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24-03-2009, 18:26
Ok. here we are again, The project logs.

This log will just be a commentary of my warhammer 40k goings on. Im curently trawling my way through a big Raptors force, I predict at most 4k points when done.

Anyway, As i already have this force weeeeel underway i will post finished things in-between WIP stuff.

Coming up is My Dreadnaught. Now, i love the AoBR dread it's an awesome piece of kit, and only 6 odd parts aswell. However i have removed the multi-melta in favour, of what is in my mind a better weapon. The humble Plasma Cannon. It's a pretty simple and fast conversion, took me about 10 mins to do the whole dread. If you want a tutorial on AoBR dread conversions do say so. Although im sure you are all quite skilled enough to do it yourself. Also in there is my Workspace pic, I appologise for the horrifying layers of paint on it, that was before i discovered the wonder of tiles!

anyway, pics.

25-03-2009, 10:57
So yeah, Thats my Dread. Coming up sometime this-evening i will post some pics of other completed stuff. I think maybe, Librarian and some tactical squad pics.

Ok, well. IF you comment before this evening then make sure you check back cos i will simply be updating this post.

CyA lAtEr.

25-03-2009, 18:30
Attempt three? Or is it four? Hmm :P

Anyway, that is a hellvua nice conversion you've done there and I want...no, DEMAND! to see more :D

25-03-2009, 20:42
Ok, Librian pics. feast your eyes on this fella.

This guy was my 1st model for this army and i am incredibly proud of him. The hammer is the bottom half of his staff cut down and the eagle replaces with a thunder hammer head, surprisingly quick to do and has stayed there ever since.

The shield is just a shield from DA vets box. again simple, replacing the outstretched hand with the shield.

more pics tomorrow, stay tuned

25-03-2009, 21:32
Really nice conversion and good painting :)

One bit of advice on the painting side however, if you spend a little time highlighting/ shading the various colours you use on the model it will really make the model shine :)

Look forward to more :)

25-03-2009, 22:04

Cameras fault, it is highlighted. Camera pics never seem to pic up highlighting.

25-03-2009, 22:22
Is that the dread from black reach? Looks good. Like the plasma cannon, chopped off a devastator sprue I'll warrant. Will keep an eye out to see it painted.

Nice. Like your librarian too. Impressive. :D Looks hard as nails, dynamic. Keep up the good work.

25-03-2009, 22:47
Is that the dread from black reach? Looks good. Like the plasma cannon, chopped off a devastator sprue I'll warrant. Will keep an eye out to see it painted.

Nice. Like your librarian too. Impressive. :D Looks hard as nails, dynamic. Keep up the good work.

thanks bright blade, Glad to see this thread is finally picking up the punters so to speak. lets hope it lasts this time.

27-03-2009, 18:28
Righto, ive been out for more than 24 hours so havnt posted any pics. For all you fans out there ill be putting up double update sometime this evening. keep your eyes peeled, it's gonna be good.

Right later than planned, pics coming up.

28-03-2009, 10:59
Right. ok sorry about the massive delay. A mix of Unreal Tournament 3, Chaos Daemons and Playing some warhammer 40k has taken my mind off of updting this thread, that and i think my camera is nocturnal, it's takes **** poor pictures in the day time.

Chaos Daemons as you heard are a little side project I currently have running. Last night i converted up a 95% plastic Daemon Prince from a spawn some tyranid parts and possessed parts. If your lucky i might post pics this evening.

28-03-2009, 21:12
O.k people.

Daemon Prince for Chaos Daemons. I wanted a realatively bestial look to him, in place of the oversized chaos marine we have ATM. Roll on the plastic Daemon Prince.

The main body is one of my old Spawn, from when CSM got re-done. This gave me solid working canvas. I drilled out the right arm and decided to put a tyranid arm in, with a possessed pincer on the end. The left is part of the original spawn arm and the possessed sword arm.

The head is the Tyranid skull from the chaos termie lord trophy rack, wings are from possessed again.

So yeah, thats it for now. Check back soon for more.

Comment, C&C welcome.

28-03-2009, 21:18
Glad to see this thread is finally picking up the punters so to speak. lets hope it lasts this time.

Heh - its tough to keep any log alive, the key is to keep updates regular.

Looking great so far Fay, I like the subtle dred conversions and the colour choices on the libby are unique - whats the murky green, I like it!

Perhaps pic out the staff detailing in gold?

Keep up the good work.


Fire Harte
28-03-2009, 22:22
Nice stuff man, would be nice to see a tutorial for the dread. Keep up the good work and I'm sure following it. :)

28-03-2009, 23:00
Hey, hey Rev. You commented, Good times. Well the "murky green" is as follows. :)

Knarloc green basecoat. over black spray.
Catachan green, 1 or 2 coats, depends on how well it goes on.
Then highlight with mix of catachan and camo green. extreme of camo if desired.
Wash with gryponne sepia.


And as for Fire Harte's request.....heres how. :evilgrin:

Grab yourself the AoBR dread. Put it together then get the multi-melta and proceed to act menacingly towards it with clippers and knife :evilgrin:. aaand bring back all seriousness. :p

This is going to be long and quite detailed, if you get bored just try and copy the pic as best you can. Lets begin shall we.

Start by clipping the multi-melta barrel down to the base where it joins the arm, as you can see in the pics at the top. Then choose the desired weapon, usually only energy weapons work for this conversion. I have done a Twin-Linked heavy-Flamer for my dread in my Sons of Orar. :)

As for my Plasma Cannon up there, go to the devastators box. get 2 out and put them together, just the cannons as thats all you need. Clip them off just infront of the marines hand, everything else behind, space marines arm, and the back part of the cannon can go, take referance from my pics to get some deffinition on where to clip. Then knife or file flat the cut off plasma cannon.

Once flat stick it to the multi-melta base. As for the Cable, you will need to clip the first one off and use the second P.cannons cable for this, it's a shame waste mind, alternative advised. get the first "coil" part of the cable and stick to the wire bundle as shown on the pic, second part needs to be cut from the space marines arm somewhat, then shortened correctly for it to fit to the end of the coil and just on the bottom of one of the little adapter things under the canisters.

Viorla! a Plasma Cannon Dread. phew thats a long post. If it's too much to take in just try and copy the pic as best you can.

Although my conversion will be rendered inferior when we hit may, as ive just seen the pics of the new sentinel sprue on BoLS. that Plasma Cannon would save you 2 plasma cannons from dev box and the sprue would give you a host of other weapons to do other conversions with.

30-03-2009, 10:50
Hey again. Another short break between updates, been working my ass off on my daemons, who i got to play a few games with yesterday. Lets just say the rock at capture and control lol.

Anyway, sometime this evening i will upload pics of more daemons, possibly Soulgrinder and finished Daemon prince.

Until then, cyar!

OK! pics coming up shortly.

30-03-2009, 18:29
Hello Warseerites! UPDATE TIEM!

Coming up we have pictures of the follow.

Aol'Brekar - Daemon Prince
A Daemonette

The Daemonette and blooey are still W.I.P. but Daemon Prince is finished, mind you he will be getting a new head this coming Thursday, im switching it for the Decievers head.

anyway, pictures.

Righto, Daemon Prince up first.

Aol'Brekar, Dark Lord.

He was taken by Nurgle at 1st ready to become a slobbering giant in service of all plagues, but Tzeentch stole him from Nurgle and blessed him with a lock on nurgles rotting grasp, now he has the naturally tough resillience of nurgles followers but not the scars, pocs and bueboes to show for it.

moving onto the daemonette, I'm quiet pleased with the gold basques im doing for them, i think they have come out well, im going to paint her eyes and she will be done. I have a unit of 10 all with randomised bright hair, they arnt great at 10 but they have been relatively good to me.

and Blooey the Soulgrinder, isnt mine yet, buying him from a friend the next time the grasp of student life loosens. Otherwise completely basic soulgrinder, not even giving him phlegm like every daemons player and their mum does.

So yeah that what you got to look at for now, enjoy!

30-03-2009, 19:04
Blooey shall have justice after the...rather bad paint job I gave him I have to admit, he did serve me well when I played daemons (Unlike Daemonettes...curses).

The Daemon prince, really looking at it does need a better head but I know your working on that, nice Daemonettes too :)

Fire Harte
30-03-2009, 20:29
Thanks for the explanation mate. Also some more lovely models you've got there again. No critiscism!

30-03-2009, 21:16
Heya, Fire Harte!

thanks dude, it's nice comments like that, that keep me going. bringing you more and more awesome stuff each time. Im thinking tomorrow an update of all 6 HQ choices for my Raptors! well, 5. youve seen the libbie.

my HQ choices are.

Captain of 1st Company.
Captain No.2
Chaplain No.2
Captain No.3

01-05-2009, 20:11
*tinny voice*

Hey America, this is your president, John..Henry..BAHAHAH GOTYA!

It's me Three Dog hows everyone doin'

(only people who have played Fallout 3 will get that)

The thread broke my reslove, once again. But im going to continue it for your viewing pleasure.

So FireHarte, Rev and brightblade. Check here tomorrow for an update, i will put something up, im not going to let it beat me again.

Fire Harte
01-05-2009, 20:17
Oh just so you know Hephesto from astronomican used your plasma cannon conversion for the dread after I reccomended it to him. ;)

01-05-2009, 20:21
Yo Harte, good ta seeya.

Thats cool, thankyou for fighting the good fight (again another Fallout 3 refererance)

Im going out on a limb and say that you are a red dwarf fan...going on your DisplayPic.

did you/are you catching the new series?



Are you a fan of combat patrol, head on over to the rules forum to post in my combat patrol revival thread, i wanna hear what you think!!

Fire Harte
01-05-2009, 20:38
I am a Dwarf fan! :D and although I liked the series I didn't laugh much! :(

But I laughed at the Warhammer reference and the Rimmer Crotch-Thrusting...


Also a link to the thread?

01-05-2009, 21:00
great work fay, like the blue gold of the deamonette.


01-05-2009, 21:12
As per your request Harte, link to combat patrol thread.



Heya Rev, thanks for commenting. i promise ill try and stay with it this time.

01-05-2009, 22:20
As per your request Harte, link to combat patrol thread.



Heya Rev, thanks for commenting. i promise ill try and stay with it this time.

Please do mate, I know I get to see these models in person an all, but it's good to get others to see it :)

02-05-2009, 13:51
O.k my fellow Warseer's, update this evening, as if you remember me saying my camera is nocturnal and only takes good pictures in the dark.


ok, well. I forgot about the damned batteries, i dont have any charged, ill put some on while i'm at gaming club tomorrow and take pics and post tomorrow aswell with luck, cya then

04-05-2009, 09:36
Ok Guys, heres the update. HQ bonanza.

Captain Xaver - This is a captain for my force, with Jump-pack, Relic Blade, artificer armour and plasma pistol. It's just a pretty simple build job, assault marine body, head from commander box, ravenwing sword and commander box plasma pistol. Hes painted in Raven Guard colours because the Raptors are a Raven Guard successor and i wanted something a little different to paint.

Chaplain Strabanus - This is one of my 2 chaplains. Jump pack, Plasma Pistol, Digital weapons and melta bombs. A bit of conversion here.
The Weapon is from the DA vets box, with the mace end cut off and replace with one of their icon statuette things and the head is from the CSM box with the chaos arrow filed away from the front of the head.

Captain Nathaniel - Captain Numero 2. Cheap, Simple and leads a group of veterans. Power Weapon and Artificer Armour for wargear. Again a few conversions. the bolt pistol arm is from the Thunder Hammer GD mini. the lower holding arm, simply put a bolt pistol on the end. The Banner is from AoBR commander.

Librarian Ananias - You have already met this guy, but i thought i would post him up anyway. Terminator Armour and Storm Shield as wargear.

Chaplain Alpheus - Chaplain Numero 2. Made primarilly from AoBR reach terminator, Crozius arm is a thunder hammer with the hammer head cut off and replaced with the top of the staff from the librarian. Combi Plasma Gun from one of the many boxes of veterans we have seen over the years. Terminator Armour, Combi-Plasma as wargear.

Captain Venatus - Captain numero 3, Plenty of work went into him, He started out as a poorly painted and modeled Lysander, i rescued him from the clutches of a staff member believe it or not. A traded a Khorne Herald for him. So i resprayed and repainted, althought he original layer of paint of horrificly thick i believe i have done a good job. The sword arm is part CSM termie lord and part revenwing power sword. The holding arm part is the holding arm for the staff of the termie lord/sorcerer box. Storm bolter is simply part of the deathwing upgrade from the DA vets and the on top is from the devastators box.

There we have it, my 6 HQ choices for my raptors force, Plenty of variety. Now if you will excuse me im off to watch some family guy.

Coming next time. Assault squad and Vanguard Veterans.

04-05-2009, 16:11
Ok, Just an update for my raptors, Iv'e nearlly finished a command squad. tomorrow or Wednesday ill update with pics of them.

Fire Harte
04-05-2009, 16:30

Oops wrong kind! :p

But aye cool stuff and keep it up. I think the lysander conversion is ace. Heck they are all ace!

05-05-2009, 20:29
thanks Harte, well my mind is on tomorrow right now, University place 'interview'

Won't be updating till tomorrow evening, and even then depending on how i feel.


ok, peeps. update coming tomorrow. likely as i said assault marines and vanguard veterans.

As i said i had my interview at uni yesterday and i think it went rather well. waiting on their reply sometime later today or tomorrow.

08-05-2009, 20:56
Ok. Here be my Vanguard Veterans squad.

Im not a big fan of GW's current ideal of everything must be jumping off of something, as is the case of the vanguard, and with this army i wanted to stay away from metal as much as possible, save for commanders.

So i went about using a box of assault marines for then. A few fairly simple conversions, some ghetto pistol posistioning and a few arm twists and such. Painting wise i kept with the theme of having a few Raven Guard units in my force, along with my 2 jump-pack commanders.

look em over and tell me what you think.

You will all be disheartened to know i didnt make it into university, but i have other choices to come around yet so who knows.

tomorrow's update will be the armour i currently have done or some assault marines....nah the armour. you will want to see the crackdown razorback.

Fire Harte
09-05-2009, 08:54
apart from those mould lines they are nice. I like how they are rather toned down and like a generic assault marine than the depiction of them being clad in bling like Papa Smurf. ;)

09-05-2009, 09:01
apart from those mould lines they are nice. I like how they are rather toned down and like a generic assault marine than the depiction of them being clad in bling like Papa Smurf. ;)

Pah, Mold lines. You only ever see them at close quarters like this. From accross the table they are invisible, so i say pay them no heed, unless you do paint purely for uplcose and personal reasons.

Anyway, tonight. Armour.

Vindicator and the Crackdown!!

Well, now i come to think of it where be such things as mold lines, ive never payed them any attention so dont actually know where to look, so next poster could you please help me out by telling me what and where the mould lines are.


Hmmm, those pics are a bit blurry, ill try and improve my picture taking abilities for the next batch.

Fire Harte
09-05-2009, 09:59
Hmm, well befre you paint a model take a picture! The flash/whatever should show them up!

But strangely enough fay I'm assembling a vindicator to! :D (Just glue in the interior door bit because it goes wonky otherwise and that's for all rhinos.)

09-05-2009, 10:16
Hmm, well befre you paint a model take a picture! The flash/whatever should show them up!

But strangely enough fay I'm assembling a vindicator to! :D (Just glue in the interior door bit because it goes wonky otherwise and that's for all rhinos.)


well, as per most of my stuff, it's been built and painted for a good while now. The one thing i wish GW would do is the vindicator armour upgrades on a seperate sprue, the extra armour and dozer blade. As they would look intense on something like a predator. maybe not the dozer blade so much but the armour.

Bring back the good old days of GW's sprue selling ways. Im a poet and didnt know it, there i go again i really need a pen....ok ill stop now.

Fire Harte
09-05-2009, 10:32
That would be a good idea actually...

So instead of whingeing about the price jack I myself have a letter to (one day) write! :evilgrin:

09-05-2009, 20:20
Yo peeps, update time!

Ok first up we have my vindicator, Luthor.

Some close-up shots of my work, 1st being the siege shield and cannon, 2nd the dirt and grime picked up from the battlefields of the far future, i never used to dirty my tanks and such, i was always a fan of polished pretty tanks but it certainly gives them a little bit of life.

next we have the last view from camera log 123244542.1.11 of a bunker from the last city scape this thing crushed. Then an up and out full tank view.

Now for my preety baby, crackdown razorback tank.

Twin-linked assault cannons are a heafty price on a razorback at 35 points but they have been quite worth it, it's my command squads tank and has proved it's worth (and points value) a fair few times.

The conversion was pretty simple, Predator Twin-Linked Lascannon turret with the Assault Cannons from the Ravenwing sprue stuck on the front, the AC's were cut down a bit, their back part which attaches them to the land speeder is cut off.

pictures wise, 1st we have a view of the AC's, showing where they are on the turret. More loverly dirt and grime pics at second. Interior shot at 3rd and then up and out full tank view.

Thats your lot people, i can't think what to update you next but im sure ill think of something.


on the 3rd vindicator pic you will see my dreadnaught blurred out in the background, there has been a problem discovered with the Plasma Cannon conversion. The Space Marines holding hand was still on the otherside of the cannon, and very closely molded to the gun, i can't bleev i didnt notice it before, sorry people.

when i get my next dosage of money im going to buy some sentinels and cheat and use the plasma cannon from the box, then build the sentinels as i have never done any before.

Fire Harte
10-05-2009, 09:23
I like the razorback conversion although I think these tanks need a little more colour.

10-05-2009, 17:38
I like the razorback conversion although I think these tanks need a little more colour.

Nah, not really. it's the Colour Scheme of the raptors, a lot of murky dark green and very little metal. Other colours would be breaking the scheme and i dont like to do that.

As such, presenting the Raptors chapter.

Fire Harte
10-05-2009, 18:59
Ah then its all good then! :)

11-05-2009, 14:57
Hey there!
It all looks to be coming along rather well and I can't wait to see them first hand in a few weeks time. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more.
Oh, also, any plans to go to games day?

12-05-2009, 20:42
Hey Dude, nice to see you commented. unfortunatly those couple of weeks are still a good month and a bit i think arnt they, but hey they'll come round quick enough i guess.

Well, ive considered it every-year and havnt chosen to go. cos the last time i went about 5 years ago now i didnt enjoy it much, most of my day was spent walking back an forth accross the arena seeing everything over and over. Maybe i would enjoy it more now, i dunno. but i think the only way we could really have fun would be to take our own stuff. We could, i guess. I dunno.

Anyway, moving on. Update tiem!!

So yeah, just today i finished making a sternguard veteran unit, out of plastic parts and i am quite proud of them.

Pics are ofcourse below, check them out and comment. There isnt much variation in the veterans after the sergeant, save for poses and bolter posistions.

The sarge is a mix of devastator parts and general tactical marine parts. The pointing arm is command squad in origin.

The Sternguard veterans themselves are simply a mix of command squad parts and simple tactical squad parts. they all have bolt pistols hanging from their waists, Side-arm FTW. shame their pistols can't have the special ammo.

That's it for now. Im running out of completed things to show you all really. i would post troops pictures but i can't help but wander wheather they would be interesting, and besides. Me and my Nocturnal camera need to get the hang of squad pictures.


how goes the eldar anyway, i know you emailed me the other day but yuh-know, updatez updatez.


ooooooooh, ive just noticed the mother mould line on the sarges shoulder pad. ah well, cant be bothered. :P pleh harte, hehe.

12-05-2009, 20:45
looking good fay_redd, keep it up!


13-05-2009, 09:19
Hey G.Hawke, cheers for the comment.

Maybe, just maybe I'll update today, if i can find something. Ill give squad pictures a go, i can't be that hard....i hope. Naturally if i do something today it wont be till easily 9:30 as i keep saying my camera is nocturnal and continuously takes blurry pictures during the day, no matter how many setting i change.

16-05-2009, 09:12
O.k, well. hello people. i havnt been updating for a while due to E.M.A fething me about. That's been taking up most of my time, tonight if i can ill try and post some squad pictures. fingers crossed eh! XD

Fire Harte
17-05-2009, 13:39
Hey mate,

I like the sternguard, good use of beakys! Heck they are ace! :D beakies FTW!!

17-05-2009, 17:56
Hello all, I'm going to update tonight. A unit of Possessed CSM and a Chaos Sorcerer. ofcourse wont be till 'bout 9:30 what with my nocturnal camera.

17-05-2009, 20:06
:D Hey hey, Update time. Possessed Chaos Marines and Sorcerer. Plus some things that have been going on recently.

Possessed: These guys are in my top 5 best GW boxed sets, they are just so damn awesome. they can sometimes under-perform in a game, still. Rule of cool i think. The image of a Possessed (for me) isnt fully gone to mutation, retaining some human features. Like the 1st pic still holding his chainsword and 4th one still with a normal CSM torso. the Icon bearer is my favourite i think. Ive used parts from different Icons on his wavy stick to make it look different from a normal Slaanesh Icon.

Sorcerer: Now then, some of you may remember my Reavers log, with Khasgar the Sorcerer, Well this is Khasgars new form. More powerful than ever. Primarilly plastic Terminator Lord kit, with a converted sorcerer staff that incorporates an image of Tzeentch's symbol. The Sword is from the Metal Chaos Terminator Lord that came out with Medusa V, Cities of Death. He is ofcourse standing on the rock of chaos, because what good commander isnt standing on a giant rock these days.

O.k so that's models, now let me tell you why i'm building Chaos instead of loyalist marines.

Last Thursday i got invited to join a campaign that a gamer was running at my local store, Oxford Games Workshop. The imperial side was already quite full and he was really looking for some evil-doers. I was playing with my Reavers at the time he asked me so i said ill play with these guys. This sparked me off thinking that they need to stop being 'renegades' and start being right proper baddies. So i picked their background back up and continued it as so.

In the long years since the Reavers turn from the Imperium, Captain Faelen started to lose his grip on his war-band. Chaos crept in at every turn, his warriors praying to the gods for favour and power in battle. When a daemon from the Chaos Realm presented itself to the warband, promising power and greatness to Faelen, Faelen cut it down in a swift stroke of his sword. Seeing their chances of power go up in smoke the warband turned on their captain.

This was the last straw for the champion of the assault squad, Fennius. At the time the warband turned from the imperium he had tried to convince Faelen to embrace Chaos, Everytime he was silenced and everytime he hated Faelen more and more. He blasted his jump-pack and roared towards the captain, leaping on him like some beast of old. The rest of the Warband ran forwards, suddenly enraged and eager to kill their captain.

Khasgar, the Warbands sorcerer, could not understand how his once great brother and captain had fallen so far into paranoia and despair. He had been observing Faelen's changing nature very carefully for a long while and realised it was time for him to take over from his captain. He bellowed loudly at Fennius to pin Faelen to the floor, which he did without hesitation and glee. Khasgar stood above the wounded and dying form of his former captain and pulled his very soul from his body and sent it to the damning realm of chaos.

Faelen now lay lifeless on the ground, Khasgar picked up the captains sword and as he did it warped and twisted into a powerful and jagged blade. He held it aloft and the warband roared in pleasure and Rejoice.


It had been 3 months since that day, that Khasgar had killed Faelen. The Warband moved to an abbandoned bastion, where they could hold up relatively secure. Chaotical Icons and totems were raised around the fort and Dark practices started being performed, Such as possession to make the mighty Possessed Chaos Space Marines and the summoning of Daemons to the material realm.

Khasgar was now leading the warband and he new that a new era had dawned. It was now his time, to lead.

Teh ErNdZ.

So there we have it. My Reavers Chaos Space marines.

Hope you enjoyed this long and great update. Next one will likely be tomorrow. Some Khorne Beserkers i think.

Mr Kibbles
18-05-2009, 07:09
thats an amazing drawing. Where'd you find it?

18-05-2009, 07:11
Um. Mr Kibbles, What?

Mr Kibbles
18-05-2009, 11:52
Whoops sorry must've posted in the wrong thread.

18-05-2009, 21:22
Well, i was going to update today but i havnt finished the stuff i was gonna give you. Said items were my "Khasgars champions" Basically a further 4 (optional) HQ's for the Reavers, a Nurgle lord, a Khorne lord. A second 'lower' Tzeentch sorcerer and a Slaanesh sorcerer.

19-05-2009, 20:15
Hello All. Here is todays update, 3 of my 4 'khasgars champions' are built, Im struggling to think of a way to make a nurgle lord. Anyway, onto the good stuffs.

Khorne Lord, Haimon the Decapitator. This guy is huuuuge, a whole head above a normal Chaos Marine. It's the Possessed legs and body that do it really, The sword is a bloodletters Hellblade, Cut off at the hilt and attached to a normal sword holding arm. Plasma Pistol is from the Khorne Beserker box. I wanted him in a running pose as to really define a khorne hero, charging head long into the fight with his 'Blood Brothers' behind him.

Tzeentch Sorcerer, Myrddin the Changer. I went about finally doing some plastic robed chaos sorcerers. got a poor DA veteran and sawed the unfortunates torso off leaving me with a lower-robe. Body is from Possessed sprue as it is the only one that did fit over the ropes around the waist. Staff is made from Space Marine CS banner pole and chaos icon from the CSM sprue. Head is the Tzeentch champion head from the CSM's. I cut off the lower 'tusks' to make room for the head to fit in the larger than normal possessed body. That's him.

Slaanesh Sorcerer, Ahti to Caresser. Once again, a brave Dark Angels Veteran gave his life for a robe, I wanted two sorcerers to look the somewhat the same but different because of their chosen god. The halberd is made from a CSM Icon pole, the Hilt from the Black Reach Commanders sword and the bayonet from a Reaper Auto-Cannon. I struggled to think of something to do for his right arm but in the end gave up and settled for a Plasma Pistol. I went for an imperialist one as they are more sleak and more slaanesh like.

Right well that's your lot, Ive got to think of a cool idea for a Nurgle Lord. Might have to get myself some Greenstuff and try sculpting. I did make him out of just a Plague Marine body but the metal figures are so outsized now compared to normal CSM, He just looked a bit silly.

Bye for now people.

19-05-2009, 21:06
looking good fey some great posing going on, keep it up.


20-05-2009, 09:38
Hey Rev. Cheers for the comment. Yeah i'm pretty proud of the champions.

As i said, I want to make a really nice nurgle one. Looks like i'm going to have to try Green Stuff.

Fire Harte
20-05-2009, 16:26
Those are seriously some of the coolest possessed I've seen in a long time, good show!

25-05-2009, 16:34
Hi eeeveryone. Sorry i havnt been updating iv'e not had much in the way of completed models. But I finished painting my Sorcerer on....hmmm. Friday evening i think. So i will post him.

Other things close to finishing a unit of 8 Khorne beserkers (favoured yaaaa!...oh wait, thats gone now hasnt it)

I will update with sorcerer tonight. cya then

25-05-2009, 20:52
O.k people. Here be the promised update.

Short and sweet really. You saw him unpainted a while back and now he's finished and I'm rather proud of him if i do say so.

A bunch of beauty shots. That's it for this evening. Enjoy!

Fire Harte
26-05-2009, 08:19
I like him. What warband is he from?

26-05-2009, 12:56
I like him. What warband is he from?

Well, his colours are those of the Thousand Sons Chaos Legion. But he is in my Reavers warband as their leader.

hope that answers your question harte.

Fire Harte
26-05-2009, 16:33
It does. ;)

29-05-2009, 14:08
O.k mah peeps.

Update coming tonight. Khorne Beserkers and my finally created Nurgle Lord.

Seeya this evening.

Fire Harte
29-05-2009, 15:32
Bugger! I just revived a few berserkers and a few nurgle marines are in the planning stage. :eek:

29-05-2009, 21:15
Hello my log followers, or follower. Im lookin' at you Harte.

Here be some updates for you all. What i'm gonna do is do one updated with Lord of Nurgle and then one with Beserkers.

So as such, Nurgle Lord for your viewing displeasure.....

So here he be, the Nurgle Lord i struggled on creating, A fair amount of Decision making went into this guy, what parts to use, how to change that bit to fit that bit on it. My love of the possessed sprues has prevailed again, the Torso and legs being from said box, also the scythe holding arm. The backpack is the champions pack from the plague marines box. Head is ofcourse Nurgle Champion from CSM box.

Now then the interesting bit, The Scythe.

As with the staves for my sorcerers i have plundered a chaos icon banner pole for this. Cutting it just infront of the wrist to hand joint and placing it on a filed and knifed possessed arm. I then got one of the many skulls (YAY SKULLS) from the chaos spares i have, cut off the chain that was attached and stuck it on top of the pole. I stopped here as i did not know what to do for a scythe, Then rummaging around under my working desk i found an old warrior scything talon, so i clipped off the top little claw thing and filed it down at the back and placed it on top of the skull. Now currently it does look like the skull has just gelled his hair into one massive forward facing spike but once it's re-sprayed and painted i assure you it will look a lot better.


I'm planning on doing a bit of Blue and Yellow stuff work on the scythe top, to make it look a bit less bitz bash, Unless. It does make it look like it's made from bone, you lot tell me what you think i should do.

Well that's nurgle lord, Now im going to start a seperate post for the beserkers.

29-05-2009, 21:31
Here we go then, beserkers post.

Alright then, well 1st up is my skull champion. I was tempted to paint the actual head bone but i thought not as to run with the 'red-head' squad ideal. 6 of my 8 zerks are from the days of my Word Bearers, before i even knew warseer existed. As i put in an earlier post back on last page now, Ive joined a gamer-run campaign and i decided to hall out my beserkers for my army. I had a champion model but he was mostly built from chaos marine parts and looked incredible static and small next to his brothers.

Next up is a beserker, one of the original 6, they were the best painted unit in my word beaeres and as such, to save time i simply washed them with sepia and they have turned out nice. After his, is another zerk, different pose.

Next up, my second of my 2 newly created beserkers a plasma pistol user. when i made my word bearers i didnt know the simple wrist twist trick to repose a model, now i do and i used it with this guys chainsword, it was originally a basic front facing one, twisted to the side to become a defensive pose. Plasma pistol is an official khorne beserker one, i put it on a loyalist arm as all the right handed pistol arms for chaos are all the bunched up and tiny ones, i wanted this guy to be firing his pistol in the air and so chose a straight loyalist pistol arm for the job.

That's it my pretties, for now atleast. Enjoy.

29-05-2009, 21:35
Berzerkers look awesome mate, nice stuff, especially the one with the donnie darko head.

29-05-2009, 21:45
Woah, that was quick Swifty2. Thanks for the comment, you have been relatively loyal to my log for a while so thanks for that aswell.

Mr Kibbles
29-05-2009, 21:55
That Nurgle Lord looks awesome Fay. The Berzerker looks cool as well.

30-05-2009, 11:22
Thanks Kibbles.

Well, tonight i'll try and find something for you all to see.

Fire Harte
01-06-2009, 15:45
I think you need a few more so the unit is Khorne8 at least. ;)

06-06-2009, 02:13
Hey, liking the work very much! Anything planned soon?
By the way, I finaly start my own Plog, just search in in the general section!

06-06-2009, 14:15
@ Harte. I do have 8 berserkers, just i didnt post all of them as there is no difference between the normal ones really. No fear, i remember the days when the Chaos codex was fluffy. Damn Gav Thorpe to hell for butchering our sacred tome!

@PaleRaven. Heya, cheers dude. Everything is still in the works so not much planned. Ive seen and commented your log, good job.

Anyway, I'm setting this log aside for a while as i have run out of stuff to show you. I will return sometime in the forseealbe future. i promise.