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25-02-2009, 21:33
In the army book, all of the mixed units are shown with skinks on the outide, exe a unit with 3 kroxigor 8 skinks wide. Am I missing some rule hear? Can't they be deployed 6 wide with 3 krox, or 5 wide with 2?

25-02-2009, 21:41
As far as I can tell you need a minimum of four skinks in the front rank, but apart from that anything goes. So -

SSSS (S = 1 Skink)
KK.KK (KK = 1 Kroxigor)

- seems perfectly acceptable and allows you to have ranks of five skinks to maximize rank bonus. Possibly this will be changed later, but for now there isn't anything to contradict it.

Necromancy Black
25-02-2009, 22:43
This is no rule at all saying you have to surround the kroxigors with skinks. I think it simply looks better when photograhped for them to do it this way.

26-02-2009, 00:36
So putting your krox in the front protects your T2 skinks (seeing as the krox can be allocated on ANYWAY you might as well)

While we are on the topic on this unit, could someone explain a couple of things?

Can you use the krox LD?

How does fear work?

Nurgling Chieftain
26-02-2009, 00:55
You can't put the Krox in the front (until you run too low on skinks, anyway); you can have them on the sides, though. Note that the Krox can strike (and be struck) over a skink in any direction. So, you get more attacks, but are more vulnerable to reprisal.

The Krox's leadership is the same as the skinks.

For Fear, remember that models charging the unit will count as coming into base contact with any kroxigor that could attack them, so you'll generally have to take fear checks to charge the combined unit.

Necromancy Black
26-02-2009, 06:37
The Krox's leadership is the same as the skinks.

Nope, kroxigors are LD 7, skinks are LD 6.

The answer is the same as fear: the closest thing we have are the rules for characters. That would mean yes, you can.

Same thing with Salamanders and the skink handlers, no rules saying if you use LD 6 or LD 4, so everyone defautls to the highest leadership like with characters.

26-02-2009, 13:55
The best set up I have seen so far is 6 skinks wide, with 3 krox in the 2nd rank.