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Dirty Fingers
27-03-2009, 01:08
So after a long hiatus, I'm trying to get back into things...only to discover a new book! oh well, tell me how my old army is....i'm basically just using what i've got at the moment

Saurus Oldblood - Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, Maiming Shield, light armour, Venom of the Firefly Frog

Saurus Scar Veteran - BSB, Great weapon, light armour, carnosaur pendant

Skink Priest - lv. 1, Plaque of Tepok, Diadem of Power

Skink Priest - lv. 1, 2 Dispel Scrolls

20x Saurus Warriors w/ full command and spears
19x Saurus Warriors w/ full command and spears

10x Skink Skirmishers with blowpipes
10x Skink Skirmishers with javelins and shields

4x Terradons

Stegadon (the regular kind with the giant bow)

2x Salamanders (again, I'd prefer Razordons, as they seem much better, but for now, Salamanders are what i've got....)

Edit: 3x Kroxigors dropped, 1x Salamander dropped

Carnosaur added, Venom of the Firefly Frog & Plaque of Tepok added (had 25 points left).

So, any better then before?

If it's desirable, I could also drop one Terradon and drop the Skink priest with Plaque and Diadem, and drop Venom off the oldblood. With those points, I could upgrade the Steg to an Ancient Steg and mount a skink chief with the Stegadon Warspear on it. Would this be a good idea? I only didn't do it because tossing in a 380 point mini in a list that already has a 450+ pt mini it makes me a bit nervous.

Kai Itzah
27-03-2009, 01:40
Working down the list...If I were ever to run a Saurus Oldblood I would on a Carnosaur, but seeing as you're working with the models you have...first of all with the Maiming Shield you don't need a regular shield as well. Second of all, a powerful combatant with 8 S5 attacks, but putting him in the Saurus unit is not a great move in my opinion. I would consider putting him on a Horned One, or even a Cold One. With the weapons it's pretty much you're choice, any of the first three weapons works well.

In regards to the Scar Veteran, he could also benefit from a Cold One or Horned One, or the Jaguar Charm. Good for killing chariots with his Great Weapon. Rarely considered, but I think that the Venom of the Firefly Frog is worth it simply because it gives you magical attacks.

Priests, with this current set up, I'd get the second Dispel Scroll on the other one. In this list the Diadem is about as good as a regular Dispel Scroll, seeing as they cost the same it's a matter of preference. I wouldn't bother with getting any levels.

Sixes. Yay! 24 Attacks! I assume you have forty models so that'll get you...two units with 3 ranks of 6? Saves you 24pts. (And personally, psychologically the 3 ranks make them look less scary. But that's only useful if you have another unit that will draw equal attention)

Is this all the Skinks you have? Because a good use for those naughty nerfed Kroxigors is a unit of 16 Skinks with 2 Kroxigors. Though, you'll probably want a few more Skink units to draw attention at 2000pts as well.

Yay, Terradons! Keep them that way. Maybe invest in more.

At this point...I'd look into dumping the Stegadon and putting the points to better use elsewhere. Also look into plopping a Skink Chief into the top of it. Chief on Ancient Stegadon with War-Spear is devastating.

Mehhh, I wouldn't say the Razordons are better than Salamanders. They both have their equal strengths in my opinion. Seeing as you have the models, I'd stick with the Salamanders.

If you're looking into more models in the future, if you want to keep with this style of list, I'd look into mounting that Oldblood on a Carnosaur, plopping the Saurus Scar Veteran in a unit of Cold One Riders maybe. More Terradon Riders. Many more Skinks. 50pt 12" march, get in the way units are awesome.

Dirty Fingers
27-03-2009, 02:08
Thanks for the comments.

A lot of what you mention did indeed run through my head. I do want to have a Carnosaur in my list eventually to be sure. That said, a 470 pt model in 2000 points makes me choke a bit.

The same goes for the Skink chief with the steggie spear. Imo, it's crucial that with that chief, that it be an Ancient Steg for the st. 6 impact hits, and that's 380 points as opposed to the 230 i'm spending now...also not sure how comfortable i am about losing a priest....

Ultimately i agree with you on the just swapping out the diadem for a dispel scroll; it's not like i'm going to have great spell selection anyway. I only chose the diadem to be a bit more fun.

Unfortunately that is all the skinks i have at the moment. The cohort unit DID cross my mind, as i agree that that's pretty much the best use for the nerfed Krox these days. Then again, if I had my way, I'd probably drop the Krox all together....perhaps drop the salamanders down to two and grab a carnosaur....hmm maybe i WILL do that :D

as far as the cold ones go...i don't know...i'm really a bread and butter sort of guy. I'm not sure how comfortable i am with having both my general and BSB roaming about isolated, alone, and away from their army...particularly without a monstrous mount. I'm just not comfortable with it, tactically speaking.

Again, thanks for the comments. I'm glad to hear that my Sallies are not as useless as I thought (I admit i was a bit pissed when I read the book.)

That said, I am now seriously considering dropping the Krox and one salamander (leaving them to two sallies) to cram in a Carnosaur.

Oh and many thanks for reminding me about the maiming shield/shield thing. Silly me.

Anyway, I'll update the list now.

the Engineer
27-03-2009, 05:09
Venom of the Firefly Frog is cool but doesn't work along side the Scimitar and Maiming shield b/c it only affects mundane weapons.

Perhaps the Venom should be on your Scar-Vet instead as it would work with the great weapon(and I personally hate the Carnosaur pendant, it will send your BSB off into the wrong place, murphy's law)

If your not planning on using an engine of the gods then I do recommend the skink chief w/ lance and stegadon. either way this gives you two stegs. when it comes to stegadons the more the better.

Dirty Fingers
27-03-2009, 05:23
Cool, I've updated the list again. Here it is.

Saurus Oldblood w/ Scimitar, Maiming Shield, light armour
Mounted on a Carnosaur

Scar Veteran w/BSB, great weapon, light armour, Carnosaur Pendant (which i'll probably regret)

Skink Chief w/ Stegadon Warspear

Skink Priest lv. 1 with diadem of power and dispel scroll

19x Saurus Warriors w/spears and full command (Scar Veteran goes here)
20x Saurus Warriors w/spears and full command

10x Skink skirmishers w/ blowpipes
10x Skink skirmishers w/ javs and shields

3x Terradons

2x Salamanders

1x Ancient Stegadon (skink chief rides this)

Better? At the very least the fact that I have two horrifying threats in the Steg and the Carnosaur should at least divide fire....

Wolf 11x
27-03-2009, 05:36
Lose the BSB entirely. I would also lose the Chief and put the Priest on an Engine of the Gods.

Whatever you do, the mount doesn't actually take a rare slot.

I think you need more support than one Stegadon and one Carnosaur... I field 2 Stegadons, 5 Cold Ones, and a Carnosaur and it works brilliantly.

27-03-2009, 19:46
Scar Veteran w/BSB, great weapon, light armour, Carnosaur Pendant (which i'll probably regret)


more like definitly

I would lose that carny necklace on the bsb----First off this scar vet is going to be public enemy number #1 for your opponites simply because he is the BSB. The carny pendant is going to make him do all sorts of things vis a vis compusary (sic) movement that you are not going to want him to do, charging out of units, he has to pursue- etc. And for what? An extra attack? Not worth it, give him a sword of battle instead-its the same points cost.
Opponites will get 100 vps for capturing standards, you dont want to make it any easier for them. Its just a bad bad combo-