice , hang on for a while

18-02-2009, 06:22
The true value of those figures can only be measured in units of Sheer Awesome.

Although current economic trends have destabilized many currencies, Awesome has remained strong. Once again, the conservative Awesome-heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor.

18-02-2009, 06:28
I agree with much of what is said above.. especially Trench Raider, in that I also would be interested in knowing if these go up for auction or such. These are just the type of thing I am always looking for, really vintage era minis.

These are really cool. I admit, my first instinct is to tell you to hold onto these gems.. unless you just could really use the money or need to clear out the closet..
Those are real treasures as far as I'm concerned.

18-02-2009, 08:13
The true value of those figures can only be measured in units of Sheer Awesome.

Although current economic trends have destabilized many currencies, Awesome has remained strong. Once again, the conservative Awesome-heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor.

Futurama and Dr Zoidberg for the win.

Just hold onto the models, if you sell them you may regret it.

18-02-2009, 08:45
I have a "Gabs" female in power armor figure from the old RT 40k Adventurers set. She get quite few comments. I keep wanting to stat her out as an Inquisitor, but I've never fielded her.


18-02-2009, 08:46
The jetbike and techmarine (a rare combination) is MIB and, hence, worth a fair bit. A collector would probably be prepared to offer bids up to $50-60. On a good day, you could even get up to $100, but you'd have to be in the right place at the right time.

The marines - out of the packet and undercoated - are probably worth perhaps $5 each - maybe as much as $10 for the one with the lascannon, as he's more unusual than the other two. Because these were re-released with the old Skullz promotion, there are a fair number on the various auction sites.

The jetbike that really gets the bids is the Mk13 Bullock - the first version released by GW. Those will easily fetch $100 in MIB condition.


Penitent Engine
18-02-2009, 09:31
Wow!! Those things are older than me!!! I've never seen a jetbike before other than in my oldest WD (about the 100-ish mark), where there was an add for an "Imperial Jetbike" with a commissar on top. Personally I'd pay a bucketload for that-I love all of GW's old minis!!

18-02-2009, 19:48
well as I purchased these figures when I started playing the game (1987 or so)... I am not as young as some of you... I am not TOO old to play... but I am simply cutting down on my clutter and game collection. Basically if it doesn't fit into what am regularly playing I don't want to keep it around. I want to get a good price but thats not driving the willingness to sell stuff off.

They will be going up for sale (reasonable offers welcomed)... they will probably end up on ebay perhaps along with a mess of of other old stuff.

Thanks for the ideas - it really helps


18-02-2009, 20:01
My friend had a SM jet bike. It never really occurred to me what it might be worth now, and he used to give his stuff away all the time - should've nabbed it!

I've got a few odds and sods from RT-era. The original Ork dreadnought, albeit fairly knackered. A few space marines and a couple of chaos Squats.

18-02-2009, 22:24
Well, I've bought some RT and OOP stuff from ebay. Like someone said before, the price you can get, depends on finding someone willing to pay it.

I've bought a "MKI" RT landspeeder for about $30 (complete,unassembled and unpainted), a few weeks later, one seller showed up asking $200 for one in the very same conditions. Another example was this bits box I've bought, for around $60 I got myself 2 assembled and unpainted RT rhinos, 1 still on sprue, a jetbike, some regular bikes and a buch of metal marines :). A "MK2" landspeeder cost me $13 (assembled and painted).

Prices on OOP and RT are quite variable, you either get stuff really cheap or really expensive.

My examples were great deals...for the buyer, I wouldn't sell any of the minis for those ammounts...ever! If I were you, I'd get those little bits of gaming history a ace paintjob and a nice spot on a display case :)

18-02-2009, 22:33
Consider not selling them, but instead painting and assembling them to the best of your ability as awesome centrepieces to an army. That's what I'd do, and have done in the past, with classic models such as the Thudd gun and the Imperial Guard land speeder. The amount of 40k-credibility you'll get is substantial.

Plus, I hate seeing miniatures sitting in a collector's box, unpainted and unplayed with. It's like owning a suit that you'll never wear.

18-02-2009, 22:52
Well the reason I consider selling them is that I don't play marines ( I did way way way back before I picked up the harlequin box set). If I played marines I would use them - or find a way to use them and display them. I would rather let someone get them that would actually appreciate them as more than just a history piece.

in the case of my old Eldar RT era stuff - I just stripped them and am ready for a new coat of paint... and I do play them regularly.. :)

18-02-2009, 23:06
Plus, I hate seeing miniatures sitting in a collector's box, unpainted and unplayed with. It's like owning a suit that you'll never wear.

My feelings exactly, my RT/OOP frensi is due to my PH army project. These latest purchases will be extra-fluffy center pieces for my luna wolves ;) I'm feeling a lot of love for those PH landspeeders, they will die oftenly on the board, but they look so cool :)