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09-12-2005, 21:56
Hey all!

It's me cilla....I mean Crazed_monkey and we're here to set up anyone (If anyone is actually going) and everyone for next years conflict, as you no doubt now the format has changed and become a doubles tournement, now I know a lot of people have been discouraged by this as they feel the rules are to easily abused.

But for all those who still want to go but lack willing 'allies' this is the thread for you!

The aim of this thread is to get people that are going matched up, its also a beacon for all those who prefer the good natured, fun side (all you beardy guys out!)

This thread may be a bit premature but its never too late to make friends! So if anyone is wishing to goto the conflict but lacks said ally then post details in a simple format:

Which conflict:
Armies willing do to/have etc:
Contact like AIM, MSN etc:

Anything else that may be important and lets show conflict how fun and enjoyable doubles can be!

Since my GW closed down I have been drifting along the edges of the hobby, buying the odd thing here and there but want a way back in! this doubles tourney is a great chance, I can build a small army and so what I love best, converting/painting. So if I may be putting my details up here aswell (and no doubt will be the only sad soul on his own....hey who says there has to be two players! I can have split persona's hmmm....)

Happy hunting,

Peace out

09-12-2005, 21:59
Excellent idea.:D

However I'd suggest a separate Thread for each Conflict. After all, I won't be going to any in the UK, but I might be tempted to a Canadian/US one.:D

09-12-2005, 22:04
Separate threads have thier advantages but they also take up alot of space and if you have a lot of posts in one thread then peopl may think "hey this conflict thing ain't so bad" but they may also leave the thread if its too busy. Pros and cons aside there could always be a USA/CAN version

Incidently I didn't know there was an american one, have they both been dropped to doubles tournements?

09-12-2005, 22:07
I don't know much about them anymore.:( The Canadian *season* is over, so who knows what will happen next year?

Insane Psychopath
04-01-2006, 08:00
I know a lot of people have been discouraged by this as they feel the rules are to easily

That not the reason for me, I am happy to play anyone no matter there list, as long as they where a alright person.

I am not attending (well might go to buy new stuff) as I really find small game boring. My limit is 1000pts, I preffer good old 1500pts Grand Tournament use really armies (the 1500pts I mean) ;)

One of the younger gamer I know might be going & am unsure if he got a oppnet, but I am not sure will need to find out???

Well good luck to those entering. I should be walking around the Scotland on buying any new models.