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Count de Monet
18-03-2009, 16:59
Inspired by another discussion about ‘special’ characters…

There’s a couple of different ways to do characters.

Customizable – X type, Y options. Your standard guy. May have special rules and/or army-altering abilities as well (Z as troops, etc.)

Fixed – here’s what they have, take it or leave it. May have special rules and/or army-altering abilities as well (Z as troops, etc.)

I personally generally prefer the first type, but I’m OK with fixed as well (which is how most named characters are built). I’m OK with the named guys having some extra stats, unique gear, special rules and so on. It gives you a reason to take them and gives a litte extra variety.

What I don’t like, are two types of special characters.

One, the guys who are very similar in price to a customizable character built as close as possible AND have lots of extra stuff as well. The ones who when you get done deciding on how you want your HQ to be loaded out say, “Or…I could take Bob Dragonslayer for 5pts more and get XYZ.” IMO special characters should be costed by building them as close as possible with the standard HQ customizable options and then trying to appropriately cost any extra abilities.

Two, the fixed guys that alter the whole army/FOC in ways that are unavailable to regular characters. The ones you have to take in order to play a particular type of army, like the DW/RW characters, Wazdakka, etc. Personally I feel that if that kind of army-changing ability is to exist, it should exist with a generic character as well (with appropriate costs/restrictions as needed).

What do you folks like/dislike in characters?

18-03-2009, 17:04
I usually run cheap characters.

for example;

Marines with Captain w/relic blade 130 pts
Blood angels with Chaplain + Jump pack 120 pts
Chaos marines with lord with MoK + Lightning claws 130 pts
Doom seer 80 pts

Prefer to spend pts on my army as characters just seem to get powerfisted by vet sarges anyway.

18-03-2009, 17:07
there once was a time when tanked up characters of mass killyness were the be all and end all of an army but nowadays you really do need more troops, i to use cheap characters and use the saved points on troops

Marshal Sinclair
18-03-2009, 17:23
I tend to go for a more or less optimal build, so I give the equipment that will help with the characters assigned role, but nothing more. Sometimes this leads to cheap characters (Guard Heroic Senior Officers with a Lasgun), and others more expensive (Bolt Pistol, Frags, Blessed Weapon, Jump Pack, Cloak, and Book on a Canoness... Although that's still only 122 points).

There is no point taking more equipment than is needed, or your character becomes more of a liability than anything else.

EDIT: I guess I should address the point on the thread! I like customisable characters, but I don't care whether that is through an armoury, or in the style of the newer books. I very much don't like named characters, unless you are basing an army around them for reasons other than "HE ROCKS!!!11".

18-03-2009, 17:32
I like my coffee, like I like my characters, in a paper cup.

Seriously, I'm all for a completely customisable character. I realise it can get very complicated and slow down the game play, but I just like to think that I can face an army from the same codex as mine and I know that they aren't going to be clones of each other.

18-03-2009, 17:35
well what ever game size I'm playing my HQ is always the same
chaplin, termintor armour, storm bolter

cheap but very effective when combined with 7 terminors with TH and SS in land raider cursader

Brother Loki
18-03-2009, 17:39
I agree with you, Count. I'm fine with characters altering the FOC, or whatever, but I'd prefer it if they weren't named ones. Also, special characters that are flat out better than the equivalent generic one annoy me. Lemartes is only 5 pts more than the standard chaplain with the same equipment, but is much better in terms of his abilities, and so on. They shouldn't necessarily be better, just different.

18-03-2009, 19:35
GK special characters are the most LAME characters I have ever seen. I'll not use them if you pay me. It's that bad!

Hopefully, they will be better in the next codex.

18-03-2009, 19:43
Don't even get me started on Tau characters lol =p