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26-02-2009, 00:50
Just thought i'd post up some pics for comments and such, all the painted models (Inquisitor Judas Dawn + retinue, random sword mistress and Ordo Malleus Space Marine w/ cyber eagle, i did have some more but they have been lost into the stomach of the void dragon) where done about 5 years ago when i last played, the unpainted models are the fruits of my most recent labour, having recently come across some inquisitor artwork whilst at college i got down to some serious making, here are the first completed models (i want to do a bit of painting training before i do anything else) my Sanctioned Psyker and Sisters of Silence Excrutiatus.

These are just the first couple that i've finished but i'm still working on:

Female Inquisitor in Power Armour
A pretty basic Navigator w/ MIU weapon
A Male equivalent of the Daemonhuntress
An Inquisitor and his trainee Interrogator

Would be happy to answer any question about the models and WIPs






Hmmm the pics are tiny, try saving them and zooming in if you can be bothered, the res should be really high but i had to crop them, infernal mechanicus!

27-02-2009, 00:53
Some very nice models JudasDawn! Your conversions are excellent. If you are not a member of the Conclave, I would suggest joining at the earliest possible time, as you will get a wider audience devoted to ]I[ there.