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18-02-2009, 04:23
Hey everyone, my name is Eric Rehm and I'm looking for some input on your friendly local game stores and some other general stuff.

I'm a journalism student in Chicago, at Columbia College, and i'm doing a story on a FLGS here, Black Sun Games. I just need some general input on your local stores and the economy, as well as stuff on sites like Yelp. So, i'll put my questions here and if you want to answer, add some questions or critiques, go for it. If you've been to Black Sun Games, it would be great to get your impressions of that too. Also, I will be asking for a full name and email/phone, so if you're not comfortable with that on the forum, feel free to PM the info to me.

Thanks again!


Contact info (email, phone to make sure you're a real person)
Where you live?
What local game stores do you frequent?
What do you think will happen to these niche games with the current economy?
Have you had to cut down on spending for wargames?
Do you think GW's prices are too high?
What would you like to see done to these prices?
Have your FLGS's suffered due to the economy?
How so?
Do you like your FLGS?
Any other related questions and answers you'd like to answer?

Have you heard of Yelp before?
Do you like/use Yelp?
Have you heard of Yelp asking businesses for Ad money?
Have you heard if those businesses that didnt give ad money had their reviews deleted for no reason?
If so, can you name these places?
Any other related questions and answers you'd like to answer?

Thanks again for any help everyone,


18-02-2009, 05:12
-PM sent.
-Southern Ontario
-Indy store 5 minutes away. It is called The Dragon.
-I see them getting stronger, with better quality at better prices over the newer releases, at least here in Canada.
-Not at all, I just bought everything I need for a 1500 Ork army over the last month.
-Yes and no. Some things are priced so far off base I just don't get why people buy them even if they love the model, Sentinels come to mind for myself, and hopefully with the repackaging this will change. In Canada a year ago, it was cheaper on 95% of GW items to order it from the US and pay the shipping. As a result with the strong Canadian dollar at the time I was able to get a 1500 point Tau and Death Guard army for dirt cheap, and added about 1000 points to my High Elf army at this time as things were costing me 50% of the Canadian prices. EG: at the time a box of CSM were 40$ Canadian compared to 35$ US, savings of 5$ but are dollar was so high it was more like 10$. Ebay became a steal, as I got 3 boxes for 20$ Canadian during this time. Now however Canada has readjusted a large percentage of these rip off boxes, eg. Battleforces went from 130$ to 105$ and are dollar has now dropped back to what it use to be, under the american dollar. It is affordable to purchase in Canada again. So looking everywhere it is far better prices then a year ago with a weaker dollar, for my situation.
-I would like to see all the items streamline into this pricing as there are still several that are far too pricy to consider purchasing still. Yet I see that their pricing has become better, a bit of a catch 22. However I know this is a luxury type hobby and it is not going to be something I can run out to any store and for 50$ get me everything I need.
-Yes and no. I have noticed they have stopped carrying as much new stuff directly on the shelf asking us to order it at no bonus over having it shipped quicker and directly to my door. EG: They write it in their book, the next time they bring in a shipment usually once a week or every other week, then the order is placed, brought back when they return then they contact you, then you go and pick it up. Tends to be a 3-4 week process, or online right from GW, it gets to my door without the express shipping in 7 business days. I wait at worse a week and a half and never have to leave my house. So in that aspect, yes they are suffering a bit IMO. No because prices are still better then they have been for the previous 4 years the store had been open.
-I do most of my gaming from home, but I do like the store. I have supported them when I am also not getting screwed. When they use to do a every 100$ spent you got 15$ credit I use to buy a lot more there as my brother and I tended to gain free boxes every other visit. I bought the majority of my High Elf, Skaven, Necron and Black Templars, all my paints, basings and such from the store so I have supported them quite well.

As a point of reference I will give you a bit of info on the area and such to maybe help you draw some more conclusions. I live in a city with roughly 120,000 people. There is only one comic/gaming store, a second has recently opened up but is at a start up phase. It is a "University town". There is a major university and a secondary college campus in town. There are two more Universities and a college 25-30 mins away. There are to my knowledge only two other FLGS in those cities. There combined population is over 500,000. Making the general area a population of between 620,000 to 700,000 people. There are 3 GW stores 45 minutes away and an additional 3 more within an hour and a half. These stores include the Canadian Head Office in Oakville and include the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton Area and London. Probably an additional 6-7 million people on top of the first number. I can not offer much info on FLGS within that area. I have always seen great interest and never an empty store in these GW locations, and I have seen them on early Tuesday mornings to Saturday afternoons to special events like auctions. I would say southern Ontario is a rather booming area for GW represented simply by the fact there are as many GW stores in a area of only 3 hours driving distance from the two furthest locations (I being somewhat lucky and unlucky being right in the middle of it). Generally southern Ontario is middle class to high class in terms of wages and salary in the locations I speak of. Draw your own conclusions that in an area of 620,000-700,000 people and 3 good indy stores that GW have not set up a store, yet have as many 45 minutes to an hour and a half away. Whether its the indy stores do so well, or perhaps do not show enough to support a actual GW store. WD Canada considers two of the three indies as Heavy Support supplying nearly everything GW stocks. The store 5 minutes away from me, is probably equally invested in comics and animation, with a decent supply of card games such as magic. (A downfall of the former large FLGS that use to be in town... short story was they invested everything into the Pokemon card game phase, that when it faded they went under... this place use to carry over 20,000 comics and was amazing, but followed the fade and failed because of it). I am unsure of the owner, I have never seen them at the store and am not sure if they have really any or much interest in these types of hobbies or whether its simply a business. As it is in the downtown core and mostly the same two or three business owners own the majority/have a percentage of the small shops and/or bars.

-No idea.

Hopefully, this gives you what you wanted and maybe some additional information as to food for thought. Oh and to clarify something as it is different in the US and may not make much sense to you and I am not that familiar with the US. Universities in Canada are considered a higher educational institute then Colleges. They are not simple names such as University of Michigan and Boston College for examples. Universities we would get Degree's, Masters, PH.Ds etc at, while College is where we would be getting Diploma's, Degree's, Specialist Titles.