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17-02-2009, 22:48
Hi all,

Just wondering what people were thinking in terms of base size for Tetto'eko. I know it doesn't say any different so presumably he would be on a 20x20 base, but as he's on a palanquin I was wondering if a 40x40 would be more appropriate? Also, making a cool looking conversion would be a little difficult on a 20x20 base.

Any thoughts?


17-02-2009, 23:23
I would imagine its the same as the slann, in terms of the base size. If i decide to use him in my army id just replace a slann with a skink priest on the palanquin.

18-02-2009, 00:34
Ah, the joys of another "GW made rules for a new character/creature, but hasn't even revealed/made the model so it is hard to tell what base it is meant to have".

18-02-2009, 03:35
I actually converted one using some spare bits that I had lying around. It says that the palanquin is placed in Skinks just like the Slann in Temple Guard. So I modeled it to take up the amount of space that 4 Skinks would take up, just as the Slann takes up enough spots for 4 Temple Guard. So I used an extra base from a Troll to mount the palanquin on. Just my interpretation, hope it helps!

18-02-2009, 04:08
I'd go for the common sense approach here, 40mm base (so can fill 4 slots in skink or TG regiment) and has US3 (due to base size).

18-02-2009, 04:35
I went with the 40mm base for my own conversion (love the stegadon kit) :D

18-02-2009, 20:56
Thanks! He looks kinda cool so I was thinking about using him. Maybe.