View Full Version : worth putting tk warmaster stuff on ebay?

29-03-2009, 17:37
edit: stuff has been sold.

29-03-2009, 18:23
Why not try posting on the trading thread here on Warseer - You could either get some models you really want, or try selling...

29-03-2009, 18:39
that's a good idea. i haven't really explored all of this place yet, so i'll take a look.

also, to list what i have:

two full units of bowmen, plus two extra figures (one base) of bowmen.

two full units of skeletons.

one full unit of bone throwers.

one tomb king.

five figures of cavalry (of the six required for a unit).

if i remember right, they had smallish boxed army sets for warmaster when it first came out. i got one thinking it would be a cost-effective game, but never played.

29-03-2009, 19:36
Don't forget to add where you are, where you'll ship to, and if appropriate, what you're looking for in trade.

29-03-2009, 21:13
(especially considering that warmaster stuff is somewhat hard to come by at this point).

Unfortunately for you, these Warmaster Tomb Kings miniatures are not hard to pick up at all either from GW or eBay.
Now Kislev, that is another matter:(

30-03-2009, 08:46
I was surprised to see all my empire stuff go quickly here in Australia, give it a go. Just don't regret it later like I always do :)

31-03-2009, 15:50
Warmaster stuff gets snapped up very quickly on ebay, more so than warhammer. I've been trying to get a bargain on ebay for a long time, there are some people who pay top dollar.

Can you put a link to ebay on the trading thread? it will increase your market

20-04-2009, 21:17
I am going to start with warmaster for the first time and I am considering Undeads actualy. If link to ebay is provided and possible shipping to sweden I might buy it have to go throu my economy first.