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23-03-2009, 03:21
Long time lurker, occasional poster.

With Spring Break now upon me, I find myself with plenty of spare time to get through the mountain of painting and modeling that I have been putting off. 1 week off school and the approach of the new IG codex, it seems only fair that I make them my first priority and so before I blabber on too much, I believe pictures are in order.


To start off we have the 1st demolition charge totting veteran of the 37th. Currently I just need to finish the final highlights on the green and abit of work on his glasses, but he does a good job of showing off the overall colour scheme.


WIP of the complete veteran unit (minus 2 who were apparently out of shot) This is part of 2 units of Veterans, both upgraded to demolition specialists who will be riding into battle in Valks, when the models are released.

Since the 37th have been whittled down to the select few veterans, the rest of the army will be made up of the 41st, I should have a test model and colour scheme up by tomorrow morning, but it is most likely going to be Cadian straight from the box, in a reversed colour scheme, green fatigues and brown armor, but until I try it out later on tonight that may still change.

I fully intend to keep this moving at a decent pace, the first unit should be complete tomorrow and I just need to finish modeling the veteran sarge for the second unit before painting can commence. Also assembled and awaiting undercoating is the Penal unit, made from Catachan Jungle fighters whos test figure (somewhat blurry) can be seen here


Tomorrow shall see completed squad pics and the customary workspace photo so be sure to comment and check back soon.



Completed army shot so far, 1 Vanquisher, 2 Veteran Demolition teams, and 1 Marbo.


Low Altitude
23-03-2009, 06:38
Wow i love your veterens, very uhh.. vetereny?
What torso + head did you use in the second photo bottom right guy?

23-03-2009, 07:03
bottom right is the sarge, better pics of him will be up tomorrow. The head is the standard Cadian bare head, mic shaved off and green stuffed hair. The body is a normal torso with plasticard V plate and ribbing added

23-03-2009, 15:33
very good veterans i love

Lord Zso Sahaal
23-03-2009, 18:09
very nice start to this, need MORE from you ;)


23-03-2009, 19:43
Thanks for all the responses so far.

Did allittle work on the 41st Test scheme, going with Catachan Green armor and Bleached Bone Fatigues, picture will be up later on tonight once he's finished.

Instead to wet your appetites, and having posted a quick snapshot of him in a different thread here is the first completed Storm Trooper of the 31st



gotta run

23-03-2009, 22:51
And I'm back.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present the first model for the 41st, No squad numbers have been added at this stage, as I intend to work out placement once I have a few more assembled, but without further deviations here he is


Unlike the members of the 37th, the 41st are a newly raised regiment fresh to the field of battle, and very green. The 41st have been assigned to fight with the 37th bringing numbers and armored vehicles to aid the few remaining units of the 37th as they clear roads and secure strategic location, before waiting for units of the 41st to relieve them.

Somewhat later than I intended but better than never, the customary workspace shot.

Incase anyone was wondering about the plate, my Gf was demanding that I do things in the kitchen with her, so I decided we should bake a cookie, of truely gigantic proportions. Unfortunetly the oven isn't that big so I had to comprimise and only make a pizza sized one :(


One chocolate cookie, with milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, Heath bar and chunks of milk chocolate. (It may be fair to say I have a sweet tooth, or diabetes by the time I finish it, we shall find out later)

Tune in later for the finished veteran unit and photos of the assembled second unit.


23-03-2009, 23:20

E-mail me one :)....

Really nice crisp look on the newer guard as well :) Look forward to seeing a squad.

Lord Zso Sahaal
23-03-2009, 23:31
Feth the Star Cannons and the Titans, use the Cookie of Doom! It shall end you all!


24-03-2009, 00:14
Consider that armour designed nicked, it looks about equally cool as greatcoats in my eyes, and is a helluva lot easier to do, just need to shave down the helmets or find alternate ones.

So, as said, consider the idea nicked :p

24-03-2009, 04:02
3 cups of coffee and half of the doom cookie devoured, it's picture time again.


1st squad of the 37th is ready for action. Armed with 1 demo charge and a heavy stubber (I'll probably go count as heavy flamer, as I don't feel it suits anything special weapon wise, or though house rules as a heavy stubber would be my favorite option)


Here we have a close up of the sarge, showing off the war wounds, battle damage, and most importanly, the modified armor plate that has relieved allot of comments. Very simply two plates of plasticard, with a slim strip to make the raised rim.


Here we have the squad marksmen, displaying the impressive camo cloaks that most of the squad wear in the event of me bothering to pay for the points to use camo cloaks on them (not sure if they're going to be worthwhile in the new dex at the moment.) As well as showing off his lucky playing cards pinned to his helmet.


and finally two pretty faces to show off my inability to paint eyes, expect improvements by the end of this log.. at least by the time I've painted 80 odd pairs of eyes I should have improved through mass practice at least. Also shown off is the squad markings which happily move around on all the squad members, just to add to the rag tag look.

Finally I move onto the ramble part of this latest update, with my little speech titled; What on earth do all the girls see in Edward Cullins?
Along with the monster cookie and mass caffeine, I also watched "Twilight" with my Gf while waiting for paint to dry, but for the members living under rocks on the moon Twilight is a soppy teenage love story about vegan vampires who don't roast in sunlight, and rather than staking through the heart require pulling apart and burning. Either way The main vampire dreamy love boy intrest is Edward Cullins and for the life of me I don't get it. Really bad hair, Chalky make up and the Eye brows... O_O I still can't get over the eye brows, I swear I'm going to have nightmares about them tonight.

.. sorry got abit distracted..

next update most likely tommorow morning, will feature pictures of the 2nd veterans unit ready to base coat, the Penal unit also awaiting base coat and I may start assembling more figures for the 41st. Either way, until the morrow, Beware Vampires with creepy eyebrows.


24-03-2009, 20:06
minor double post, Last night was not as productive as intended so the 2nd Veterans squad will take somewhat longer to complete (letting capes and bases dry before undercoating and such) This mean that the 5man Storm Trooper unit attached to the 37th will be tonight's update, although the Sargent is abit up in the air at the moment as I'm making him a new arm.

In other news, construction of the 41st is going ahead fairly smoothly, hopefully I shall have 2 squads assembled by tonight, both units totting Grenade Launchers and Autocannons. Ideal fire support against both heavy and light armored infantry.

I've also been trawling through the rumour pages and have come up with a rough idea for the army list so far for your review, aiming for a 1500pt list and here it is;

Veterans, demolition spec
Veterans, demolition spec
2x Valks + door gunners

Infantry platoon (all with vet sarge and Vox)
squad 1, AC and GL
squad 2, AC and GL
squad 3, AC and GL

Infantry platoon (Catachan Jungle fighters here)
squad 1
squad 2
HW squad - mortar
HW squad - mortar

The next part of the list I have no idea about yet, but all remaining points will be going towards a bare bones HQ and anti tank weaponry, either tanks or HW squads the jury is currently undecided.

24-03-2009, 20:41
The Vet squad look like true mid war veterans. "Sod the cleaness guys, lets you get to the MEANESS"

I think with these delightful conversions and painting I'd much sooner see more of them than the cleaner cadians :D Look forward to more updates.

p.s the cookie looks tempting

25-03-2009, 07:02
Unfortunately no pictures for tonight.

Rather than painting I spent the day assembling the first 2 squads for the 41st, and there respective ACs. Plus some alterations to the veteran unit as I wasn't entirely happy with a couple of the 2nd squad.

As it seems to be that the veteran units are getting some very positive responses I'll probably add a third and fourth in the not so distant future, but I'm tempted to wait for the new command set as they contain some very usable pieces.

In fact, depending on the feedback, in regards to this question will have a fair bit to say in what happens next; Should the 41st stay sparkly and fresh or should they also get a good helping of city fight battle damage added?

Right hopefully, pictures will be up in the morning just to prove that I have done something but quite what shall have been done isn't entirely decided just yet.


26-03-2009, 05:30
Being abit naughty with a double post here, but I have pictures to make up for it.

First up the PIP veterans for unit 2 of the 37th. Going 5 at a time batch painting to keep it all manageable, This is the basic starting point, cloth a 20-80 mix of black and brown, bolt gun metal on all the armor plates and finally Catachan green over all the pouches and cloaks. Afterwards and also the longest part of the paint job, Flesh Wash and Badab black liberally applied to the entire model one after the other. (pictures here are taken after the flesh wash was still wet so no badab black for a while)


Also PIP is the last 2 of the first 5 storm troopers, the sarge was a step behind everyone due to wet glue from a broken arm sustained after I dropped him for the 4th time this evening. (I may paint well but I'm not lying when I say every model gets dropped at least two too three times between assembly and final lick of paint, I am a real butter fingers at times)


Final pic is a close up of the Storm Troopers home made bionic arm. Quite what happened to the original I have no idea as I found it at the bottom of my bitz box after a two or three years stint away from the hobby. Once its inked and painted, the detail will be somewhat clearer.


I've got behind on my painting schedule, but if I get in a good days work tomorrow I should be able to catch up and have the Veteran squad finished along with the storm troopers in a short while. Tomorrow I intended to have everything pictured tonight up and completed, so look forward to getting back to you all with more pretty pictures soon.


27-03-2009, 03:49
And its update time once again.

I'm happy to report some steady progress being made on the painting table, the first 5 of Veteran unit 2 have been completed and the first 5 ST are not far from being finished aswell, so without further nonsense, its picture time.


Front and back, apollogise for the first pic, only just noticed that the second row was out of focus, but we luckily we have close ups still to come.


There we have some pretty faces and squad/kill markings. I will say right now, that it is that odd time of evening and the camera flash has done the models no favor at all.


Here we have the work in progress ST unit, melta, flamer combo, Will be brought up to 10 men by the end, but I felt like painting them in 2 halves to break up painting the troop choices.


This is the second half of the veteran unit, awaiting 2 cloaks (tonights job) before painting will begin, my favorite model in the unit, the Demolition man.

Right, That about wraps it up for the pictures tonight, I'm at a friends wedding tomorrow but hopefully I shall still be able to finish the ST's and get a pic or two up of my progress.


29-03-2009, 00:25
Wedding was allot of fun, cut into my painting schedule as expected, The 5 veterans are now almost finished, just awaiting touch-ups and the little details (kill marks, unit number etc) but I have pics while the lighting is still in my favor too show off.


Demo trooper is still my favorite by far, but in setting up the picture I realized I had smeared dwarf flesh across the top of his helmet.. no idea how that happened. Still the picture looks good and it shows the all looking lovely which is what matters most.


Here we have two close ups of a couple of the old guys in the unit, and the sargent's favorite hat.


On an unrelated side note, while awaiting an ink wash to dry, I took a little time to paint my Gf who was sitting too close to me.. didn't come out so great as I changed my mind mid paint job from smiley face to star, and then it was too late before I remembered that I can never draw/paint stars.


Finally, I tried out the scar technique, from someone elses log.. can't think of the name, but its the Goliath gang that appeared a few days ago. To decorate my penal trooper into looking abit tougher, I like the way it came out, and if he sees this log, Thanks for the idea of using flesh wash.

Now with 20vets completed, I'll probably actually finish the storm troopers at long last.. for some reason I've found them unbelievably hard to motivate myself to get them done. Also having trawled through the rumours again, I'm thinking of making up a Vet sargent Harker conversion... once I figure out what his special heavy bolter is supposed to look like.

29-03-2009, 17:40
These dudes are looking great, mate, really gritty and characterful! Yours use of WFB Empire heads is a nice touch and I love that guy with the demo charge, you should devote extra love and attention to him! Probably steer clear from painting stars on him tho.

29-03-2009, 20:16
Fine looking guys...Looks like they have a good fight in some jungles/sewers...This could be a Veteran Regiment///

29-03-2009, 20:31
very very nice units you have there.

BTW im stealing that V armour plate on the sarge and DKOK style shoulders :D

i also painted a star but it was on one of my russian guard models and it came out ok regarding that i cant ever paint or draw stars either :D


29-03-2009, 20:50
Thanks everyone for the replies.

Right 23 models have been completed, thats 2 units of veterans and 3 test models for different units. Tomorrow see me back at college as Spring term begins, hopefully with only 3 classes this term I should still be able to fit in some painting time, but it might be more of a weekly update rather than daily. At least that is the goal I'm setting myself, 1 squad a week, seems fairly reasonable to me. The best part of going back to college though is my Gf can go get her kit lens from the school paper, and I can finally get some good group shots done. Here is the rubbish one though just to show what has been finished.


Secondly a poor photo of what I plan to paint tonight, most of the basic stuff is done and its just the little details and touch ups to go, This is the Storm Trooper unit that I'm am now utterly determined to have finished.. well the first 5 that is. Also starring Kell, who I've been on and off painting for a while. (Creed is currently in a different army, as my converted general for my all metal Cadian force, so I may need to find a new model for him)


Finally as the holiday comes to an end, and I get to look over my completed units, a tearful regret that with the dawn tomorrow comes college and responsibilities that will cut into my modeling time. There seemed only 1 logical way to cheer myself up..


another Cookie of Death,

this hobby really will kill me.

29-03-2009, 22:21
truly epic, you could use that to fight off intruders.

29-03-2009, 23:43
Brings a whole new meaning to "you get a cookie"

ancient god
30-03-2009, 01:07
Good stuff, love how the stormtroopers look with the cloaks.
Your scheme's cool too, although the brown and green lack a bit contrast from a distance in my opinion.

30-03-2009, 02:35
Right Storm Troopers are getting ever closer to completation, still at a snails pace, which is probably due to the fact that I paint like a builder... 6 coffee breaks so far.

Instead this is my work in progress update to show what I plan to do next as a break from all the infantry. The first vehicle in the army, a modified Chimera for my Vets, Ignore the paint job on it as it is not at all related to how the vehicle will look in the end (I'm reclaiming it from a different project that I didn't like where it was going)


First up the restructured front panel, I may paint it as it, but I would like to frame the HB and possibly add some rivets to it on a couple of the added panels.

and just incase your wondering about the blurred thing at the back, it is what it looks like it might be. A veteran having a rest from walking around the battle field.


(need to green stuff up the right leg still, so it will look better when finished.)

Also helps me remember that its the Veterans ride and not a different squad, on a side note once the Valk comes out and takes over the role of Veteran delivery, this Chimera will go to the Commander as I plan to make him from the the 37th too. (the comander and bodyguard have Vet stats so it makes sense.)

So this week I plan to get the Storm Troopers and Vet Chimera done, updates to follow later on in the week.


04-04-2009, 05:42
Right lads, need some brains to pick.

I've been rummaging through the rumour threads trying to find something nice and characterful to put into my growing forces theme. I start with the model and units I can't leave home without because I like them even if they're not that practical ie; Veterans and Valks.
Stage two in army creation is adding in the bits I already posses ie; Kasarkins, 35 man platoon and 4 chimeras.

Now back to the first point, The list of models I own and things I want to add, all fall into the overall idea running in my mind of an elite recon/engineers unit. The problem really arises as to how to add everything else.. and this is where my recent revelation came from.

Captain Al’rahem. Replaces Platoon Commander. All units in Platoon (including Chimeras) MUST Outflank. Claw of the Desert Tiger = Instant Death PW.

This is where the cogs start turning, 2 airborne veteran units, and a maxed out infantry platoon led by Al'rahem. This falls well into my mind of representing a force that demolishes bridges, and sets traps ahead of an attack to stretch out an opponents army and strike from no single front. :evilgrin:

What I need is conversion ideas to make my Al'rahem stand in model to lead the 41st. Secondly, I'm hoping for some suggestions as to what models will have to be in the deployment zone and how to make them look caracterful, so far I believe the Command HQ will have to be on the board (without another valk and I'm not keen on that) and I was debating some form of vanquisher tank hunters (hull down in cover with cammo netting, Ambush style)

Completely unplayable idea, or simply insane, I'm interested to hear peoples views.

and just to avoid a no picture update, I found some more Kasarkins to bring the unit up to 10, PIP



04-04-2009, 11:02
Nice work!

Are the cloaks made from Green Stuff or something else?

I really like the worn look of the models.

Happy Gaming,


04-04-2009, 15:27
The cloaks are actually very simple to make, they're just watered down pva and toilet roll/kitchen roll. Abit of superglue just to fix them quickly to the top of the models shoulders, and the then put aside over night to harden/dry.

04-04-2009, 15:39
The cloaks are actually very simple to make, they're just watered down pva and toilet roll/kitchen roll. Abit of superglue just to fix them quickly to the top of the models shoulders, and the then put aside over night to harden/dry.

I was hoping it was something like that :D

Many Thanks!

Happy Painting,


11-04-2009, 01:42
Right lads, mini update time again.

finished assembling 40 odd guardsmen for the 41st infantry platoon, (need to get a few heads on still but otherwise ready to start painting.) First squad is about half way through the painting stage but no pictures of that just yet.

I do have a WIP shot of Lieutenant Leif, (count as Al'Rayhem). still to be added, is some tyranid claw belt trophy and possibly a cloak (I'm undecided upon it at the moment.)


Although he is leading the 41st his uniform will be in the colours of the 37th, along with all veteran Sargent in the platoon, I'm working on some fluff to explain it all, but the quick explanation is that the surviving 37th were given the job of instructing the 41st upon there arrival to the battle, but rather than staying at the training grounds the 37th carried on there own agenda and took to leading the 41st on the front lines too.

On another note, I also spent some time today working out a rough 1500pt army list to work towards, critiques will be most welcome.

Company command squad + Astropath

Storm troopers x10

Platoon command squad + Al'Rayhem
Squad 1 - Auto cannon, Grenade launcher, vox
Squad 2 - Auto cannon, Grenade launcher, vox
Squad 3 - Auto cannon, Grenade launcher, vox
SW squad - 3 flammers

Penal unit

Veteran squad + demo spec

Veteran squad + demo spec

Valk + Heavy bolters
Valk + Heavy bolters

Vanquisher + camo netting
Vanquisher + camo netting

Using the rumour thread I estimated this to be around the 1400 mark, leaving room to tweak some wargear or add another unit or two to the platoon. (I'm also highly tempted to drop the penal unit) It's abit shorter on the manpower than I would normally be happy with, but with all the out flanking units + Astropath re roll, It should be a hoot to play with.


15-04-2009, 22:51
In an attempt to save money, and to convert something I have been itching to do for a while.

I give you the Vanquisher, (wip, awaiting feedback)


The 37th, made great use of advanced recon teams to reroute enemy conveys across hostile terrain and into the line of fire of concealed tank hunters. To enable rapid deployment across any terrain The 37th began using the Chimera hull and its amphibious abilities to deploy the big guns where ever they wanted. To compensate for the Vanquisher cannon, the turret was moved back and the troop bay became home to a larger engine and ammunition stores. The design itself became popular among many light infantry regiments and after the fall of the 37th, It didn't take the survivors long to convince the officers of the 41st to commission a number of these tank variants to be constructed.

Thats my fluff and I'm sticking too it... although any help with a good name for the Chimera Vanquisher hybrid would be welcomed as I'm coming up short on ideas.


15-04-2009, 23:35
Hmm . . . I like the AFV itself, but the turret's a bit small for the traditional Vanq. That said, if the rumours regarding the current codex's version having a Heavy as opposed to Ord weapon are true, you could claim it's a variant of the Laser Destroyer, thus justifying its diminished turret.

16-04-2009, 00:53
I see what you mean about the turret, any ideas on how to bulk out the turret itself, or perhaps if I shorten the barrel a few inches might balance it all abit better.

16-04-2009, 01:11
Okay, second quick attempt, and rather than the turret, I lightened up the barrel, I think it makes a nice improvement, but I'm more than open to hear some criticism.


All the tube parts are slotted together so it can be extended or retracted more until I'm 100% happy with the length, perhaps if someone could tell me the length of the Vanquisher and the laser destroyer barrels to help me out I'd appreciate it.

16-04-2009, 04:28
Hey! youve got some really nice and unique IG here! the second pen barrel looks way better, but GL painting it without a shot of primer, that kind of plastic tends to be adverse to paint

I thought that Chimera paint job looked well done the first time, but if it doesn't fit, well, what can you do

16-04-2009, 08:13
Firstly, that's a nice paintjob on the AFV you have there and the tank rider is cool too.

Secondly, the second attempt looks better for sure- I would recommend perhaps widening the turret instead of lengthening it.

You could do this by adding a few oblongs along the sides of the turret (they could be crates, concrete blocks to deflect fire, armour plate or simply widen the turret itself).

My tuppence anyway :)

By the way, I looked at that evil little Chimera version for a second time and thought what would make a good name for it... How about the Shrike? Nasty bird, likes to spear its prey (on thorns). Don't forget to paint some kill markings on it!

16-04-2009, 20:36
3rd barrel, as it has been pointed out in the tread head thread to be looking abit too much like a large Autocannon,


I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment, looks like one of them big anti armor sniper rifles.

I'm looking into plasticard armor plates around the turret, will bulk it out by a few millimeters here and there otherwise I'm still pretty stumpted for the turret itself.

ancient god
16-04-2009, 23:26
the turret needs to be much longer to be able to support a gun that size. Remember there needs to be space for a gunner and possibly loader to operate the breach and aim, shoot, etc.

17-04-2009, 05:32
the turret needs to be much longer to be able to support a gun that size. Remember there needs to be space for a gunner and possibly loader to operate the breach and aim, shoot, etc.

I can see what you mean, but I think this part of the project has reached the point of exceeding my skills and supplies (plus requiring me to be able to make a second for no cost)

This is essentially the final version now, I'm going to crack out the greenstuff in the morning to fill the gap around the gun, and I will try to bulk out the turret a little more by adding a couple of the Lascannon power packs to the back two sides. I'll be playing it with the Vanquisher rules but in essence a souped up Lascannon will be appearing in the fluff I'm working on (since the Vanquisher no longer fires a HE round it works out pretty much the same way).

Then I'll just have to finish painting it (may add a second rider) and apply the camo netting to cover up some of the missing detail ie:trim around the front heavy bolter.

Finally, a quick picture to show that I actually have been doing a tiny bit of painting of late, aswell as making an awful lot of mess in the living room.

This is the first of 3 veteran sergents I'm working on for my standard line infantry squads. I've decided that the 41st is no longer going to be happening, instead the entire force will be from the 37th But to help the veteran units and regulars not get muddled up the regular infantry will be keeping the bleach bone trousers. I like the way it looks. (I hope to have the first full unit done this weekend.)


Mr Kibbles
17-04-2009, 05:54
These guys look cool Explodingboy. I like the sergeant's colour scheme, and those guys (and girl?) with cloaks. Are they themed on a particular real-word army?

17-04-2009, 14:44
Thanks Kibbles. There isn't any real world basing, just stealing lots of ideas from everywhere of late campaign imagery, and far too many sci-fi films.

The theme is looking towards a hardened regiment who've seen allot of front line work, and all the outflanking units are to show that the company has been specializing in disruption and ambush style attacks.

17-04-2009, 19:46
One more picture update this morning, just to show how easily I get distracted.

After setting up all my paints, and gathering up the unit I was working on... I built a second tank rider instead >_>


anywho, the plan for the day is to kick the women out of the appartment, stick in a not too distracting movie, and get cracking with painting the first platoon unit and some green stuff work.

Mr Kibbles
18-04-2009, 00:46
Wheres the tank rider's hand from?

18-04-2009, 01:03
Empire militia archer. It's rapidly becoming one of my favorite parts for conversions.

Mr Kibbles
18-04-2009, 01:10
I want to get that empire militia head with the mustache on it.

18-04-2009, 11:46
Hang on a second. You have an apartment with women in it? What are those? Bloody GW pre-releases >:(

Mr Kibbles
19-04-2009, 02:05
What in the Emperor's name are you talking about jihad?

19-04-2009, 11:06
anywho, the plan for the day is to kick the women out of the appartment, stick in a not too distracting movie, and get cracking with painting the first platoon unit and some green stuff work.

Sorry, my attempt at being witty evidently failed horribly. I will have to stick with constructive comments instead but even then I struggle :p

19-04-2009, 18:47
What in the Emperor's name are you talking about jihad?

I took me a couple of reads to work it out.

Sorry, my attempt at being witty evidently failed horribly. I will have to stick with constructive comments instead but even then I struggle :p

No worries at all, abit of random conversation helps keep a thread alive especially with the speed I've been updating of late.

Unfortunatly my weekend of painting didn't get very far off the ground, the room mate left friday afternoon for the entire weekend YAY!, But the GF proved to be allot harder to get rid of, she was supposed to be out taking photos of a wedding yesterday but the start time kept changing, so instead of leaving at 11am, she was around the appartment until 3:40ish, and when she finally left a coupld of college friends invited themselves over so I ended up at the pub instead.

Hopefully I will still get one unit complete today.. just after I have cleaned the house, done all the dishes (there is ALLOT of dishes) and put about 4 loads of washing through the machine. Also might have more pictures of the tank up as its getting abit closer to finished. I decided to paint it as is, and then add all the camo netting last of all, which will cover up any of the less desirable parts of the conversion process.

Mr Kibbles
20-04-2009, 07:26
Are you going to leave the masking tape on the tank?

20-04-2009, 22:40
Are you going to leave the masking tape on the tank?

no, the tape was just to hold it all together to take some quick WIP shots.

(and it did that job horribly, I've never used tape with such little stick before.)

The vehicle itself is getting to a point that I'll be calling it done soon and then I just need to decide on which method for camo netting to use on it.

22-04-2009, 07:45
Minor update for tonight, Package has semi arrived (I missed the postman by 2mins, will have it in the morning) containing everything I need to start having ago at casting some in resin.

Since this is the first time I've tried mold making and casting I'm going to be starting on with some flat molds and casting my own scenic bases for the 37th, ie; Currently thinking, semi urban brick/tiles rather than metal hive. So I should have some test pieces up by the end of the week and perhaps a quick head count as to which bases get cast and which ones get redone.

Once I get the hand of it though, next up on my agenda is to actually cast some torsos with the V plate that proved popular, to spread around a few more of my models. Then as they say, the sky is the limit.


25-04-2009, 19:55
Right once more its a sunny saturday morning and I'm sitting on my butt watching the X-files, but I don't expect anyone to be interested in that part of my day so instead we have pictures.

First up a camo netted Vanquiser 90-95% finished, couple of touch ups and then the folliage needs sticking down


And my next project for today, the first set of bases to be cast latter on today idealy.



And here is a little snap of the heavy weapon base with heavy weapon team, themselves.


Currently I have 4 small bases and 1 large base, planning to make another 4 small ones before I start making molds, anyhow though, opinions and criticisms are most appreciated so fire away.

Mr Kibbles
26-04-2009, 08:30
the Vanquisher looks awesome. Good work. The heavy weapons are great aswell, and the bases aren't too bad either.

27-04-2009, 05:51
I love the vanquisher, the custom barrel looks sweet!
I think you should get those women of yours to do the painting! Makes it go faster!

27-04-2009, 06:24
Thanks for the comments, I have all the bases ready to cast now, and I made up some squares of lego to cast them in.. now all I have to do is get up the nerve to attempt it all.. and find a good block of time to try in.

I'm glad the Vanquisher went down well, it was abit hit and miss at the camo stage as one of my not so smart ideas failed horribly ie: trying to dye the pva/water mix before dipping bandages so as to ready paint them. Result = coloured stains dribbling everywhere.
Now to make a second.

I think you should get those women of yours to do the painting! Makes it go faster!

Unfortunately not to be, the room mate shows little interest, and the Gf has a rather short attention span. I have however encouraged several friends to have ago at painting, and thats been helping me get a paint brush in my hands more often, first plain squad is now at 8 men to go, and its mainly touchups and little bits like flasks etc.

Ideally there will be a picture update tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.

28-04-2009, 01:42
Right after a long think today about how I have 2, 3 squad platoons of all metal cadians, It was time to perhaps do something with them.. and I love the metal figures, and I procrastinate allot.

also its a distraction from the plastic infantry which I'm starting to remember that I dislike (It'll go again in abit so the 37th will be finished.. some when.)

This also is a test of a the colour scheme for the bases I've been making (this is another scratch built still haven't started casting yet)

anyway, picture time.


Two points of note with this model, its still slightly WIP, as I want to give the fatigues a wash of Delvan mud, which I'll pick up tomorrow morning. Second point of learning, I really don't look forward to painting all the squares on the HW bases.

Explodingboy :chrome:

Mr Kibbles
28-04-2009, 07:49
Wow, he looks awesome. whats that white corally stuff and where'd you get it from?

28-04-2009, 08:06
The white corally stuff, is Lichen, and you'll find it at most hobby model train stores. The bag I have is by Woodland Scenic.

I got 2 more finished off tonight, but I'll wait until morning and light before I start snapping photos, as I slight disclaimer for my own madness I will say now though that I'm colour co-ordinating all of the bases to their respective units/platoon.

The model already pictured will be from the red platoon, and so is the lieutenant that I just finished, the Command HQ however is for blue company, so the tiles are checkered cream/blue. I plan to paint up enough for a Red + Green platoon. + 2 veteran units and possibly a third veteran/penal unit.

I'll maybe take a snap shot of the complete force in the morning too to show off what I need to get painted.


28-04-2009, 10:35
I love that camo, nice work!

The base looks cool, it's really different from all the others we see on Warseer and that is a GOOD THING :) You gotta love the lichen from such shops, I used to use bags of the stuff as terrain, ahhh back in the day :P

More troop pics please, and do tell us how you did the camo- otherwise someone else will ask instead of me ;)

Captain Galanus
29-04-2009, 00:52
and I love that guy with the demo charge, you should devote extra love and attention to him! Probably steer clear from painting stars on him tho.

Kissing him might also be a bad idea, but regardless he is in fact a smexy model as the majority of the rest of your guys are. I really like the idea of a conjoined guard unit of sorts, and because of your stellar fluff and paint work i hereby grant you one free internet good sir.

29-04-2009, 04:01
I love that camo, nice work!

The base looks cool, it's really different from all the others we see on Warseer and that is a GOOD THING :) You gotta love the lichen from such shops, I used to use bags of the stuff as terrain, ahhh back in the day :P

More troop pics please, and do tell us how you did the camo- otherwise someone else will ask instead of me ;)

Thanks, The camo isn't too hard to do at all, I'll take some in progress shots, either later tonight or tomorrow after class when I work on a few more models then (I have a full unit that just needs the camo added and trousers repainted to be good to go.)

Kissing him might also be a bad idea, but regardless he is in fact a smexy model as the majority of the rest of your guys are. I really like the idea of a conjoined guard unit of sorts, and because of your stellar fluff and paint work i hereby grant you one free internet good sir.

Thanks for the compliment and the free internets, I shall use them to post up more pictures! (shortly)

29-04-2009, 05:52
Right been highly inspired to work on the metals so I tidied up my work space and rooted through all my boxes to show off what I have to work on.

so to start things off we have an aerial view of the table


I'll admit now that I had a little bit too much fun on ebay last summer, I think it was about 120ish, models that I bought in the end. But here come the poorly lit detailed description shots of the 41st.


First and rightly so, the Company command, captain, medic, vox and standard (far right, need to find a good bit of copper for the pole) This is more upgrades than I'd normaly want for the CC, but I feel it is a colour full squad especially with the attached sister medic (plus I love the model) The captain himself is based off of Creed with some alterations, removed armor, cap and beard (detailed shots will follow tomorrow as the unit will be complete in no time)


Red platoon, 35 men, 3x HB 1x LC, this is half of the overall firebase of the eventual complete army. Their sole job will be to lay down lots of shots while the command unit snipes at enemy tanks.


Green platoon. 35men, 3x ML 1x LC. Same job as Red platoon and gives me the option to either condense all of my firepower into one solid block or set up in two seperate corners, forcing opponents to split their own forces. This unit also has the option of upgrading the lieutenant to Al-Rayhem, (again, love the figure and he blends in well, originally I planned to use him as a bodyguard for the general, but I decided to give him a platoon instead)


Due to administrative error, two units of Steel legion have ended up attached to the 41st, originally they were to be armored fist units with hardened fighter, sharpshooter doctrines. Under the new list two Veteran units with Chimeras, ideal for snatching objective, and providing support to counter attack alongside the Storm troopers.


Which brings me swiftly to the odd bits. Rattling snipers, Storm troopers and a unit of Catachans. The first two are pretty self explanatory, although due to the new Hot Shot lasguns I will be adding more storm troopers to total unit of 10 and at some point adding a chimera/valk transport. The Catachans on the otherhand leave me with a few options, either a penal unit (I have enough plain lasgun Catachans to replace all SW and HW) or as a third Veteran unit, possibly led by Harka, depending on how worthwhile he is.

Not pictured: 2 sentinals both with LC, in need of repair and numerous bits and peices such as Cadian flammers, and a few HW still being paint stripped. If I can acquire 1 more HB/AC I will have a plain HW squad to add to one of the platoons.

Wishlist: To make the infantry force into a competative army, it needs a tiny bit of armor, either 2 old school Griffons if I can get hold of them (good precision artillery + has a Cadian crew) or the ever reliable 2 Leman russ battle tanks, no nonsense Battle cannon support. One final thing which is fairly unlikely would be; more HW teams in general the Metal Cadian HW haven't been to easy to come by, I'd love one or two mortar squads but I've hardly seen any of them for sale so it's not likely to happen anytime soon.

Well enough dribble from me, Hope you all enjoyed the walk through of the 41st Infantry, They won't be seeing the table top until painted, due to personal preference. Normally I wouldn't even be showing pictures of such unpainted sprawl, but as I have probably mention before, I've always loved the metal Cadian figures and I'm ridiculously proud of myself for having an army of them at long last.

Tomorrow I should have a complete (minus flag) CC completed to show off, and I'll make a quick tutorial of the camo scheme. Then at some point this week I may do a walkthrough of the 37th (although it will be allot shorter, with a far bigger wishlist.)


Mr Kibbles
29-04-2009, 06:20
I like your Creed.

29-04-2009, 06:38
I'll have a good pic of him up tomorrow, it was pretty unintentional but he has a resemblance to a Cuban dictator.

03-05-2009, 18:56
RAGE!!, my local shop sold out of Valks and Dex before I managed to get hold of any, so now I have to wait until next Friday.. Although with the amount I already have to paint it could be a good thing, but thats not the point.

In brighter news, I did finish the command squad for the 41st, with some last minuet alterations, all that is still to do is come up with a banner design, which I'll work on later today and probably put up here for a vote unless I come up with a clear favorite.


Here is the command section for the 41st in there all painted and rebased glory.


And the close up of Commander Vidal of the 41st Infantry.

Due to all the talk of the vox not being so worthwhile any more, the master Vox operator is now promoted to the rank of Master of Ordinance.

Well, thats my quick update as I finally got the piccies taken, currently on the table is the first platoon command, and its just 2 and a bit models to go (ie: the heavy weapon team) So hopefully will be finished later on today.


Izzy Logan
03-05-2009, 18:59
Loving the General Castro.

05-05-2009, 02:38
Right you lucky lads, yet more painted goodness for you all to feast your eyes upon today.


Completed platoon command squad. I'm really happy with how the First heavy weapon team base, showing off the shrub which will be overgrowing on all the bases when I get round to messing around with the glue and lichen.


Just for the record, I really like the checkered bases but I'm not lying when I say this took AGES! to paint and gave me cramp in my hand,.. 1 down 7 more to go :cries:

next up to the painting table.. either the first unit of red platoon or something for 37th, currently I'm having a crisis with lack of 60mm bases so if anyone knows of a good internet stockpile to acquire some from, I'd love to hear about it.

Currently its slightly slow progress at the moment as I'd really like to have a fully worked out army list to work too rather than just randomly putting things together without knowing what will have to be changed. (also being highly distracted by a current cunning plan to make some Snakebite Orks out of the ABR set.)


09-05-2009, 04:39
Semi Rage! Once again still no Valk for me this week, but I have now got the new codex and the new Cadian command squad \o/

This week I've been improving and rebasing my original vets, So the first batch of pictures are my first attempt to paint nicer looking lenses (the lascannon team in pic above will be getting the same treatment tonight if I decide to do abit of painting later)

So first up for your comments and criticism we have a couple of closeups.

I need to go pick up some gloss varnish to paint over the lenses with, but I completely forgot to pick it up while I was shopping today (ie: I was too distracted reading the new dex to remember what else I was going to buy)


and the group shot that has been seen before but now with new and improved bases. Well overgrown hillside/valley where as the 41st are based as overgrown plaza district. Distinct enough for 2 separate armies, while similar enough to happily field as one large combined force.

This is slightly odd as point limits go, but currently I'm working towards a 715pt list, 715pts being the most that my friend who is just starting can field ie; Black Reach marines + some scouts and converted figures I'm lending him) So far the list I'm looking at will require some reshuffling of the models I have already finished but it looks like this;

Commissar lord

Vet squad - demolition spec,1x heavy flamer,1x flamer
Vet squad - demolition spec,1x heavy flamer,1x flamer

Vet squad - forward scouts,1x sniper, 1x grenade launcher
Vet squad - forward scouts,1x sniper, 1x grenade launcher

Vanquisher - Camo netting


I will be upping this list to the 1K, 1.5K and maybe even a small 500pt list just help make painting manageable soon. But as you can see the 37th are now going to become a pure Veteran force.


09-05-2009, 08:58
very good paint

09-05-2009, 09:06
Very nice work on the lenses my friend, you've really made them pop. I also like the work you did with the bases, the checker scheme really must have driven you mad ;) I also like your se of lichen and will remember this for myself going forward.

One question: what's the brown you've used on those fatigues?

Mr Kibbles
09-05-2009, 12:30
I must say those are some really nice guardsmen, mate. Nice lense work too.

09-05-2009, 14:49
I really love the Sergeant with the fresh wounds and damage. A great pose and model all round 10/10 for it

09-05-2009, 15:41
Thanks for all the comments everyone.

One question: what's the brown you've used on those fatigues?

The brown is currently P3 Bootstrap Leather, applied to the entire model, then it's Flesh Wash followed by a Baab Black wash (wait ages for it to dry) and finially paint all the raised areas again with Bootstrap.

13-05-2009, 01:57
Right minor update to be followed with piccies in abit later tonight.

After much umming and arring, over 300pts, I now have in my possesion the army list for the 37th, and all of the models required bar the 2 Valks. For 1500pts, I've managed to attain; 4 vehicles and 67 infantry figures. tonight I should be getting up pictures of the assembled masses and my take on Sly Marbo which I'm pretty proud of.

But for this post, you'll all just have to make do with the list for now.

Command HQ
-2x Melta guns
-1x Astropath
- Camo Cloaks.

Sly Marbo

Storm troopers (x10)
-1x flamer
-1x melta gun

Veterans - Forward scout
-1x Sniper rifle
-1x Grenade launcher

Veterans - Forward scout
-1x Sniper rifle
-1x Grenade launcher

Veterans - Demolition
-1x Hvy flamer
-1x flamer

Veterans - Demolition
-1x Hvy flamer
-1x flamer

Penal legion

- Hvy Bolters

- Hvy Bolters
- Rocket Pods

-Camo netting

-Camo netting

Fairly simple game plan, Vanquishers, forward scouts, HQ and Penal unit all setup far back to draw the opponent across a good sized fire zone, Vanquishers snipe off all vehicles from cover. Then Astropath helps get the reinforcements onto the board at the right time using outflank to pick on exposed lines or pick off artillery/support units that have been left in the deployment zone.

Tune in again later tonight for pictures.

lord marcus
13-05-2009, 03:06
keep up the GF updates, and the cookies. oh, and your stuff is COOL!!!

13-05-2009, 04:18
Right, sorry I lied.. no pictures tonight apparently.

The photographer is complaining that the lighting isn't good enough for her to take any photos so she is refusing to work. (she's abit of a perfectionist.) Chances no pictures until tomorrow afternoon now.


13-05-2009, 05:49
Okay, this is the last time I promise.. for tonight anyway.

I'm a horrible person, I lied again.. I actually did get some pictures done tonight, all by myself I will add, as the photographer hoped around the room for 10mins then fell asleep on the sofa, (she'd had a long day at work)

Pictures for today, are the pre-greenstuff marbo and the painted vet sarge for the first Recon squad, feast your eyes and enjoy tonights presentation.


It should be pretty obvious that the Recon teams don't look to much like the demo team, simply put, the Recon team wear camouflaged jackets where as the Demo teams due to their less sneaky nature and rapid deployment method have been able to get by in dress fatigues.
(plus it helps me remember which ones have the camo cloak upgrade, as about half of each demo team already have cloaks but for purely the cool mid campaign look)

Now this is the one that I'm interested to hear opinions on, Marbo (will come up with my own name later) I decided against the Rambo/Catachan look for something a little more sophisticated, and in line with the Cadians.


I felt the best way to show off the high Initiative would be to cheat, ie; servo skull surveillance. multiple sharp knives, and after abit of consideration, I just gave him a holstered pistol as I couldn't think of any parts to use for a Ripper pistol (don't have much of a bits box to work with) Overall I'm happy with the conversion, just need to green stuff a gap in the arm and get painting.

Right, thats it for tonight, promise..

Mr Kibbles
13-05-2009, 06:20
The Marbo proxy looks great, as does the vet sgt. Whats he got in his hand?

13-05-2009, 06:39
It's a map, blue line river, red line bad guy fortifications, there is some marked on bridges an such.. the picture doesn't really do it that much justice, and its far from perfect, better than I was hoping to achieve, but far from ideal.. probably shouldn't have been so lazy and actually mixed a few of the colours.

13-05-2009, 08:35
The recon sarge is VERY cool, nice work indeed!

Your take on Sly Marbo is also very good. Heh, I like the fact that he has a collection of knives! Servo skull is a clever addition, looks like they're having a consultation.

"We're not going over there are we?"
"Yes, we are."
"... Don't want to, skulls can get tired too y'know!"

13-05-2009, 19:28
Servo skull is a clever addition, looks like they're having a consultation.

"We're not going over there are we?"
"Yes, we are."
"... Don't want to, skulls can get tired too y'know!"

Okay.. now I'm starting to wonder if I've been watching too much Mystery Science Theater, and subconsciously added Marbo his very own robot buddy.

14-05-2009, 07:04
Right got a good bit of work done on Marbo now, but I'm hoping for some input. The paint job is around the 80-90% finished, just the odd little bit here an there to go. The question is though, do I leave him as so, or add the Recon team camo pattern to the all the green areas (armor, backpack, pouches) So have a little ponder at the pictures and please do let me know what you think.


This last one is abit on the dark side, but it shows off his scar really nicely, aswell as the lens. I'm pretty happy with how well this model has turned out, I'm tempted to add some camo/blackout applied to the face but I also think it might loose some of the really nice detail it currently shows if I get too carried away with it.


(also this is by far my most favorite looking bandage so far, and luckily didn't even take to long to paint.)


Mr Kibbles
14-05-2009, 07:19
He's awesome. nice work

14-05-2009, 17:40
I say DON'T do the camo at all. He looks good as he is and if anyone asks you can always say Sly doesn't need camo cos he's that good. Ha.

Nice splash of colour on those grenades by the way, I was trying to work out some way of adding graffiti to his armour but it would probably look cluttered.

14-05-2009, 17:44
I say DON'T do the camo at all. He looks good as he is and if anyone asks you can always say Sly doesn't need camo cos he's that good. Ha.

Nice splash of colour on those grenades by the way, I was trying to work out some way of adding graffiti to his armour but it would probably look cluttered.

Actually your pretty much where I am now, plan is to do final touch up of silver on bits of the armor and then get a few kill tags and such added to the armor, also as I probably won't paint the camo I'll be adding an extra highlight to the green pouches and backpack.

14-05-2009, 20:31
Hey Explodingboy! I just signed up to say you've got a fantastic force coming along, and I love the marbo conversion - great use of the command squad bits!

How do you do the cloaks though, please? I've been going for something similar for my guard, but i can't get it anything close to how awesome yours are. Also, what colours are you using for that rusty battle damage, and on the bandages too? Cheers :)

14-05-2009, 22:06
Thanks Scarper,

The cloaks were made from pva glue and tissue paper, It's abit hit and miss to start with but it's easy to peel off and start again if you don't like the end result. The trick is to use multpile layers to bulk out the cloak as you go, so start by getting the size right then just layer it up until it your happy with the result. If you have trouble getting them to hold at the begining, a little dab of Superglue on the shoulders makes it easier to work.

The rusty battle damage is an easy process, Boltgun metal followed by Fleshwash and black wash, then paint the chosen armor colour over the top leaving some gaps and edges to show the rusted metal still. As a final step sometimes a few flicks of boltgun metal at the end help pick out the metal parts better.

The bandages on the other hand isn't so easy to explain. Marbo is my favorite so far but its abit of a hit an miss process because I can never remember how I did the time before. I think it was allong the lines of, painted blood red, black or delvan mud wash, 50-50 bleached bone + brown, then pure bleached bone on the very edges, being sure to leave gaps in it though so the undercoats show through still.

Lord Gabriel Lupus
15-05-2009, 09:37
Brilliant work on Marbo! In the theory of less is more, I'd leave off the extra camoflage. I don't think it will add a deal more to the overall result of the model and having him stand out a little from the recon team is a nice little bonus.

Keep up the good work... now, if only you were in Nottingham (UK) we could meet up and let our guard armies take the fight to the enemy!

15-05-2009, 22:18
Yeah, not much chance of making it to Nottingham, I'm all the way out on the west coast of America. Although having said that I'll be back in Blighty to visit the family this summer and there all moving house before I go back so I think I'm going somewhere abit more north but not entirely sure.. I do know I wont be seeing my home town of Slough :(

Right, Marbo is done and just needs a good name, and I'm currently working on two new models for my existing Demo teams, ie; the flamer models. So tonight I should have an update of Everything done so far, as I think at 2 troops, 1 heavy, 1 elite choice completed its time for a group shot.

Afterwards, I'll probably be trying to finish the Stormtroopers who are now.. 7 or 8weeks behind schedule seriously I said I'd finish them on about page 1 or 2 of the blog, and then the Command HQ, as the army really needs its general.


15-05-2009, 22:31
I really like the way he is, face paint looks good in its own way but it destroys a models face usually, as it is designed to break up lines and features. I really like the conversion he turned out very well.

16-05-2009, 04:04
Right I got abit late on the photo taking and I've lost most of the light for the day.

So unfortunately no group shot until tomorrow most likely,.. unless I get really bored tonight and decide to play around with the room lights. I will instead use my time productively to get the bases all lichened up.

Next onto the painting table is the Storm troopers and Penal unit, so both of the units will be getting the sand onto their bases ready to paint.


16-05-2009, 19:52
\o/ At last I have my hands on the Valk!!

Forget everything I said I was going to be working on, It's going to be Valk in production pics for the next few updates. So far I've got it home, opened it up and started undercoating it all on the sprue, then once that has finished drying I'll clipping out the interior and starting to paint.

(I will still do the group pic, just waiting an hour for the sun to be in the right place first.)

17-05-2009, 00:45
This is by far one of the best kits I've played with for a while..

I certainly feel like I'm getting a good deal for my money which is a bit of an odd feeling when dealing with GW prices. >_>

All of these pics are WIP especially the cockpit, which I've only just got all the base coats and first wash done.


This is actually being painted in 3 seperate parts for ease of access, so the front control pannel isn't glued and the co pilot and his seat all come away too at the moment. Plan is for the pilots all to wearing Cream fatigues.


Once, I have the walls finished the next step will be to start on the door gunners, Which depending on how it looks I'm considering replacing with standard guardsmen as I'm not too keen on the actual door gunner model (and I'm planning to use one of them as the Command squads advisor.)


Also as the sharper eyed viewers may have noticed, the second tank rider never made it as far as his tank, well thats because I got inspired to sit him somewhere else, and I'm happy I saved him for the Valk, as I think he looks really good in the doorway. Once the door gunners are fitted, I may add a few more riders inside too.


And lastly, the group shot of everything that has been completed so far.


17-05-2009, 03:18
looking very nice and snazzy, I love the marbo, came along soo nicely!

That valk rider looks cool too, which reminds me, I need to get around to adding the rappell lines to my valks, tht or get a 3rd to do it >.<


Just remembered, where abouts did the servo skull come from?

17-05-2009, 03:57
Right, Got most of the interior finished now, glued all the sides together and just need to paint up the gunners, and rider then its onto the complicated task of what colour to paint the exterior..

But in the mean time, a couple of pics to keep you all happy.


At the moment there is still lots of room inside, and I do have a kneeling medic kicking around that I might put in if I can acquire or create a suitable casualty for him to be attending too.

Jstalker; The Servo skull comes from the new Cadian Command set, It's a nice little extra piece to play around with.

Mr Kibbles
17-05-2009, 04:40
This is looking good man.

17-05-2009, 06:51
Right all one last update before I hit the hay.

Got more work done on the Valk, The pilots have been finished, but I'm alittle bit stumpted as to what to do about the canopy. It's been along while since I last put together something with a clear plastic part.. probably around 10years roughly.. so the question I put to the board is.

How do I avoid it all fogging up. I trying to remember all the do and do not.


17-05-2009, 09:18
Right, time is 1:25am, so It's paint brushes and hobby knifes down.

Got most of the construction completed bar the engines and tail fins. The side doors have been glued open, but the rear ramp and the roof piece are both moveable, and I plan to keep the wings unglued too, for ease of transport.


It's such a pretty model, and big too.. I found it very odd to build as it kept growing bigger as time went on, especially when starting with just the troop compartment it seemed abit on the small side. Which is probably a combination of me being very greedy and secondly having some ridiculously big plans for future conversion, such as a Command/relay Valk with multiple technicians seated around a big control/switchboard in the hold.


Finaly, the pretty couple who fly the thing.
Not very well shown in the picture but I'm rather proud of how well their eyes came out.

I've pretty much settled upon a simple colour scheme now, Catachan green with the underside, Codex gray heavily highlighted towards white. I'll probably complete all construction tomorrow and get the interior crew finished and glued into place. Painting the rest of the thing might take abit longer as I need to write a paper for college tomorrow and revise for a test.


Mr Kibbles
17-05-2009, 10:39
Wow that looks like a great Valk you got there, man. What wash did you use on the deck-grilling.

17-05-2009, 15:16
The deck was boltgun metal, washed with Baab black and Flesh wash. You'll notice the paints repeat allot, but I have got a good reason.

I have less than 10 pots of paint.


Mr Kibbles
17-05-2009, 22:16
OKay, nice work.

18-05-2009, 00:19
Thanks, I got a fair bit done on it but I'll save the pictures for later tonight.

The Valk now has 4 crew members in the hold, and I'll probably aim to have 6 total, 2 gunners, 4 to look decorative. The valk itself is just missing the fuel lines on the engines and then it will all be assembled.

The plan is now
1: get rider painted and attached
2: paint exterior, engines unattached
3: paint engines and attach
4: finish all the interior models and start sticking them in place

5: come up with a pretty base to make and attach it all to.


18-05-2009, 00:27
I know how you feel about thinking it was small, but once together its soo huge,
ooh a command valk...! sounds awesome lol,
Thanks for the info bout the servo skull, trying to track some down atm

18-05-2009, 04:00
Okay all, end of day progress report time.

Valk has all its base coating done now. Going to need to wash all of it, highlight, and then weather it all down again next.. Fun for all the family.


Okay first of all, apologies for the pictures.. I've only just noticed how not clear the colours have come out.. it is Catachan green with Codex grey underbelly promise.


And here is a snap of the first 3 crew members, I was having allot of trouble fitting the rider and second HB into the same doorway so I had a new and better idea, the second HB will be in the stored position with the wounded gunner next to it, and then I'll add around 3 more standard troopers at ease etc, inside the rear of the cargo compartment, Trying to get it to looks like the Valk is shuttling in some reinforcements for the front line, (one of the 3 passengers will be carrying the FW ammo boxes that I realized I still have kicking about, also working out the pros and cons of an at ease HW team too since I have no intent of using the weapons in my actually army list.)

18-05-2009, 06:41
Very quick update because I was inspired and I think I pulled it off well so I thought I'd take a couple of quick snaps for show and tell.

I'll apologize first off all because the pictures really aren't that great, but I do have a good alibi, and that is that I forgot to turn my camera off so the battery needs charging and I can't find my universal adapter at the moment. So I was forced to use my fiances, very expensive proper camera with very expensive macro lens, which bar point and click I really don't understand much about soo the thing that determines the focus area was too small I want to say Fstop but I think that is wrong and she'll hit me for saying it in the morning when she finds out.

Ultimately, though without further ado the Valk interior.


So what I decided on ultimately was a simple 4man fire team being rushed to the front lines/ deployed in advanced ambush location, etc. (4th man being the guy sitting in the door way somewhat hidden in all 3 of these pics.


Second HB is in the upright storage position, beside wounded gunner, who is obviously using his helmet com link thingy to converse with the pilots, most likely counting down the Eta, as he has stored his gun to let the troops dismount.


And the squad leader/ sargent of the the fire team, chatting with said injured pilot while the missile launcher and loader are standing by awaiting orders.

Like I said horribly awful pictures, but I shall update this post tomorrow afternoon with decent pics. But hopefully you can all get the WIP idea/concept that I'm going for with the interior of my first Valk. (also expect too see more pouches and combat knives added all around too)


18-05-2009, 06:53
The valkyrie looks good. I also really like the idea that its telling a narrative. It gives the vehicle a hell of a lot more impact then just throwing it down on the table with a paintjob. I think that its an original idea. It makes it alot more characterful, I'd definitely like to see more like it. Perhaps several, each with their own stories going on inside of them!

18-05-2009, 06:57
I said it a few times, but wow :P

Putting a mini diorama inside a vehicle is all sorts of awesome!

18-05-2009, 06:58
There will be 2 Valks in my 1500pt list, and I have ideas in my head that will last for at least 5 if I get around to it. (Command, MASH, etc)

Mr Kibbles
18-05-2009, 07:38
The way you put the guardsmen and crewmen in there looks awesome.

18-05-2009, 07:51
Thanks for the comments guys, I'm almost surprised by the responses especially considering how poorly I did on the actual photo taking side of things.

I got to say this Valk really is allot of fun, and easily worth its price tag. Jobs for tomorrow are to go and buy allot of paint after school, I'm totally out of Catachan green and running low on Baab black, then I'll be working on painting up all the interior crew, to give me a break from the whole painting of huge amount of exterior.

(plus I'll either take, or get the lady of the household to take better pics of the current progress, in lighting that means you'll be able to see the colour properly and all, today has been a really bad day for my photography skills)

18-05-2009, 13:29
Really like your work, especially on Marbo and the Valkyrie.

Very good call on using something other than the supplied door gunners. I may have to use that idea for my next one.

keep up the good work!

19-05-2009, 04:21
Right all, I've been pretty busy with college work today so not much progress.

But I did as promised took some decent pictures/ forced the fiance to take them in exchange of cooking her dinner.

Progress for the day, loaded up all the infantry with extra packs, and gear, and under coated all the exposed plastic bits.


Looking at the pictures, I'm tempted to stick an imperial eagle to the side of the ammo box.

Also, If you could set aside your bias of good photo vs bad photo. I'm looking at a different layout of the interior, make it look like they're all heading for the side door.


Right that is all for the time being, I might have another crack at it later on tonight, but It's way too hot out here today so I'm debating just sitting infront of the room fan wearing my woolly hat and thinking cold thoughts.

22-05-2009, 22:23
Apologies for the lack of activity, have been pretty busy with college work for a while now.

But, As I have a 4 day weekend, and no room mate, and at least 1 or 2 days where the woman will be out of the house as well. It's time to start getting a move on again..



RAGE!!, okay, hmm, plan B time it would appear.. I was going to take a quick pic of a side project I had done abit of work on, and a picture of my Penal unit and Recon vets (both assembled awaiting paint) . But.. It would appear that the Lady of the house, did not only borrow my cameras memory card, and both of the spares but she also left all 3 memory cards at the office which will be closed until Tuesday.. wimmin, sheesh.

Well, If anybody wants to guess as to what the models in front of me look like, and then pick their favorite for me too attempt to have painted by the end of this weekend go ahead.

The options are;
1- Penal unit
2- Recon Vet unit
3- Super secret surprise unit
4- Storm troopers (please nobody vote for this one though)

In regards to my last post, there will be some work done of the valk too, over the weekend, but I'm still awaiting inspiration for the large base still.

Lord Gabriel Lupus
22-05-2009, 23:54
Penal Unit dude - has to be! I'd like to see your interpretation on this unit... to compare to my own thoughts...

(can I vote more than once?)

23-05-2009, 00:01
sure you can, but I can't promise getting it all painted.

24-05-2009, 03:09
Righto, update time.

Abit of good news, and some bad news for today. Good news is that, it turns out the woman, hadn't forgotten the memory cards, she had them in her pocket rather than camera case. The bad news, I haven't really done much all day.

I have decided though that this weekend I will be completing my Penal Unit, unfortunately I decided that the Catachan stand ins weren't creative enough, so I now have to assemble the penal unit first.

So I present stage 1, The concept Penal trooper.

Stubby little, primitive lasgun, will be painted, with a wood stock and the lower half of rifle itself. As to the uniform.. if you can call it that.. most likely brown, with possibly orange squared tunic.

Original enough?


Mr Kibbles
24-05-2009, 03:11
awesome. Did you get the inspiration for the lasgun from the new codex?

24-05-2009, 03:40
no.. is there something similar in the new codex? what page?

This was done by just lining up all the parts to work out how I could make something that would work on the different poses of crossbow with minimal effort.

Mr Kibbles
24-05-2009, 11:41
The page with the penal trooper unit entry with all the fluff for them. page 41.

It still looks cool.

24-05-2009, 13:07
Your lasgun is similar in V5 rules book page 141 KALEDON hunter
I love your idea :D

24-05-2009, 13:26

after the cookies of doom I honestly thought, at first glance, that this was some sort of caramel/syrup-covered waffle with cereal pieces! :D

great models though, is the 'Marbo' head in the new cadian boxset?

which college are you at? it's exam time now isn't it, must cut into modelling and painting schedules!

24-05-2009, 16:34
Thanks for all the positive replies all, and I shall attempt to get to some Q&A.

Kibbles, Huron; I've not had a look at the V5 rules apart from the Black Reach book, and the lasgun in the Penal unit entry, looks like the standard cadian weapon, with the handle broken off (the triggers in the right place but theres no handle)

Alex; The marbo head is in the cadian box, and final exams are in 2 weeks.. I believe, but don't let that worry anyone, I tend to do better without hours of revision as it just confuses me more by the time I try to take the test. The biggest thing that cuts into my painting and modelling time is my ability to procrastinate even my hobby time away.

And so, we come to update time.

Penal unit is now at 2 models assembled, and at this moment in time I have all of the parts for the rest in various stages of clean up while I convert all 8 remaining lasguns, no pictures yet as the camera is on charge.

I'm currently watching season 1 of the Xfiles, just finished my pancake breakfast and washing it all down with a glass of liquid inspiration, also known as Captain Morgan. Plan is to have the unit assembled by lunch time, so I can get undercoated and painting underway.

(I intended to have assembly done last night, but instead the lady of the household demanded I put it all down to snuggle while we watched Stephen King's IT, which for anyone who hasn't seen it, is very long.)

Explodingboy, time is 8;53am, next update approx midday.

24-05-2009, 18:41
Alright, the advantages of gathering all the parts in advance of assembling have paid off.

All 10 penal troopers have been completed in double quick time, and this time I have pictures of the mob to show off.


I worked out I could get a closer pic by grouping them rather than standing in a line, but that is the 10 all together, lasguns, and sharp pointy things, and a double handed chainsaw for the boss.


Close up of the sarge, minimal conversion work here, I wanted to use a different head, but the significant other threatened to sulk if I didn't give him the big feather hat.

She is also demanding he be called captain fabulous, and painted with a pink shirt.


and a close up of the grunts, the sort of faces only a mother could love.

Right, so this is my 11am update, now its just a wait for outside to get a wee bit warmer so I can undercoat everything. But it looks like I should be on schedule to have it all finished by tonight. (although I finished Xfiles and now need a change of DvD too)


24-05-2009, 20:03
I demand he be called Captain Fabulous too!!! Pink shirt please :)

24-05-2009, 20:09
Well, they're all undercoated now, so once the primer is dried.

Captain fabulous will by popular demand be gaining a pink shirt and feather.

The plan is, lots of bown, cream, and a tiny bit of bright colour; reds, orange and pink

Explodingboy (12:29, I spent allot of time not undercoating anything until just now.)

24-05-2009, 21:57
Right all, lots of base colours done now.


Aiming for lots of browns and greens, with the odd speck of colour. Some of the green will be highlighted all the way up to bone, as I want the look of particular poor smelling peasants (violent smelly peasants.)

I'm actually having allot of fun with these, starting to get mad ideas of making them into there very own army, more of the same for regular infantry platoons, LOTS of warrior priest (commisars) and Rough Riders, and possibly some form of Hellblaster rockets as missle launchers.

Eitherway, time for lunch now. 2:17pm, so far I'd say everything is pretty much on schedule.


25-05-2009, 01:16
Quick update, at 5:32pm..

where on earth has this day gone, time seems to have flown by since the last update (ie:I've not done much and time went extra fast.)

Either way, the first model is completed! and its non other than Captain fabulous himself.


Ready to strike terror into the heart of the enemy with his pink shirt and orange beard..

(and giant chainsaw)

Got allot on the go now, so next update should have a fair few more completed models.

25-05-2009, 06:26
One more quick update, Didn't get much completed, Have been working on some college work, suffering from bad cramp in my arm and otherwise melting into the sofa.. from 2->6pm its just direct sunlight into the apartment and a certain lack of cloud or breeze.

Can't wait to be moving in 3 weeks time.

Otherwise, and somewhat more on topic, I couldn't resist, It was just too tempting.



25-05-2009, 08:37
Fantastic work, as always - i love the lasgun conversions! This guy's pink crotch plate is pretty disturbing though :P

25-05-2009, 08:46
Fantastic work, as always - i love the lasgun conversions! This guy's pink crotch plate is pretty disturbing though :P

which is why I promise he's the only one with a pink codpiece. I thought it was disturbing too... but hard to resist.

25-05-2009, 10:01
Hahahaha!!!! XD

Lord Gabriel Lupus
25-05-2009, 21:19
Nice work on the penal troopers my man! Very different to my idea (which is rather simple lol) but very good. I'm going to lend my support in the favour of young captain fabulous and his pink shirt! though that pink codpiece is worrying/scaring me (maybe thats the source of the rending ;P lol)

25-05-2009, 21:58
though that pink codpiece is worrying/scaring me (maybe thats the source of the rending ;P lol)

I'm thinking they got the wrong idea when someone suggested dazzle camouflage.

26-05-2009, 09:26
Maybe they got arrested for crimes against... style?

*runs away*

26-05-2009, 09:36
This stuff is wonderful. Well done! Lots of ideas to, ahem, borrow. ;)

26-05-2009, 20:24
Wow this is still a very good project blog.

10/10 for all the stuff so far.

Good luck with college work mate! I'm stuck with my dissertations too lol.


28-05-2009, 15:14
Thanks for all the positive replies everyone, sorry for the lack of updates lately.

The penal unit still haven't been finished yet, I need to add eyes, finish skin and hair, and then any little details I want to add are to be added. I might have a go at it again later today, but alas this is where we run into the current problem at the moment.

I've got to the point where I'm not particularly motivated to work on the 37th at the moment. I'm considering playing about with the all metal 41st for a while, I have a metal unit of Catachans, with the old boltgun armed Lieutenant, which with abit of work I'm going to try to make into Harker.

Right .. I sort of lost my train of thought at the moment.. If I remember what I was going to post next, it'll be in the next update. For now though, I need breakfast.


28-05-2009, 21:29
Personally, the best model out there for Harker is the Heavy Bolter toting figur from the Last Chancer's set. The bolter Lt. is probably best used as, well, a Lt... regardless, I look forwards to seeing your conversion!

28-05-2009, 22:10
I'll certainly agree with OX being the better model, but it's a model I don't happen to own, and I'm attempting to cut down on the spending at the moment, got to move house in a couple of weeks.

29-05-2009, 07:12
Ox! That's the one! Ah, well, in those circumstances, I'll forgive you. ;) Now crack on and show us some pics!

29-05-2009, 14:31

This guy gives quite a good conversion guide with bits that are cheap or you might have lying around. (It's a genuine link, honest!) :P

Still loving your stuff!

29-05-2009, 14:31
Right, got to go to college in 10mins, so no time for pictures, but a small update none the less.

(pictures will be appearing as soon as I get back home)

The leiutenant Is now toting a HB, used the Steel leigon heavy as it's allot smaller than the plastic, plus it has a well placed handle on top so I don't need to worry about where his other hand may go.

Second conversion, was the female Catachan GL model, I've had it kicking around for a while and wanted her in the unit but not the GL, so with a small hack and slash job she now has a regular lasgun.

..Got to run, bus will be leaving soon


29-05-2009, 20:33

This guy gives quite a good conversion guide with bits that are cheap or you might have lying around. (It's a genuine link, honest!) :P

Still loving your stuff!

Haha, only just saw this post, some nice conversion ideas there.. it seems like both of our marbo conversions have allot in common.

The Harker model there isn't too bad, only issue is the 41st are all metal guardsmen and I want to try and keep it that way. Well, the hack and slash job on harker went better than expected, looks alittle of balance, but what can you expect with a HB carried in one hand, the ammo belt makes it all worthwhile though.


I'm still considering a few final touches, such as, Hat, backpack, decorative base (thinking of raising the HB side of his body abit, perhaps an ammo can underfoot for example.)
All suggestions will be excepted.


and GL girl and random vet, I'm thinking of making the unit Harker - Flamer - Melta gun 7 lasguns. I do have a Catachan Auto cannon and sniper model but I like the idea of running around more with the relentless HB being in a mobile unit.


Mr Kibbles
29-05-2009, 22:22
Nice conversion with the catachand GL girl. The Harker is also nice, cept my only crit with him is that the pose looks somewhat unrealistic.

30-05-2009, 04:57
Ooh, really nice conversions! I especially like what you've done with the GL woman, and 'Harker' is much better than I thought he'd turn out. Well done.

30-05-2009, 06:13
Thanks all,

Any suggestions about the hat idea, or should I just keep him as is now?

In other news, nothing more will be happening tonight I was cutting up a 40mm base so that harker could drop in and out of it (ie; if someone got anal about him having a bigger than regulation base while allowing me to create something more interesting to look at on the larger base.) but the blade sort of pinged off in 3 different directions.. >_<

Which is somewhat of a dilema because my second hobby knife went walkies this morning and I put all the spare blades somewhere safe...

I just can't remember where safe was.

Nothing really will be happening now until tomorrow, I did get the rest of the Catachans cleaned up but now I need to make all the bases for them, so there isn't anything to show tonight.


30-05-2009, 07:00
I'd leave the hat, he looks fine without it to be honest. :)

30-05-2009, 11:05
GL girl looks awesome - where did you get her? Harker's conversion is cool too, but he must have biceps of steel to hold a gun that big one handed :P The ammo belt is great - how did you get it to curl around like that?

In terms of Harker's unit, I've found flamer/flamer/heavy flamer and demos is a great combo - the firepower of Harker's relentless HB, all that fiery death AND a demo charge can take out pretty much any squad that's causing you trouble on the same turn you outflank, and if you need to face tanks, you can always use the demo charge / meltabombs.

30-05-2009, 16:07
GL girl looks awesome - where did you get her? Harker's conversion is cool too, but he must have biceps of steel to hold a gun that big one handed :P The ammo belt is great - how did you get it to curl around like that?

The female Catachan, is one of them old out of production models, but its really common too, just hunt around on Ebay, you'll find her nice an cheap too.

The ammo belt, that is from the original model, was pretty much why I wanted to use that particular 2nd edition lieutenant model.


Just carefully cut the bolter out and then I trimmed the back down of the Steel legion HB before pinning multiple times and then using the plastic HB ammo strip to fill in the very small gap.

30-05-2009, 21:12
She's not actually out of production, you can still buy her from GW in blister packs of Catachan Assault Weapons (I have three of her)! :)

30-05-2009, 21:39

You can... I don't think I've ever seen her in a blister pack.. huh, learn something new everyday.

30-05-2009, 23:30
Okay update.

Still no knife blades, didn't have a chance to get to the shops and I haven't been able to find all the spares, Or my second hobby knife.

Did manage to scrounge up enough pre made bases to get half of Harkers unit ready to start painting.
And another picture to show off Harkers base, decided he should stand on an ammo case, and by tilting his pose it reduces the overhang a little.

And here is a small pic to show my little side project I'm currently working on some more exciting bases for this force, this is just the first test scheme, going for a little Blood Angel force. How is the NMM It's the first time I've tried it in a long while.

30-05-2009, 23:46
Your NMM is a hell of a lot better than mine! :p

Harker's unit is shaping up nicely, by the way.

31-05-2009, 05:51
Oh man, I love the old Catachans, they're so manly and burly looking.


31-05-2009, 06:39
Oh man, I love the old Catachans, they're so manly and burly looking.


Yeah, the old Catachans are good, manly burly but not completely out of proportion like the Plastics.

As I haven't really had much of chance to do any modeling today, So instead I decided to lay out all the metals, and have a little work out of the metal army so far, and a little scribble of a potential army list.

To start I will admit I was abit suprised with the point total, 1395pts, All infantry 3 platoons 1 vet squad, limited upgrades (too fiddly to work out at this stage) 3 Chimeras and 2 sentinals.

Command HQ -190pts
+Regimental Standard

Veterans -140pts

Red Platoon -365pts

Platoon Cmd
+Missile Launcher

1st Squad
+Heavy Bolter

2nd Squad
+Heavy Bolter

3rd Squad

Heavy Weapon Squad
+Auto Cannon
+Auto Cannon
+Missile Launcher

Green Platoon -285pts

Platoon Cmd
+Missile Launcher

1st Squad
+Heavy Bolter

2nd Squad
+Heavy Bolter

3rd Squad

Black Platoon -355pts

Platoon Cmd

1st Squad
+Grenade Launcher
+Missile Launcher

2nd Squad
+Grenade Launcher
+Missile Launcher

Armored Sentinel -70pts

Armored Sentinel -70pts

So to recap the numbers, 3 tanks, 2 walkers, 116 infantry for the total of 1395pts, The problem is I can't decide what to do about Heavy support.. The 41st are supposed to be fighting in the Plaza districts, famous for the big arcitecture, and spacious gardens/lawns. On one hand, artillery sounds fun, Griffons (If I can find the old metal model) and a Manticore or two. Or the second option would be Tanks, Either standard Russes, although I'm being drawn towards the Eradicator too (plus the 41st will be the army that I can excuse taking a super heavy for once completed)

Also, can someone tell me what is so great about Bastonne, at 60pts and with a sort of meh, wargear, what should I expect from him, also what sort of Veteran unit loadout should I be aiming for, I'm thinking Bastonne and 3 melta guns + Grenadiers. Using "bring it down" to make tanks unhappy.

I might try to get some painting done on Harker tommorow, if the weather is nice.. which is dirty lie, as its been somewhere around 90-100F and it feel like the sun getting closer every day..

:cries: I hate Summer, It needs more rain.


wish I was back in Slough where it just rains everyday and even on sunny days I can watch the news too see Maidenhead underwater.

31-05-2009, 06:51
Bastonne... I dunno. I won't be taking him (but I am taking a version of Marbo).

I think you should go for a Hydra and a Demolisher, myself. At 75 points for a naked Hydra* it'd be insulting not to!

A saving of 125 points on the Forgeworld version! :eek:


You wish you were back in Slough!? Slough, as in, "Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough / It is not fit for people now", Slough? The Slough that's rough and scummy and has a crappy shopping centre and a tiny GW on the corner just round from the Isambard Kingdom Brunel multi-story carpark? That Slough? *shudders*

31-05-2009, 07:10
You wish you were back in Slough!? Slough, as in, "Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough / It is not fit for people now", Slough? The Slough that's rough and scummy and has a crappy shopping centre and a tiny GW on the corner just round from the Isambard Kingdom Brunel multi-story carpark? That Slough? *shudders*

The one and only.

Home sweet home. Plus its nice to be able to say the only cultural references to your home town is a famous poem about how it needs to be destroyed. :D

Actually The GW closed, the closet one is in Windsor, or was the last time I was in town.. I think it got turned into a Polish bakery, but Slough highstreet changes so often its hard to keep up.

It may be Scummy, and the shopping center, is fair to say, not that great, but I love it. (also I live on the non industrial estate side of Slough basicly on the boarder, the living room is in Slough but the gardens in Langley.)

31-05-2009, 07:33
It's a shame the GW closed, I spent every weekend there practically from the ages of 12 to 16! Played a good few games, too... what's the Windsor GW like? I can remember buying Codexes, paint and models from the Waterstones in Windsor, and also Digganob (twice!) from the big, green painted department store outside Windsor Railway Station and opposite Waitrose. Can't remember what it was called tho'.

I know Slough fairly well, I used to live in Eton and went to school in Windsor (Windsor Boys' hurrah). I suppose someone has to live in Slough. ;)

On a more GW oriented note, what paints do you have? I seem to recall you mentioning you only own three pots plus a vat of yak's blood or something like that.

31-05-2009, 07:53
It's a shame the GW closed, I spent every weekend there practically from the ages of 12 to 16! Played a good few games, too... what's the Windsor GW like? I can remember buying Codexes, paint and models from the Waterstones in Windsor, and also Digganob (twice!) from the big, green painted department store outside Windsor Railway Station and opposite Waitrose. Can't remember what it was called tho'.

Daniels, would be the big Green one, in Windsor. The Waitrose is gone now though, its a big new shopping center esq thing there now. (Waitrose relocated around the corner closer to Early Learnings)

The Windsor GW isn't too bad on the few occasions I stopped by, bigger than the Slough store and in a much nicer area, It's just over the bridge from Eaton, and then take a right when you reach the road, heading towards the Theater loading bay, I think it used to be a gallery or something before, had lots of photos of F1 cars.

I think If I remember (it closed some time ago) that they had to leave because the rent got tripled, was the story I heard from the manager anyway, he was a git though so it could all be a lie.

I know Slough fairly well, I used to live in Eton and went to school in Windsor (Windsor Boys' hurrah). I suppose someone has to live in Slough. ;)

Could of been worse, I could of lived in Chalvey.

In all fairness though, I'm not likely to be back in Slough any time soon, by the time I next vacation back home to England the folks will have moved up North somewhere, I've forgotten the name at the moment, but its near Bromsgrove, so I may be needing a list of interesting places to visit as I don't know the area at all.

On a more GW oriented note, what paints do you have? I seem to recall you mentioning you only own three pots plus a vat of yak's blood or something like that.

Pretty much, although I'm actually going up in the world, I've almost reached double digits in paint pots. I pretty much just got all the primary colours and a couple that I know I'd be likely to use regularly such as Catachan green.. Always need Catachan green when painting guardsmen. Though its been pretty good for me, have to mix allot more of my highlights, so its stops them getting to bold and cartoony.

31-05-2009, 10:28
Hey man, liking your work on the Harker conversion n lady Guardsman, I would like to see a hefty backpack on him to balance off that massive Heavy Boltewr if at all possible.

Nice paintjob on the Blood Angel Scout, the NMM looks good too. That's a nice, deep red you've achieved there, a force of Marines in that scheme will really pop! The bolt pistol doesn't appear to have painted in the same method as the blade?

I would have suggested Griffons for the 41st too, they strike me as useful mobile assault guns in such terrain as you've mentioned (yes I know they go 'pop' easily but still). But failing that I agree with Steiner- a Demolisher would look cool for your force.

I'm glad your log is getting more comments these days, keep up the great work :)

31-05-2009, 16:55
I did debate the idea of giving him a backpack, but he has a really nice sword across his back which I don't want to loose.

The Bolt pistol, yeah, the end isn't the same as the rest the paint chipped off the end and I haven't got around to doing anything about it, yet.

I'm thinking a small squadron of 2 Griffons, and then two solo Russ tanks. Demolishers are certainly high on the list, but the Eradicator gets a nice ap4 ingnores all cover which also makes it pretty fun for urban fighting plus I like the look of it's extra range over the Demolisher. (although other than the Griffons, it will probably be some time before I start buying more tanks)


01-06-2009, 02:02
Right got some painting done on Harker, need to do some touchups on the skin and such details still.


He's really turning out pretty well at the moment, I really like how the base is turning out, just got to settle, on the tile colour for the Veteran unit, I'm thinking white or orange at the moment.


And this is what I've been stuck working with still, no sign of a replacement being found anytime soon :(


01-06-2009, 13:49
Nice job, love the character you've added to this guys.

01-06-2009, 13:51
Harker's looking jolly nice, old boy. Have you considered a Stanley Knife? It's all I ever use.

01-06-2009, 23:02
hah, ooops, what you do too the knife?
Harker is coming along very nicely!

01-06-2009, 23:09
I broke the knife trying to cut a circular hole in a 40mm base so that Harker would have something abit bigger to be dropped into for decorative purposes on the shelf.

.. I'm going to feel really stupid now, thanks to you MrP, I believe I have a stanley knife around somewhere slightly easier to find than the missing hobby knife and blades.

Last week of classes now, so not going to have many updates, just paperwork to do now. (at least all deadlines are Wednesday.)

02-06-2009, 04:40
.. I'm going to feel really stupid now, thanks to you MrP, I believe I have a stanley knife around somewhere slightly easier to find than the missing hobby knife and blades.

I can make you feel like Einstein compared to me. ;)

Y'know when your mind gets a bit ahead of what you're doing, and tries to make you do stuff before it's possible? I tried to open a shower with a door key the other day. I had meant to turn on the shower, then pop out and undercoat stuff while it warmed up. But I got a little muddled. :D

02-06-2009, 06:26
Harker looks ace, so far. :)

Mr Kibbles
02-06-2009, 08:51
Harker looks awesome. Good work.

Lord Gabriel Lupus
03-06-2009, 20:55
I must admit I had some doubts over the pose you had for the Harker conversion, but I think it's now turned out really well! I can almost hear him saying (queue the bad Swarzenegger/Stallone impression) "Come get some!"

04-06-2009, 03:47
Thanks all for the comments, thought I'd drop in and let everyone know what I've been up to. not much,...

hmm, that was quicker than expected, must blabber more.. Essentially, its all been college work and some tidying. Currently having a fall out with the land lord, because they're having me vacate before the new apartment is ready, so I need to find somewhere to store all of my possessions and myself for a few days.

In lighter news, now that Wednesday is coming to an end, I have 1 class on Friday and 2 finals next week then I'm done for the term \o/, and in a week and a bit my best friend is coming out to visit from Slough for a week. Then at some point I need to start booking my own trip back to visit the family over the summer.

I should be able to get some time inbetween revising this weekend to restore my sanity by getting abit more painting done, Current projects being the not to much effort to finish Penal unit once I get around to it, and some more painting work on Harker and friends.


ps: The second hobby knife turned up again.. oddly enough it turned up somewhere I'm sure I checked at least 3 or 4 times but the fact the living room gremlins have decided to return it is more than enough for me.

04-06-2009, 23:19
I like them. Great work you've done with the scratches and battle damages. Also fitting colours and overall design.

Keep up the good work, lad.

07-06-2009, 00:00
Right it's been about a week since the last picture was posted so I ought to scrounge up something to keep you all interested in my work.

So I'll start with a brief explanation, I'm not really much of a gamer, it's probably been about 8 years or so since I last had a playable army, 1000pts of Tau, 2wins and a draw. So after working out a number of army lists, I've decided to scrap it all and go back to doing what I do best. Painting and modeling.

So for the first little display piece I'm working upon, has been seen briefly before (one of the Valk passengers.) It's PIP at the moment, but the facial work is more or less finished.



(hopefully get more done if the filler dries today)

07-06-2009, 06:52
Haha, I got some painting done today. First time all week.

Did some more on the camo and highlighted all the armor for a change, but mainly been playing around with the base, I decided to attempt something a little more rusty in a non-flesh washed manner for a change, I'm pretty happy with the result, I think if I had stopped one stage earlier it looked slightly better, but oh well.


Two questions for tonight, whats the best way to keep the mud looking wet, I'm thinking a possible gloss varnish, and secondly, yay or nay, too a possibly green/brown puddle around the crack in the pipe, possibly leaking from the ends too?


Mr Kibbles
07-06-2009, 08:51
Wow that passenger looks amazing, explodingboy. Great work mate.

07-06-2009, 10:08
Looking cool,
For the rust, I would say maybe a light dry brush of boltgun metal then bestial brown might bring it out a bit more.

Otherwise, i love that model,

07-06-2009, 13:15
Gloss varnish for the wet effect AND make the puddle green IF you are going to do one.

This guy looks like he's been fighting his way through the lines after being shot down, nice.

08-06-2009, 19:29
\o/ one final down one to go. (not till Wednesday so I got some chill time now.)

bio final wasn't too hard.. so I'm hoping I got enough to raise my grade to a C Fingers crossed an all, because the last time I thought I did well on a test it was one of my lowest scores ever.

But less of college and more of what you want to know, painty modeling news update.

After three layers of PVA the puddle is starting to take shape, I'm thinking I need a better technique for any later attempts (is the GW water effects any good? or is there a cheap third alternative)

Anyway I'll be getting back to painting again later tonight, and I might pop down to the hardware store for some glue so I can get back to making some more bases. So expect pictures later tonight.


09-06-2009, 05:01
Right update time, I got some more painting done on the current piece and, I also started to alter Marbo, heresy I realize but I think I can improve him with the new style of base, and slight redoing of the paint scheme (when you see the following pics of the current guy, you'll see the sort of improvements I have planned for Marbo.)

so I believe I have wasted enough of your precious Internets with text, so lets get down to the pictures.


Here he is in his current state, still to do, highlighting the rifle, and additional detail to the gun and right shoulder.
Any suggestions for graffiti, tags, unit numbers, campaign markings ect please let me know because I have at least 5 more to go for the first display. (Lazuli's log being a big inspiration at the moment, credit where credits due and all)

And in regards to the first picture, the close ups.


What we have so far, is the regiment marking of the 37th, and a little love heart for his girl back home.


and to finish today we have two pictures of the upcoming remodeling of Marbo. A few little changes such as the loss of a knife (more space for freehand.) and a new tilt on his head so he's looking in the same direction as the servo skull now.

Right that's all for now, expect more piccies tomorrow as there is no tests and lots of time to paint instead. \o/


10-06-2009, 04:04
Right, got Marbo steadily on his way to completion, need some graffiti ideas still though,
I'm considering a skull on the shoulder but I may save that for the unit sarge (pic at the end of post)
All that is left for Marbo apart from the graffiti, is too pick out the straps on his back pack and highlight (possibly number) the grenades. Oh and I need to add the grey highlight - black wash on his boots.

There's a quick pic of the base minus Marbo, I may add a small puddle again to help bring all the models in the unit together, but I'm undecided as to where It would fit.

Here is the WIP sarge, I've settled on all the figures for the display now, 2 lasguns, sarge, Marbo and a missile launcher team. So you can expect to see a really bad scribble or two soon of the show piece they will all stand on.

A quick bit open for public opinion though, Dead Ork or Nidz on the show piece?


10-06-2009, 05:26
Got to admit your conversions and painting is sick

10-06-2009, 21:56
Right, I decided to kill some time by actually planning out the diorama, that I'm working on.

I'll admit right now that it isn't to scale, but it should give you all a good impression of what is being aimed for.


Not one of my greatest works, but by the time It came to marking in where the soldiers would stand I decided to go a little abstract to save time.


Mr Kibbles
10-06-2009, 22:14
Wow, you've got some cool ,ideas

11-06-2009, 03:21
Right, working on the next figure, and decided I wanted a nice character piece again.

So I present to you, 2 possible options for Bastonne, It's a head A or head B decision that has me abit stumpted at the moment. (also I'm using a number of plastic parts to reposition his power sword somewhere nicer and to make up for the fact that I hacked the original arm of ages ago.)

option A
option B

I think I find myself leaning towards B, because it looks like the head is slimmer than A so it fits the slightly thinner kasarkin body. (also note that I finally found Blue tac at last \o/ ) (and I fixed up an avatar at long last, I have a face now)

Also to add, which ever head isn't used on Bastonne will be used for Pask instead.

And before any one excuses me of already diverting attention from the show piece.. well thats only half true, I designed a little picture of it in paint, and I also made the bases for the sarge and second lasgun man, all that is left is a base for the HW team (which currently I can't decide if I want them on the large HW base or 2 smaller ones.. which would then mean cutting up a large base for them to slot into if I ever plan to play.. so possibly easier to mount on the larger base from the get go.. opinions anyone?


11-06-2009, 03:41
Yay a face,
I vote for b, matches the artwork better

11-06-2009, 04:22
I'm on a roll tonight..

A somewhat scattered roll, but it's progress non the less!
More work done on Bastonne, and I'm definitely liking the look of B so it is most likely to be now. His base is now constructed but I need to wait for it to try before glueing everything down still.

Here are the 2 veteran bases for the display,

and as you may see if you squint, its going to be a dead bug theme now, since one of my original and favorite models has the flesh hook belt I felt like keeping it.

And I started to base the Valk, the hole will turn into a puddle hence the pipe, and I'm going for a dead guardsmen on this one as can be seen in the background. This isn't finished yet though, I may add abit more detail as I go when I decide what needs to be added.

Explodingboy *next update will be in a while making dinner right now.. well.. burning it to the pan to be honest, but the meats pretty much gone off anyway so I don't really mind that its not too gourmet, broke student dining and all.

Magos Errant
11-06-2009, 16:52
Excellent job on the Guard, Explodingboy! The Sarge looks ace. You were actually one of my inspirations for doing Guard!

The color scheme I using for my Imperial Guard is similar to the 41st's color scheme. I hope you don't mind.

11-06-2009, 20:06
not at all, I'm glad I inspired someone.

Although out of interest, which colour scheme did you use, I think I changed the 41st on about 3 occasions now.

11-06-2009, 22:09
First you saw it it in paint, now see it in WIP, been down the craft shop today and acquired some required supplies, so here is stage on of the display base.

All of the the visible wood around the sargent will be turned into mud, and as we work our way back it will turn into a series of tiled levels, 3 tiers to be precise.


Currently, waiting for the glue to dry then I need to score around the bases with a pencil and start filling it all up with filler, likely to be a 2 layer job at least. So if I get started now, by tonight it may have begun to look like something.


11-06-2009, 23:34
I was apparently mistaken in my earlier post.

One layer of filler worked perfectly, now I'm just waiting for it all to harden, and then its time to get cracking with the plasticard layer.


Once the plasticard is down though, I have my last descision to make, do I put a dead/wounded bug/guardsman or a pillar/rubble/barricade on the first tier just behind the single guardsmen and before the steps begin.

12-06-2009, 02:32
Like Option A. Great work, love the steady flow of updates. Gives me that little extra every day :D

Edit: also must say i love where this diorama idea is going.

12-06-2009, 02:59
Glad you like the log Duckdude, unfortunately, this is most likely the last for the evening.

The finished more or less construction pic. Still need to fill a small gap with some form of extra detail, leaning towards the dead bug idea currently, but I'm prone to changing my mind. I may just work on some of the models in stead for the rest of tonight.. after I tidy up the horrific mess I've made on the floor before the fiance gets back and beats me.

but never fear, I do bring pictures to show, and will give all a nice idea of where this project is heading.


Radio man and unit marksmen

Missile launcher team moving up the flank

Trooper at ease

And the sargent leading the way

I'll say it's been a fun project for the day, I've learned allot of things through mistakes that I will attempt not to repeat next time round. Biggest learning curve has to be, cut plasticard at the same time as foam board before its glued as I could have just used the foam as a template for an exact measurement rather than all the fiddling around lining it all up after I had assembled it. (also would have saved me allot of plasticard by reducing all the waste)

Plan is now to get it all painted and completed by the end of the weekend, wish me luck.


Magos Errant
12-06-2009, 16:43
not at all, I'm glad I inspired someone.

Although out of interest, which colour scheme did you use, I think I changed the 41st on about 3 occasions now.
I used the scheme from the very beginning of the log. The armor being painted dark green/olive drab, and the fatigues painted brown.

Excellent job on the diorama, Exploding! The missile launcher team looks ace. Where are their heads from, though?

12-06-2009, 17:02
I do believe the heads are standard IG respirator heads from Forgeworld- some of the iconography appears to have been removed.

Have you considered a peace symbol for Marbo's armour, Explodingboy? That might be a big naf tho... You could scrawl Kil Kil across the left breast part of it Roguetrader style?

Nice looking diorama so far, are you going to bit a few bits of junk on the diorama base itself? Maybe some posts sticking out of the mub, something like that.

Still loving the model you've used for your avatar by the way ;)

12-06-2009, 17:42
There will be bits of junk added still, Going to break up some more tiles as rubble, then I'm keen on the idea of some razor wire.. but I don't think I'll be patient enough to wait and get some, so something else may be used instead. I will add abit more dead bug around still, and for the steps themselves the idea of a pillar has won. Also the post idea sounds like a solid enough idea to me, will have to play around with that too.

now I just need to work out where to buy one, theres a few hobby/cake sort of places around I will try otherwise I may need to head up town to the pet shop and look at aquarium supplies.

I wouldn't say that was a naf idea.. I love the idea of a peace symbol I think I have the winning bit of graffiti for marbo now. I'll try it out when I sit down to paint later on.

and Yep, they are indeed the Forgeworld respirator heads. with the box removed from the back and the eagle shaved off the front (mainly because I dislike both of those bits)

12-06-2009, 20:27
Back from the shops, had no luck with finding a good pillar yet but I worked on muddying up what I already had.

So here are a few more pics to enjoy before I go spray paint everything, just need to dig out scratches and damage on all the tiles but that needs to wait for the cement to dry.


12-06-2009, 21:59
And the close up of Commander Vidal of the 41st Infantry.



Thats great! is that a green stuff jobby? Any updates of your valk plus riders?

Mr Kibbles
13-06-2009, 01:07
That diorama is shapping up nicely man.

13-06-2009, 02:38
Yay! Imperial Guard Dioramas are always fun! Can't wait to see it finished!

13-06-2009, 03:05
Right, mainly been painting for today, although progress is gradually slowing down as I need to start packing for the move next week.

Took a second trip around town touring a hardware store and a few thrift shops, I did spot a possibility in some hair curling things but they were too short for the overall idea, Goodwill and the pet shop tomorrow now, in search of good pillars.


I did base coat and start all 4 remaining members, but as I went on I dropped more from the batch, until I was essentially just painting the marksman. Steady progress overall got onto the graffiti and it all seemed so simple and inspired.

regimental marking
Club and marksman badge, plus a few kill marks around it.

I was tempted to paint the marksman symbol on the eye patch but I had this fear it would end up looking like the naughty nurse from kill bill.

next up now, is lenses and metal work, then all the camo and radio unit lights and dials.


13-06-2009, 09:30
Looks good, love the posing and the small details. The eye patch looks more like some targeting equipment to me...Wich imo i think is cooler ;)

Mr Kibbles
13-06-2009, 11:43
The vox-man looks great, explodingboy.

13-06-2009, 13:59
I love your work

13-06-2009, 21:41
Right another day another update.

plan for today, undercoat the entire display, just need to tape off the wood and crack out the spray can. Currently it's all looking like this at the moment.


Otherwise, its working on the sargent now, until he's at the same stage as the radio man and I'll do the finishing touches for both at the same time. Since last night, the sarge, has had allot done and the radio guy got all his lenses painted.



and to prove that I've not forgotten them, a little bit of work has been done on the missile launcher team too.


13-06-2009, 22:56
Hi there,

Great work, and very inspiring..

As for a source for pillars, try out cake shops, or shops that sell stuff for weddings.. I have found them to be a great source for pillars (used to build tiers on wedding cakes)..

An example can be seen here, but they come in all shapes and sizes..

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/wedding-cake-pillars-M-S_W0QQitemZ110400105758QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Home_ Garden_Celebrations_Occasions_ET?hash=item19b45bed 1e&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=65%3A12%7C66%3A2%7C39%3A1%7C72%3A1688%7C 240%3A1318%7C301%3A0%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50

Best wishes,


14-06-2009, 02:49
shhhh im stealing your eyepatch idea for my guy in the next unit

14-06-2009, 12:37
Yeah, I was going to suggest cakeshops for pillars last night but I got ambushed by a party in my own house and got somewhat distracted.

The marksman in particular is looking really good, I think the lens work on his binoculars looks very nice and adds something the whole model.

That sarge looks like he's having a bad day :P I like all the dents and scratches you've modelled onto the armour for you IG, it really stands out on this piece.

14-06-2009, 15:46
Okay, pictures will be up after I've had my breakfast, but I feel I need to jump in early to answer a couple of points.

cthorpe, that is essentially what I've been looking for, The issue at hand is trying to buy them in town rather than finding them online, to the best of my knowledge there is no cake supply shop hence, why I've been trawling through all the second hand places, and numerous fancy kitchen supply stores. Once I've got as far as the shopping center on the north side of town.. then I'll probably resort to ordering online.

I didn't get too much painting done yesterday, was invited to my neighbors BBQ and then by the time I'd finished some cleaning in my own apartment, the lady decided she wanted to snuggle and put a film on. (also a stated preciously this apartment gets HOT, from 1-5pm paint dries on the brush before it reaches the miniature.)


14-06-2009, 22:18
.. okay, breakfast took a little longer than planned, but so is the way of the world.


There is all the progress made on the sarge so far, pictures are a little on the dark side so I do apologize for that. Getting to the stage where he just needs metal work and camo painted now, so the same place as the marksman which means I can now go back to painting them at the same time, try to batch paint again, even if it never lasts very long.

Finally, a quick pic of all 3 of them together.

as usual, if anyone has any suggestions of things to paint on them, all ideas are welcome, currently I'm debating removing the text off the sargents right shoulder and replacing it with a skull.


Brother Jones
15-06-2009, 01:00
That sergeant is badass.

Mr Kibbles
15-06-2009, 01:39
The vets Look awesome, especially the sergeant. I'm gonna use your ideas of Valkyrie passengers when i give mine a kasrkin firing out one of the side doors

15-06-2009, 01:45
The vets Look awesome, especially the sergeant. I'm gonna use your ideas of Valkyrie passengers when i give mine a kasrkin firing out one of the side doors

Thats probably a very good place to put the kasarkin that looks like hes trying to shoot someone's toe.

Mr Kibbles
16-06-2009, 07:07
Yeah, exactly what i was thinking, 'cept my only spare one is one thats got PERFECT pinning on his feet, cause i was gonna mount him on a base. But don't you think that it'd be a bit unstable since he's not stationary?

16-06-2009, 17:59
I'm not entirely sure what the question is, if its in regards to the feet of the guy shooting peoples toes, it's pretty okay as is, but you could go the extra mile and just straighten out the back leg so that he is standing stationary rather than lunging forward.

I have got some good and some bad news now for todays update.

Firstly I went to see my new apartment yesterday, It's not bad, the kitchen is alittle smaller with bigger fridge, but tiny freezer. 1 very large bedroom and a good size living room (no real dinning area but I'm sure I'll come up with somewhere to put the dinner table.
The really big important feature though. It has a table with shelfs and draws fitted in the corner of the living room \o/ I have a full on painting space ready and waiting for my arrival!!

and in return here comes the bad news. I need to move as soon as possible, ie; after the maintenance guy has been in, locks changed and carpets cleaned. What this means is, all painting and modeling kit has to be packed away now until after the move, so there's not going to be any updates for a while. Also my best friend from England gets here on the 19th for a visit so I may be distracted for abit longer than just the move (although I'm sure I'll find time to send a pic this way of my new painting area.)


16-06-2009, 18:04
The really big important feature though. It has a table with shelfs and draws fitted in the corner of the living room \o/ I have a full on painting space ready and waiting for my arrival!!


Wohoo :D glad to hear.

there's not going to be any updates for a while.


17-06-2009, 00:30
Enjoy your time off from the thread is what I say :)

Naturally, myself and Duckdude would like to see something new on these pages once you return ;)

Have an easy move and enjoy your time with your mate!

Mr Kibbles
17-06-2009, 04:09
Yeah enjoy yourself, man. Why did you call this lovely amalgamated regiment of yours the "Rat Trappers"?

17-06-2009, 16:23
At first, superb work dear Mr.
Nice painting and very nice idea for a little diorama.

Second enjoy your days off of fiddling with your mini´s.
And enjoy your new apartment. ;-)

A question tough, what is it what you used for your "mud" or whatever? Is it sand and PVA glue?

18-06-2009, 19:04
And I'm in my new apartment now.. well a little lie, I'm in Dutch Bro's at the moment as the internet connection hasn't been transferred to the new place yet.

2 days, very very sore and aching from all the heavy lifting but I'm now more or less settled (the new place is a tip as we decided sleep was more important than unpacking boxes.) but as I mentioned last already I have a new painting desk


\o/ (as you can see putting up my models takes priority over actually cleaning anything)

Also I tried to snap a pic of my good lady while she was unpacking some boxes but the crafty fox proved to cunning for me


Oh well, I'll get her one day with her guard down.

Lu&Pu, The mud is actually very easy, its a coarse filler no mixing required, just slap in on where ever you want it. (and it has the added bonus of being helpful around the house too)

As to why the Rat Trappers, lets just say that with all this spare time, there's a story in the works for the next update. ;)

18-06-2009, 21:39
Thank you for that advise. ^^

Well fire red hair seems to me quite cool. ;-)
But no worries if Lu wouldn´t have joined this account and my log I wouldn´t have a pic of her up either. So what you achieved is far more than usually could be expected.

And of course unpacking hobby stuff is prior to all, any questions on that one? :skull:

19-06-2009, 14:18
Looking forward to getting some background on your army.

These shelves are really to big for your models...YOU NEED TO GET MORE!!! :D And some titans, and Marauder bombers, and ect.

What is inside the bag your mrs. is holding infront of her face? It looks heavy, but how can it be if she managed to get it there before you took the picture? :eek: I am sorry, but i always begin wondering about thinks like that :rolleyes:

19-06-2009, 19:01
Okay, I'm back in Dutch Bros again, this time I'm on coffee drinking duty instead of my missus, as she's decided she doesn't like the coffee here (I haven't got the best sense of taste so all coffee taste more or less the same to me.)

First up, The background will be delayed, I decided to paint last night instead, no pictures I'm afraid but I've been working on the display base itself now as we had a warm day so I took the opportunity to get some spray painting done. I'm not sure when I'll next be online as tonight is the night that my friend arrives.. at 1am in the bleedin morning >_> and If I do get to the coffee shop it's more likely that they will be using my laptop to email home and update their holiday blog.

And Duckdude, it was a bin liner that she had been emptying clothes from so it was empty by the time I reached her, hence quick and easy to hide behind. (also I'm slow and my camera has an even slower focusing delay.) I'll try and get a ninja pic later when she's baking today.

20-06-2009, 02:35
Still in Dutch Bros.. I think I'm starting to agree with my good lady about the coffee.. perhaps its time to find the next free wifi coffee shop on the road..

Anyways, 2 cups of coffee later and finally photobucket has finished uploading the latest batch of pictures, as I know thats what you lot love most.

As you can see, the display piece is coming along at a good pace. Got allot of the early work done on the last two figures.


Ignore the very badly highlighted ammo tubes, They're going to be painted with the camo scheme so it won't show much once completed.

And as an extra special, I was feeling abit creative today update special. One highly WIP Strakken, because no self respecting veteran regiment could take any other HQ choice.

and a picture of his rare Praxcel model Lasgun, short range high damage, found exclusively on the black market after the fall of Praxcels main forge, that had been located on the planets 2nd moon.


(still need a suitable ammo clip and some more detail)

Hope you all enjoy, As previously mentioned my friend arrives tonight, and monday I'm starting my Summer term (only 1 class mind so I should still have hobby time) so next update me be a few days late...

which as I'm supposed to be on holiday at the moment from this blog.. really could mean absolutely anything.


20-06-2009, 19:55
And the triple post.. or why does nobody love me enough to reply : (

Friend arrived, they got onto an earlier flight or bus so they actually arrived at a reasonable 10:45pm. But as I had been planning to stay up until 1am, it meant I had a really productive evening with a paint brush in hand, so without further ado, the Missile launcher graffiti (I'll confess in advance that I've been playing Sid Meirs Pirate game almost exclusively of late, hence all the bones and skulls.)


and the loader


(also pics taken last night, the eagle attempt has been corrected since (blotch in the center that looks out of place is gone now)

and a quick redoing of the original model as he had a big blank shoulder

Tonight depending on what happens, I'm going to try and get the camo finished and then the piece will be more or less finished and awaiting project number 2.


20-06-2009, 20:22
Lol! me love you longtime explodingboy!! :D (in non homo way!)

Good stuff, respect you for taking time with the bases and setting, i find it a pain, my two "would rather not do" are bases and flashlines..:cries:

question, the missile launcher loader's tubes, they just plastic rod?

Where's the update on your Straken?

Mr Kibbles
21-06-2009, 05:11
Nice work explodingboy.

21-06-2009, 16:01
Yay! Explodingboy updates again! Really like the freehand skulls.

Mr Kibbles
22-06-2009, 07:09
I agree with Lazuli.

22-06-2009, 20:05
Just putting it out there that I am also following this religiously, and love your stuff EB! I just never really have anything constructive to say apart from open-jawed, hero-worshipping praise, so I stay clammed up :D

Keep it up!

22-06-2009, 21:31
Explodingboy, I'm really pleased to see more people commenting on your work, your thread has been getting alot more attention recently and that is what it deserves.

I will however remind you that I have not seen a pink codpiece on this plog for at least two pages and that is simply unacceptable. If you post this sometime soon I will give one of my Flexeberg pink trousers. But not the sergeant, I don't think I could stand it.

23-06-2009, 02:15
Very nice job, love the detail on the freehand painting.

Just promise to keep up the great work you have been doing so far ;)

25-06-2009, 06:31
Right everyone, I have good news, bad news and other news.

Good news; I now have the internet connection hooked up again, so no more relying on bad coffee for my internet.. although I'm two stamps short of my free drink.

The bad news, my friend leaves this weekend, heading to portland before going to Hawaii for a few months. Although this does mean I'll have time to get back to my painting again this weekend.

The other news.. I went out of the house due to friend needing to try and poison themselves with all sort of American junk food, and I completely forgot what the other news was, So I'll digress and hopefully get back to it later if I think I may have been important.

.. Mid paragraph, but Firstly non the less, Thanks everyone for all your comments, It's always nice to hear from the fans, and don't worry I wont let it all go to my head, but feel free to keep it up ;)

and onto the Q&A,
Xepher, correct, it is just some plasticard tubing, and Strakken, I suppose I'll have another crack at him this weekend, I'm currently not feeling any direction with the model at the moment.

Scarper, It's alright, I like the hero worship just as much as the next guy, so feel free to post more of it :)

Jihad, You best start getting some pink paint ready mate, because I feel obliged to take up your challenge.

Duckdude, I just remembered the other news, aswell as moving house we now have 2 house pets, a pair of rats, flora and fern. I'll have to get some pictures of them later on so keep your eyes peeled. .. oh and Duckdude, I plan to keep up with all the painting for a fair while longer.

And although I forgot to take pictures of anything important, here are some sexy ladies to make up for it, First job after a week in a youth hostel, is laundry. friend in the cart, me lady posed behind.



25-06-2009, 07:06
nice pictures!

of the models obv
Looking good as always :D

I forgot how annoying pva glue is ¬¬
Sorry, unrelated rant :P
Working on krieg snipers atm >.<

25-06-2009, 14:34
Explodingboy is back (with no new models :( )

25-06-2009, 14:45
I want your conversion skills.....and your cookie.

25-06-2009, 15:43
Explodingboy is back (with no new models :( )

I know, sorry about the lack of models, as I said, I'm unable to match your level of productivity by a long shot.

Still thanks to Jihad, Theyre should be a avalanche of pink codpieces on its way tonight. :evilgrin:


25-06-2009, 18:17
You're welcome! So now I have to do another squad of Flexeberg Infantry complete with pink trousered NCO! Thank you so much.

I think it's a good idea to moveaway from your diorama by doing some new stuff- you've put a heck of a lot of effort into it but I think a short break will give you even more ideas and enthusiasm for it!

27-06-2009, 23:45
Right all, I finally stopped playing fallout 3 long enough to do a little painting (pics will follow, in a later post)

Got the camo completed on the diorama figures, just a few little touch ups and highlighting of the black and they'll be finished. I'm debating giving the mud a little drybrush with a lighter brown, perhaps 50-50 scorch/bestial. as the colour seems too flat at the moment.

I'm still fiddeling around with strakken, I'm really not happy with him currently and it may be a case of going back to scratch and starting again. On the same note, Bastonne needs his finished touch of green stuff and I'm comming to you all for help..

would it be wrong to give him a Dr Who scarf..


He needs something around his neck and a simple collar just doesn't seem impressive enough (even if it is the practical solution)

And in the final bit of news, I've been working on the valk again for the first time in a while, so expect to see pictures of that too later tonight.


28-06-2009, 04:36
I just saw your army man..... I'm speechless, your guys look like hard-core certified badasses. Your painting and conversions portray them as gritty, and harden. Gritty and harden is sexy in 40k. Really sexy in my book. Keep it up my man.

28-06-2009, 04:53
Somewhat very late, and somewhat not an Avalanche.. yet but I will do more I've just been having fun with the Valk instead Jihad, but here you go one Carrot top with Pink codpiece.


This is what I have been working on instead, so far 1 wing more or less finished, will add more weathering once all the highlighting is done.


The stripe is red, for some reason it's turning up orange in the picture.. no clue why mind.


As you can see though, allot of highlighting still to go.

Finally for this post (will be a double, due to pic limit) Strakken, as you can see little progress made, I'm debating putting his arm raised, otherwise It's really going to be a case of making an entirely new right arm and pose.


I will admit to liking the look of the new metal Strakken, add a cadian looking head and I think I could pull his off in which case, this plastic attempt will be scavenged for parts and most likely become a new sargent, as all my lasgun sargents no longer work.

28-06-2009, 05:02
and the rest of the pics, metal work and camo completed on the diorama sarge

And the completed bar shoe and hands missile launcher team, will finish and stick tonight but I wanted to get the pic while I still had some light. Really happy with how this pair turned out, I'll probably be putting together a few more HW teams for the 37th now, really happy with how simple the base was to make while turning out so nicely ie; not looking really plain.


and finaly, the pet picture.


The two new Rats, Flora and Fern.

hope you all enjoy the painting pics, it's been a reasonably constructive evening after I dragged myself off of Fallout 3 (I bought it last year but never got into it until my friend gave me allot of pointers.)


28-06-2009, 19:30
Wait. Wait. Do I see an update? Cheers! You updated. The camo on the missile launcher is beast and your Valkarie is just amazing! Keep up the good work (and update more?).

28-06-2009, 20:50
*Takes deep breath*

DO THE DOCTOR WHO SCARF. DO IT. The colours would actually work with your scheme too!

Okay. Firstly, I agree that u should put a drybrush over the mud on the diorama, try a light one to see how it looks. The finished launcher team looks tops, it's going to be a very nice set piece when finished.

The Valk looks very nice indeed, are you going to put squadron markings on the wings? It's just such a nice piece you've done, it deserves major pimping!

Strakken looks decent with the gun arm up like that if that helps sway you, pal.

Nice rats by the way! Hope they're friendly! And nice codpiece too, one IG squads with pink pants NCO coming up!

28-06-2009, 21:13
The Valk is looking great, did you airbrush it? highlights look great. :)

Can't decide on Strakken, both poses look kinda cool..are you goint to attach him to a squad? cos the shooting from the hip would look good with a charging squad...hmm

28-06-2009, 22:10
Thanks for all the comments,

Lazuli: I will do my best to keep up with some more updates, but I feel I may not reach your extremely impressive turn around rate.

Jihad: I think you may have single handily, decided the scarf issue for me, thanks and keep an eye out for a later update (going to wait until I have a few models awaiting green stuff before it gets started. And yes they're will be, squad markings kill markings, and the red stripe on the nose is the basis for 2 nice big Skulls.

Xepher: no on the airbrush, it's all done by hand. hence the reason it takes allot of time (plus me being lazy) As for Strakken, I'm currently thinking of making it a maxed out command squad, standard, medic, vox, bodyguards, commissar, astropath and fleet.

I'm leaning towards redoing his legs into something more static, and keeping the rifle raised, as a possible solution (plus easier when he is joined by the rest of his unit.)

In other news, almost finished the 2nd wing and the top of the valk, just got to highlight the body and tails now.


29-06-2009, 07:05
Right all, I'm back again and this time with picture evidence.

First up, I drybrushed a lighter brown across the diorama, really happy with how it's looking as opposed to the previous flat colour, and I'm making this item 1 as its the least eventful hence worst picture for the update.


Next up is the Valk, second wing finished, just down to tails and detail, again high up the list due to not being so exciting (I promise item 3 is exciting as I got sort of distracted from what I had been intending to do today.)


And finally the big event of tonight and the piece that I'm still currently attacking with a modeling knife,. Strakken mk2. Repositioned arms, complete hack and slash job perfomed on legs and the first stage of his much more impressive base.


I'm allot happier with this attempt, to the extent that I will be finishing this one in the near future where as mk 1 was getting to the point of ending up at the very back of the draw of fail.

Would be nice to hear some feedback on Strakken, currently planning to load up his waist area with pouches, but I'm undecided upon his back, FW backpack, HW team backpack, some sort of Karsarkin power pack for super shotgun/ robo skeleton power plant etc..


29-06-2009, 11:21
You hand painted your valk right?...also you stole my colour scheme for the valk...Or maybe just about everyone ends up painting it dark green :p

Everything is looking good as always. Those rats actually looks pretty cute.

Mr Kibbles
29-06-2009, 11:27
Wow, looking great, man. I really like what you've done with the Valkyrie, and the Diorama. Straken looks cool, and the rats are cute. :)

29-06-2009, 13:16
Looking good, really like that Valkyrie.