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Commander titus
22-03-2009, 13:31
Hey guys, Titus here, i've been recently on a break from the realm of all things plastic and time consuming (to spend time with the girlfriend and Coursework catch up) now i'm feeling fresh and eager, with a wallet full of cash, :evilgrin:, anyway i've been thinking of a new list to start back to...

i'd like to make some sort of scout company maybe with Deepstriking termi's and a dreadnaught but i'd like it all to add up so it makes sence.

Any ideas? Titus Out! :skull:

22-03-2009, 13:42
Scout bikers seem to be the way to go. 3 rapid firing krak grenade launchers per squad is awesome.

One idea that was quite popular many years ago is the "ones and tens" army, where you take elements from the first company and the 10th company. What you could do here is use sternguard as the core of the force, or termis, and have scouts acting as advanced support elements or whatever.

I'd steer clear of deep striking dreads, simply because they dont actually seem to be that useful, but then again, I've only played against them. I'd say, support wise, plenty of landspeeders seem to fit, as do small, elite squads of veterans.

I've also heard of one obscene build featuring shrike and 60 scouts with combat weapons.

Commander titus
22-03-2009, 13:47
Lovely stuff Hlokk, i'd like to sort of base it around either Sniper scout units (just two small units would be perfect) then sort of incorporate the white scars theme where i'd use Mainly Land speeders or one large unit of scout bikers simply for Flanking ability (plus anti tank with Krak grenades ect) but i'm worried that using terminators would sort of ruin the whole idea of a scouting party list rather than a "LOOK TO THE SKIES!" sort of list, if that makes any sence?

22-03-2009, 13:55
well I use four squads of sniper souts in my mechanicus list, each a five man squad with heavy bolters and cammo cloaks. I know it's not the theme you''re looking for, but in game terms they are really effective, they cause so many wounds!
If you are looking for a theme you could eiter go fast recon, lots of scout bikes, landspeeders etc and then lots of scout units; or as a scout training mission with lots of scouts and maybe a squad or two of veterans and a low power HQ, with very little in the way of heavy support, basically a scout infantry hoarde!
Should make for an interesting army!

Commander titus
22-03-2009, 14:15
sounds excellent, i've been wanting to buy the scout packs for a while now (Thank god they've come into plastic form) really all i'd want is all the troops to consist of scouts, maybe the new veteran scout sergant too, i doubt i'd bother with transports, and then just artilery weapons to beef it up a bit!

22-03-2009, 14:24
That makes perfect sence mate. I saw the termis really as a sort of "now what motherf*cker?" unit, being blasted down to camp on an objective or slap a hard unit when they were needed and redirecting the actual flow of battle at a critical juncture, plus you would benefit from the lovely teleport homer rule. but if you want to leave that, fair enough, theme is more important than rules.

ALong the lines you suggest, instead of taking 2 small units, just take one big one and combat squad it so your left with 2 units of 5. The problem I've found though is that rending frankly is no substitute for a pisspoor BS skill, so I would field as few of these as you can thematically get away with. If your after white scars stuff, why not take the Khan, shove him on his super bike o death and the whole army gets outflank. Take shotguns and lots of combi weapons and bam, enemy army wont know what hit it.

I tend to field scouts in 3 "layers", close (shotties and cc weapons), Middle (bolters) and long (snipers) and try to co-ordiante these layers to bitchslap the enemy. My personal preferences for squad equipment are:

bolters and heavy bolters and sarg with a combi plas,
close combat squad with no shotguns or heavy weapon and sarg with a power weapon (4 power weapon attacks on charge, with scout and move through cover is quite hard)
Snipers with missile launcher (simply because anything like Fex's and Wraithlords can really get hurt if you fling a frag missile at them)

One other thing, the land speeder storm. Personally, I dont like it. It takes up a fast attack choice, its Arm 10 and not a dedicated transport (which, frankly, it should be).

22-03-2009, 14:32
You have a great chance with the scout army. If you want to play one try:
HQ, 2 masters of the forge - this gives you 2 fortifications.
ELITES and HEAVIES, mount up as many dreads as you want for 2 reasons,
1. Give thanks to the MotF
2. Walking Cover for the scouts behind.
FAST ATTACK - 2 or more Land Speeder Storms
TROOPS, 2 full scout squads, Heavy weapon and 4 Sniper Rifles with camo cloaks to sit in cover potshotting the enemy, and the other half kitted for CC in the Storms.

With any points left, fill out the list with Scouts outfitted with what you want, to troop across the board behind your dreads.

Commander titus
22-03-2009, 14:37
Excellent idea!, i think one of the greatest things about scouts is the cover rule (3D6 pick two highest, i think) so really the force could quite easily move through terrain to get to other units, Especially beefy priced up slag units who wouldnt bother coming into terrain, the only reason why i'd prefer two 5 men squads was just for the ease of placing them on the field, covering more space (But obviously one round of combat with an enemy unit and Capeech, dead snipers) i may put one 5 man termi unit just as a relief back up, i've seen this tactic happen so many times and its actually quite successful, you'd take a 5 man termi squad beefed up to the max (roughly 300 points) then you would have either a Scout squad with CC weapons or the simple dakka dakka method, when you were locked into combat or just before using the homing beacon drop the termis right behind the enemy uni being charged, automatic flanking manouver, this could turn out two ways (either the scouts get whiped out before the termis are able to move once more, or the scouts do enough damage to make that unit flee, Smacking into my lovely sterioid marines accompanied by a power fist to the face!

Mega Nutz
22-03-2009, 15:10
Yep I think its a great idea and one I'm currently working on. Be watching this thread closely for idea's.

Current WIP thread Scouts and Storms

22-03-2009, 15:33
With claiming objectives in mind I would look to two 5 man sniper teams and 2 5 man CC teams. This would give you four troops for claiming objectives...if they live. The issue with snipers being they ain't what they use to be. Plus, a 10 model squad of anything, guants or IG, could kill your CC squad if it gets charged. Very squishy.

Commander titus
22-03-2009, 16:57
Yeah thats a fair point, im not too sure what perks the Vetren Scout sergant has, Any ideas anyone? if i had to take a guess i'd presume he would use leadership perks or combat maybe? if anyone knows i'd be very greatful for a response! :D

22-03-2009, 17:04
Deep striking dreads are fantastic.

I had one drop in on turn one with twin heavy flamer and DCCW with heavy flamer.

It toasted 18 Orks, killed the Warboss, and held the entire flank on its own for the entire battle.

22-03-2009, 17:16
Yeah thats a fair point, im not too sure what perks the Vetren Scout sergant has, Any ideas anyone? if i had to take a guess i'd presume he would use leadership perks or combat maybe? if anyone knows i'd be very greatful for a response! :D

Some fancy bolter and he can forfit firing to transfer his BS skill to another scout.

Makes him handy with the rocket launcher armed ones. :evilgrin:

Commander titus
22-03-2009, 17:29
Oft, now thats pretty decent, but whats the damage (how much does this badboy cost in PTS) the good side on having a scout army is that you save a few points through the list allowing you to add onto, i think the best sort of game play is to have a decent HQ fielded, or Varietys of smaller HQ choices just to baby sit these Pups, hopefully it'll allow them to hold they're ground long enough to do some good damage.

Commander titus
25-03-2009, 23:58
Hey guys,

Just made up a quick list of what i think would be quite a nifty SM list :) (Bear with any mistakes or errors as i haven't playing 40k in about 4 months :O)

HQ: - Chaplain (Power sword, bolt pistol Jetpack)

Troop: - Sniper scout squad (5 man squad, 4 sniper rifles, 1 rocket launcer)

Troop: - Sniper scout squad (5 man squad, 4 sniper rifles, 1 rocket launcer)

Troop: - Scout marine squad (5 man squad, 4 bolters, 1 sergant, chainsword and bolt


Fast Attack : - Scout biker sqaud (5 man squad, all equiptment, possibly a HQ add on)

Elite : - 10 man Assualt marine squad (All wargear available)

Elite : - 5 man vetren assualt squad (all wargear available, possibly attach to Chaplain)

Elite : - Dreadnaught (Flamer and Assualt cannon)

Heavy support : - Vindicator

(PS: if there are any points to spare, i may add in another unit of scouts, or possibly increase the size of the scouts with bolters to a full 10 man unit)

What do you guys think

Thanks! Commander out!

26-03-2009, 00:24
i was playing with list earlier thats basically

6 vanguard vets

7assault marines

5 scouts x3
4 snipers, 1 Heavy Bolter, Cao Cloak

5 Scouts x3
4 boltguns, 1 missile

5 Scout Bikes x2
2 Grenades

3 scout bikes
1 grenade, melta bombs

1500pts or so

I think it could work

Commander titus
26-03-2009, 00:38
wow, now thats a very nice list, but ideally something with a bit of kick too i forgot to also mention that im going to add drop pods into the list for transportation :) thanks for the advice Raven :)

26-03-2009, 00:52
The list has kick :p
All are infiltraters or deep strike.
15 shots that hit on 2+
3 anti tank weapons. A large amount of anti infantry packed with 2 hard hitting assault units. Add the scout bikes with their rapid fire grenades.

It has more offence then it seems ^.^

Commander titus
26-03-2009, 00:58
nooo, i do appolagise i think i miswrote what i meant, i was saying your list is great, with a kick to it too (Infiltration, Speeder combat, long range weapons, Heavy weapons....it makes me happy in my trousers. ANYWAY! ;D....Yeah man its an excellent list if i may say so, the thing about scouts are when used Correctly, they really do kick ass!

Thanks man

Commander out!

26-03-2009, 01:03
Your looking for more of a Power arour core with scout suport then i take it ^.^

Commander titus
26-03-2009, 01:59
i'd love to make myself an ALL scout army (i was concidering converting the Assualt marines into some kind of Scout jetpack unit) but i havent got any ideas really, i'd like to just have a nice Scout based (Recon) army, thus why i'd like the Assualt marines and drop pods "Death from above" sorta thing :)

26-03-2009, 02:22
You pretty much could do a complete scout army of death...

HQ - Chaplain

Heavy Support

Ironclad + drop pod
Ironclad + drop pod
Ironclad + drop pod

(2x of this)
5x Scout Sniper team (4x Snipers 5x Camo Cloak 1x Missile)

5x Scouts w/ Sarge w/Fist + Scouts with Bolters or BP+CC

9 Scouts w/ Heavy Bolter + Telion + Bolters + Camo + Sarge w/ Bolter

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Storm

Land Speeder Storm

5x Scout Bikers

(if you can)
Venerable dread + drop pod (Missile + Las)
Venerable dread + drop pod (Missile + Las)

Also, a predator wouldnt be a bad idea, or a group of speeders. Idk how many points this is but you get the idea =D, the scouts set up, start picking at the enemy, and call in the drop pod assault and support with snipers + CC units.

Commander titus
26-03-2009, 02:44
Sounds awesome man, i've been thinking about maybe doing some units from the leg-endary 1st company (Tyranic war vetrens) but im not sure if your able to do this with scouts? lol

26-03-2009, 04:13
Ran this list for a little over a year. Only ever got into trouble with a nidzilla list. (this is obviously from the previous codex).

1 Master (HQ)
Power Weapon (x1); Bolter
Frag Grenades

1 Reclusiarch (HQ)
Bolt Pistol (x1); Crozius Arcanum; Rosarius
Frag Grenades, Terminator Honours

1 Dreadnought (Elites)
Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Dread. CC Weapon;
Storm Bolter; Assault Cannon; 1 Drop Pod

1 Dreadnought (Elites)
Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Dread. CC Weapon;
Heavy Flamer; Assault Cannon; 1 Drop Pod

9 Scout Squad (Troops)
Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x9); Frag Grenades; Infilitrate Skill
1 Veteran Sergeant
Frag Grenades; Power Fist (x1); Infilitrate Skill

6 Scout Squad (Troops)
Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x6); Infilitrate Skill
1 Sergeant
Bolt Pistol & CCWep.; Infilitrate Skill

4 Scout Squad (Troops)
Bolter (x2); Sniper Rifle (x1); Heavy Bolter (x1); Infilitrate Skill
1 Sergeant
Bolter; Infilitrate Skill

4 Scout Squad (Troops)
Sniper Rifle (x3); Missile Launcher (x1); Infilitrate Skill
1 Sergeant
Sniper Rifle; Infilitrate Skill

4 Scout Squad (Troops)
Bolter (x2); Sniper Rifle (x1); Heavy Bolter (x1); Infilitrate Skill
1 Sergeant
Bolter; Infilitrate Skill

4 Scout Squad (Troops)
Bolter (x1); Sniper Rifle (x2); Missile Launcher (x1); Infilitrate Skill
1 Sergeant
Bolter; Infilitrate Skill

1 LS Tornado #1
Heavy Flamer; Multi-Melta

1 Land Raider (Heavy Support)
Linked Lascannon (x2); Twin Heavy Bolters

1 Predator 'Destructor' (Heavy Support)
2 Spons. Hvy Bolters; Turret Autocannon

It was great fun, although I'd prefered a more scout oriented army (less heavy supported). But those are the models I had at the time so I ran with them.

Black Antelope
26-03-2009, 09:41
At the 500p schools league torny, I saw a scout list with 3x Scouts w/snipers and ML, and a PC dev sqaud. Think it got 2 wins and a lose.

Commander titus
26-03-2009, 10:43
Thanks for the information guys :D, i apprieate it, the force is going to be about 2000-2500 points, bad ass for most armies, the only thing im a bit "D:" is at the Nid armies especially the horde army lists..but i think enough firepower is put into this list for a successful game, Cheer's guys!

Commander out!