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Cpt. Drill
25-02-2009, 23:45
Hay guys I was hoping to compile a list of pros and cons for how much entertainment and playability each army provides... Especially looking at skaven and Vampire counts (two armies im concidering)

I really would like to start a new warmaster army... But I am not sure which to do... money isnt to much of a problem (dont like the idea of 8 for a unit of rat swarms though!)

26-02-2009, 09:46
I play both.
I love both.
Although VC just get different troop types of a very similar nature swapped around. Raise dead is your major weapon here.

Whilst Rats are my all time favourite, the army list gives you a very diverse force.
You want a horde army, here you go, you want a shooty army, here you go.
You want a hard hitting combat force, here you go.
The most difficult part is getting the right balance of commanders but once that is sorted you will find them a very entertaining army.
There is nothing finer than laughing at your foe when after killing 10 of your units they are still no where near your break and have to now fight your heavy hitters or concealed gutter runners.

The only downside is you very rarely see them cheap on eBay and you are going to need LOTS!!!!

Cpt. Drill
26-02-2009, 16:54
Money isnt too much of a problem, I want a new army to work on over the next few months...

I have no real idea on how to play a skaven army? Are there any old pdfs from the SG website on tactics?

I feel a little more inclined to do skaven, I have a few conversion ideas that wont just be ripping off things you have already done! (damn you!)

But deep down raise dead and vanhels dance macabre look really fun to use along with 8 units of knights at 2k

26-02-2009, 23:09
Look, I ripped off peoples ideas for my army so knock yourself out ;)
I have always fancied doing a skaven tunneler like what they used on the channel tunnel, the parts are in the garage, but I doubt it will ever get made.

As for skaven as an army, I have played my last 2 games with them and lost by 1 unit both times, but that being said they have been the best games we have played in ages.
If only my 2nd doomwheel could have wiped out 2 stands of dwarf warriors I would have won :(
It did help taking out 2 units of cannons in the first 2 rounds with the warp lightning spell.
Then to get a unit of rats destroy 2 units of shooters thanks to the death frenzy spell.
You've just got to love this army.

Cpt. Drill
27-02-2009, 03:11
What kind of army lists do you usually go for? Any tactis advice?

Especially for dealing with 4+ save knights

27-02-2009, 08:09
Max wizards.
Use lightning cannons guarded with jezzails at the flank and protect the front of every unit with a rat swarm, this protects them from any enemy fire until you get them into position.
Lightning cannons cause confusion on a drive back roll of 4,5 or 6 so you can really stop knights from charging you.
Use skitterleap to drop wizards into position and lay into vunerable units with warp lightning.
Once in position make sure you seperate the units just to ensure that any dodgy rolls only affect the cannon.

Also maximise use of death frenzy to bolster attacks.
I used it on a rat swarm unit last night and added 11 attacks to the unit.
The rats managed to wipe out 2 full units before they were decimated, so imagine the impact of this spell on a well armoured unit like rat ogres. you are going to eat knights alive and put the fear into your opponent.

Make sure you add a magic item to ensure you get the spell off if you are going to use this tactic though :)

Loads of rat swarms to absorb enemy fire and then I take a mix of clan rats and specialist troops, I rarely take the doom bell or storm vermin, but that is just how I have been feeling lately and has no basis on a tactical decision.
I have also been taking doomwheels for the first time recently and found that if you get a good charge in they are very devastating.

Cpt. Drill
27-02-2009, 11:23
Cool dude!

What about gutter runners? They look a bit interesting, im not really sure what I would do with them personally but I would like to use some! I was also tempted by the screaming bell at 2k, it looks like a nice piece wit some fun rules but is it fragile?

The rules you mentioned for the warp lightning cannon are the ones I remember but on the warmaster armies pdf there is some crazy confusion rule whick ripples out from the unit you shot... Which ones are real?

Oh and what about the 20cm command range? Is it crippling? Or just requires more careful play?

27-02-2009, 15:55
Too be honest skaven struggle to move more than 20 cm so the limit never comes into play, but in a 2k force I definitely take 1 general, 1 hero & 2 wizards, based on recent games I may even be tempted to take another hero.

As for gutter runners, I ALWAYS forget to deploy them so they are a waste of 140 points to the point that I have replaced them with plague monks recently.

Cpt. Drill
28-02-2009, 00:27
wow man

That sounds like a sparse amount of heros! I was concidering 4 heros for my army (plus general and wizards) but maybe 3 would be best!

Any chance you could put your current list up here? Any battle reports would be great too!

03-03-2009, 18:42
Too be honest I change my list every game.
That the army always feel fresh.
Although a friend of mine still plays with the second ever list he picked back in 2000 :D

13-03-2009, 10:19
I feel a little more inclined to do skaven, I have a few conversion ideas that wont just be ripping off things you have already done! (damn you!)

Why not make a tunneller model(s) as a replacement for doom wheels or even come up with some house rules for them.
That is the next thing on my todo list for this army.

Cpt. Drill
13-03-2009, 13:58
Okay... So I got round to starting a skaven army, I am currently building alot of units of ratswarms and some clanrats. Oh and characters!

Some units I wanted to make some house rules for would be Poison Wind globediers, those models are really nice. Have them as a unit with armour ignoring capabilities or something.

Also Gun teams which could work along the lines of Salamanders for lizardmen, have them added onto units of clanrats or stormvermin.

I was eyeing up a list possibly comprising of 40 rats swarms... is it viable?

13-03-2009, 15:40
I use the flamethrowers and globladiers as alt jezzails and perhaps even using ratling gunners for the same purpose or alt warp lightning cannons.
That is what I use them for.