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Cirrus the Blue
23-02-2009, 21:35
So, after much deligation, I've decided to make up a Necropolis table for my games of Hell Dorado - for those not in the know, it's basically a game that takes place in Hell. :p

AAANYway, there's a piece of terrain I need to make titled "Field of Decomposing Bodies" and I remember seeing a long time ago here a guy's table that he got a bunch of zombie figures and kinda flattened them out with a little bit of heat so that figures could stand on top completely sturdy and unhindered, but I have NO idea whatsoever what he used so they didn't heat up too much or even what he used to flatten them out. Would a clothes iron work? I'd imagine that'd be a bit too hot and might even ruin the iron in the process with all of the plastic sticking to it which is far from the desired effect. I'd love some input on how I should go about doing that!

That aside, I'll post up pics as I finish each of the required pieces of terrain needed for the table. :)

- Cirrus

23-02-2009, 22:57
I would start with some baking paper on a tray in a kitchen oven and put it on fanbake.
I think you need to heat the whole mini, an iron would just melt the parts touching it.
Sacrifice some minis and show us the results!!
Have you seen the lava table over on the Helldorado forum, very cool.

Helldorado table (http://helldorado-forum.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=a1c2efe994d8ea1dd58ab68e50b971 d6&topic=1444.0)

Bugbait out

24-02-2009, 15:12
Depending on the type of plastic your zombies are made of, you could use an iron on the lowest setting with many layers of wax paper laid over them, with the waxy side down so the melty plastic won't stick. Depending on how big a surface area you need, you could make several passes with the iron to soften the plastic then press down with a board to make it evenly flat. Love to see how it turns out, WIP pics plz!!

Cirrus the Blue
24-02-2009, 19:15
Those are pretty good ideas for going about doing that! And I LOVE the Hell Dorado board on the forums!! :D

As for the particular project, it'll be at least a little bit before I can get together enough zombies for a 10x10 area (possibly 8x8), but I'll do some rummaging 'cause I'm sure I've got some around somewhere. :p I'll keep you guys posted throughout with pics and experiences. Thanks so much for the advice!

- Cirrus

25-02-2009, 00:06
You could also use the decomposing bodies from the VC corpse cart to break up the flat plain of dead bodies a bit (little hillocks of dead bodies, perhaps useful cover?)

Cirrus the Blue
25-02-2009, 03:10
You could also use the decomposing bodies from the VC corpse cart to break up the flat plain of dead bodies a bit (little hillocks of dead bodies, perhaps useful cover?)

I was seriously considering that, however the only downside to doing it that way would be that I'd have to get several corpse carts unless I can find the seperate bitz somewhere else. I'm gonna check Battlewagon and see if they'll work out that way, too. :) That's still a great idea.

On a side note, my French rulebook just arrived this afternoon and I'm TOTALLY blown away by the pics, but I saw one behind the front cover of a pic of The Lost standing on a Necropolis setting and they were coloured normally (however normal lizardmen and a centipede guy that looks like the logo from Motorhead can get, anyway) but the entire rest of it, sky, ground, everything was completely and hopelessly gray. I think that'd look creepy as hell (pun intended :p) if I were to paint up the entire board and each piece that goes with in just a drab grey tone (with proper highlighting and attention to detail of course) with the odd splash of blood or whatever kinda like something out of a Frank Miller comic or whatever. What do you guys think of that? :) Should I go for it that way, or paint it like any other table? I'm thinking that if I did it that way, it'd look kinda like an unescapable nightmare of desolation and despair. Piles of skulls and bodies and monuments and everything just utterly devoid of any sort of colour whatsoever. *shiver* :skull: That, and it'd be easy to paint quickly. hehe :D

- Cirrus

(edit) So apparently, BW Bitz isn't around anymore. *blink* But I looked on ebay and found a couple of the 'just corpses' bitz for sale and I'm guessing maybe 4-6 oughtta do me just fine along with a big honking pile of actual zombie figures all squashed up beneath a little heat to make them easy to stand figs on top of. This board's looking to be pretty costly though for that piece on it's own, I'm afraid.. But it'll be totally worth it in the end. :D

25-02-2009, 06:00
Interesting idea and game too. BW is still around...it's just part of the Warstore now. But oddly enough they don't carry VC bits.

25-02-2009, 13:22
All grey *could* work... Check my Cities of Death sig link, it shows a pretty grey City board. See if you like it. Of course it's far from all grey, but perhaps it'll give you an idea of what it would look like.

Necropolis board sounds like an awesome idea!

25-02-2009, 14:52
I'm not 100% certain if the scale would work, but there's a tile based board game called Zombies, and they actually sell a "Bag-O-Zombies" with about 100 little plastic bodies to expand the game, these could be good if you can get them in bulk, maybe on Ebay or somewhere...


25-02-2009, 22:14
Looks like Hell Dorado is on its way out if another company does not buy it up . . .

Buy up stuff now while you still can!


Cirrus the Blue
26-02-2009, 04:32
All great ideas! I'm gonna look into the Zombies thing and see if they'll work out that way, too. I was even thinking of getting a big chunk of moulding putty and taking a few zombie figures and squashing them down into it over and over could work, too. Might even be easier to get a proper level surface that way, not to mention the aspect of durability.

As for the topic of Asmodee crapping out with Hell Dorado, that nearly made me cry today. :( Although, they're still thankfully around until June and are bringing out another box for each of the 6 factions before they pull the plug and I'm going to snag everything I can before then!! Go to Maelstrom Games Ltd. on ebay for the cheapest prices with free shipping if you want some! It's really sad though that a game such as this that's just so perfect has to die.. There's still a big chance the fanbase will boost enough interest so that another company picks them up again, and I only pray that happens sooner than later. Still, no matter what happens, I am NOT giving this game up!!! It's just too special! Anyway, thanks a lot for the input, guys! :)

- Cirrus

Cirrus the Blue
03-03-2009, 08:53
So, after some consideration, I've decided to go with the moulding putty with pressing a few different sculpts of zombies into the putty over and over, however, I've reached a roadblock. Every single bloody zombie figure that I see is either clad in about 7 layers of winter clothing (probably an exaggeration, but you be the judge) or they're clutching their weapons to their person like a beloved long-lost cuddle toy, or both. Not to mention GW's looking just.. kinda silly and disproportionate and look like.. well.. little plastic toys! Any ideas on what range I should be going with for nearly naked zombies that aren't carrying gigantic weapons that are impossible to efficiently carve away and don't look like little plastic toys? I'm considering the old Ghouls from the Warhammer range, but good ****** luck on me finding those minus a Bitz service. :mad:

- Cirrus

(edit) I've found some nice looking ones from Reaper I think I'll give a try from the Zombie and Ghoul ranges. I think a nice bloated fat guy or two in the mix would really up the level of 'wtf'-ness. hehe

03-03-2009, 09:57
Have you looked at the zombies from Heresy (http://www.heresyminiatures.com/hv027.htm)?

Cirrus the Blue
03-03-2009, 10:33
Holy crap! Those are far more what I'm needing! Thank you!

- Cirrus

(edit) A couple of the ghoul figures would work fantastically, too considering the dead baby the one's holding. *shiver* That'd look so gross! :evilgrin: