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17-03-2009, 18:30
So I need to apocalypsize my Black Legion army. I have all my FOC sots used up, except one fast attack, as two Raptor squads is all I want, and I hate the idea of motorcycles in battle.

I, like most players, love tanks and heavy support options and want some big tanks and such. I like Baneblades and the others, but I am not sure what fits into the theme of the army. Bandblade could be fellblade of course, but are any of the other variants of that hull heresy-era?

I do not want to say it was captured or what not, but a daemonic member of the legion, that has fought alongside its brothers since the heresy.

So, what i am asking, is what of the following work as heresy-era equipment?

Baslisk Battery
Suppression Force
Baneblade / Hellhammer
Shadowsword and variants

Please discuss and share ideas.

17-03-2009, 20:12
Well, the Space Marine Legions had all sorts of army support, including superheavy tanks. It's perfectly plausible that the attached contingents retreated with them into the EOT.

Ubermensch Commander
17-03-2009, 20:13
Big 'Ol Possessed Superheavies seems to be the way to go. Though I thought all superheavies had regular human pilots rather than Adeptus pilots.

I would forego the Basilisk Battery. It isnt bad, but the original old school Black Legion thing was "use every trick you can think of to obtain vicotry" with a propensity for "speartip" tactics to take out the "head" of the enemy. Bltizkrieg, kill the head honcho, type things. Basilisks do not fit this so much. Again, not that it could not be feasible, merely that the others would have a bit more thematic "ooomph!" to them.

I would personally say NAY! to that Suppression Force, especially if you dont want to say " We stole it from the loyalists!"