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Fire Harte
01-04-2009, 16:40
Hello all, I'm back and I'm posting up what I'm doing.

Link (http://www.astronomican.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9932)

Above is a link to a project I've been working on for the past three months. I could shift all of those images across to here but that would mean resizing each one off of photobucket re-uploading them. I'm sure it is easier for me to provide that link(no intentions of advertising).
There is also a little navigation tool I implemented as it is a huge thread.

But yes, I have A few images:

Last one in link (Picture Limit) (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Tale%20of%208%20Gamers/April/DSCF2260.jpg)

--A few Cyclops pattern helmets courtesy of this: Link (http://www.astronomican.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=443&Itemid=99)
--Three radically different heavy bolters/autocannons. (Forgot a picture of the fourth one but it is nothing special.
--All robed squad. I was tempted for fallen marines (dark angels before any puns occur!) but I can't see them all specialising in one group and all together in a group of ten.

So thanks for viewing (I didn't expect you to view all 30+ pages of that link just so y'know!

Fire Harte
02-04-2009, 19:34
Ey up all!

Another update from me again.

Right then so I have recently been working on this:

That's for a competition:

I'm definately going to bulk out the stand thingy and will probably have it looking like a dakka/seein' post.


Lots of fun doing that. I'll maybe add an icon onto the model but may keep it small and simple like.


Fire Harte
02-04-2009, 19:35
Then I've gone and made a little bit more progress on my Death Shadows and made a few raptors:


Finally the labours of a left handed marine:


I had a go at one in january with an iron warrior model I made but it didn't work. This time I just chopped away more plastic and went from there. I also did the same thing on that banner bearer.

Fire Harte
04-04-2009, 09:02
Ok then as promised:


So two new guys finishes the squad off. Which is a good thing. I'll aim to paint a lot or possibly all of those by the sunday after the upcoming one.

Comments on anything so far? :angel:

04-04-2009, 10:58
I am liking the look fo the converted raptors, look forward to seeing the completed unit all painted up :D

Fire Harte
04-04-2009, 18:33
Thanks mate. They're getting there because I've rather ignored them. However I'll get them done hopefully!

Update time:

Really pleased with these guys and they are the fastest I've ever painted marines (primed at around 1pm UK time). They still need basing although I'll go for a dark look to compliment the darkness of the models (which is ultimately what I wanted.) The camera also showed a few mold lines and the like, but I'll leave them as I can't be arsed to fix it.


I really like how he's bland and dull. Kinda makes him not so bland and dull. Heck that applies to the whole squad.

The Real Brains:


I like this model most because it really adds a bit of depth to the monotomous actions of the other squad members.

Office Tool:

Tell me this guy reeks of office tool please because I think he does. :D

Fire Harte
04-04-2009, 18:35


One last post...

Fire Harte
04-04-2009, 18:39

So there we go then!

Any comments/critiscism?

Fire Harte
06-04-2009, 14:37

A trukk I made for a friend from his rhino:


Yes the top bit is for the orky boyz to go on. Fags and wimps use side barriers. I also cut out a bit from the back and I'll ask him if he wants me to put some artillery piece in it. Of course it'll be detachable (same with the top bit). No more work on that unless if my friend wants the artillery.

Fire Harte
06-04-2009, 14:38

I bought this trukk a while ago and the front wheels didn't actually touch the floor/road/desk so I took a couple of lego pieces and solved that problem. I'm going to leave it at that because I like it.

Finally I've primed a lot of orks. I've three mobs that are 11 strong but as they are trukka mobs I may as well add another ork into the mix for each mob. Only one shoota mob mind.

Link because of picture limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Chaos/DSCF2328.jpg)

Fire Harte
06-04-2009, 14:39


Behold a rhino, I like the idea of a havoc launcher so I can use it as a light artillery support vehicle. You may accuse me of overdoing the back ramp but I call it ostentation.

I also looked in John Blanche's Blanchitsu column from last October's White Dwarf and came up with these:

Link because of picture limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Tale%20of%208%20Gamers/April/DSCF2336.jpg)

I know, winged champion, how original! ;)

Chaos Dude
06-04-2009, 14:47
I know, winged champion, how original! ;)
Original or not, it looks great in my opinion. ;) Like the other stuff in your plog, keep up the good work. :D

06-04-2009, 16:00
Very cool conversions on the chaos space marines. Could use a couple highlights on the paint job and a little something on the bases but besides that very dynamic and interesting to look at.

Fire Harte
06-04-2009, 16:30
Thanks guys, this stuff keeps me going! :D

@ Mdiscala: highlights are on those damn camera washing them out! I have to say I have done them very subtley. They'll only appear once in the whole force though unless if I add another squad.

Fire Harte
07-04-2009, 13:28
Hello again chaps!

Orks have been attacked on the painting front:

Some more of da ladz showz up:


Basically making my trukka mobz from 11 to 12

Den owt from da skiez:


Here's the most recent deffkopta:



Fire Harte
07-04-2009, 13:28
Den dis 'ere trukk pullz up:


That'll be my transport for my Deffskullz. The front is indeed an Ultramarine Dreadie Sarcophogi front. also the fan is exposed by the gap. Somehow I think some umiez will end up in there. Hur hur hur...

Next on the list for my orkz are the 12 deffskull ladz, my friend has a rather unsuccessful WAAAGH!! so I thought I would paint up a few orkz in his WAAAGH!! colours.

Fire Harte
08-04-2009, 16:41


So a nob and a rhino are in the works. (Nob recieving a bit more colour as you read, probably even finished!) and the Rhino is just on my desk unloved for a time. Gah! Interesting fiction...



Abbath Doom Orkulta!

08-04-2009, 16:51
he looks like a skunk... (the leather clad dude, not the ork)

I like the cyclops :)

Fire Harte
08-04-2009, 18:47
Thanks mate. They really are very simple to do.

:D He does look like a skunk!

Fire Harte
09-04-2009, 08:19
Ok then, the orks Set Sail! & Conquer! today but for now though I have painted most of the rhino:


Just need to sort out the icons, cupolas, gargoyle heads and the front ramming blades which came off and I'm done! I feel I've overdone the snow a little but heck I like it.

Expect a battle report or two.

Fire Harte
10-04-2009, 18:25
Rhino is complete!


The Havoc launcher dents in a little because the plasticard beneath it became loose and gravity takes place.

I think it might be snow-verdone. But alas I aint bothered much. :D

Fire Harte
12-04-2009, 10:15

The Akkatara are a warrior cult breed of xenos. Their race’s Genetic Structure has been polluted by Corporaptor Ymgarli brood and has remained ever since. However it is the only race to actually resist becoming a pawn of the Tyranids and it is believed that they have became a much more agile and tougher race as a result.

The Akkatara are distrustful of technology and seek no benefit from it, they remember the days of “Eldar Fall” and have thus abandoned any hope in adopting technological enhancements of any sort. They are not ignorant of it but have a basic level of technology that has stood still for thousands of years.

Akkatara are always out to prove themselves and base any social/political power upon their personal victories. The mightiest warriors serving as the governing body of their tribes. Akkatara also wear headmasks of various metals to represent their social structure. However a problem to always plague the Akkatara was the promise of gain and technology from outside races, it is this lure that will attract the younger of the species to persue these “forbiddens” and go elsewhere, thus that a majority of sighted Akkatara wear bronze headpieces.

Below is an identified subject:


(That's a competition entry)

Fire Harte
12-04-2009, 13:40

Yesterday I was frantically scrabbling the web for details upon defiler instructions and then resorted to build my own pattern:


If you recognise it then basically it's a similar pattern of Farskit's Yersinio (Astronomican Member) which is somewhere in the competition section for you to find. Needs a lot more work to it to, I need to add a few armour plates and a lot more details:

1] Add wiring and cables like farskit did
2] Make a couple of models carrying ammo to feed the heavy bolters

I'm also going to mount this on a CD, I have a bullet for my valentine album which wont ever see use...

That should be the last update today unless if I make any more significant progress.

Fire Harte
13-04-2009, 12:36

A little update:


Last three guys, I don't plan on using them much so I figured a small squad for tank hunting and all that would be best as I also can't bear to make another 4. Just not in me for these guys.

Group Shots:
Link because of picture limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Tale%20of%208%20Gamers/April/DSCF2400.jpg)

Comments? :-)

Fire Harte
14-04-2009, 10:28


Models shown in order they were painted. Any questions about them just ask!

Last two:
Link because of picture limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Tale%20of%208%20Gamers/April/DSCF2410.jpg)

Anybody got anything to say?

Wanting them done today and at worst Wednesday

Fire Harte
14-04-2009, 19:47
Last two models of the raptor unit are finsihed AND! my Akkataara model won the competition! :D I'm expecting a box of 20 cadians and some night lord stuff to come my way soon.


(I'm actually surprised I had a head like that left!)

15-04-2009, 00:39
I like the mixture of good and bad, some normal sm bits on chaos bodies, too much spiky chaos can be overwhelming at times!


Fire Harte
15-04-2009, 14:08
Never can have too much spikes! But thanks for the interest buddy.

Anyway; after watching the Latest Red Dwarf (best ever british sitcom!) I thought I would share some of the older stuff with you:

Poly-Morph Boxer Short Scene (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEBpwBypqHY)


But yes, I did say to myself: "Courswork today!" heck it can wait I then decided to get the ball rolling for my Renegade Guard...


So two styles I'm going for then, Cadians with Gung-Ho! and Rebreather appeal. If that rebreather looks crap I can easily sculpt another type or two to mix it up.



Some chaos spawns are salvaged, lovely models and I figured I could use them as ogryns/sentinels with a little bit of work.

Then a few Leman Russ:


I'm only going for four of them as I am wanting two squadrons of two.

So yes, the ball is suitably rolling now. Oh aye!

Fire Harte
16-04-2009, 12:11

Command Squad

Half of First Squad

Second Half of first Squad

Ok so out of all of those you can see I've gone for the face wired to the re-breather option or whatever. Kinda like the Shriven, Zoican and Excubitors from the Gaunt's Ghosts series.

This is my favourite type so far:


If anyone wants to see any individual closeups of my medicore sculpting just ask and I'll provide a picture.

Fire Harte
17-04-2009, 14:59
An update every day! http://www.warseer.com/forums/images/smilies/raisedbrow.gif

Leman Russ


The two cannons I plan to use for this beauty:


I thought I would put Khorne and Slaanesh as my major Symbols on this one. Not against the fluff if it is undivided right? (yeah ok It'll cheese off a few people, didn't notice what I'd done before I did it.)

Fire Harte
17-04-2009, 14:59
A few turrets here and there:

Then my Yersinio (is that some bacteria thingy because if so I may change the name...)


So yes, the Leman Russ is pretty much as done as it can be but a lot of work still for the Defiler.

17-04-2009, 15:48
Really cool posses really cool conversions all that is missing is to wash the models and probabl highlight , otherwise really good colour scheme keep it going. :)

Fire Harte
17-04-2009, 15:53
Cheers mate, never been a fan of those line-highlights so I just miss it out. I prefer washes (washed out a little via pics) and heavy drybrushing. Much more satisfying to paint for myself.

17-04-2009, 15:56
Well sorry if i have offended you, anyway i think your quote is excellent and your models are excellent so ............... excellent.

Fire Harte
17-04-2009, 16:07
:eek: Nah none taken mate!

But yes, thank you for the interest and the comments. :)

17-04-2009, 16:08
:) looking forward too more pics

17-04-2009, 16:10
The conversions in this log are really, really nice. Especially the reaper autocannon in that one tank shot.

Fire Harte
17-04-2009, 16:32
Cheers mate. More pictures will take a while because I am out of glue for glueing and I can't be bothered to paint today.

Autocannons are from a defiler before anyone asks! :D

17-04-2009, 16:37
Cheers mate. More pictures will take a while because I am out of glue for glueing and I can't be bothered to paint today.:D

Me neither it is a wargamers bain.

Fire Harte
19-04-2009, 10:17
Hmm, Travelling brings me across to enemies unknown:


(At my dad's house and they got a puppy to grow up with the little twins)

Gargantuan Beasts with structure points...

I was waiting to go at around 11 am but my dad rang and said he'd messed the electricals up and that they were going to a little baby party for the little twins.)

So I painted this!:


The brass effects take ages to do as it is like 4-5 washed of Gryphonne Sepia instead of one solid coat of Chestnut Ink/Flesh Wash. Gah stupid discontinuation and all the adults buying the discontinued paints early! Gah!

But yeah that's it and that tank is Definately a conversion and it'll be published soon to show how I terribly made it!

Thanks to evveryone for their interest so far.

20-04-2009, 06:03
Nice stuff so far Harte, loving the tank conversions, real.......chaosy? is that a word?

any chance of a full army shot so far?


Fire Harte
20-04-2009, 16:07
Cheers mate, thanks for the interest. :)

Alright then!:

Preacher Battle Tank -[Prototype]-


-The front gargoyle is a driver viewport and/or a weapon turret.
-The chaos plate which replaces the original viewing port is basically an icon of summoning and also a piece for the main gunner to look through (ok imagine his face is wired in...)


-Combines elements primarily of a Leman Russ and Rhino Chassis.
-Another summoning icon, should paint that...
-The leman russ vent is actually now in service for a top hatch for troops to fire out of/for crew to reload. Imagine a shutter on a shop that is pulled back.

Fire Harte
20-04-2009, 16:07
Variations of Weapons (Counts as vehicle in many cases)

#1 Predator/Chimera APC/Rhino APC




Chimera/Devil Dog/Hellhound/Banewolf



Hydra Flak Tank



Leman Russ Battle Tank (any variant)/Vindicator/Medusa/

There are also many more variants I'm sure you can think of to and I'm well aware of the versatility of this little bugger. Instructions will be published soon.

23-04-2009, 06:13
I've never thought of using Flagellant heads for chaos space marines, even for something as simple as a rhino gunner, but that looks great. I'm shamelessly gonna steal it for traitor guardsmen.


Fire Harte
23-04-2009, 16:01
Ah no worries man, copy all you like it's very flattering!



Very chaotic I think! :)

Need to get a head for the fella though.

Don't suppose you'll copy that? :evilgrin:

23-04-2009, 23:54
really like the flak tank, original stuff :)


Fire Harte
25-04-2009, 17:53
Cheers mate! :D

Okay then:

Got a really cool iron priest is it? Will chaos it up!


(Two mugs will be used for painting and greenstuff water/thinning.

Then I painted a fire warrior:


For the greater good! :eyebrows:

25-04-2009, 18:06
The super-modular tank is awesome Harte :D
I dig it.

Fire Harte
25-04-2009, 18:47
It has been digged by many already. :D


Fire Harte
26-04-2009, 14:55
Looted Wagon


Ok then I've spent a bit of my day building this chap and I have two ideas on how to mount the boom gun:

Either use an ION Cannon: in the hull.


And with that I could mount a dreadnough sarcophogi in the hull and make a deffrolla for the front and the thing becoms a battle wagon with a little more work...

I'm leaning on option #2 meself...

floyd pinkerton
26-04-2009, 15:43
Hi man, I've been away from this lot for ages...

nice stuff, i like the russ/rhino conversion :D

a little suggestion for your orks. if you can get your hands on robogear stuff, its pretty aweome for bitz. i bought some a couple of months back in case i ever got back into it again; which i haven't

and how's GW?

Fire Harte
26-04-2009, 15:50
Hello Pinkerton

GW: Getting a little dull tbh! ;) Still enjoy the hobby but sometimes the gamings a little bit yawn... need to do tournaments! New manager at GW though.

But thanks for your interest mate. I'll have to check out this robogear stuff then.

floyd pinkerton
26-04-2009, 15:53
Hello Pinkerton

GW: Getting a little dull tbh! ;) Still enjoy the hobby but sometimes the gamings a little bit yawn... need to do tournaments! New manager at GW though.

But thanks for your interest mate. I'll have to check out this robogear stuff then.

the Richard blokes gone? and aaron hasnt replaced him?!

Fire Harte
26-04-2009, 16:04
Yeah and no Aaron is still a blue shirt

26-04-2009, 18:01
Proper traitor guard / chaos marine like.

Gritty and brutal looking. Tis always good! :)

Fire Harte
26-04-2009, 20:05
Cheers Korbaki! Are you sure obliterator is brutal looking though? Hehehe...

Definately A Wagon Now

It is called the WAAAGH!!-Gun.


So I have a lot of rivet work done and a lot more to do! The front grill is for da driver. He needs all the vision with the low ground clearence and all!

Then I thought why not and made a cute little Dozer Blade:

Fire Harte
26-04-2009, 20:05
Then I thought to add a little character to the model:


A tank kommando! Will use some of these bits:


That's it then! Oh and the orks get in and out by the rhino hatch as shown (I think?) in previous pictures!

I love this and I'm aiming to get it done up over the next four days as the bulk of the work is done.

Trakkz []
Rivetz []
Kommander []
Paint []

Born Again
27-04-2009, 08:57
I like the way you assemble your models, they have a great action dynamic to them. My favourites are the Raptors (never been a fan of the GW models) and the Leman Russ with the defiler autocannons on top, that looks sweet!

Fire Harte
27-04-2009, 15:44
Cheers mate, I love the autocannons meself as they look very out of place in the russ's bulky stature but because of that they blend in so well!

Fire Harte
27-04-2009, 16:18
Roll 'em out:


Chop 'em up!:


Now I did make 6 and only one is chopped up. You get loads! :D

Then I made da tank kommanda:


He'z gotz solo polo vishun and I felt that he should have a spear for a bit more character (might do a banna). I'll make him detachable for when I make a cooler version of Da WAAAGH!!-GUN inevitably. I'm thinking the next death-trap will be called Da Lightnin' and the boss on the WAAAGH!!-Gun will be called Mechanix...

(Yes, there are a few cultural references there!

Born Again
28-04-2009, 10:17
That guy looks awesome sitting atop the shell! Another simple yet cool conversion.

Fire Harte
29-04-2009, 15:44
Cheers mate! I do like it meself and I'll have him detachable for gaming.



Link Because of Picture Limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Orks/DSCF2603.jpg)
So lots of rivets and let's take a look at my little list for this:

Trakkz [x]
Rivetz [x]
Kommander [x]
Paint []

Ah it has been very enjoyable building this. My favourite vehicle I have done for my orkz so far.

Anybody got anything to say?

29-04-2009, 17:35
Themz some orky vehiclez you gotz dere...

29-04-2009, 17:55
That looks mighty orky Harte. Needs more spikes and glyphs though :D

Fire Harte
29-04-2009, 18:03
Cheers guys!

@OOC: Surely not using them would be OutOfContext? :evilgrin:

I prefer to hand paint my glyphs don't worry!

@ razormasticator: Thanks man, just figured out your name, that's so evil! :D

01-05-2009, 14:05
actually its the title of a Carcass song. but still, a razor chewer is a pretty gnarly concept.

Fire Harte
01-05-2009, 19:58
Ooh I just listened to the track. Damn that's awesome!

Ok then so I have started work on terminators: (I got up at half six in the morning and I tell you the levels of procrastination this day were too much!)

Firstly I have this guy:


I like how he has the sense of slow advance. Yes the drilling out of the barrels didn't go as planned but I think I'll drill out all of the barrels for these guys.

Then I have this guy:


That's my Lieutenant Phracteaz. A model that served me well and deciding he's too bland he needs a new incarnation!


Now he is called Vulture Phracteaz.

EDIT: Also apologies for not much progess either. Lots of coursework that needed doing!

Fire Harte
02-05-2009, 18:53
Here we go then!:


We all love beaky marines and I love them more than you. Fact.


I like heavy flamers from chaos but I think the imperial one is better.


Then I want a lightning claw marine in here and it's some strikes before the dreaded enemy powerfists so you never know when that may come in useful.

Squad totals: 215 points. Not bad I think. Would have it cheaper but the chainfist is mandatory because:

-Coolio factor
-I like it to
-Could that guy be just as badass if he had a powerfist?

Fire Harte
03-05-2009, 16:30
Ok then so the first model is painted, but bear in mind some of the details are erased/washed out or not picked uo by the camera. Espescially the eyes! When I finally get it right they don't show up! GAH!1!


In Link because it's acting funny (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Tale%20of%208%20Gamers/May/DSCF2660.jpg)

Then the ugga-bugga shoulder pad:


And the eye:


I finally have started to water down my paints. Again the effects of the eye and the shoulder pad are washed out by the camera/not caught up by it. Oh and the metal sucks badly so I'm reworking that.

Shadow Fall
03-05-2009, 17:10
wow! Your imagination kinda rips out of your head and tears up sanity!!! thos orky conversions are ace, and i really like the rivets on that last tank.


Tip of the day: work on building up a steady continueous red and then pick out the details in the other colours like the rims of the shoulder pads and stuff.

Im sure that these armies will scare the heck outa your opponent due to their absolute awesomeness!!!

keep it up :)

SF :chrome:

Fire Harte
03-05-2009, 17:20
Ah they do indeed. I tell ya nothing's scarier when the opponent thinks chaos and gets a few fists full of marines choppin' 'em up. I shall take you tips for the next model to.

Fire Harte
04-05-2009, 17:17
Alright then guys:

Not known in this log but I tomed down my sorceror's colour from this:

In link because of picture limit. ( http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Battle%20Reports/DSCF1940.jpg)

To this:


Much better although on reflection I should've left the red excessively bright. Two guesses what sort of sorceror he is!

Then I painted another Terminator:


Although he had a skull plate I did paint it differently.


Then the eye with some original source lighting (originally terrible I think!)


And finally a shot of my Terminators.


Just a note to all: These are APOSLTES OF MINTHRAS and not (Microsoft)|Word Bearers

Fire Harte
07-05-2009, 16:34
Another update:


Something will be added to the beaky head I forgot to do it. Also I'll paint that eye and a few touch ups here and there.



Shadow Fall
07-05-2009, 18:31
i like! :)

touch up around the eyes of beaky and some of the silver rims with the red that your using (maybe put something like horns on beaky to make him more chaosy) and then these termies will be CLASS!

Keep it up, more updates ( i know i cant really talk but im just slowly working on my men so my updates are gonna be quite slow- ive just started painting a word bearer so im getting a bit side tracked)

Good work!

SF :chrome:

Fire Harte
07-05-2009, 20:23
Beakies do not get defiled not ever not never! Rule of cool!

But aye man I'll touch up the eyes and fix the silver spillage. Also comparing the red to the raptors I have (on like page 1 or two.) the differences are scary! :eek:

07-05-2009, 20:27
nice termies, really loving the source lighting around the eye, great stuff :)


Fire Harte
07-05-2009, 21:00
Cheers Tanko! ;)

That's a link how to do it. Took me around a lot of minis to get it right on though! :angel: --->Link (http://www.astronomican.com/forums/showthread.php?p=153107#post153107)

Also the kid who is Fire Harte:


Fire Harte
10-05-2009, 09:07
Hello again chaps!

Case #1 - Vindicator!


Combi Melta:

Idea stolen from Dezart Fox who runs vassal who is quite the hobbyist and if you ever see any of his stuff check it all out! I've had the pleasure to play his armies on the table top!



The Rest of it:


Rest in follwing post!

Fire Harte
10-05-2009, 09:11
Case #2 - Infantry

The last of the terminators:


The head is from one of those masters of the chapter the scouty-guy.

A couple of Thralls for either Familiars or Sanctioned psykers. Not much but they cost me some blood... :(

Then finally:


Night Lords!

10-05-2009, 10:00
The Chaos stuff is very nice Harte, but what really impressed me is that handsome coat.
I have a great respect for a man with a good sense of coats :cool:

Fire Harte
10-05-2009, 11:18
Cheers mate. Oh and the coat is an RAF one. Although since a haircut I don't have that hair. :cries:

10-05-2009, 21:40
HARTE! yo my man, 'bout time i sifted through your log for a change. will edit post when i have.

I'm liking some of your stuff. Looted wagon is cool, i need to start using plasticard sometime. Where do you get yours, D.I.Y. store...model shop?

The little change you have made to the terminator combi-bolter is pretty neet, I can't quite put my finger on what it is youv'e done but it looks good anyway :P

Coat of Win.

Nightlords, batman in power armour. what on earth could be cooler.....maybe a spiderman gretching but still, whatever.

I am now strongly considering doing this....crap. more money spent.

Fire Harte
11-05-2009, 15:04
Hey Redd!

Right then, spiderman is not as cool (not even cool to be frank) as Batman so go figure! My coat is cool yes and I get my plasticard and glues from a local model shop (called The Model Shop but it's exclusive to Hull I think...). The changes on the terminators was to remve the blade attachments because I don't like them oh and I drilled the barrels also.

Terminators are all finished:



Not liking this model much (why I left it 'til last...)

So that's unit #9 painted and done with! The vindicator will most likely be done over a span of time. No painting this day as I have three exams (I'll still be haunting the internet!)

Then a test model for my Chaos Guard:


Comparison of one of the Apostles of Minthras I own:


Can anyone see a pattern?

11-05-2009, 20:30
Have you painted any of you night lords yet? I'd like to see them, I'm also painting some.
Your test mini for the chaos guard looks really cool, how did you do the helmet?


Fire Harte
11-05-2009, 20:39
The grille was greenstuffed and the aquila shaved off (cadian head).

When it came to painting I painted it chainmail with a little crude slapping of watered down chaos black. A few pages back in this log I believe the model is shown before painting also.



11-05-2009, 23:33
Really cool stuff, great idea and good executed.


12-05-2009, 00:53
Nice log Fire :)

Loving some of the conversions your throwing out there
And the blood covered Khornate Guy. Guess that what happens when people eat your god for breakfast :p

12-05-2009, 06:06
Very nice conversions, I wish I could get as creative with my tin cans ;-)

However I do not like the painting. It's probably just my personal taste, but it looks too "quick and dirty", please dont take offense!

Keep it up! :-)

Fire Harte
14-05-2009, 16:22
Hello all!

Currently having web problems so I am unsure whether I can update/monitor the forums regularly. By courtesy I have three new logs to check upon now! :D

Cheers for the comments guys and I'll make little progress due to exams...

Fire Harte
20-05-2009, 16:33
Here's an update:


It has so much character it begged for this. Aye and yes a pentagram...

Some updates on the vindicator:


I played a game last saturday and aced a carnifex in one volley of 5 plasma shots so this had to be done!

Fire Harte
20-05-2009, 16:38
Aye and the custom defiler is finished bar cables and exhausts...


Then an alpha legionaire I have made this guy to be a counts as Iron Hand Straken for my renegade guard (when I want to) and an alpha legion chosen (5 plasma guns FTW!!)


20-05-2009, 16:39
Vindi looks smokin' Harte. The severed head looks brilliant :p
Let's hope for lots of blood and ichor dripping down the side ;)

Fire Harte
20-05-2009, 17:19
Ah do not worry mate! It will be done! ;)

20-05-2009, 23:47
Vindi i slooking nice there bud!
Keep it up!

Fire Harte
24-05-2009, 18:51
Will do and am doing!

Hello again everyone!

Update on The Orky Front!

Well... I gainted another Thrall First, one more then I make an "overseer" for them.


But here's my Loota Mob:


Notably there are these guys:



Yes the Lascannon one is my favourite!

I want 4 more for them so I need a burna/loota box.

And also some burna boyz!

(Continued next post!)

Fire Harte
24-05-2009, 18:59
So the burnaz:



Finally there is a Big Mek:


I like this a lot more than my warboss I made a while back (defiler claw + black reach warboss = not good imo!) and this one took about an hour. Armed with Kustom Force Field and Power Klaw he shall join the burnaz in the battle wagon I'm just about finished on.

So that's it for today as I need some rolls of greenstuff to dry for rivetz. Will prime up all of these and a few more tidbitz to. ;)

Fire Harte
25-05-2009, 13:33
Battle Wagon:


(Deffspinna and Kill Kannon)


Shock! Two leman russ!?


Top Views:

Fire Harte
25-05-2009, 13:33




Fire Harte
25-05-2009, 13:35
Painted the first loota:

Then the latest objective:

Bringing the total to 4:


25-05-2009, 13:56
Bloody hell Harte, you've been busy :p
The battlewagon looks ace. I like the spinner blade. That's immense.
The lootas looks good. But at the moment they look too much like cyborks, which is good, but maybe make the guns look more like deffguns, not just guns.
Excellent stuff all around Harte :D

Fire Harte
25-05-2009, 15:38
Deffgunz is gunz though ain't they? I thought they made you deff from using them. All in all I guess the two cyborks are the wheely big ork and the havoc one? Well the models are primed now anyways so no turning back or I'll never finish them!

25-05-2009, 15:49
Deffgunz is gunz though ain't they? I thought they made you deff from using them. All in all I guess the two cyborks are the wheely big ork and the havoc one? Well the models are primed now anyways so no turning back or I'll never finish them!

Stubborn boy :p

Well then make sure you make 'em blue!

Fire Harte
25-05-2009, 15:59
1 will be made blue.

26-05-2009, 16:55
Yo Harte.

Your stuff is coming along nicely, The Vindicator looks pretty darn cool. I also really like the objective makers, ive made and use my own aswell, certainly beats using artillery dice. The hand one is made from the old metal spawn yes?

Fire Harte
27-05-2009, 11:04
Probs is yes I got it as a prize so wouldn't know. But aye I do need 6 or 7 objectives that are small bases for seize ground missions.

Fire Harte
27-05-2009, 18:27


Painted this in the afternoon and I am pleased with it a lot. I am low on blood red so the colour is a little darker but hey I don't give a damn. The Tyranid bits are trophies because my chosen nailed a carnifex in one go at long range on turn one.

Finally a comparison between the other vindicator I own!


Yeah quite a difference in my opinion.

Fire Harte
27-05-2009, 18:52
Da Lightnin' Be Finished!


Fire Harte
27-05-2009, 18:54

(an osl attempt that hasn't showed up well but I think I have it!)

Then finally the reason why the track is grey:


Translation of glyphs:

Top Hatch: Lots of Kills
Ion Kannon: Weird (as in weird sort of boomgun)
Side Panel: Da Lightnin'

Fire Harte
29-05-2009, 15:26
I felt like making another Aspiring Champion so here we go:


Out of all of them I have this is my personnal favourite, there is something about that black templar powerfist I quite like...


I've also revived a few broken Khorne Berserkers. They have been around for a good year and a half now without paint! (Except the back one obviously who's a transfer into the squad from the other squad of berkies.)

Most notably are two new ones:


And the Skull Champion:


Also assembled my prize from winning a tournament:


Also undercoated Da Mekkanix:

Link because of Picture Limit! (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Chaos/DSCF2906.jpg)

Yesterday there was a beginner's day (stealing our Late Night!!) at GW and I ended up scavenging a few bits. Most notably this piece:


Seven points to who guesses my next squad of marines.

Note: All mould lines will be eliminated!

29-05-2009, 20:53
Hello again Harte. I looked through your recent updates and i must just say. That 1st Aspiring Champion you put there. Very Awesome. I can't make out the power fist, do tell.

31-05-2009, 09:56
The skull champion looks nice!

Fire Harte
01-06-2009, 14:41
Thanks guys. The Powerfist belonged to a black templar. ;)

Also on saturday I was at my GW (Games Day ticket release) and won the following:

Pat on the back and single clap (speed painting!)

Certificate and Golden Herald Trophy/Bloodletter on a Paint Pot painted gold - Won that for entering Da Lightnin' into the vehicle Category

Ork Battle Force - Won in a quiz, 2nd place 3/10! (Yeah I know that's a bit: :eyebrows:, but I ain't complaining! :D)

Also entered the scrap-heap challenge (scrap daemon pretty much) and although I didn't win I got a crap load of bitz and over 30+ orcs from the 6th ed boxed set. Snakebitez here I come! (Not all of them will be used as I don't want the arrer boyz)

So the next two posts will document some of the orky stuff I've done so far.

Fire Harte
01-06-2009, 14:58
Alright then so I worked on a second Looted Wagon:


"But da russ iz da wrong way round!"
"Shurrit Ya Git, Da Umiez got it da wrong way round!"


"But Boss! Dey az no exhau- exhor- exo- smokey pipez! Werez da smoke gonna go!?"
"Iz you stoopid!? Dey as a pair ov turbo fanz!"


Fire Harte
01-06-2009, 15:21

Another tank kommander. Diz one like the other one can be taken off but also providez a big shoota.



So two nobz models, one for a powerklaw nob and the other for snikrot. I do love the model but I don't want to pay 9-10 for it right now. Besides, my bloodaxe snikrot has knife-axes. Just imagine it like KNIFE-WRENCH!!

Then the real kommandoz:


Yeah points to whoever figured where that idea came to!

Just the ork holding the sheet:


I have him like that because the other boyz are making a noise and he will be informing them that they are ok to be seen and not heard ("bekauze we iz all sneaky like and dem gitz won't be expectin' dis!").

Then another dual wielding kommando was made with mere minutes to spare before 3 o'clock!



Finally after walking home from my maths exam I had a good two hours before I had a revision class to attend (which lasted 10 minutes as I was the only one there!) I made a couple of Kustom Kannonz:


Basically they will fire stikk bommz. Both incorporate bitz of a lollypop stick and one uses a pen and the other part of a mortar. Need to make a third one.

So anybody got any comments and critiscism? It'll be ages before these guys are undercoated? (which will be ages!)

Fire Harte
02-06-2009, 14:02
Well I grace all of thee with another update:

Third Gretchin Artillery Kannon:


A couple of command squad guard, medic and banner bearer:


Medic is the excellent Lt. Varrus model from Macragge, will use one for an overseer also with a little bit of modification.

Imagine the banner bearer as this (skip if you want to!):

"Commander, we must break their lines before the super heavy arrives!"
"Agreed. Platoon attack them now!"

The platoon of renegade guard sprung into action, storming forward bolt pistol in hand, at the head of the attack Jeramiah led the platoon into the hab block. Fortune was bestowed upon him as the enemy came out to meet them. A worthy fight indeed! Bursts of las fire erupted from both sides and bodies fell from either. Icon Bearer Lazarus leapt forward eager to claim a new pole for his icon of the gods. Jeramiah activated his shrieking chainsword bionic as he saw the commander of the Imperials with their own banner bearer following suit. Both officers faced each other and the lynchpin that broke here would determine which side won. Suddenly though Jeriamiah paused and let loose a lethal load of bolter fire from his pistol into the enemy bearer. Then the enemy commander took a swing at Jeriamiah. Fortunately Lazarus caught the man's blow with his axe and proceeded to slam his spiked icon's butt into the man's face . Then the focus came upon the enemy's banner. Men had picked it up eager to allow it to stand tall. Unfortunately the rush of combat drugs had taken effect and eye to eye the imperials were forced back and a fierce firefight engaged.

What happened next was gruesome. The imperial commander regained consciousness but only to be beaten onto his banner. Then two Guardsmen and Lazarus proceded to pummel the man into the banner in front of the enemy. The man choked gore but still they carried on under the covering fire of the platoon. The banner now defiled and an icon immediately mounted, Lazarus then roared and the final push was engaged.

Jeramiah smiled to himself.

"Push the scum back lads! And get a few more live ones to help defile our banner!"

Ah that's a bit long winded. (Don't worry about that I'm sure it's a bit odd for writing but I've got a new piece of fiction in mind so consider it a taster.)

Snikrot & Powerklaw Nob


Just thought I would provide a close up of them. Yes, my version of snikrot has rippy knives with axe heads on top. Because if you haven't noticed the kommandoz will be bloodaxe.

Any comments?

Fire Harte
02-06-2009, 14:13
Sorry for the multi-post. But the next bit of updates is in a seperate topic because they are for a competition (last month and I've got victory in grasp!)

started work on the Plague Marines:


Blight grenade!


Then the fourth guy:


The armour plates are ork shouler plates, I did one a while back and I think they'll look great as repairs to corroded armour or just to look plain nasty.

02-06-2009, 22:19
hey harte, loving the plague marines, esp the last guy, looks like his mouth is sewn shut, freaky!!

and really like the ork with the beasty claw! nice :)


Fire Harte
03-06-2009, 11:04
Cheers tanko! His mouth is sewn shut! :D Just noticed that. How evil...

Fire Harte
04-06-2009, 19:48
But look I made another Kommando:


His name is "Dakka Boy" and his specialist role in da kommandoz is to shoot stuff up with his sluggaz (although he doesn't know he's a distraction ;))

05-06-2009, 18:43
I like "da lightning" a great deal, its like a moving shed!

Some of the fallen at the start was well executed aswell, the sergeant with the powersword was probably my favourite: a strong, understated pose.

Fire Harte
05-06-2009, 19:17
Why thank you Dakkagor. I shall take the moving shed as a compliment! :D

Fire Harte
06-06-2009, 19:23
Hello again all!

During transit today one of my trukks felt the wrath of the Transport Gods and as I bought a new drill bit I thought I'd do this:


The back end of the trukk will most likely end up on my most recent looted wagon whenever needed for a second battle wagon. :D

Also made a leman russ exectutioner turret:


I also modified the sponsons so I could get away with them being plasma cannons. Because 5 plasma shots takes the bubble-gum flavoured bon bons (which are like awesome.)

Fire Harte
07-06-2009, 14:46
Ok then I brace thee all with this:


Another simple hooking method so I can have some compatibility with the trukk end. I'm going to make my next trukk (got one free from that battleforce...) like this so I can have at one point a massive trukk carrying lotza boyz or maybe even a deffkopta launcha pad(s)

Also I made a "Boy'z Hut":

Link Because of Picture Limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Orks/DSCF3038.jpg)

The rivets are just drying, so I'll be able to knock 'em in tomorrow.

Fire Harte
07-06-2009, 14:48
Plague Marines!


(That 'nid bit is meant to be a giant evil tumor or something...)



^ That guy looks like he is wearing a dungeree no?

Fire Harte
07-06-2009, 14:48


Some of that has been improved ever so slightly but comments at all? I was pretty scared these would turn out rubbish but I'm quite impressed myself.

07-06-2009, 14:59
hey there :)
aaah a nurgle log ;)
i promise you, when you have painted your marines, you will like them even more :) they look very good so far :)

and a tip, maybe you'll like it:
nurgle has not only "glibber" and flesh and wounds, it also has holes and things in the armor etc.
maybe you'll add some of this to some marines, so you'll get a unique squad.

maybe you'll come across my nurgle thread :)


Fire Harte
07-06-2009, 15:02
That I will have to do! ;)

I have also ensured I put a lot of holes (like on the tentacle guy's head) on. I suppose I should add a bit more and I'll do that when I have done GS work on the last two.

07-06-2009, 15:07
Chaos, esp Nurgle, always look better with the personal touch. The sculpting you've done looks alot like growths and tumors, which I prefer over the GW models.

07-06-2009, 15:08
That I will have to do! ;)

I have also ensured I put a lot of holes (like on the tentacle guy's head) on. I suppose I should add a bit more and I'll do that when I have done GS work on the last two.

no that's not what i meant :) your gs is really ok how it is :) but i mean in the leg armour and scales. some bigger holes :)
the bodie's themselves are just fine ;)


Fire Harte
07-06-2009, 15:18
Yes I get what you mean now Noc having looked at your log! :D

@ Chunk: Thank you, I thought the GW ones looked like that? Although I didn't look at them much for the inspiration.

07-06-2009, 17:26
Hey Harte, those nurgle marines are looking really good, nice green stuff work.


Fire Harte
07-06-2009, 17:37
Thanks Tank! :D

Fire Harte
08-06-2009, 16:38
Plague Marine #6


Night Lords:




The guy with the upside down and quite varied backpack is the guy who looted his armour from a loyalist and has to compromise it's efficiency to keep it working. The compromise in armour is again shown by the guy with shoulder pads (like that Iron Warrior icon bearer pages back!)

A bit of greenstuff on the bases, that was achieved by pressing it into various vent moulds and then just slapping it on.

Stuff to follow next post!

Fire Harte
08-06-2009, 16:46
Deffkopta #5:


Thought I would do a bit of base detailing:


and just to add a bit more character:


should I greenstuff on some waste material from the gretchin? :D

Fire Harte
08-06-2009, 16:47
The BattleWagon:

The deffspinna needed re-attatching and I think I did a bit more onto the top of that:


More rivets and armour platez:


And as you can see I redid the exhausts. They are a bit squat but much better than the wimpy ones I had.

08-06-2009, 20:48
the exhausts look much better now, imo :)
and haha, i didn't see it last time, but the shed holding orc is awesome, i like this kind of orc homour :)

keep it up :)


Fire Harte
08-06-2009, 20:53
Will do mate. ;)

10-06-2009, 15:10
HAHA i love the little guy behind the Deffkopta! nice, i like a bit of humour in models, and orks are so "dopey" that humour doesnt look strange!


Fire Harte
10-06-2009, 15:20
Not a prolem mate ;) I do love ork humour because you can get away with it. I have seen a simple one which was: "An ork has attached a scope onto his choppa because they make sluggaz hit better so therefore he will hit better. Kunnin' yes?

But aye I read you will be starting chaos? Good! :D

10-06-2009, 15:33
you read correctly, i have a squad of the glorious emperors children sat at home, stuck together, and awaiting a lovely pink paint job!!!

i needed a break from Black Templars


Fire Harte
10-06-2009, 17:38
Alright then guys, I've been working on the back end of a trukk:


Basically I've extended the bugger by about 250% and given it those chaos meathooks so it can be part of this wagon convoy:


Or I can use it on other trukk ends to use as trukkz or use specific parts for a battle wagon etc.


Quite a lengthy span of 18" in total and the bad-ends totalling roughly 12"

I have a datasheet planned with this also.

10-06-2009, 18:12
that truck is madness, sheer madness!!!
do you have anywhere long enough to display it? a deffkopta transport truck! you come up with some right wierd stuff! :)


Fire Harte
10-06-2009, 18:14
I have a window sill...

10-06-2009, 18:20
its still madness!!!
how are you going to paint it up?


Fire Harte
10-06-2009, 19:20
Put the paint between my butt cheeks and go from there. :evilgrin:

I'm kidding they are all individual parts so I'll paint them like my other trukkz, quickly and not very well! :D

Shadow Fall
10-06-2009, 19:28

SF :chrome:

10-06-2009, 19:48
Put the paint between my butt cheeks and go from there. :evilgrin:

I'm kidding they are all individual parts so I'll paint them like my other trukkz, quickly and not very well! :D

Aaaaaaah mental picture!!

What's the estimated time of completion on the painting? I'd like to see it all done up with the koptas on the back!


Fire Harte
10-06-2009, 19:58
I've no idea mate.

I have ran out of primer and I need tons of that for loads of stuff on this log. Because my stuff needing to be primed is:

Night Lords
Plague Marines
Ork buildings
Ork Bikerz
Huron Blackheart
Battle Wagon
Bundles of traitor guard
A good portion of orkz
A few nobz

I estimate 2 cans as I think they can just do it. ;)

Then all of them will need painting as well as:
Big Mek
Traitor Russ
Deffskull Boyz
A few nobz

Then there is stuff to assemble and we won't list that. I've finally reached that stage in my hobby where there's too much to think about!

Believe me I don't see this as a burden at all and once I've got these night lords and plague marines done with I'll be attacking the orkz en masse.

I've actually ammassed 24 ork nobz. I could have a nob army! It'll be dead 'ard. :evilgrin:

10-06-2009, 20:13
is that all, the way you were talking about it, you had a lot to do!

how have you managed to amass such a vast amount without painting some?!

i think iv got to much to paint and i have an assault squad, dread, 2 landspeeders and a couple of chaplains, pretty much it! and thats daunting!!

best of luck!!!!


11-06-2009, 13:46

i love it :D
"staar't de coptaaaz"

haha :-)
coming along really nice :-)
and ah i know your problem ;)
i don't have primer atm, too...

hope you'll get it soon :)


Fire Harte
11-06-2009, 17:44
Having no primer sucks...

But I Finished GS work on the last two plague marines:



Icon also comes off:


It's the only icon off the sprue in my whole collection that apears in my army. I don't have a problem with any except the chaos glory one. I mean a trophy you have is a head of some random guardsman? Heck he ain't even an Ultramarine! :rolleyes:

I'm going to add a bit of battle damage to each and such over tomorrow then I'll get them primed on sat/sunday and have them painted in the week.

Serious Disclaimer: I do not support Arsenil err Arsenal, I just had the mug spare at the time and it's for my hobby-water.

11-06-2009, 18:11

i like the GS on them, makes them look like their flesh is a drippy gooey mess! are you going to paint it in the armour colours, or gory?

and the face on the last helmetless marine is quality! he looks well grumpy!!


Fire Harte
12-06-2009, 12:57
Well here's the answer to how they are painted Tank:


The red blotch on his head doesn't show up well but it glistens quite a bit. I did aim for a look of Anthrax (without looking at any horrid pictures! I was listening to the Band!).


I think I've pulled off a reasonable look of "having a massed amount of diseases" look. The first model's flesh was a test to achieve a rotting complexion.

12-06-2009, 15:51
they do look "rotten" I like it, nice pooled blood on the bases aswell. Good stuff.


12-06-2009, 16:04
looking good so far and yay! u added some holes ;)
a way too bloody for myself, but i suits them :)


Fire Harte
12-06-2009, 16:29
I am glad you approve Nocturn, that's the icing on Eltanko's Cake! :D

I've just about finished another one to, very quick to paint!

Fire Harte
12-06-2009, 18:48
Another update as another Plague Marine is painted: :eyebrows::angel:


I am as surprised as you!

Fire Harte
14-06-2009, 18:27
Alright been fiddling with the comp all day trying to fix MSN Hotmail problems but for now:


-Deffkopta has a kustom mega blasta. I thought this would be great, konverted it up and then realised it hasn't got Melta/ap1 in it's profile.


^ Biker nob from Gorkz

Next up will be a really dodgy biker:


Some guy gave me his scrap demon (local GW contest) entry and because of that I thought I'd not loot it and make a bika out of it.

Then we have another few:


This one is just placed on a chaos bike. I may have to add some more dakka but some trimmin' of da bike made the ork fit suitably.

Link Because of Picture Limit (http://i373.photobucket.com/albums/oo171/Fire_Harte/Orks/DSCF3156.jpg)

Then the final bikaz are a normal one and a Noble of Da Snakebitez. When the boar fartz it gives a 4+ coversave.

Also need to find a few bitz to finish the nob and the 3rd none-konverted ork which I've also been searching for them all day to.

Fire Harte
15-06-2009, 15:55
I have Snikrot and The Big Mek painted:

Snikrot (crappy conversion but cash is tight! :():


Big mek Cog-Spitta:


Notable difference from before painting:

-The original power-klaw broke off and I thought I actually may as well take a real powa-klaw as the big mek has shone greatly throughout the three games he's been on the table top (plus the original one was crap and broke!)

-The head has a cap. That'z ter keep iz brain in!

Something you won't notice is the pinning that holds this mek together which were added after damage in transit. I'm very pleased with the Dark Angel shield on the Mek and more so pleased with his flesh. I did try a lightning effect on the KFF end but it's a little on the rubbish side.

Fire Harte
15-06-2009, 15:56
As well as the ork nobility I have made some more progress on the plague marines:


If I had the skill I would be doing OSL from the blight grenade. ;)

Also put the basecoat (mithril silver) and the first two washes on the other three:


Fire Harte
16-06-2009, 13:25
Finished the Plague Marines:

Here we go Mezzerik:



(More next post...)

Fire Harte
16-06-2009, 13:26


Then we have a group shot:


16-06-2009, 17:20
very good looking finished look, fire harte :D
may i ask, the idea from the purple/flesh colored diseases are from me? :D
they contrast very well to the green, don't you think? ;)
all in all nice looking,
keep it up


Shadow Fall
16-06-2009, 18:53

luvin the plague guys

they suit your painting style really well!

more, more, more!!!!!!

SF :chrome:

Fire Harte
16-06-2009, 20:03
That's all for plauge marines for now I will be painting the 10 night lord models.

But aye Nocturn I got my idea from yourself. ;) And I thought I'd add my own touch and stick on some yucky yellow bile. Thanks a bunch mate for referring your own work because they look spiffy in the end. :)

16-06-2009, 20:11
That's all for plauge marines for now I will be painting the 10 night lord models.

But aye Nocturn I got my idea from yourself. ;) And I thought I'd add my own touch and stick on some yucky yellow bile. Thanks a bunch mate for referring your own work because they look spiffy in the end. :)

cool, night lords, i am sure they turn out also very nice :) i'll keep watching.

yes i see the yellow parts, suits good to the other colors, ergo a good choice ;)
and no prob mate, i'm happy about that you could get some inspiration there.


17-06-2009, 07:51
How do you paint all so quick and they turn out looking really good?!! If been painting one model for 2days now and iv barely done anything!!


Fire Harte
17-06-2009, 14:15
The reason is Tank is because these are for a competition that I'm very very close to winning...

Oh and I guess I paint fast. :p

18-06-2009, 09:22
Great Ideas and good painting! its a little bit dirty, but exactly this makes them look so good.

Fire Harte
18-06-2009, 14:46
Aye I like dirty models as it's a bit unlikely for them to be clean or an ultramarine. :D

Fire Harte
23-06-2009, 14:29
Alright then managed to start and finish 6 raptors at 12pm ish over in the uk after starting at around 6pm yesterday.


Got the last four to paint, I've gone for a metallic blue colour although that hasn't shown. I applied a mix of chainmail and midnight blue followed by a wash of asurmen blue, the metal is just an overbrush of chainmail and the red a coat of scab red followed by blood red. The lightning was achieved by painting iced blue as lightning bolts and the next layer was skull white only a much thinner line this time. I'm very pleased with the squad indeed.

I was only intending to paint about two yesterday but not complaining 6 done is a good thing! :D

Shadow Fall
23-06-2009, 16:03

keep them up!!! If doghouse saw this he would be inspired!!! :D

looking forward to more :)

SF :chrome:

23-06-2009, 17:16
add some other color/an wash/ink with black on the weapons and i have nothing to say else than they are amazingly good looking :-)
i like the flamer guy (here is where i suggest another color, cause the weapon is quite huge :-) and another color would stand out well :-))
and the freehand lightnings, turned out really nice

i'm seeing forward to the next update, mate ;)


Fire Harte
23-06-2009, 17:50
Right you are nocturn, I shall paint the rest then wash them all, howzat?

(No progress I've been tidying my hobby boxes and such and gathering an assortment of sprues.)

Shadow Fall
23-06-2009, 17:54
shush! keep tidying


SF :chrome:

23-06-2009, 22:40
Night lords looking real good Harte, loving the lightning bolts on the armour.
the guy on the right in the first pic looks like hes shaking his fist in anger!
"hey you kids, get off my lawn!!"


23-06-2009, 22:56
Right you are nocturn, I shall paint the rest then wash them all, howzat?

(No progress I've been tidying my hobby boxes and such and gathering an assortment of sprues.)

yap, and then add again highlights were they are needed :-)
i'd say thazgood ;)

ah, good luck with it ;) i have to do the same thing..but i have masses of sprues.

Fire Harte
24-06-2009, 11:36
Well the next two night lords are undercoated (by hand! :eek:) and I've got a few more projects already:

5 havocs (4 lascannons)
5 Raptors (metal ones got in a trade)
Ork buildings (new log soon)

Fire Harte
24-06-2009, 18:41

So another two finished and then the final two to go! I'll see about making the metal better with a black wash!

24-06-2009, 22:47
nice use of a good ol beaky for that guy Harte and nice lightning bolt on it aswell!


Fire Harte
25-06-2009, 09:55
A beaky on a model is always good use.

25-06-2009, 12:25
Hey Fire Harte, Like your Night Lords! Alot of cool Conversions in thier! Only thing I can say is add a wash of two to the metsllics!

25-06-2009, 13:07
your now my favorite person ever :)

immortal is kickass

Fire Harte
25-06-2009, 16:41
Metallic wash will be added Lazuli don't you worry! :D

And piratehooker that is so true! I AM your favourite person ever. Oh and yes immportal kicks ass.

Fire Harte
25-06-2009, 21:39
Look to the skies!


More raptors courtesy of consadine. Need a jump pack and pistol arm for another one I've got.

But also been working on loads more heavy support:


Going for two squads of six lascannoniers because in upcoming planet strike games I figure I could use them. I'm going for smaller squads of six as it's 230 points, the exact same amount as my havoc squad with autocannons so tweaking becomes easy. I'm also going for another squad of them and yes I like 6 man squads because it means my oppenent has to kill 4 before I run away and cannot rally as opposed to 3. One of those pics is a little blury sorry. As you can see I'm scavenging imperial parts as well as fantasy ones.

Then this guy:


A conversion from black reach terminator. I've just begun to like the approach of fresh traitor models with a little bit of chaotic influence.

EDIT: Forgot:


26-06-2009, 01:10
[QUOTE=Fire Harte;3710943]

A conversion from black reach terminator. I've just begun to like the approach of fresh traitor models with a little bit of chaotic influence.

Lik Nocturn? Can't wait to see them. Like the guy holding the bolter.

Fire Harte
26-06-2009, 07:29
Most likely yes Lazuli!

Glad you like that bolter model he's my favourite, will greenstuff straps for the other bolter marines also.

Fire Harte
26-06-2009, 13:45
Alright peeps I've decided as there are many projects in this log that I'll divide it up into more manageable chunks for your browsing pleasure.