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Fallen Angel
11-12-2005, 11:37
Anyone going to these in the new year? Me and the Flame On group are going en masse to the Wakefield and Sheffield events.

Lord Gordonis
11-12-2005, 18:51
we..i mean 5 of us are going to the wfb in sheffield, i will be taking my orcs, 1 person will be taking a slayer army, 1 wood elf player, not sure about the other 2. can u confirm how points is the wfb??



12-12-2005, 16:58
Hey can anyone post details for the tournments mentioned, I am definately up for a tournment in the new year if I'm not working :) cheers in advance

Fallen Angel
12-12-2005, 23:39
you'd have to very quick about it as i think its virtually sold out now for all the heats. Four seperate heats for each system - 29th Januray at Sheffield, 5th Feb at York, 19th Feb at Wakefield and 26th Feb at Leeds and then a final on 19th March at Sheffield. Thats the 40k anyway though don't trust me on the dates as i cant remember where my rules pack is though its on the website.

I think a couple of Flame On are going to the Fantasy in Sheffield (spot the red t-shirts) though im taking my Chaos Undecided to the 40k sheffield tournament. Also going to that will be pink Nids, Mech Space Wolves, Blood Angels and some others i can't remember. Oh yeah stereotypical IW thats it....

13-12-2005, 09:17
si going sheffield with IW? hahah i pity those fools, he'll kick them in the pods and steal their lunch money

i'm going wakefield, i think richard and 3-4 others are too

Insane Psychopath
19-12-2005, 20:52
FA: Can we get detail. Just I migth enter it.. not right now but maybe next year. If you wish e-mail by the site & send it thought there if it can be done by e-mail.


01-01-2006, 19:22
I will be at York fantasy with my To8G Dark elf army.

Crap I had best get painting.

20-01-2006, 10:37
Should be going to the 40K Heat at Headingley Gaming Club.

Fallen Angel
04-02-2006, 12:33
Right time for bat rep time:

It has 4 heats with 36 ppl in each heat and the top ten qualifying for the final next month. 1500pts, standard UK GT rules except the only missions played were seek and destroy, take and hold and recon, all at gamma level.

I took my Alpha Legion along with me and they looked like this:

Lieutenant - lightning claws, speed, infiltrate, frags

Lieutenant - dark blade, ccw, strength, speed, furious charge, infiltrate, frags

3 Obliterators

2 x CSM squads with double plasma and champ with fist and infiltrate and MoCU

CSM squad with double melta and champ with fist and infiltrate and MoCU

2 min sized CSM squads with lascannons, infiltrate and MoCU

Havoc squad with 4 heavy bolters, infiltrate and MoCU

Havoc squad with 4 autocannons with tank hunters and infiltrate and MoCU

First opponent turned out to be using a mass foot slogging BT army - havent played against BT in years so it could be interesting. Typically he took the hit on 3+ and played at 200mph.

His list looked something like this:

Emperors Champion

Two Master of Sanctitys - one had a jump pack, thunder hammer ,bolt pistol and adamantium cloak, and the other had twin lightning claws (so neither actually had their badge of office or actually looked like chaplain models at all).

Small sword bretheren squad with furious charge (which magically changed to counter attack in the next round against my nid playing buddy).

Massive crusader squad (about 20 with fist)

Small crusader squad (about 6 with fist)

Assault squad with fist

Bikes with meltaguns and attack bike with multi-melta - his only AT (damn why did i not bring a tank heavy army - recurring theme)

I rolled Take and Hold and he spread his army out across his DZ. I completely infiltrating on my right side, slightly forward of my DZ, opposite the assault squad.

He won the roll to go first and boshed everything forwards. Basically everything made a bee line to my lines, with the small squad just hiding behind the objective in the middle and the bikes boosting round the objective to my left flank. Obviously he had no shooting at all. I didnt move much, leaving my havocs a bit further forward as bait and my plasma units a bit further back to move up and rapid fire him next turn. I figure at this point his assault squad are in charge range next turn anyway so lay all my shooting into them, managing to kill about 2 (impressive) and they zeal 6" forward.

Predictably he charges a plasma squad with that assault squad, kills a few, i dont let his MoS with thunderhammer strike at all by casualty removal, he looks a bit p'od but it serves him right for getting rid of his FREE power weapon. Bikes get ridiculously lucky over the next two rounds, dont miss a single shot BEFORE the re-rolls from twin-linked bolters and kill both my lascannon squads off.

I countercharge the assault with both my HQ and the melta squad, wiping it completely out with ease, including his chaplain. The other plasma squad all but wipes out the sword brethern and i inflict some casualties on the big squad.

His bikes manage to lock my HQ and melta squad in combat so i cant countercharge next turn, as the single remaining sword bretheren charges the 8 man plasma squad, kills one and passes his save from my fist. Grrr. This was also the turn where his emperors champ charged the melta squad, killed a few and passed both his inv saves and his other MoS saved two on his inv save as well from the other fist. The big crusader squad also charged the other plasma squad and i manage to fail 8 out of 9 armour saves and he consolidates into my autocannon squad. Think hes failed about 4 armour saves at this point in the game and ive passed about 4!!

THe whole game ends up in this one big combat. Eventually i lose the combat but thanks to my lightning claw lieutenant, ive managed to kill everything bar 6 in the crusader squad and the emperors champion. My obliterators finally arrive on turn 4, vapourise the squad near the objective and sit on the objective and the game end with the emperors champion running towards them but well out of range.

SO i manage to squeeze a 13-7 victory and ive hopefully used up all my bad luck. Hopefully!!

Second game against a necron army being run a woman who had an 'advisor' to help her on rules as she hadn't played much. I decide that i'll take it a bit easy on her and not go for the massacre in 4 turns i usually go for against necrons and have a laugh instead.

Her list looked like:

Lord with res orb and phylactery
2 squads of 20 warriors
5 destroyers
3 wraiths
Tomb Spyder

Played seek and destroy this time. She deployed her monolith in the centre of her DZ with a warrior squad either side, destroyers and lord behind the monolith and the wraiths way over on the left behind some terrain. There were a few spaced out bits of level 2 terrain, not much at all. I massively infiltrate on the right flank and set up a shooting gallery there. The obliterators were sligtly to the left of my DZ behind some level 2 terrain.

I get first turn, move my plasma squad forward that had found a bit of terrain to hide behind, and melt the tomb spyder and one of my own guys. THe monolith gets stunned by lascannons as well. THink i knocked down a destroyer as well but it gets back up again.

The right warrior squad moves up and try to rapid fire my plasma squad and kill a couple. THe left warrior squad was plagued by difficult terrain and failed to do anything all game. Wraiths leap forward 24" right in front of my obliterators and the destroyers manage to completely kill one as well.

All the destroyers get punked by my obliterators and autocannons but according to the judge they get their WBB as there's a res orb on the table....wtf. Only one got up anyway and ran from last man standing checks anyway. I charge the warrior squad with the melta squad, both my HQs and next turn with both my plasma squads. This combat continues for most of the game, with me having appalling rolls to hit (my HQs managed a hit a turn each). Eventually i wipe the squad, knock the lord down twice only for him to get back up with 3 wounds BOTH times and punk the monolith on the fourth turn. THe lord manages to survive and take a couple of squads below scoring. The wraiths managed to kill off the obliterators in combat (seriously) without even taking one wound at all but then get wiped out by the autocannons. Eventually i charge the left warrior squad on turn 6 and take them below phase out in their assault phase but they cant phase out as its end of game. Bah. Didnt get a massacre by about 10VPs. Smeggers.

Third game against LatD. Complete gimmick army as virtually everything had daemonic speed.

Two aspiring champions with speed (one was a host)
3 Big Mutants
2 squads of 20 daemonic speed mutants with a fist on the boss and 2 icons each
5 Bloodletters
5 Flesh Hounds
5 Traitors
5 Rough Riders with lances
5 CHaos hounds
and to top it all of, a giant spined chaos beast with speed. So thats a 165pts T7, 4 wound monstrosity that ignores armour saves in combat. Great.

Played seek and destroy again. He spread out: left to right: Big mutants, rough riders, mutants, spined beast, mutants, hounds.
I chose to go completely in my bottom left corner of my DZ because i saw it as the only way to stop him hiding behind terrain on the way in.

It was a pretty boring game for the most part apart from the odd comment i had to make about how far did you roll for fleet when he moved somethings 9" etc etc.
I managed to completely vape one mutant squad before it got near, but his beast wouldn't fail his 5+ inv save at all so got into combat with me relatively unharmed. THe obliterators deepstruck on my right and wiped out his hounds, traitors, rough riders and some more mutants for fun (i actually fired flamers!!). So it turned into a big attritional combat with my dark blade HQ taking out his spined beast single handedly and gradually i wore out his mutants but had to feed a few squads to the bloodthirster to keep it tied up. Most fo his flesh hounds didnt make it on to the field of battle as well thankfully as there wasnt enough room. THe autocannon havoc squad also managed to destroy the bloodletters in combat as well (haha) so in the end he had a bloodthirster unwounded left on its own, and i had my obliterators, my dark blade HQ, a las squad below half and my autocannon squad below half at the end of the game. So another minor victory to me.

Overall i managed to finish 10th and just squeeze into the final, though im pretty sure that that last guy dinged me completely on soft scores, otherwise i would have finished 6th. Ah well.

04-02-2006, 13:04
Sounds like you had a OK day (the way it reads sounds like you didn't have fun)

I will be at York tomorrow fantasy, I will let you all know how it goes.

Fallen Angel
04-02-2006, 16:24
Sounds like you had a OK day (the way it reads sounds like you didn't have fun)

I will be at York tomorrow fantasy, I will let you all know how it goes.

yeah the first and second games werent exactly fun. the second game was quite fun but was really annoyed at the refs ruling on the destroyers getting WBB. If id gone to the tournament without knowing anyone, i would have been annoyed but i knew quite a few players there so it was a good day.

Insane Psychopath
04-02-2006, 17:15
Who won it over all FA????? I mean the 40k one for other memeber that attended.


Fallen Angel
04-02-2006, 17:37
Nick Langrick won it with his IW - the ones he won Heat 2 with. 3 of the top 5 used IW.....damn their speed princes and multiple units of chaos swiss knifes!!

Insane Psychopath
05-02-2006, 08:20
That good to hear Nick won

damn their speed princes

Damn right, I keep rolling ******* once for my D Speed Daemon Prince :rolleyes:


Fallen Angel
05-02-2006, 10:54
yeah i was the only chaos army there that didnt have a daemon prince (statured or 51+ daemonic gifts) or had a greater daemon. Was a strange feeling. Think once i go back to the AL (retired for a while), i will get hold of a DP, though i think flight would better serve me.

Lord Gordonis
11-02-2006, 19:30
Going to tommorrow Fantasy at Sheffield. I'll be wearing an orange hat.

13-02-2006, 19:28
Did everyone seem serious or was it more for fun?

Lord Gordonis
13-02-2006, 19:36
I thought that everyone was serious, with alot of "competitive" armies there, the four of us went there just to have fun and to see if we could get somewhere. When we left we talked about things what happened there, one of my mate played against a chaos army with only partially painted force, we thought it had to be fully painted and based but it seemed it werent and the refs weren't going to do anything about it. That was stupid that is really plus it was a very long day for us as well.
Might go next year just depends what army I'm going tofield again.

Fallen Angel
13-02-2006, 19:55
yeah a couple of armies there when i went weren't fully painted and based. I can understand them wanting to sell tickets but a couple of my mates couldn't get tickets and have fully painted armies which sucks.

Any time you say its a tourny, its going to bring out the competitiveness in people, thats just the way life is.

Lord Gordonis
14-02-2006, 09:18
Yeah that was quite true indeed, what was the deal with most of the armies having spellcasters is it because they can fit it in??

Which army did you have FA? I had a grimgors ardboyz list entry no. 16

Fallen Angel
14-02-2006, 12:09
i went to the 40k one a few weeks back. A couple of my mates went though, the big guy who won best sportsman and came 5th with high elves, and another guy who finished down the table but has some very nice savage orcs and by the sounds of things, only just missed out on best army.

Rik Valdis
14-02-2006, 13:42
OK, maybe a stupid question but what is the Yorkshire Open? I live in York and havent had a game since october (when I came here) and so would really have liked to have taken part, obviously I am too late now but if someone could give a link to a site I would really appreciate it, I'll have a look for next year.