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Awilla the Hun
02-04-2009, 20:39
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Behold, Comrades! For I am making a report of Glorious Comrade von Stahl's progress, as his valiant Red Guards (Bretonnian Peasant Army) battle their way through hordes of Counter Revolutionary Imperialists and Monarchists, Immortalist Elves, Warmongering Orcs, Magocratic Vampires and Daemons, and whatever other hells the world has to throw at them-all in the name of bringing the Oppressed Proletariat to Class Consciousness and Freedom in a Stahlist-Talinist Society!

Forward, Comrades, to Victory!

Part I: The Lustrian Incident

Thought for the day: As every ship needs a helmsman, so does every revolution need Stahlist Thought.

Comrades! Our mighty forces on the Lustrian Front have officially began to make revolution, in an engagement against the evil Daemonic and Lizardman Forces! If you have been keeping an ear open for Comrade Commissar for Communications Bronstein's frequent pegasus carried messages, you will be aware that, until recently, the despicable Empire Capitalists had also dispatched an army to oppose them; but our wise Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton strode out to the tent of their commander and spoke to him, inflaming him with his passionate rhetoric about bringing revolution to the world, and when this failed, appealing to his greed with two hundred crowns of the immeasurable riches of the Red Guards. So we fought alongside our former bitter enemies in the name of our Comrades, and of Victory!

Armies (a team battle, with about 1000 points per player. Empire and Bretonnians vs Lizardmen and Daemons.)

Comrade Heinrich Von Stahl's Red Guards

Commissar Hugh of Bampton (Great Weapon, Virtue of Empathy, Shield, Great Weapon, Questing Vow. General.)

Comrade Communications Commissar Leonhardt Bronstein(Pegasus, Shield, Lance, Virtue of Noble Disdain.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Virtue of Discipline, Grail Vow, Barded Warhorse, Battle Standard, Biting Blade.)

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Level 2 Damsel with one Dispel Scroll. Got the Gift of Life and Mistress of the Marsh.)

The Quenelles Red Guards (19 Men at Arms, Full Command. Contained Hugh.)

The Unified Red Bowmen (16 Bowmen, Braziers, stakes. Contained DuBois.)

The Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm, Full Command.)

The Capitalistic Empire Allies

Warrior Priest (Great Weapon, Heavy Armour.)

Captain with Dragon Bow, Armour of Meteoric Iron

20 Spearmen (Full Command.)

Two 10 man Handgunner Detachments

8 Knights (Full Command.)




((We didn't measure points values accurately.))

The Theocratic Lizardmen

7 Cold One Knights (Full Command.)

25 Saurus (Full Command.)

12 Skinks

Skink Priest (Heavens- Forked Lightning, something else with lightning.)

The Magocratic Daemons

20 Bloodletters (Full Command.)

20 Daemonettes

6 Flamers

Herald of Tzeentch. (Lore of Death.)

Herald of Slaneesh.


Terrain was a hill on our side, with a patch of trees on our left flank. (Table was 3 feet wide, 4 foot deep.)

We deployed in unison to save time. Our hill was a multi layered affair, and so we were able to deploy the massed gun battery on top, where they could fire over the handgunner detachments on the next level down, who were supported by the Empire Spearmen led by their Warrior Priest, with their Captain nearby. Cowards to a man, for they were hiding behind none other than the bold men of the Red Bowmen on the ground, who were deployed in one rank, and were protected by a row of defensive stakes, cunningly deployed in order for them to buy time so as the massed guns of the Empire could pour fire into their foes. Comrade DuBois was with them also, hoping to be able to slow enemies down with her powers. Our left flank was taken by by the Knights of the Realm (accompanied by Comrade Grunwald's Battle Standard), and Comrade Bronstein on Pegasus back, hoping to bolster the morale of the peasants with inspiring words and drawn steel. On the right of the hill came the Red Guards themselves, formed into four ranks and led by brave Comrade Hugh of Bampton in person. And to their extreme right came the Knights of the Empire.

The enemy deployed their skirmishers-flamers, skinks, skink priest and Herald of Tzeentch-behind the woods, which (despite the massive firepower of the Flamers) caused no fear whatsoever amongst the Proletariat Leadership Committee facing them! The Daemonic infantry filled the middle of their line- Bloodletters to the (enemy's) right of the Daemonettes, with the Saurus lurking just behind. And on their own left flank came their Cold Ones.

With the deployment settled, the roll for the first turn came, and I was there to take it. Of course, the Counter Revolutionary Mages of the enemy cursed it, so they went first!

((And here, I stop my post, for fear of doing something stupid and deleting it. More to come! Oh, and some music with which to accompany our endeavours: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFIS-8DIYX0&NR=1 ))

Awilla the Hun
02-04-2009, 21:32
The first turn of the Counter Revolutionaries saw a veritable flurry of activities. With a great howl of rage, the Daemonic infantry (and second line of Saurus) marched forth as swiftly as they could manage, hellblades and claws raised in a foolish attempt to terrify our stoic Red Guards! Their skirmishers, as expected by wise Comrade Hugh of Bampton, advanced into the woods, making ready to commence firing next turn. The enemy Cold Ones spurred their horribly brutalised steeds into a walk, moving approximately half their normal pace as the gap between the battle lines began to close.

The magic phase was fairly uneventful. The mages of the Saurus and Daemons made a laughable attempt at hurting the Proletarian Leadership Committee, who were entirely unhurt thanks to their heavy armour, and revolutionary fervour (blessing of the lady.) But, of course, the foulest blows fall in the dark, as the Skink Priest unleashed a blast of lightning at Comrade Bronstein! For reasons unknown, Comrade DuBois failed to dispell it ((I hadn't played the game for a long time, and didn't know magic well- I didn't even try)), and the Bronstein's gallant pegasus was sorely wounded (twice.)

With that, the turn of the Red Guards and Empire began.

With a cry of "Forward, Comrades, to Victory!" the Proletarian Leadership Committee tried a charge at the Flamers in the woods, but cunning magics had misled them; the charge faltered out of range, leaving the cavalrymen dangerously exposed. Comrade Bronstein followed slightly behind them. The Red Guard foot on the right edged backwards and readied their shields for the onslaught of the foul daemonettes.

All attempts at spell casting were hurled back by the foul magics of the enemy; even Wise Comrade DuBois was thwarted, as her Mistress of the Marsh was out of range of the Bloodletters.

And now came the shooting phase, which was opened by a crack like thunder; both cannon and mortar blasted at the Daemonettes. And both great guns missed, both scattering into the Saurus! Such is the foolishness of blackpowder weaponry, Comrades! Three of the lizardlike warriors were cut down.

With a roar of "Nock, light, draw, loose!" our brave bowmen shot a great volley at the Bloodletters, the handgunners on the hill above them adding a great volley of shot, as did their strange Helblaster weapon. When the smoke cleared, ten of the apparitions had simply vanished into the abyss that had spawned them. A great cheer erupted from the ranks of the Red Guards, whilst the Handgunners bit their cartridges, and the sweating gun crews began to load their pieces once more.

Turn 2

Now, however, the enemy was in range of a key charge. With a deafening roar of bestial rage, the Bloodletters hefted their weapons and pounded towards our bowmen, their distance increased by a banner that they carried. But our brave men were not to be moved. "Reload, comrades, reload!" DuBois cried, bracing her staff amongst the mass of defensive stakes. "If you retreat, you will be stabbed!" barked Grunwald through his speaking trumpet. The volley was shot, but none of the Bloodletters were harmed, curse them! Bow makers are to be watched closely in future, comrades, lest any repeat performances should take place. The Cold One Knights attempted a charge, but failed-such is the ignorance of the Saurus, and their cruelty towards their mounts!- and their beasts stumbled towards the Knights and shot of the Empire.

The rest of the Daemonic-Lizardmen line advanced a little further, and made ready to attack.

No less than five of our valiant Commissars in the Proletarian Leadership Committee fell to a combination of Daemonic fire and dread sorcery in the ensuing carnage, but the survivors (including noble Comrade Grunwald) remained unbowed, levelling their lances at the Flamers and reciting verses from our Beloved Stahl's works.

And so to close combat. Despite the stakes, the Bloodletters struck first with their infamous fanaticism, horrifically disembowling four of our archers. But our comrades fought back with their cold iron, forged by their comrades in the peasantry, and managed to slay two of their aggressors. Comrade DuBois herself fought one of the beasts with her staff, but such was its ferocity that she struggled to defend herself against it. The combat was won by the Daemons, but Grunwald's inspiring presence forced them to hold their line.

The Red Guard-Imperial counter attack began now. With their cry of "Forward, Comrades, to Victory!" once more sounding, the Proletarian Leadership Committee levelled their lances and charged into the Flamers, losing all but their Commissar (Champion), Standard Bearer, and Comrade Grunwald himself to their dread flames. With his own cry of "To arms, comrades!", Comrade Bronstein spurred his Pegasus into the flank of the Bloodletters, and, despite its dreadful wounds, it obeyed.

But, of course, the Empire betrayed us! Despite plees for assistance from the Red Bowmen below them, their spearmen refused to charge the bloodletters! ((Not fear; my ally just didn't attack. Capitalist.)) And, furthermore, their Knights, despite repeated orders to charge the Cold Ones, failed in this most simple of instructions! ((Fear test failed.)) The aristocrat is never to be trusted, comrades, for he is a weak, cowardly, wicked man, of the greatest sloth and arrogance.

Once again, our magical arsenal failed to impact upon the daemons; Comrade DuBois was too busy in hand to hand combat with the direst of foes to provide any support.

Neither, alas, could our Red Guard Bowmen shoot their weapons at any foes; they were assisting in crushing the Counter Revolutionary Daemons. Happily, whilst the Imperial Engineers consistently fail in their promises to bring their marvels of technology to the masses, they occasionally show some aptitude with their instruments of killing, and even more occasionally do their weapons work properly. Their mortar and cannon once again fired. Their cannon overshot completely, but their mortar round detonated in the midst of the Daemonettes (who were preparing to attack our gallant Red Guards under Comrade Commissar Hugh), and killed six of them alongside another volley of handgun shot. The Hellblaster opened fire at the Cold Ones, and came close to compensating for the ineptitude of their knights; five were swept away under its fire, leaving two (who survived the volley perfectly intact.) Even their Captain joined in, readying his dragon bow and trying a shot at the skinks; but, as such weapons are made by the spells of the mage, rather than by the hands of the Proletariat, it missed its target.

Battle now raged across out lines as hand to hand combat continued. Our brave bowmen continued to fight the Daemons, and (now aided by valiant Comrade Bronstein) killed two of the Daemons, but again lost four men, and again held ranks. Grunwald's Charge, though, for all their valour, was less successful; for, although they killed one Daemon, all save for Comrade Grunwald himself were slain. But this committed revolutionary held out, with his sword drawn and bloodied with the ichor of the daemon.

Turn 3

With a venemous hiss, the skinks threw themselves at Comrade Grunwald, who simply raised his sword and prepared to attack his foes once more. The Cold Ones, although but two remained, chose to chastise the cowardly aristocrats opposing them with a charge, which crashed into their ranks. But, more significantly for our own cause, the Daemonettes charged at Commissar Hugh's own Red Guards! They held, revolutionary will coursing through their veins ((but only hitting on sixes.))

Magic was insignificant, once again, and Daemonic-Lizardman shooting did not take place, as their marksmen had made the foolish mistake of attacking Comrade Grunwald-this most proud defender of the Oppressed Masses-with their spears and tentacles.

Once more did hand to hand fighting rage across our lines. Once more did our bowmen lose one of their men, and banish one of their Daemonic foes in return, and once more did the fighting there continue! Comrade Grunwald was wounded by the foul poison of the Lizardmen attacking him, but once more laid about himself with his sword, beheading one of his opponents (who are from the bourgeoisie class of the Lizardmen, and are to be punished for their evil ways!), and the fight their continued. The knights of the Empire held their foes in check, but did no more.

But Comrade Commissar Hugh of Bampton's Regiment was in grave peril. The foul whore who led the daemonettes (Herald) offered a challenge, beckoning with its claws. Comrade Junior Commissar (champion) Pierre nobly accepted, and, despite fighting bravely, was decapitated. (Only wounded once.) No less than five of our brave Red Guardsmen were killed themselves; but their brave leader, Comrade Commissar Hugh, was not to be distracted from his duties by temptresses, nor unmanned by the killing, and swung his immense halberd (great weapon) in a vicious arc, cutting two of the daemons in half with the strength that he had grasped from threshing wheat. His men held thanks to his efforts.

And, with that, the Lizardmen and Daemons withdrew as inexplicably and as rapidly as they had came. ((The battle ended because both the lizardman and I had to go.))


That was my first battle report ever, and I learned a few things. Peasant bowmen behind stakes take a lot of killing, and that battle standard bearers are very useful indeed (as are knights/Commissars offering leaderships to pesants.) It was decided as a draw in the end, and was enjoyed by all, fought among the "polite" of people at the expense of my communists, the shotgun noises from someone's phone at his having discovered a commie in their midst, communist slogans bawled out by me, and the general sounds of GW at work.

Any comments? This thread will contain more of the efforts of the Red Guard, and (once I become brave enough to put so very many of my details on photobucket) even pictures of their exploits, painted in the latest Stahlist-Realism ((very realistic-indeed, photo realistic)) style.

Forward, Comrades, to Victory!

03-04-2009, 07:54
Well done! I saw your army idea, I didn't think that you'd go through with it, so well done on that. Nice report, too!

03-04-2009, 11:30
Ow! My eyes are burning out from reading this propaganda!

I really like that you made such an effort to stay in character for the whole report. Not exactly sure why, but nice job.

03-04-2009, 14:42
Takes a lot of time to write battle reports in this kind of style.

Well done :)

03-04-2009, 15:54
To quote V.I. Lenin: [!!]

Thoroughly enjoyed the report, and all the in-character stuff was great :D

Props on the list too, quite unique!

- Salvage

Awilla the Hun
03-04-2009, 19:26
More action next Thursday, Comrades! And possibly before! Such is the unconquerable might of the Red Guards, loyal servants of the revolution!

Quotes on the Glorious Red Guards:

"Oh look, a Pegasus with a *German 1930s Fascists Symbol*!" ((Admin, you can't turn this off for mentioning anything to do with that war and that side, can you?)) (On a slightly dodgy crossed scythes symbol painted on a Pegasus wing, like old fashioned fighter wing markings.)

"I have a Communist! *shotgun sound effect*" (A blueshirt's phone, and his voice.)

"Better Red than Dead!" (Me, hopefully with a Vampire Counts player in earshot.)

"Why are they allying with an Absolute Monarchy?" (My opponents.)

"You may be counter revolutionaries, but you can shoot well." (Me on the Helblaster.)

"Forward, Comrades, to Victory!" (Me frequently.)

(Here's the link to the project log.) http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=180895

(ADDED): And the reason why I'm doing all this in character is a) it's cool (it would add something if the Empire players did their reports in ze Imperial Accents, the Orkzez with Da Orky Speek, and so on), and b) I'm writing a fantasy novel, with a USSResque(!) country as its protagonist nation, and I'm having plotting issues. This is my way of keeping the rhetorical juices flowing.

06-04-2009, 21:58
Wow...I'm not sure what's better written, the propaganda or the battle report...

07-04-2009, 11:13
That battle report was brilliant!

Up the revolution!

Keep going dude!

The Red Scourge
07-04-2009, 15:27
Ah, such a warm feeling to know that the teachings of equality and freedom for all men, as written by the great thinker Yefimovich upon has found a solid home in the far southern lands of Brettonia.

All hail to the revolution and to Tzeentch, the liberator of men :evilgrin:

Awilla the Hun
08-04-2009, 18:46
In anticipation of tomorrow's battle report (or, at least, me starting to write it) I have obtained some propaganda fresh from the printing presses of our noble cause. Pictures are of the "Ultra Social Realism" (i.e. photographed) style, and are the property of Awilla the Hun. I hope this works!

If it does, suggestions for more will be appreciated. The posters are on Microsoft Word 2003, but were copied from the powerpoint of the same year (I think), so that may explain any difficulties you may have. I haven't done anything like this before, so I'm sorry if the shots come out badly! (Note: I have only just realised how big the photos are compared to the slides. Prepare for some cramped pictures...)

And, in defence of the painting style: they are an ill painted labour of love, but a labour of love all the same. I really don't know any better, but I intend to take lessons.

((Legal Note: All images are made by the person known as Awilla the Hun on Warseer.com. If you redistribute them without my permission, I will hunt you down, and do nasty legal things to you. This also applies to any other images made by me. If this somehow contradicts laws made by warseer, this is without the knowledge of the writer, and the writer apologises for his mistake. I am also ignorant of laws on this issue.))

Still to come: Pic depicting the entire army, and more! Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Edit: Just realised that it hasn't actually uploaded. I will now try again. If it doesn't work this time, can someone please tell me how it does work? I just put the word document into the manage attachments thing and clicked upload. And if it has attached and I don't know about it, how do I access it via the attachment/make it accessible?

08-04-2009, 21:07
very entertaining and highly educational reading there, comrade. I'll look forward to the proletariats continued fight(s).

I see no picture, have no idea how to fix it :p sorry

Awilla the Hun
08-04-2009, 21:58
Well, I tried to put an attachment on, but it failed after taking ages to upload. Oh well. It seems like there won't be any propaganda apart from what I tape onto their diorama/tray when (they will eventually go to a tournament, mark my words. And, even if they are poorly painted, I have heard that a "Best Army" award is possible.)

I also probably need lessons in the manufacture of dioramas, but I'm sure that such things are available in the Modelling section.

Gabacho Mk.II
08-04-2009, 23:09

That was brilliant!!!

I am anxiously awaiting to read more.

Well done mate! :)

08-04-2009, 23:35
You must be very dedicated or very crazy to do BR's in this style, anyways keep it up :)

Awilla the Hun
09-04-2009, 20:42
Part II: A Song of Steel and Fire

Thought for the day: Let a hundred flowers of revolution bloom!

Comrades! Our forces have once again been beset by an army of vile daemons, who seek nothing more than to destroy all that we have struggled for in the name of freedom and Talinist-Stahlism! Our Swift Comrade Commissar for Communications Bronstein, whilst flying on one of his patrols, came upon a burned and shattered village. Of course, his kind and belevolent nature impelled him to land and investigate further, along with his two ((Newly Painted, and pretty good if I say so myself)) Comrades.

What they found makes one's heart fly out to the poor and oppressed, who are so feebly protected by their uncaring aristocratic masters. The village had been attacked and destroyed by a horde of Beastmen, and its occupants forced to flee to a nearby cave known as "Le Caverne de Daemon" in the tongue of their nobles. How appropriate the name came to be, for (villains are they are) their knightly leaders neglected to tell the peasants that the cave was cursed, and that hordes of daemons were even now beginning to materialise in the mortal world, and were slowly marching forth.

The surviving inhabitants of the village were thrilled to learn of our Revolutionary Cause, and all signed up to oppose their masters. Comrade Bronstein first ordered them to abandon the cave as quickly as they could, and then to arm themselves with whatever they could muster; for he could understand the high Bretonnian of the aristocrats, unlike the unfortunate villagers. He then flew to Glorious Comrade von Stahl's encampment, and begged him for assistance.

Our noble leader responded immediately, and sent his personal guards and leaders to assist, along with brave Comrades Grunwald and DuBois! He promised more assistance, and I know that it would have came, but a man on foot naturally travels less quickly than a man on horseback; and so it was that only the Proletarian Leadership Committee, led by DuBois and Grunwald, along with our Commissariat for Communication arrived at the village, to find the occupants holding pitchfork, scythe and hunting bow in readiness for their defence.

And then a great cry erupted from the cave mouth, as if the very bones of the earth were sighing; and a horde of strange, blue creatures poured forth. "To Arms, Comrades!" Grunwald ordered, before drawing his sword. Another battle had began.


Army Lists were of 817 points each (my opponent let me have 17 more.):

The Caverneville Revolutionary Committee

19 Men At Arms with full command (led by Comrade Commissar Pierre, with Great Weapon, Virtue of Empathy, Shield, Great Weapon, Questing Vow. General.)-The Caverneville Red Guards Brigade

16 Peasant Bowmen, with braziers and stakes.

The Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm, Full Command.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Virtue of Discipline, Grail Vow, Barded Warhorse, Battle Standard, Biting Blade.)

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Level 2 Damsel with one Dispel Scroll. Got the Gift of Life and Mistress of the Marsh.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with full command.)


The Counter Revolutionary Daemons.

Herald of Tzeentch: The Elephant Man (he of the long nose, Master of Sorcery and substantial adorability.) Led 30 man horrors unit.

Herald of Tzeentch: The Other one (Master of Sorcery). Led about 15 horrors.


Table was 3 by 4 foot again. A big hill went vertically through the centre of our table, and another one on my right flank, along with some woods on the right-centre of the table.

I won the roll for deployment, let him deploy first. He set up his two blocks of flamers pretty much next to each other, but neither had LOS on the left flank of the centre hill. This was my trump card. I deployed by bowmen on my hill, Comrade DuBois behind the central hill, and then set up the Knights on the right (I should have put them on the left, in hindsight), before deploying the Red Guard infantry and Pegasi on the left, where his daemons couldn't see them.

I let him go first.


Turn 1 was uneventful in the extreme. The Daemons stood still, and tried to cast magic, but (owing to the hill) they could not see the Proletariat Leadership Committee! The daemon, comrades, is lacking in intellect, and only has raw magical power to his name. Courage, comrades, can master all of these.

Then came our turn. The Proletariat Leadership Committee advanced over the hill, and towards the daemonic scum awaiting them, with brave Comrade Grunwald at their head. The Red Guards to the left (how appropriate!) also advanced, with the Communications Commissariat just behind them.

Our magic was successful. With an irresistable blast of power, Wise Comrade DuBois unleashed the full force of the wood upon the smaller regiment of daemons, killing two of them! ((Good old irresistable force. A magical high point of my career, I'd say.)) Our brave bowmen, sadly, were out of range by a few feet ((inches)), and their volley fell short. Cowardly Daemons!

They proved their cowardly nature next turn, of course, as the larger regiment turned to face the Red Guards on the left, and the smaller regiment the Proletariat Leadership Committee on the right. Naturally, the rightists were hit harder by the magical hellstorm unleashed upon them. Despite the best efforts of Comrade DuBois ((3 dispel dice vs about 18 power dice)), the entire Committee were destroyed save for their standard bearer. Even Comrade Commissar Grunwald was laid tragically low, but I am informed that he will make a safe recovery. ((Well, DuBois does have gift of life. An after game spell doesn't seem impossible.)) Did their standard bearer do the honourable thing and hold? No, comrades! He turned and fled! On our left flank, the Red Guards were also struck, but only seven perished before the onslaught. They advanced with gritted teeth, levelled weapons, and a cry of "Avenge our homes!"-an inspirational example of revolutionary zeal and valour to us all, comrades!

Then came my turn. The Communications Commissariat flew as far as they could, hoping to get a flank charge on the bigger (leftmost) horrors unit, as did the Red Guards aiming for the front. In the onslaught of the vast magical power of the enemy, even Wise Comrade DuBois could do little. Our brave bowmen, however, were not to be deterred, and their volley killed two daemons from the right hand mob. ((Their power level was now reduced.)) They also shot down the last supposed Leader of ours for his cowardice ((two shots were out of range, so that's where they went...))

And with that came the daemon turn again.

Both mobs milled about frantically, like cornered beasts before the wrath of our men, desperately trying to bring their magic to bear upon them. And, alas, they were successful, as all our Red Guard infantry bar their standard bearer, Drummer, Junior Commissar and Commissar survived. But still they held, weapons levelled.

With a great cheer of "Long live the revolution!" ((A likely story! They haven't really been indoctrinated very much, after all)), they charged over their own dead, charged through the mass of blood and magefire, polearms ((I used polearms)) held high. The Communications Commissariat followed, lances and pistols ((a conversion, nothing more)) ready, right into the front ((almost, but not quite a flank charge)) of the awaiting regiment.

Once more was magical power swept away. Once more did the bowmen shoot a volley. And once more was battle joined.

Three of the foul daemons were sent tumbling into the abyss ((rubber lances, I fear)), but at the cost of two brave Red Guardsmen! The Communications Commissariat withdrew, the cowards, but their comrades on foot continued to fight to the death! ((I thought it was a double 1 to survive a test involving outnumbered by a fear causing enemy-I could be wrong-but they passed it! The Red Guard fights on, with or without its supposed Revolutionary Leaders.))

And then came the final turn. The fleeing Communications Commissariat were struck by more magical fires, leaving just their musician alive, who fled off the battlefield. He is a disgrace to our cause, Comrades! The Red Guards fought on still, they who had been so little inducted into our cause, they who now proved so willing to die for the Liberation of the Oppressed Proletariat! Two more Daemons were hacked down, and that was the last that anyone saw of the Red Guards, drowning under a great wave of Horrors, always facing to the front, never letting their fear show to the slavering fiends. If you are to die, comrades, and I very much hope that you shall not, then you are to remember the brave men of Caverneville!

((Actually, their Commissar ran, but no one noticed it.))

A final volley of arrows exhausted the ammunition of the bowmen, so they and Comrade DuBois were forced to withdraw.

((I conceded the game, and I hadn't enjoyed it at all. My enemy was far from the most appealing or aimiable of opponents to play against to start off with, apart from his adorable "Elephant Man" Herald. His army was ill painted, and he just wasn't a nice guy. I gather that he is learning the error of his ways the hard way: people with Tourney Armies in non competetive gaming clubs just don't get played against. His next opponent, who used Vampire Counts, simply stopped playing him in disgust-not because he feared his enemy, but because he got laughed at too hard for the "Invocation of Ganesh" or some twisting of words like that, and its association with The Elephant Man. It was also, it must be said, his army. Unless I had deployed substantially greater magical defence-three dispel carrying damsels, say-I see no way how I could have combatted it on such a small table. If I had deployed the knights of the realm on the left flank, it would have been very crowded, units would have probably got in each others' way, and he would have just moved his daemons to shoot at them.

But still, the Red Guards died as well as ever.))

Glorious Comrade von Stahl is choked with grief about the deaths our forces suffered, and has vowed that they are not in vain. Due punishment has also been issued to all cowards and traitors in our ranks. They are to be purged, Comrades! Purged!

10-04-2009, 11:45
ouch! really not much you could do against such an "army". some 8-10 levels of magic? in 800 points?

oh well, guess he'll run out of players soon enough. A good showing anyways, you got to weed out some of the cowards from your honoured regiment ;)

Awilla the Hun
10-04-2009, 12:30
He told me that he was kind for not choosing to use any flamers.

If there's only him left to play fantasy with, Comrade von Stahl may decide to halt his revolution until more Red Guards can be mustered. I'll try and play against someone that isn't daemons next time, comrades.

11-04-2009, 03:10
Yikes! That has to be one of the angriest builds I've seen in a while... In a friendly, 800pt game! May the Stahlists find other enemies to sacrifice for the great Revolution! Forward, comrades!


11-04-2009, 05:02
Thats a ridiculous army for a small game.

11-04-2009, 10:23
Ah yes, he was so kind not to take flamers. I would ask him how he lives with himself, but, alas, he is the reason why my Daemons take so much flack. I'm willing to bet he doesn't even realize what an utter bastard he is.

Awilla the Hun
11-04-2009, 21:40
Many people do, I think. He's one of two people at the club who I really just can't stand. The other one is universally beloved for being about 11, but collects the same coloured daemons-just in 40k (painted in a manner that can only be called even worse than these, if that is possible-a pretty thin layer of blue, and little else. At least the fantasy one has the adorable Elephant Man.) They both admire themselves for winning a great deal-justifiably, because Tzeentchi Armies are powerful wherever you go-and both, in my view, have something wrong with them somewhere.

I beat this fellow once, and remain proud of it. I think that it was the once time he ever played in anything approaching an informal game. My old Empire army, along with lots of Orcs, and some other Chaos somethings, went up against a Chaos alliance. Never mind that said Chaos alliance probably had far less points than us-my Black Band spearmen, led by Rikhardt von Sharpe, and supported by a vast mob of Orcs and Fanatics, went toe to toe with a regiment of Chosen. My Handgunners blew the hell out of Be'Lakor. And my Knights rode down his Horrors. Alas, I can't write a report about it, but it was one of the high points of my old Empire Army (the other being a cannon shot taking out a High Elf dragon.) But the Empire Army remains, and is in striking distance of getting finished.

But enough of this off topic stuff about the Imperialists! (Who mysteriously provided cavalry instructors to my Proletariat Leadership Committee, and soldiers to the Foreign Brigade that I'm forming, but I digress.) Glorious Comrade von Stahl has made a vow that, some day, he will get his vengance. If the long arm of the Stahlist-Talinist revolutionary guards has to stretch to the Chaos Wastes themselves, then he shall find them, and he shall purge them from this land. Glory to him! Long live the Revolution, Comrades!

Next week, I'll try to get that Vampire Counts player to a game. He seems far more decent than our Daemonic friend. (When the new Guard Codex comes out, expect a slight interruption in the battle reports, as the Red Guards muster for a final push, and I try to paint up far too many exotic new battle tanks for a healthy person.)

12-04-2009, 06:15
Fantastic report. Throughly enjoy your fluff.

Thank you for posting it!

Awilla the Hun
12-04-2009, 13:34
Glorious Comrade von Stahl has noted the glee with which generals are flocking to the banner of revolution. Hope remains for us!

Right. I'm making a Foreign Brigade (which will count as Men at Arms.) Do you want to be represented in it as "Foreign Stahlist-Talinists"? If so, what sort of model? Must be on foot, and I must have a majority with halberd and shield (i.e. 13 halberd and shieldmen), but apart from that it's very flexible. I already have ten halberdiers with shields, and a Greatswords Command group (3 men) representing rich Empire soldiers/merchants joining the cause.

Awilla the Hun
24-04-2009, 16:51
Regrettably, comrades, our Glorious Comrade Chairman Heinrich von Stahl has been unable to continue to create revolution for the past couple of weeks. Now, however, I have the honour to inform you that he will return! After a campaign of Reinvigorating the Stahlist-Talinist Cause with new recruits (I will start painting them!) he intends to engage enemies of the working classes once more.

Forward, Comrades, to Victory!

25-04-2009, 14:20
Just a brilliant background and set of campaign stories, can't wait to see the next one...vive la Revolution (or whatever else a Russian Bretonnian might say - lol) and crush those cowardly aristocrats who stand in the way of freedom!

Awilla the Hun
14-05-2009, 20:40


Our Glorious Revolutionary Armies have been overflowing with reinforcements from our liberated territories, as a veritable flood of volunteers have arrived! A whole village's menfolk have taken up their bows in the cause of Revolution, such is the class consciousness of the Proletariat of Bretonnia! Volunteers from foreign parts are also flocking to our cause! Soon, we shall have the strength to crush all before us! Sadly, all the Counter Revolutionary Reactionary Legions in the area have taken flight, to spare themselves the vengance of their former oppressed slaves. But long live the Revolution! Glory to Comrade von Stahl!

((Translation: No battle report, because no one wanted a game. Most of the other players had 40k, and the few fantasy players had already arranged a game.))

Wonderful news, Comrades! Wise Comrade DuBois has worked out (with magical proof of the most advanced kind) one Red Guardsman is worth no less than 256 state troopers of the Capitalist Empire!

Her theory goes like this:

As we all know, the body is divided into the four humours of black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. In most peoples, however, these humours are divided, owing to the surroundings and temperament of their individualistic, greedy society. In a Stahlist-Talinist society, however, the humours are all united in the service of the body, as unity is more emphasised in the name of the Revolution. Therefore, as each humour mingles with each other humour, they gain the strengths of all the others. And, as 4 to the power of 4 is 256, so is even the meanest Red Guard-provided that he or she has sufficient devotion to the cause, and is surrounded by enough Revolutionary Will-has the strength of 256 men!

See how the Revolution is already improving humanity!

((Of course, its failure-not that it is false-can so easily be blamed upon Counter Revolutionaries in the regiment spreading lies and deceit. And such dodgy science was really practiced in the early USSR. For example, Schizophrenia is obviously caused by the conflict between money and compassion. Ergo, without money-a situation created by Communism-there is no more Schizophrenia!))

Awilla the Hun
15-07-2009, 18:00
Comrades! Tomorrow, the Red Guards under Glorious Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, shall be going into action once more! I have made a lot of models, and have substituted quite a few, and some are only sprayed, but they are (by and large) the 2000 point army I set out to create! Long live Von Stahl! Long live the revolution!

(If, as usual, the GW preferences for bringing along just the wrong sort of figures are proven correct once again, or only the Tzeentch Player is free, I may not be.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amEk4DqyAhc (Some appropriate music. Thank you, Comrades, indeed.)

I have also been informed that Revolutionary Intelligence Officials have permitted me to release this document. It has the Crossed Scythes at the top, and is on suspiciously bloodstained parchment. They inform me that the priest died trying to protect his precious paper.

Glorious Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl (Bretonnian Lord, with Virtue of Empathy, enchanted shield, Hammer of the Proletariat (sword of might), Book of Stahlist-Taalist Thought (Braid of Bordeleaux)= 165 He is, of course, the Comrade General

Comrade du Bois, Commissar for Magical Affairs (Damsel with Dispel Scroll, Level 2)= 130

Comrade Stephan Grunwald, Commissar for Warfare (Paladin with Virtue of Discipline, Speaking Trumpet with Book of Stahlist Thought (battle standard), Revolutionary Fanaticism (Grail Vow), Biting Blade, Barded Warhorse.)= 105

Comrade Hugh of Bampton, Commissar for Nationalities and Proletarian Affairs (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Shield, Questing Vow, Great Weapon.)= 94

Core Units

The Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command)= 249

The Quenelles Red Guards Brigade (25 Red Guards (Men at Arms) with Full Command)= 152

The Quenelles Red Guards Commissariat (10 Peasant Bowmen, with braziers)= 65

The Gisoreaux Red Guards Brigade (25 Red Guards (Men at Arms) with Full Command)= 152

The Gisoreaux Red Guards Commissariat (10 Peasant Bowmen, with braziers)= 65

The Foreign Brigade (25 Foreign Volunteers, including men from the Empire, the Under Empire, Estalia, and even Tilea (Men at Arms) with Full Command)= 152

The Observers of the Foreign Brigade (10 Peasant Bowmen, with braziers)=65

Special Units

Comrade Commissar for Information Leonardt Bronstein, mounted on a Mobile Proletarian Information Centre (Grail Reliquae with a total of 13 Red Guards listening to his inspirational words)= 154

The 1st Military Commissariat (5 Yeomen)=75

The 2nd Military Commissariat (5 Yeomen)=75

The Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights who are full command)= 195


"No wall can withstand Revolutionary Thought. Or Trebuchets." (Trebuchet with artisan)=100

Total= 1993

(I may have got the sums wrong. Have I? How will this army fare? Well, poorly obviously; I'm pretty new to fantasy. Any tactical ideas will be immensely appreciated.)

15-07-2009, 19:29
I am not really convinced of your fluff :p But that's up to you... I am bringing Nostradamus and jack the knife to warhammer so :p

But. with this list you really need to think during your deployment. One small(or big) mistake in your deployment may lose you the battle since infantry are quite slow to respond to enemy movements. :p

be also sure that all your units during the game are supported by another. As soon as one of your units are on its own, it will probably be destroyed despite the fighting spirit of the Red Army :)

hasta la victoria siempre! comrade Earnest hails from Estalia ;)

Awilla the Hun
15-07-2009, 20:26
An official statement from the Proletariat Leadership Committee:


A fiendish Reactionary General, by the name of Kramplav, has criticised our so called "fluff"!

This man is to be found and re educated in revolutionary thought for his immense insolence and incalculabe crimes against the working classes. We have heard grave reports of his ill conduct with the lower orders, his dalliances with Magocratic Fortune Tellers, and even daring to suggest that a Red Guard could not, as explained above in great detail, handle 256 Empire State Troops.

The foolishness of these Counter Revolutionaries defies belief...

16-07-2009, 14:50
Personnaly I love your fluff ! Will we see your glorious proletarian red guards crush the ruthless aristocrats & the greedy capitalist merchants soon ? I would like to read moar battle reports from you ! :)

Awilla the Hun
16-07-2009, 20:58
Part III: The Assault upon Cannibalism

Thought for the Day: Let the wave of the proletariat overwhelm the sea wall of the bourgeoisie!

Comrades! Our glorious revolutionary armies have made another crushing offensive against the lackeys of Capitalism and Monarchism!

In the very heartland of capitalism itself, the Worlds' Edge mountains, our comrades struck. The 6th disivion of the Red Guards, under the personal command of Glorious Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl himself, were marching in search of the dwarven reactionary monarch, Thorigrim Grudgebearer. They had heard many rumours, from the mouths of the ungrateful (fools! They are so very lacking in class consciousness, that they cannot even begin to comprehend the nature of our cause) dwarven proletariat who resisted our assimilation, that the King himself was on the march, with the assistance of but a small host.

However, after months of marching, it became clear that the Dwarven Counter Revolutionary was hiding, in the extensive network of mountainous caves that all such enemies of rightness know only too well. ((Satire points: 1.)) But, when Glorious Comrade Chairman Von Stahl led a scouting expedition away from the main army to explore one of these caves, it gradually became clear-via both Wise Comrade DuBois' signalling, and the sounds of grunts and roars-that battle had been joined by a different force: Ogres, the most dreadful and vile of cannibals, lured by the vast pockets of the miserly dwarven king (which he counts daily, and never expends on anything save for his pathetic armies), and his Anti Proletarian measures. Clearly, Comrades, we must kill all such snakes in their nests, before they become overly troublesome!

((I had seen this guy wheeling out the King last week. I had seen said King kick unprecedented amounts of Empire backside. I naturally expected the King to be present this time. I packed two suitcases with Red Guards (and some Guardsmen.) I broke my own rule, using Counts As models and even unfinished ones. I lugged this lot into the car, and then into the shop. The guy-who I had faced in the Agelian Campaign, where he uses the Grey Knights-looks up politely from a game of 40K that he had just started. Bourgois Imperialist!

Eventually, I get a game with 1200 points of Ogre Kingdoms instead.))


The 6th Division of Glorious Comrade Von Stahl's Red Guards

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Great Weapon, Questing Vow, Virtue of Empathy, Heavy Armour, Shield. Marches with the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade.)

Comrade Commissar for Magical Matters DuBois (Damsel with Lore of Life, level 2, dispel scroll (which was never used. This makes up for much of the 32 point overspending on my part, I think. Marches with the Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat.)

Comrade Commissar for Warfare Stephan Grunwald (Battle Standard Bearer with Grail Vow, Barded Warhorse, Biting Blade, Virtue of Discipline. Rides with the Proletariat Leadership Committee.)

Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm with full command.)

Quenelles Red Guards Brigade (25 Men at Arms with full command.)

Quenelles Red Guards Commissariat (10 Peasant Bowmen with brazier.)

Foreign Brigade (25 Men at Arms with full command.)

Foreign Brigade Commissariat (10 Peasant Bowmen with brazier.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Full Command.)


The Cannibalistic Ogres (I cannot recall the wargear exactly, as my opponent forgot to use quite a bit of it. We were both fairly new to the game.)

Butcher (In Bulls 1.)

Bruiser (in Ironguts.)

8 Gnoblar Trappers with Snarefinder

8 Gnoblar Trappers with Snarefinder

Bulls 1 (3 Bulls with 2 hand weapons, light armour.)

Bulls 2 (3 Bulls with 2 hand weapons, light armour, banner.)

Ironguts (3 Ironguts.)

Leadbelchers 1 (2 Leadbelchers.)

Leadbelchers 2 (2 Leadbelchers.)


I am on the South, as ever, for the purposes of Terrain. Table is about 4 foot by 4 foot.

On the South West corner was a small hill, like in the South East. In the very mid East of the Board was another hill. A forest was in the middle of the table. The Ogre side was pretty open, save for a hill in the North West of the table.

I chose to deploy first. My Red Guards Commissariats (bowmen) formed a long, thin line, stakes to the front, about 8 inches into my zone, with Wise Comrade DuBois herself in the centre of the table (my right flank being largely shielded by hills.) Behind these came the Red Guards Brigades, with Comrade Comissar Hugh himself being (foolishly) put in the left hand unit. My Proletariat Leadership Committee formed their lance formation to the right of the mass of infantry, whilst the Communications Commissariat, on their Pegasi, deployed to the right of the Proletariat Leadership Committee, hidden from any leadbelchers or toothcrackers by the hills.

The Ogres deployed next. A unit of Gnoblars deployed in the forest in the centre, whilst another went on the North West hill with Bulls 2. The rest of the Ogres formed a sort line in their deployment zone, all to the East of the woods (as I recall.) I cannot remember precisely in which order.

I rolled to go first, and got Mistress of the Marsh and Rainlord for Comrade Commissar DuBois.

Would the Glorious Red Guards bear the bloodied banner of revolution into the belly of the Ogre beast? Or would they end up in the tribal cookpot? Find out in the next post.

Forward, Comrades, to Victory!

Awilla the Hun
16-07-2009, 22:03
With a cry of "For Comrade Von Stahl!" the Red Guards sprung into action. With much of the army sheltering behind their wall of stakes, weapons readied for the Cannibalistic Onslaught, the Communications Commissariat, with their traditional penchant for decisive manouveres, did just that. They spurred their pegasi forth-only to be narrowly missing the woods. Their leader called upon the oppressed proletariat of the Gnoblars to join them in revolution, but all he got was an exposed backsides. Such creatures are to be pitied, comrades, for they are tragically ignorant of our cause, whereas you are a liberated, free citizen of the Revolution. Long live the cause! Long live Comrade Von Stahl!

Comrade DuBois attempted to cast a cunning magic (Rainlord, as I recall) upon the Gnoblars in the forest, but miscast. A spell was cast in return, but I cannot remember it doing very much.

A volley of arrows was shot. None of the class consciousless proletariat in the trees were harmed, but a grotesquely fat ogre on the North West hill was wounded (once) as a flaming arrow stuck into his gullet.

The Ogres stormed into battle. The very earth seemed to quake as immense feet, under faces quivering with sheer weight of chins, stumbled forward. A unit of leadbelchers moved up to fire upon the Communications Commissariat, with another close behind; Bulls 2 ran full tilt towards the archers (apparently oblivious of the Communications Commissariat who could see their flank, complacent fools!), and the other Ogres (Ironguts and Bulls 1, with Ironguts in the lead) buckled their line as they attempted to charge over the hills on the East.

Magic came, and Comrade Commissar DuBois proved lamentably poor at holding back the foul sorcery of the Butcher (she is to be watched, comrades; but, thus far, she does not merit execution. Thus far.) A Toothcracker was cast, but had no effect on the Communications Commissariat it was aimed at. (Our bones, Comrades, are extremely resilient, for they are the bones of the Proletarian Man.) An unearthly glow surrounded an Ogre Unit (one of the two moving forward. I think that it was Trollguts on the Bulls, but I cannot recall exactly.)

A volley of leadbelcher cannon shot and broken bottles were cast at the Communications Commissariat, wounding one of them (but not killing this noble Commissar!)

The Red Guards continued their glorious march to victory. With a great "Urrah!", the Communications Commissariat mastered their fear and crashed into the flank of Bulls 2. The Red Guards infantry began to march towards my right flank, so as to intercept the Ogre Counter Revolutionaries preparing to march over the hills. And the Proletariat Leadership Committee rode back a few inches, turning to face the hills, which were literally shaking under the onslaught of Ogre boots ((my opponent nudged it slightly.))

Magic came, and was unsuccessful. Rainlord was cast on the only Leadbelcher unit that DuBois could cast it on (which unfortunately had already fired, and was trying to load its guns.)

Shooting, however, was slightly more satisfying. Another Ogre-from the Trollgutted Bulls-was wounded in the arrow storm, but once more did the Gnoblars prove resistant to my shots at the woodlands.

Close Combat was not the success I thought it would be. Despite their heroic charge, all the Communications Commissariat could manage, with lances levelled, pistols banging and (more importantly ) Pegasus Hoofs flailing was wounding an Ogre once. The return attacks killed the wounded Commissar, and the combat was drawn.

The Ogre movement was fairly conventional. The unfired Leadbelchers moved forwards into a better firing position (but still out of range.)The Ogre Bulls and Ironguts continued to march over the hills, with the Bruiser's Regiment now at the bottom. Comrade Grunwald raised his speaking trumpet. "That, Comrades," he cried, "is a Capitalist-Imperialist-Cannibalist piece of scum! He is to be swept away, by the path of progress and the might of the proletariat!" The Revolutionary Committee levelled their lances, and prepared to charge next turn, disdaining the Butcher's unit waiting close by.

The Ogre butcher mage a laughable attempt to Braingobble a unit of Red Guards, but was foiled by the great courage (and brandished great weapon) of Comrade Commissar Hugh.

Combat was more successful. On the left flank, the Communications Commissariat brought down the wounded ogre, denying the Cannibals any opportunity to fight back, and thus drawing combat again. Nearby Gnoblars gabbered in terror at the butchery taking place.

Turn 3, I believe, was when the game turned in my favour.

With a mighty "Urrah!" the Proletariat Leadership Committee smashed into the Ironguts, Grunwald chanting the "Thoughts of Von Stahl" as loudly as he could, even outvoicing the panicked, terrified shrieks ((you can tell this is propaganda)) of the Ogres facing them. The Red Guard infantry continued to form up to support their comrades, with the Foreign Brigade moving up to support them on their left flank, and the Quenelles Brigade right behind them.

Magic was excellent. Really excellent. Comrade Commissar DuBois redeemed herself in the name of the revolution in grand style by casting Mistress of the Marsh on the Butcher's Bulls (no Bull Charge for you, Counter Revolutionary Pig Dog!), and then by dispelling Trollguts. Urrah, indeed!

The black rain was unleashed once again. A couple of wounds were done on the leadbelchers who had already fired, (2 wounds suffered), and caused the cowardly brutes to flee in panic!

And, as for combat...

The lances of the Proletariat Leadership Committee were dissapointing, doing little. The horses of the Proletariat Leadership Committee finished off another wounded ogre. But, as for Comrade Grunwald...

He, and his horse, hit and wounded with every attack possible. His blade scythed a red arc through obese flesh, whilst his horse's hoofs shattered a thick skull. The Bruiser desperately called orders, but he, and his single surviving Ogre lackey, fled from the wrath of the revolution (having done nothing to their attackers. All with no Revolutionary Fervor!) They were trampled beneath their iron shod hooves, the Reactionary Bruiser recieving the Commissar's own sword in the back-and the Committee galloped on, and on, off the board...

Oh, and the Communications Commissariat killed another Ogre in close combat, winning the combat, but the standard bearer still held out, hacking away with a rusted scimitar.

The Ogres responded with what I can almost describe as panic. The Gnoblar Trappers charged into the rear and flank of the Communications Commissariat, and the final leadbelcher unit moved up to fire upon the Commissariat before them. The Butcher tapped his cookpot, and then pointed at the Red Guard infantry; but, with the ground worse than at a Glastonbury privy, the Ogres could only stumble, and form a line to face them.

Magic involved another pointless Braingobbler (the fools of these bourgeois mages!), and a less pointless strength increasing spell.

The leadbelchers levelled their pieces at the Red Guards archers before them, and fired. One gun blew up, wounding the gunner once (so foolish to use firearms, especially with such meagre facilities to maintain them!), but the other sprayed out a vast quantity of grapeshot. Most, however, missed; only two Red Guardsmen fell, not even forcing a panic test.

The close combat in the West was taking a decisively bad turn, as the Commissars were buried under a mountain of Gnoblars (and this is the last I'll say of them. By turn 5, they were overran, and the survivor fled into the Gnoblars. He is to be watched closely, if ever he is seen again...)

The Red Guard infantry formed a line, with both blocks of Red Guards preparing to face their foes; the Foreign Brigade on the right, with the Butcher opposite them, and Comrade Commissar Hugh's regiment to the left, opposite the leadbelchers.

Another volley of arrows rained down on ogre flesh, lightly wounding the still running other unit of leadbelchers.

The battle raged on, with a single Commissar defying the indoctrinated, fanatical gnoblars and ogre with his sword in hand and defiance on his lips.

Both Ogre units charged into their foes. Neither were capable of a Bull Charge, owing to the close proximity of the Red Guards. For reasons unknown, Commissar Hugh's own personal brigade were panicked in the face of the Ogres, screaming in terror. He has a history of this ocurring (see battle 1), and should be watched very closely, Comrades, despite his high rank...

The Bulls, with their strength magically boosted, (Comrade DuBois could not dispel-they are quite feeble creatures without their vile sorcery) smashed into the Foreign Brigade, and killed many of them (many, many of them. They rolled very well); but their Commissar, one Eric Arturius Blair, was an extremely staunch Stahlist, and ensured that they held out. Comrade Commissar Hugh wounded a Leadbelcher with his great weapon, and his men caused the unit to rout in terror, despite the tragic loss of a loyal Red Guardsman. His men did not pursue, preferring to take the revolutionary fight to the cowardly butcher.

(I think that it was now when the Communications Commissariat were over ran.)

"Charge!" Commissar Hugh cried. "For the Revolution!"

And his Red Guards obeyed. He personally led the charge, his massive halberd raised, bellowing his challenge- "Face me, you Counter Revolutionary Dog!" at the foul Butcher, who accepted with a belch of "It's feedin' time, thinling!" His men also crashed into the flank of the Bulls. And, joy of joys, the Proletariat Leadership Committee charged into the fray, closing rapidly with the Ogres (but not charging them.)

Another volley of arrows was fired, the left hand Commissariat at the Ogre Standard Bearer, the right at the fleeing Leadbelchers. Neither wounded any of them.

Comrade Commissar Hugh smashed his halberd into the belly of the Butcher, driving it in with every fibre of his being. The massive blade bursted out of the back of the Butcher-who squealed in agony and knocked him sprawling with one flailing blow, out cold. ((He wounded the Butcher twice, but was killed. I learned a lesson then...))

Without his inspiring leadership, the Red Guards, for all their valour, fared poorly. Despite the barked orders of Comrade Grunwald, both units of Red Guards fled from the Ogres, leaving many dead behind them. (Perfectly illustrating the need, Comrades, for a skilled, intelligent party to lead revolutions!)

((That was far from the outcome I expected...))

The Butcher's unit charged at the fleeing Foreign Brigade ((the Butcher having healed himself somehow)), who ran off the table. But, foolish in their supposed triumph, they forgot about the Proletariat Leadership Committee to their rear!

The left hand unit of archers was charged by the single ogre, and a rabble of Gnoblars (another few not joining, but instead standing idly around.) The stakes of our archers, though, are extremely tough. They withstood the charge, and inflicted a bloody vengance upon their enemies, killing two Gnoblars, and drawing the combat despite losing four of their numbers.

(An important note, comrades: the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade continued to run, right through the Archers/ Commissariat in the middle of the battlefield, despite threats of execution! They were, of course, dealt with later, for we do not tolerate wreckers and bourgeoisie sympathisers in this army! The Commissariat stood extremely firmly against their calls to desert, of course.)

The final action of the battle was to have the Proletariat Leadership Committee smash into the back of the Butcher's Bulls unit, and burst straight through them, losing a single Commissar.


I won the game. Yay!

Post game thoughts: This is my first proper game with the Red Guards, one on one, man to man, and not against a Tzeentchi Daemons Army. ((If the points seem slightly unbalanced, it's because my opponent added quite a few magic items to his characters.)) From it I learned a vital lesson: despite their revolutionary aims, the Red Guards are an extremely hierachial army. It is vital to keep Commissars of some kind near to the Red Guards, if they are to remain true and steadfast.

I also enjoyed it immensely.

Any comments, Comrades?

16-07-2009, 23:05
Keeping commisars close is as you've pointed out vital for upkeeping the valor needed to carry on the revolution.
Nice rep as usual, and inspiring propaganda, you might make a revolutionary out of me yet (would require some leniency when it came to cannibalism though)

Hope you get to fight the counter-revolutionary Thorgrim tight-purse later

Awilla the Hun
17-07-2009, 14:46
Sadly, I won't be making another batrep next week; I have a Planetstrike Tournament on Tuesday, and a Space Marine playing duo have booked a game with me on Thursday.

17-07-2009, 14:58
In the very heartland of capitalism itself, the Worlds' Edge mountains

I actually laughed out loud at this :p

Great reports, and great fluff. Keep up the good work :)

Awilla the Hun
17-07-2009, 20:56
That wasn't entirely intentional, I'm afraid. I thought that the Dwarves hang out there in their caves, and (as they have all their massive treasure hoards, and the trade of Cathay coming through them to boot), the chronicler/propagandist had an almost legitimate reason to call them a heartland of capitalism.

Awilla the Hun
07-08-2009, 11:33
This post is to keep it from Comrade Warseer's Inquisition.

It is also here to congratulate the flood of volunteers coming from the Empire, Under Empire, Tilea, and even our Comrades from the Ocean (who have spent so much time redistributing the wealth of the fiendish merchant classes.) They, under Comrade Commissar Eric Arthur Blair, have formed the Foreign Brigade, and have placed themselves under the command of Glorious Comrade Von Stahl.

(They're all painted now.)

09-08-2009, 13:27
Hilarious, I hope your great revolution works :)

Btw how about some pictures, so we might admire your grand army of glorious revolutionaries!

Jetty Smurf
09-08-2009, 16:59
Much appreciation of the very well written battle reports.

Pictures would be awesome! (If possible)


07-09-2009, 10:02
this looks really good...that daemon player is a prick, he really should learn that this hobby is about having fun and winning in that order, not the other way around :D.

and i second the motian for pics, i know that you said that you believer that your painting isnt good enough for your guard, but hey, it would just be interesting to see them :D.

Awilla the Hun
09-09-2009, 17:32
I'm sorry, Comrades. It's just that I cannot get my social ultra-realist paintings onto the internet without submitting an absurd amount of personal details to photobucket. And, as Comrade Von Stahl smiles upon the liberty of his Red Guards (apart from when the needs of the Leadership Committee come first), I cannot submit them. Otherwise, a crudely made longbow arrow may whizz into the back of my head by "accident" when I least expect it, and that wouldn't be fair.

09-09-2009, 23:39
you dont actualy have to use photobucket, it is quite possable just to use the attatchments application.

the little paperclip that is in your toolbar when you reply to a topic works (it is the attatchments button)perfectaly well, eg:69319

10-09-2009, 01:53
This is a highly amusing thread :D
I don't think I have ever actually seen a unit of Brettonian men-at-arms on the battlefield...keep it up lol!

Awilla the Hun
10-09-2009, 17:36
Men at arms? MEN AT ARMS?

That, comrade, implies an outdated feudalist system, which oppresses all who live within it! Not the glorious Red Guards, who crush all before them in a great, free but disciplied tidal wave, against Cannibalist-Consumerist Ogres, Magocratic Daemons, Foul Miserist-Slaanist Lizardmen, and a thousand thousand other foes of the weakest, most cowardly type! Long live the Revolution! Long live Our Leader, Comrade Von Stahl!

And I'll try some photographic jiggery pokery.

Awilla the Hun
10-09-2009, 17:37
It worked! I'll make the trebuchet, and the last of my Red Guard infantry, and I'll then take a sort of team photo. If that works. Which it may not.

((Edit-double post avoided))

I have set myself a challenge. (I have a thread on this, which I want to be taken down because of clutter, and because it may or may not be illegal.) I am going to play this army as much as possible. If any of the Bourgeoisie pig dogs who make up my opponents decide that the Red Guards are overpowered, and say so, I win the challenge. How high are my chances of success?

Bonus points are awarded if the opposing list contains:

-Daemon Army
-Steam Tank+War Altar
-Vampire Counts
-Dark Elves
-Death Stars of any description

14-09-2009, 19:54
cough i believe i may be able to help with the2nd last in this list;)

Awilla the Hun
17-09-2009, 21:12
Comrades! This week, the foul Counter Revolutionaries have evaded Comrade Chairman Von Stahl's all seeing eye. Next week, however, he promises to face a diabolical Chaos Lord, in a 2000 points game which involves a spell called "Infernal Gateway".

What does this involve?

18-09-2009, 10:58
infernal gateway is a spell that is reather devistating, i hope you have a good magic defence...

Once Bitten
18-09-2009, 14:03
Brilliant theme, ATH. Love the fluff.

I command a highly aristocratic region of Bretonnia, but my peasants love me. I let them die for a higher cause (i.e. to save the lives of nobility).

Awilla the Hun
18-09-2009, 15:18
Does a Damsel with 2 dispel scrolls count as a good magic defence?

Comrade Once Bitten, your worker-peasants are merely incapable of comprehending the nature of their downtrodden predicament. When they are introduced to class consciousness, they shall inevitably revolt, and sweep away the tides of reactionary-bourgeois-imperialist-monarchist-capitalist-magocratic-theocratic-(I could go on) repression! URRAH!

Once Bitten
18-09-2009, 19:32
Sadly (to some), not only do I understand your Red Guard rhetoric, I'm very sympathetic to it - at least in a Paulo Freire sort of way. But we won't turn this into a cultural/socioeconomic/political discussion. ;)

As for magic defense, I take 2 damsels, 3 scrolls, and the chalice of malfluer. I can't fathom how the daemon player got 18 PD in only 800 points ... but I am comfortable with this magic defense level in a 2250 game. The scrolls buy you some time so you can hunt down and kill whatever is creating that many dice. I played a couple different Daemon armies in a tourney last year - both are in a youtube battle report format under "Bretonnian Batreps on Youtube" on this forum. You'll have to scroll through to find them, but once you find one, you'll find the other. One of the lists was pretty magic heavy, the other was pretty balanced - and both of the games were pretty good. So, you may or may not want to watch them.

I play a fairly balanced list, but I'm tempted to put together an infantry-heavy one. With so much cheap combat res, and especially with a knight within 6", I've been impressed with the ability of my M@A to stick with people or beat them through shear CR.

18-09-2009, 19:39
18 PD at 800pts? ..."Looks at DoC book."

Nope, I'm not seeing it. :D

Good luck with the games, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. (It tickles the funny bone, as they say.)

18-09-2009, 22:35
18 PD at 800pts? ..."Looks at DoC book."

I may be wrong, but here's my attempt at purely maxing out power dice in 800 points of DoC:

Herald of Tzeentch, Power Vortex - 145
Herald of Tzeentch, Power Vortex - 145
Herald of Tzeentch, Power Vortex - 145
6 Horrors - 72
6 Horrors - 72
6 Horrors - 72
6 Horrors - 72
6 Horrors - 72
That's 795 points, 14 power dice.

Can anyone do better?

19-09-2009, 04:02
Horrors come in blocks of 10+.

19-09-2009, 15:19
Horrors come in blocks of 10+.

Well, fine then. I guess I won't be starting a DoC army after all: no 14 PD in 800 points, no Daemons for me.

Awilla the Hun
20-09-2009, 14:11
Start one if you want to, by all means.

I have notice that I have somehow accumulated some more warning points. I'll do my best to stop this alarming development from repeating itself, so as I can get the epic battle report in come the next Devourer. And next Thursday, the Thursday after, and so on...

20-09-2009, 19:13
It's possible that they gave you points for being eccentric. :D

Or for leading the peasant revolution! ;)

Honestly, if the slaves ever acted like that my Druchii would have tp break the whips out...(Well, actually, in my army the whips are already out but that's beside the point!)

Awilla the Hun
21-09-2009, 16:26
Ah, but then the slaves would send for reinforcements. The Black Ark watchmen would suddenly notice an exceptionally ill built, ramshackle, (but ideologically correct) flotilla in the distance. Looking through the telecopes, they may be able to discern a lack of paint thinning.

And then the rain of trebuchet rocks and arrows crashing down on them...

21-09-2009, 17:58
I don't want to turn out to be a stiff, but...

I really wonder what would be the reaction of warseer users and it's inqusition if someone made an battle report thread with an army that wears brown shirts, have adopted roman salutation and have aim of winning a Luebenraum of the new race of masters.... :eyebrows:

21-09-2009, 18:46
People get kicked out of GW tournaments for that all the time, personally as long as it's fully painted I don't mind playing against such an army.

Awilla the Hun
21-09-2009, 18:51
If I was taking this army remotely seriously, and was not constantly taking the mickey out of the ideology, the leadership, the tactics, and the leadership, there may be a problem. But I'm not. This is a blunt, ludicrous, and (judging by the comments) hilarious parody of those regimes. I do these a lot.

(I am in the middle of writing a serious fantasy novel featuring a nation of protagonists fighting for a regime which is virtually identical to the Soviet Union. The problem is, they're defending it from something just as bad, if not slightly worse. They also know, deep down, that they are defending a flawed society, and I do not idealise it or hide its problems from the audience, except when official propaganda keeps it from the characters. Which is a lot.)


-My general's model does not have a moustache of any form, and will fight on the front line. So do the Commissars, of all branches, including the non military ones. In this respect, they are very different to the Red Army outside of its exceptionally blinkered, inneffective stages in the Winter War, early World War 2, and parts of the Russian Civil War.

(I'm afraid to say, however, that his pose does look exceptionally stoic, courageous, and so on. If this is in any way promoting Stalinism (which I politically despise), remind be to have him on the ground quailing in terror instead.)

-His minions are not that politicised, actually.

-Where have I actually, seriously stated that this army should be how all armies should fight, that I believe in hardline Stalinism, Maoism, or Marxist Leninism, or that Comrade von Stahl believes in these? His own ideology is every bit as nonsensical, but is also somewhat different.

(OK, fine, I haven't really thought of one that hard. Yes, he does believe in something of a socialistic/communistic nature. But so did the British Labour Party until Blair's Third Way, and that was far from a Stalinist nightmare. There are all sorts of branches, each different.)

-None of their uniforms are remotely similar to those employed by the Red Army in any of its wars. OK, that's a lie. One guy (Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald) wears an appropriately huge greatcoat. But that's it. Red Army soldiers, contrary to their depiction in Enemy at the Gates, did not charge at the enemy under Hammer and Sickle standard bearers, with one rifle per two men, which is the rough tactic used by the Red Guards (with probably as much chance of success.) The Crossed Scythes symbol is also somewhat different to the Hammer and Sickle. For one thing, it covers the entire flag/shield, rather than the corner. I don't believe that any communist regime has used it, and it therefore cannot be classed by anyone as communist symbology.

-There are battle reports about believers in master races all the time. Look at every Elven one, practically every one of them in 40k, every single battle report featuring the use of the word "scum" or "filth" about the enemy...

(Similarly, whenever anyone has an IG Battle Report involving Commissars, there could be a problem in a similar vein. And threads about IG Players converting their tanks from German World War 2 vehicles. We had a thread not so long ago about the extent to which you can use... politically dubious (SS) colour schemes on your models, and another about a guy using South Vietnamese colour schemes, based upon the army of a nation not noted for its commitment to Human Rights and uncorrupt Democracy. And lots about Valhallan armies, which are more blatantly based on the Red Army than anything I ever put here-especially Chenkov's methods, which parody those of the Enemy of the Gates school of thought. But does anyone complain? Not much.)

I would, if I was to be playing against an Eastern European, Cuban, Chinese, Russian, North Korean, or North Vietnamese person (or anyone from any of the benightened hell holes which have suffered under the Red Flag), ask if it was OK to do so, and would certainly reign in the usual flood of propaganda, encouragement, and so on that I start shouting when battle begins. If they find it offensive, I will apologise, and explain gently that it is in the spirit of ludicrous parody and so as I can laugh at it.

But stop doing these batreps? Absolutely not.

George Orwell's 1984 featured nations with a Youth Movement, 3 Year Plans, people calling each other Comrade, all powerful Parties, and a great deal of USSR/Nazi symbolism. Peculiarly, no one seems to complain that he was too sympathetic to dictatorships, and that his writings should be banned. Whilst I would never put this series of battle reports into a similar league of cutting edge political satire, Orwell himself described 1984 as a "parody". I describe this as the same. Neither depict their settings (or armies) as anything other than dystopias. (Well, I hope I didn't. If, OldMan, you thought that I was actually writing any of my batrep with a serious belief behind it, I can't emphasise enough that you were quite wrong.)

Finally, if we were only allowed to do batreps featuring armies based on established fluff, or World War 2 GIs, it would be boring.

It sounds rambling, and it probably is. It is also my last ditch defence of those five precious warning points of mine. So please, Inquisition, let this thread keep going as you have for the past however many months it's been up here.

21-09-2009, 22:40
For what it's worth, as an entrepreneur, capitalist and general right-winger, I love your posts.
I'm hoping your warning points were accidental, or not related to this thread at all, because you've done nothing other than amuse the masses here. I suggest you carry on without concern, or PM one of the mods.

21-09-2009, 22:50
Yeah, ATH this thead is hilarious...well thought out and utterly funny.
Quite a few people I know put at least something amusing into at least one of their armies, but you've made it into an art form. Nothing nasty to see here, move on "...to freedom comrades!"

Awilla the Hun
22-09-2009, 15:31
Well, all I can do is hope that the nice people at Devourer don't notice that the exceptionally ill painted Bretonnian Army is a secret revolutionary strike force, relying in skill, subtlety, stealth, and about one hundred dirty peasants tearing your unmentionables out with farm tools, hunting bows, and trebuchets.

To do this, I will remove all background from the army list when I write it (so "Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, etc" rather than the Chairman's full and proper title.) (Note: if any of the Devourer tournament staff to be are reading this, I hope that they take it with good grace, and will conveniently forget anything possibly offensive.) They will take it as among the least effective seeming armies in the tournament. Upon seeing the paint scheme, they may notice a curious but completely innocuous looking symbol on the shields, and the red-well, it was in the vogue a few years ago, wasn't it? Only when they hear the shouts coming from the gaming tables do they realise their catastrophic mistake...

Draconian77: I hope you're wrong. If not, provide examples.

And thanks for the compliments, Comrades! A battle report may be coming this Thursday, but may not be because of schoolwork related commitments.

EDIT: Tactical question here. Should I field my peasant bowmen in three seperate units of ten each behind stakes with Brazier (I like Braziers, because you'll never know when you might need some flaming arrows...), or field about twenty or so of them in one unit in skirmish order (a buyable upgrade) with a Brazier? (I haven't done the precise points calculations yet.)

22-09-2009, 15:48
Well, fine then. I guess I won't be starting a DoC army after all: no 14 PD in 800 points, no Daemons for me.


I really hope that was a joke.

Awilla the Hun
22-09-2009, 20:10
I've just realised something odd: this is an exceptionally well liked thread, but on only about three occasions has any of the Red Guards shot an arrow, swung a rusted scythe, or mounted a carthorse/destrier, couched lances and charged.

This will change.

22-09-2009, 20:24
I really hope that was a joke.
It was. Although is there really a problem with any reason for people to not start Daemon armies? :cool:

I've just realised something odd: this is an exceptionally well liked thread, but on only about three occasions has any of the Red Guards shot an arrow, swung a rusted scythe, or mounted a carthorse/destrier, couched lances and charged.

This will change.
I hope so. In the meantime, how about that group photo?

Awilla the Hun
22-09-2009, 21:03
Change of plan, I'm afraid. I will do a grand photo when I have based, flocked, made, and painted everyone, so as to ensure proper socialist ultra-realism. Which may take a while.

23-09-2009, 05:12
oh well, we can wait i gues...and as for the liking of this thred it is probably because you actualy spend a fair amount of time in writing the battles so people feel inclined to respond :D

23-09-2009, 23:02
And I have to say those few battle reports you wrote were a great read :)

Awilla the Hun
24-09-2009, 21:08
Here is another, Comrade Ancre!

(Musical accompaniment.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZqVOFSYRWI

Part 4: A People's Army

Thought for the Day: Just as beasts fight to protect their young ones, so do the Capitalist-Imperialist-Theocrat-Magocrats attempt to defend their regimes.

Comrades! Our glorious armies in the World's Edge mountains (under the personal command of our leader, Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, wisest of the wise) have once again come upon a most grave and deadly foe. Their march in pursuit of the Dwarven Monarchist-Miser Ursurers took them to a series of ancient Dwarven burial mounds, which were not looted; once the workers' of the Old World are freed, it is inevitable that they may cling go their bourgeois faiths for a time. (The fools!) Upon reaching them, Comrade Von Stahl recieved a report from the Communications Commissariat that a band of Chaos Warriors, led by a pair of foul sorcerors called ((I have made this up)) Arch Mage James Tzeentcheldum and Mage Tzeetcheldee, had made an encampent right by them. Seeing their small numbers, Comrade Von Stahl made his decree: that the Counter Revolutionary Blasphemer-Theocrats would be swept from this land, once and for all! With an almighty URRAH!, the Red Guards advanced.

Armies (2000 points!): Mine has already been mentioned, but here is the proper list.

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Accompanied the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with 2 Dispel Scrolls.) Accomanpied the Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (Mistress of the Marsh.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, Grail Vow, battle standard, virtue of discipline (which I forgot about throughout the battle!), Biting Blade.) Accompanied the Proletariat Leadership Committee

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Questing Vow, Shield, Great Weapon.) Accompanied the Enlightenment Brigade

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 13 Red Guards accompanying.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Musician and Gallant.)

First Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)

Second Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields.)


((From now on, I'm copy and pasting this, because it is completely accurate.))

The Chaos Horde (may not be totally accurate.)

Tzeentchi Sorceror Lord (level 4) with Chaos Armour, 4+ Ward Save, Disc (Pandemonium, various fires, Infernal Gateway.)
Tzeentchi Sorceror (Level 2) with Chaos Armour, Disc. (Various Fireballs.)
Slaneeshi Sorceror (Level 2?) with Chaos Armour, bound spell. (Frenzy spell, torment spell.)

20 Chaos Warriors with shield, hand weapon, chaos armour, Full Command (and a bound spell in their banner.)
20 Marauders with shield, light armour, full command
5 Marauder Horsemen

5 Knights of Tzeentch (full command)
5 Knights (standard, Champion.)


The terrain was as follows. (I am South) A Dwarven tomb was in the middle-West of the battlefield, with a large hill in the central South, and another in the South West corner. A forest was in the North West; but the battlefield was, generally, fairly open, giving plenty of manouvering room for both Revolutionary and Counter Revolutionary cavalry, and wide fields of fire for any magicians or missile troops.

The Red Guards deployed a strong force of two Archer Commissariats on the South West hill, with the Enlightenment brigade right behind their lines to bolster the ranks, shout encouragement, and counter attack anything which broke through. To the right of the burial mound was a mounted Commissariat, with the Proletariat Leadership Committee to their immediate right. The Foreign Brigade formed up to their own right, with their Commissar, Eric Arcturius Blair (not knowing that Awilla is currently doing a project on the real Eric Arthur Blair, which is slowly running out of time) drawing his sword and stepping into the front rank. To their East was the main hill, where much of the Red Guards formed up: the Communications Commissariat and Trebuchet on top, with the Chairman's regiment of Red Guards in front of it (with the Quenelles Commissariat and Commissar for magical affairs to the right of it.) To the further East was another mounted commissariat, and the Gisoreaux Red Guards Brigade.

The Chaos Horde deployment took far less time. On the West of the burial mound came the Marauder horse with the Tzeentchi Sorcerors flanking them. To the East, directly opposite the Red Guards (from West to East), they formed up as follows (all to the front of the deployment zone): Chaos Warriors, Marauders with Slaneeshi Sorceror, Knights of Tzeentch, normal Chaos Knights.

I did not pray-I mean, of course, allow Comrade Von Stahl to begin his lecture about Stahlist thought (my troops are so eager to be in the fray!), but the Chaos Army went first anyway.

((Actual battle is in next post.))

Awilla the Hun
24-09-2009, 22:14
((NOTE: The Tzeentchi army had several dispel scrolls.))

Turn 1

With a debauched cry, the Chaos Horde charged! Their great lines moved at full tilt towards the Red Guards. On the Western flank, (you will note, comrades, that the enemy did not put many of their forces on our left flank, reactionary cowards as they are) the Mages and Marauder horse moved in line towards the awaiting bowmen. On the Eastern flank, the Chaos Knights raced ahead of their compatriots on foot (but remaining out of charge range of Comrade Von Stahl's regiment-cowards!), with the infantry marching forth in a scarcely disciplined mass, in contrast to the rigidly disciplined lines of Red Guards opposing them. (It is known, comrades, that whenever a Commissar even touches the hilt of his sword in signal, our men all stand to attention, pale and quivering with pride at the orders they may receive.)

The magocrats readied the spells for which they are so dreaded, and, due to the incomparable skill of Comrade DuBois, their magical fires were largely inneffective! Four men of the Western Mounted Commissariat were incinerated by a blast of fire, as were two archers from the Western brigade; but, other than that, not a man fell, and not a man was driven mad by the spells of the foe. Urrah!

(My foe did have a good deal of bad luck, I noticed, although he chose the pretty poor example of his Knights to demonstrate this later on. Really, I felt that they did pretty well.)

The Red Guards attacked, fighting back bravely against the onslaught of magical fire. The line, by and large, staunchly stood to resist the enemy, although the single surviving Western Mounted Commissar spurred his horse towards the Tzeentchi Mages opposing him, and a few movements were made, notably the Eastern Mounted Commissariat galloping around to flank the Easternmost unit of Chaos Knights (the non Tzeentchi ones. They did not charge, by the way.) This staticness included the Communications Commissariat; their Chief Commissar is being investigated for blind incompetence. ((My fault. I kept forgetting to move them!))

My magic was held back by a dispel scroll. (Is it legal to use a scroll after failing to dispel conventionally?)

Shooting, owing to the thick armour of the enemy, and treachery amongst longbow makers (this has been mentioned before, and it seems that harsher measures must be instigated) was completely inneffective.

Turn 2

The Chaos Horde crashed into the lines of the Red Guards! The Knights of Tzeentch made the foolish error of attempting to oppose Glorious Comrade von Stahl in hand to hand combat, by charging his regiment (which held its ground), and the other Knights threw themselves at DuBois' archers. On her disciplined order, one was shot from the saddle by a quickly shot volley. The Marauder Horsemen also charged at one of the bow armed Commissariats on the Western flank.

The Sorcerors of Tzeentch both whizzed over the other archer Commissariat, and prepared to unleash some evil magicks. The Chaos infantry continued their advance, slowly closing with the line of Red Guards opposing them.

The magic phase saw an attempt to make the Chaos Knights of Tzeentch even more insane (Frenzy spell) be dispelled by Comrade DuBois (although one does wonder why), and several casualties be inflicted amongst the archers on the Western Flank. (They held, with the urgings of Comrade Commissar Bampton ringing loud in their ears.)

In combat, the Knights smashed into their foes. Bellowing a challenge, the champion of Tzeentch set his sword to the lunge, and galloped towards Comrade von Stahl! Our Chairman blocked the sword blow by hurling his shield at the Knight, before gripping his hammer with both hands and smashing the brute clean out of the saddle! Inspired, his Comrades lay into the enemy; but, alas, many sacrificed their lives for the future of the Old Worlds' Working Classes. (About six of them.) The Red Guards, thanks to their hill, held out, as they also did with DuBois' archers; four were hacked down, with DuBois wisely avoiding the challenge of their champion (for she is a spellcaster, rather than as mighty as warrior as our Chairman and Commissars.) However, they held out, never giving ground, and never surrendering. And, to the West, the archer Commissariat (helped by their stakes), after killing three of their opponents in a volley, fought the Marauder Horsemen to a standstill. What can we learn from this, comrades? Only that we must face forward, and fight all our enemies to the death; for it is better to die for the toiling masses, than to live for yourself.

((I was pleasantly surprised by how hitty the Chairman actually is. 4 Strength 5 attacks hurt a lot. Take that, people who claim human generals only do moral suppport!))

Commissar Grunwald drew his sword, and took one grim look at the Chaos Warriors amassing before him. "Forward, Comrades! To victory!" he roared, brandishing his weapon and ordering the Proletariat Leadership Committee to the charge. The Foreign Brigade hurled themselves forth in support, and both great regiments crashed into the front of the Chaos Warriors. For reasons unknown, the Eastern Mounted Commissariat refused to charge into the rear of the Chaos Knights. (Traitors? Possibly, comrades.)

The Red Guards continued to boldly march towards the foe. The Gisoreaux Brigade on the Eastern Flank moved up in preparation to flank charge the Chaos Knights. Again, for an unknown reason, the Communications Commissariat remained on their hill. And both the Enlightenment Brigade and the unengaged Archer Commissariat turned to face the mages of Tzeentch.

Magic was once again absorbed by the counterspells of the foe, but shooting resulted in the Trebuchet's stone crashing into the Slaneeshi sorceror, wounding him!

In combat, despite taking massive losses, the Chaos Knights were held in check, with the bold leadership of Comrade Von Stahl ensuring that the men continued to face their foes. The Red Guards alongside Comrade Von Stahl also held the Knights of Tzeentch at bay (the great man himself being too busy shouting encouragement.) The Marauder horsemen were dragged from their steeds and trampled underfoot by the archers to the West. And, with a heroic cheer, the Red Guards and Proletariat Leadership Committee charged into their foes. One Comrade Ogilvy, a Red Guardsman, succeeded in ramming his sword into a Chaos Warrior's torso, and Comrade Grunwald traded blows in a challenge with their champion; but the Chaos Warriors foolishly held their ground, laying about themselves with axe and sword.

((I was impressed by how tough the Chaos Warriors are. Few regiments can take that sort of punishment.))

Turn 3

The Tzeentchi Sorcerors once again bounced their disks around the battlefield, behind the archer line in preparation to unleash more magical fireballs. The Sorceror of Slaneesh detached himself from his Marauders, and watched them as they continued to advance towards our Red Guards.

Many archers were killed by magical fires, but an attempt at frenzying the Knights of Tzeentch ended in failure.

In combat, several Red Guardsmen sacrificed their lives against the Chaos Warriors, as they did against the Knights of Tzeentch; and Comrade DuBois was left with just two men at her side to hold off the Chaos Knights.

"URRAH!" sounded across the battle line of the Red Guards, as counter attack after counter attack crashed into the Chaos Reactionaries! The Mounted Commissariats both overcame their fears, and charged; on the East into the rear of the Knights of Tzeentch, and on the Western Flank a single Mounted Commissar levelled his spear and spurred his horse at the foul Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch. The Red Guardsmen themselves were also advancing into battle, as the Gisoreaux Brigade smashed into the flank of the Chaos Knights surrounding Comrade DuBois.

Archers turned to face the sorcerors of Tzeentch, and the Communications Commissariat finally went into action, flying to the rear of the Chaos Warriors and near the Marauders, slowing their progress owing to the fact that they could not march (but not charging.)

Magic and shooting once again did little. Nevertheless, the heroism of the oppressed worker-peasant unleashed was truly shown in close combat. Two brave men sold their lives to protect Comrade DuBois, and the Chaos Knights were forced to flee! Chairman von Stahl led his men in a cheer, as the arrival of the Mounted Commissariat in the rear of the Tzeentchi Knights caused them to-cowards!-too flee in panic. He, and the six men left standing by him, hefted their weapons and prepared for more fighting...

Which was ocurring between Comrade Grunwald's regiments and the Chaos Warriors; the Commissar for War himself was wounded in the challenge, but continued to fight on, even as his blood dripped onto the ground around him.

Sadly, the heroic Mounted Commissar's single handed charge at the Tzeentchi Sorceror lord came to nothing, as he was killed by the fiend's blade.

Turn 4

The Chaos Knights, despite the nearness of many foes, rallied. (Imbeciles! With Comrade DuBois gripping their banner, none could doubt their fate! Except, of course, this so called weaver of fates...)

The vast mass of Marauders, seeing the path to Comrade von Stahl's men clear ((thanks to a lot of fleeing and overruns)) hefted their weapons and charged: six men, against a regiment of twenty! Such is the stuff of legends, comrades!

The Discs of Tzeentch both took off, skimming over the battle to the hill, where the Trebuchet still stood. Their crewmen readied their weapon for sustained shooting against the newly arrived Counter Revolutionaries.

Magic damaged the trebuchet, and killed three of its crewmen, as well as more long suffering archers, even causing an archer Commissariat to flee the action, (doubtless partly due to the panic mongers and cowards who were discovered amongst their arrow riddled corpses after the battle.)

In combat, Comrade von Stahl accepted the challenge of the Marauder Champion. He retrieved his shield, parried the clumsy blow, and shattered the brute's head with one strike of his hammer! ((Overkill of three, also.)) Such is the fate of all militarists, comrades. One Red Guardsman fell, but they fought back, and avenged his death in kind. The Red Guards held out behind their shield wall, against a vastly more numerous foe. Grunwald's men also resisted the Chaos Warriors.

With another "URRAH!", more Red Guards charged into the enemy ranks. The Pegasi led the way, crashing into the rear of the Chaos Warriors. The Gisoreaux Red Guards and Mounted Commissariat also charged into the flank of the Marauders.

Shooting did nothing, as did magic; but in hand to hand the superior skill, armour and training of the peasant soldier once again showed its value. The Marauders were crushed beneath the marching boots of the Red Guards, and Comrade von Stahl led his men on in another charge-right into the unfortunate, but very much deserving Slaneeshi Sorceror who had been standing behind the Marauders, presumably watching the battle! (The Mounted Commissariat and Gisoreaux Brigade also charged into the rear of the Chaos Knights.) The charge of the Communications Commissariat caused much panic amongst the Chaos Warriors, but they held out without losing any men, even killing a Proletariat Leader-Commissar!

((They are a very, very tough regiment.))

Turn 5

The Discs of Tzeentch once again flew over the battlefield, and they ended up around the Northern area.

Magic did little. Swordsmanship, however, did not, as the Chaos Warriors broke and were chased down without mercy, with Grunwald hefting their banner high! The Sorceror, upon seeing the nobility of our great leader, who challenged him to a duel ((actually, it was the other way round, but hey), desperately flung up his staff and ran away. He was caught up with by the strong peasants, and was repeatedly skewered on pitchforks. And the Chaos Knights held out against their foes, even killing several Mounted Commissars.

The Proletariat Leadership Committee turned and began to ride back towards the fighting, as did the Communications Commissariat, eager to kill more fascist-theocratic-magocratic-imperialist pig dogs! In combat, the Chaos Knights once again fled from their foes, but rallied in readiness for a last stand.

Turn 6

The Discs of Tzeentch readied their magical powers, and prepared to unleash magical hellfire.

With all dispel scrolls used up ((they were, trust me; I can't remember exactly when)), and Comrade DuBois tiring, the magical fires fell thick upon our men. The Foreign Brigade, under the influence of many traitors, cowards, wreckers, slackers, and panic mongers, broke and fled! Death to ex Commissar Blair! ((I couldn't agree more after the project, I must say, except that George Orwell is already a mouldering in his grave.)) Even worse, a fireball struck Comrade Von Stahl's men, gravely wounding our beloved leader, the light of all workers!

((Randomisation resulted in him getting hit three times by a Flickering Fire, which got strength 6.)) He is recovering well, however. Tragically, four men also died alongside him.

A charge of the Proletariat Leadership Committee finally broke the Chaos Knights, with their Champion being killed by the Chief Commissar of the Proletariat Leadership Committee; and the Foreign Brigade failed to rally.

With that, the game ended...

A very bloody draw, with me getting more victory points. (URRAH!)

Not bad for a first game with a full sized army and precious little magic defence, I think. However, I left the right flank totally without Commissarial leadership assistance, and the same thing happened as my army spread out in pursuit of enemy regiments. However, as I still had a roughly intact army, whilst my opponent had two magicians, I consider it a moral victory.

Any comments?

24-09-2009, 22:37
(Is it legal to use a scroll after failing to dispel conventionally?)

No it is not.

Good fight though. Chaos are very tough once they get in combat, charging chaos knights in the rear isn't always a good thing ;)

Awilla the Hun
25-09-2009, 08:11
Things I forgot to mention:

The Proletariat Leadership Committee did get fireballed a few times by Tzeentchledum and Tzeenchledee, resulting in them being reduced to Grunwald, command group, and one Revolutionary Leader.

What I had left at the end of the game: Reliquae (Enlightenment Brigade), the reduced PLC, a very battered Trebuchet, one regiment of Red Guard infantry, a handful of archers, Comrade DuBois.

(Oh, and another mistake: I should have prayed.)

Awilla the Hun
01-10-2009, 21:09
Comrades! Thanks to a lack of counter revolutionary forces with the guts to oppose the Red Guards, we may consider the initial phase of the Revolution-that of gathering our strength-to be complete! Now, Comrades, we shall bring full scale war upon the Imperialist Pig Dogs! None shall withstand the fury of the repressed working classes! Urrah!

No battle report this week, because the cowardly capitalists did not bring any fantasy armies! (There will probably be one next week, though.) Sorry, comrades.

02-10-2009, 21:16
It's been a while since I last checked in.

Great report, full of humour as always. I'm genuinely surprised that you where able to do so well, that looked like a very tough match up for your men. As always, can't wait for the next one.

With regards to the people not being able to participate in GW events with "certain armies", it's only a rare occurence, generally speaking involving someone taking offense to a Nazi themed force. I couldn't see anyone taking offense to your army however.

Awilla the Hun
03-10-2009, 14:03
Thank you, comrade!

The flipside of my glorious revolutionary forces being unable to function properly without the steadying influence of the Commissariat nearby is that, once a Commissar gets within 6-12 inches, they perform magnificently. Facing the properly marshalled Red Guards is probably like facing a dwarven infantry army, only instead of armour and toughness, the main protection is sheer weight of numbers, the shooting is slightly worse, and they have significantly better counter attack units. Their leadership is often just as good, and can actually be better when Comrade von Stahl activates his Braid of Bordeleaux/ Book of Stahlist Thought. URRAH!

EDIT to avoid double post

Comrades! I need tactical advice. I have heard a lot of rumblings on these forums about Star Dragons recently. How could the Red Guards take the Reactionary Beast down without losing all theme? I'm thinking about hoping the Trebuchet hits it a good one, but that won't happen until I get my range guessing eye in. (I've been spoilt by playing the Imperial Guard.)

05-10-2009, 21:07
Comrades! I need tactical advice. I have heard a lot of rumblings on these forums about Star Dragons recently. How could the Red Guards take the Reactionary Beast down without losing all theme? I'm thinking about hoping the Trebuchet hits it a good one, but that won't happen until I get my range guessing eye in. (I've been spoilt by playing the Imperial Guard.)

This is going to be very hard for you and the best thing I can see is to let it charge your lance with BSB.

go into the game talking about how deadly dragons are to brets and how when something charges brets they are screwed. Then on you turn when you move up make sure to put the lance in a threatening spot but one where the dragon can hit your front. When the dragon charges make a challenge with the vallant. Now the vallant is going to be crushed but he has a max of 6 CR while you have 2 ranks, out number, a banner, and hopefully a warbanner and virtue of duty on the BSB for a total of 7 your self. So you are guarenteed to win and as long as your ward keeps the wounds below 6 (which it should) you can win by a good deal and hopefully run the thing down.

Other than that, flinging a rock and crossing your fingers is your best bet...

05-10-2009, 22:07
There is also the infamous Pegasus-mounted monster killer. (Killing Blow against Large Targets) It would require you to tweak your list a little though.

Dragons really are good against Bretonnians to be honest, Malorians tactic will only really work if the Dragon charges your front...smart players don't do that if they can avoid it. Unfortunately, you don't have the missile fire or magic to force it to make such a rash assault.

That's about all I can say about that, I really don't like (approve of) Dragons in small games for exactly this reason.

05-10-2009, 22:49
I don't think a monster killer lord would do that well.

RBT would be aiming to shoot it down while you play a game of cat and mouse where the mouse is a ficken star dragon that can just charge something else...

Any option is going to be a long shot, I just prefer trickery ;)

Awilla the Hun
06-10-2009, 19:32
Thank you, Comrades! I'll set about re equipping Comrade Grunwald immediately. Our great stocks of plunder and booty from captured and re educated counter revolutionary lapdogs are sure to provide him with what he needs.

Oh, and I thought that Bretonnians, with umpteen dragon slaying myths, weapons, and so on, would be pretty decent against dragons.


Anyway, a new Commissar may suddenly decide to engage in glorious revolutionary combat against the vile repressive classes. As the traitor Comrade Bronstein has since fled the Red Guards (he is now spending his days making impotent statements against them from a luxurious townhouse in Estalia, and is watching nervously for ice axe wielding ruffians with strong yokel Bretonnian accents), it may be my pleasure to introduce Comrade Commissar for Communications Laurent D'eria!

Blunderbuss (Wyrmlance)
Virtue of Noble Disdain

He promises to be a most grievous thorn in the sides of the Capitalists, as he flies around, blasts grapeshot into massed infantry units, disrupts missile troops, and generally wreaks havoc behind their lines. Of course, if my loyal Comrades here consider him not up to standard, he will be removed from front line duties. He may not return for a long, long time...

06-10-2009, 20:17
Characters flying around on weak mounts look cool and are fun but they don't last long when cannons and other range weapons put their sights on them.

If you had other fliers (peg knights) in you list then you could use them as a screen but even that doesn't stop bouncing cannons...

There may be several accounts of brave Bretonnian knights slaying dragons but there are MANY more about foolish knights eaten by said dragons...

07-10-2009, 01:36
Is "Comrade Commissar for Communications Laurent D'eria" meant to be help you out against Star Dragons or is he just a new addition? If it's the latter, then I would suggest re-equipping him. If you can build a Pegasus mounted character to threaten Dragons and their ilk then his weakness to shooting shouldn't come into play that much, as he will be behind your lines, covering your flanks. (The enemy can't shoot at him but he can still charge any large targets that come down the flanks due to them being, well, large!)

If this is a general addition then you may find he attracts too much missile fire. The only way to know for sure though is to try it out for a few games and see for yourself.

07-10-2009, 13:08
Only just got round to this thread but I love it! what are peoples usual reaction to seeing your infantry heavy Brets?

Awilla the Hun
07-10-2009, 16:00
They underestimate it at their peril, comrade Arguleon! More often, they can't seem to comprehend that they are facing Communist Bretonnians. One blueshirt commented on how well I had done my red and gold Richard the Lionheart colourscheme. I soon disabused him of his Royalist notions, of course. He just doesn't have proper class consciousness...

And the Communications Commissar is not specifically for tackling dragons. His job is to generally annoy people by zipping around and hurting them. If I require a 2250 points list, the Commissar will be joining it, but he is probably not essential for just 2000 points. He is, for now going to be restricted to spreading the glorious word of the revolution via paper leaflets. That most of the target audience cannot read has not deterred Comrade von Stahl from covering them with polysyllabic rhetoric, and using a very poor quality printing press.

Awilla the Hun
07-10-2009, 21:25
No battle report tomorrow, I'm afraid.

Awilla the Hun
09-10-2009, 20:40
I'm afraid to say that, adding to the tragedies of our revolutionary cause, my camera takes pictures too big to put onto the internet. Sorry, comrades.

09-10-2009, 20:50
We shall persevere!

A shame though. Until next time then. :)

13-10-2009, 08:40
I really love this thread ATH, I love the fact that you stay in character all the time.

And my Tomb Kings defienetly support the lower classes, we even give them the honour of being buried alive with their betters, aren't we the best leaders? :p

Awilla the Hun
13-10-2009, 20:48
With their capitalist monarchist leaders, who greedily horde their gold whilst keeping the working classes in servitude even after their deaths! How can anyone countenance living under such rulers? This requires Revolution! Of course, if the skeletal slaves keep obeying their masters, despite all the impassioned pleas of Comrade von Stahl, then we shall have to exterminate this threat to the Proletariat. Urrah!

13-10-2009, 21:15
well, we give them good dental care...

Awilla the Hun
14-10-2009, 16:30
See, comrades, how the oppressing classes attempt to dupe the workers into following their every whim? By providing them with mere baubles, they distract them from their true cause: of overthrowing their "rulers" and embracing Stahlist thought.

(Anyway, this thread may slow down soon, for the simple reason that High Wycombe is almost entirely 40k based-apart from when some people build god mode armies for tournaments and wreak moderate amounts of havoc. I have to coax people to bring fantasy along. The aristocratic guardsmen, Imperiumists to a man, may return to prominence. I will try to play as a bit of both. However, the Agelian Campaign thread is looking sadly neglected, and I do have some shiny new models, so...)

14-10-2009, 18:23
Sounds like you have the same problem as me :(

Maybe you can set up a mega battle game as an ending to the 'Grand Revolution' :D

14-10-2009, 20:10
a shame to hear so ATH, hope you find some decent opponents soon

Awilla the Hun
14-10-2009, 20:54
Comrade Malorian, the mega battle is going to be the Devourer Tournament in March. There, comrades, we shall crush our various class enemies!

(Unless they bring death stars (I have been thinking of ways of countering this one, through), star dragons (a wave of panic seems to have started about them, recently), anything ethereal, magic heavy armies-although I handled that Mortals one, I suppose-, gunlines (although I suppose that forming a brave unit of Red Guards into a wall, twenty five strong, and throwing myself at the enemy lines might be an option-they will be remembered as Heroes of the Revolution, of course), Daemons, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts, and other armies which get so much stick on this august forum.)

(A little question: do you actually listen to the music from the links when reading the battle reports? I merely ask.)

Once Bitten
14-10-2009, 21:31
I tried listening to the music once, but it didn't work. I haven't tried since then.

Awilla the Hun
15-10-2009, 20:33
Astonishingly, I found an opponent, and had a battle!

(By the way, in response to problems about music that people have had in the thread, Awilla has had one of his ingenious solutions: ask people to play one of the following: "The Tsarist Army Marches", "Soviet March", "The Red October Theme Tune", or "White Army, Black Baron". These capture the feel of the Red Guards, especially the second one: by far the most over the top, with male voices roaring out very impressive sounding, but utterly ridiculous slogans. The fourth one also has a pretty appropriate animation, if you find the right version. If your music works, here is today's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm5QxCHbgLA Another Soviet March.)

Anyway: on with the report, which I feel encapsulates the best and worst of GW High Wycombe. A great game, with a great opponent, a nicely painted army (which was themed-admittedly, it was a themed daemon army, but I didn't mind that much), but with a fatal flaw.

The opponent said he would read this so: if you're out there, thanks for being so great. I will probably bring Imperial Guard next week (there's a so called "Cheese Tournament" that I need to practice for.) It was, truly, a pleasure. I hope your dad didn't take the computer. And keep reading and gaming! I apologise for any mistakes, and hope I'll face your Vampire Counts soon...

Part 5: Blood and Iron

Thought for the Day: Trust not in the Capitalist for truth, for their minds are overstretched between capital and human goodness.

Comrades! Our forces have fought another battle to defend the revolution!

Once again, the vile minions of Chaos dared confront Glorious Comrade Chairman von Stahl, light of all the working classes, when he had a valiant force at his disposal. It was as our Red Guards were marching through the deserts of Estalia, to investigate a mysterious and foul Counter Revolutionary Idol that they emerged; a mass of red daemons, bearing the symbols of Khorne, and led by the Arch Militarist-Magocrat, the Skulltaker!

It was a battle, then, between the superior training, individual fighting qualities, weaponry, and courage of the Red Guards, against the sheer vast numbers of the Daemons of Khorne. Naturally, Comrades, it was one that Comrade von Stahl was entirely ready to fight, his attempts at turning any lesser daemons to our side with impassioned words proving sadly useless, owing to the lack of class consciousness all too common amongst the daemonic races.



Armies (2000 points!): Mine has already been mentioned, but here is the proper list.

The Glorious Red Guards, defenders of the Proletariat

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Accompanied the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with Level 2, Lore of Life. Mistress of the Marsh, Rainlord (!).)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, Grail Vow, battle standard, virtue of discipline (which I forgot about throughout the battle!), Biting Blade.) Accompanied the Proletariat Leadership Committee

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Questing Vow, Shield, Great Weapon.) Accompanied the Enlightenment Brigade

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 13 Red Guards accompanying.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Musician and Gallant.)

First Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)

Second Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)


The Militaristic Daemons

Herald of Khorne
Herald of Khorne

16 Bloodletters with banner that adds D6 inches to charge (Skulltaker-UNIT 1)
16 Bloodletters with banner that adds D6 inches to charge (Herald-UNIT 2)
16 Bloodletters with banner that adds D6 inches to charge (Herald-UNIT 3)

5 Flesh Hounds.

(Having heard all the horrid things that this forum has to say about Daemons, especially Flesh Hounds and flamers, I have to say that I am beginning to agree with the more moderate people. Daemons are, indeed, a very tough fight. Bloodletters, for example, seem ludicrously cheap at 12 points (without Frenzy! If Goblins still Fear Elves for fluff reasons, then why don't the Bloodletters Frenzy? They are far more justified than Flagellants, who are already exceptionally angry all the time). But they do look like a competent player can defeat a mono god army.)

And I felt, for some reason, that Khorne was the simplest to defeat. They were a very hitty sledgehammer, true. But they were not impossible to kill, like Nurgle, and neither did they have the sheer awesome firepower of Tzeentch, or the demoralising power of Slaneesh. Surely, I reasoned, march blocking, concerntrated arrow and trebuchet shots, massed ranks of peasants, and well timed counter attacks could finish them off? Of course, that Bloodthirster looked nasty, but I had a plan for that brute...

Battlefield and Deployment (I am, as ever, South.)

The battlefield was very open. It was, by and large, a desert. To the mid East and West, a lonely tower (two in grand total) stood, outposts for some long forgotten kingdom. As all kingdoms shall be in the future, comrades! To the mid West was a small clump of trees; and the battle took place in a great bowl, with a hill in each corner.

The Counter Revolutionary Militarist Daemons set up first. (Comrade von Stahl was preparing to give a lecture, so I let them deploy. Possibly a mistake, but there you go.) The Bloodletters, Heralds to the fore, set up in a line, with the Skulltaker's unit in the middle, and the two Heralds on either side. In between the Skulltaker, and the Western regiment, were the Flesh Hounds, slavering madly. The mighty Bloodthirster raised its axe, cracked its inexplicable whip (when it captures daemonettes, I suppose, it puts it to good use), and made its savage cry, echoing around the valley.

Only to find it drowned out as Comrade von Stahl clambered to his feet, opened his Book of Stahlist Thought, and began to read aloud in thunderous tones. (Prayers.)

"It is imperative, comrades, that a People's Army, in defence of the Proletariat of the Old World"...

I thought long and hard, having laid down my various expendable units (Trebuchet, Bowmen, Yeomen) whilst the Khornate army had deployed its entire force. I decided that the way to destroy the heavy combat army was to split its troops, whilst peppering them with missile fire and slowing them down with march blockers, and waves of loyal Red Guards, before finishing them off with a devestating massed charge.

Therefore, on the Western Flank, the Trebuchet was heaved into position, as was a Red Guard Archer Commissariat, a unit of Mounted Commissars, and Comrade Commissar Hugh's Enlightenment Brigade. (These had handily lured the Bloodthirster into a very isolated position on the Western Flank, a long way from anything overtly useful-in my eyes, at least, for I was still fairly poor at guessing ranges.) On the Eastern Hill, I deployed my Communications Commissariat, wings flapping merrily, along with another Archer Commissariat and a unit of Mounted Commissars. My centre was taken up by all three units of Red Guards, with Comrade von Stahl leading in the very centre, the Foreign Brigade to his left, and the Quenelles Brigade to his right. In front of them was the final unit of bowmen (whose stakes I hoped would hold the enemy up for a little while), and the Proletariat Leadership Committee were to their immediate right. Finally, Comrade DuBois donned her silver mask, raised her staff, and stepped neatly to the right of the Quenelles Brigade.

"... and so, Comrades, that is why it is vitally important to polish your helmets." Comrade von Stahl handed the speaking trumpet to an assistant. "ANY QUESTIONS, COMRADES?" he bawled with his bare voice.

No one answered, and the battle began.


Awilla the Hun
15-10-2009, 21:15
((Two red armies. Only one winner!))

Turn 1

With an unholy cry, the Militarists advanced! A madly frothing horde ((with suspiciously good discipline when it comes to over running, I might add)) charged forth on their hoofed feet, so unworthy to touch sacred Estalian soil, with their blades in scaled fists. ((Do daemons have scales?))

The Bloodletters advanced in thin lines of eight by two foul creations of Chaos, straight forwards, with the Hounds loping ahead with all the subtlety that is to be expected of such creatures. The Bloodthirster took to the skies on its vile wings, roaring away in a vain hope to distract our loyal revolutionary forces. (You will note, Comrades, that the Bloodthirster advanced down the right. This makes it quite clear that Rightists are in league with such fouls beasts as these!)

With that, the Red Guards made their move. The Mounted Commissariat on the Western flank galloped round behind the Bloodthirster, mastering their fear due the inspirationally raised longbows of the Archer Commissariat nearby, and Comrade Commissar Bampton's inspired rhetoric. ("Come on, you pig dogs! RIDE!") The Communications Commissariat spurred their pegasi forward, and flew over to the East of Bloodletter Unit 3 (the one on the Eastern end of the enemy lines.) The Mounted Commissariat on the Eastern flank also moved a little forward, preparing to flank charge anything that dared come near.

Owing to the extreme distance of the enemy from our lines (cowards!), magic and shooting achieved little. The Trebuchet lobbed a stone high into the air, which-owing to the foul magics of the enemy-missed its target. Our archers proved little more competent, shooting a Bloodletter from Unit 3 (the one on the Western Flank.) All other arrows were wasted on the Flesh Hounds. We must watch bow makers ever more carefully, Comrades!

Turn 2

With a slavering howl, the first wave of daemons crashed into our staunch lines. Flesh Hounds charged the Foreign Brigade (who were unprotected by the defensive stakes of the archers, which my opponent had an irrataional fear of), and the Bloodthirster roared a challenge as it charged right at the Enlightenment Brigade. Comrade Commissar Hugh, raising his great weapon, prepared to make a gesture of his own. Unit 3 of the Bloodletters turned to face the Communications Commissariat, and the other Bloodletters foolishly marched towards our Red Guards.

The swords and axes of the daemons rose and fell. The Bloodthirster killed five valiant Red Guardsmen on the hill, but the line held out against it, and men ran forward to hack at it with sword, axe, and mace, whilst the Commissar in the Pulpit constantly loaded and fired his pistol. ((That is how I modelled the Reliquae part of the Enlightenment Brigade: a man with a pistol in an old Orc Chariot. I'm not sure whether his upraised arm, banner, and encouragement are more important than the pistol in his methods of increasing morale.)) The Foreign Brigade also held out against the daemonic assault, losing just three men against such bitter foes of the Proletariat. Forward, Comrades, to Victory!

"URRAH!" the cry came from the Mounted Commissariat as, with spears couched, they galloped into the rear of the Bloodthirster.

Meanwhile, our Red Guards also made more conventional movements. The Archer Commissariat moved out of the way of the Bloodletters, abandoning their stakes and going to the direct East of the Red Guard lines. (Possibly, with hindsight, a mistake.) Comrade von Stahl stared grimly into the wild eyes of the approaching Skulltaker, and made his orders. The Proletariat Leadership Committee and Mounted Commissariat both moved up to flank charge any Bloodletters that would dare reach his lines. And the Communications Commissariat danced around Bloodletter Unit 3.

Magic was inneffective, owing to the vast resistance to magic of the Khornate Daemon. Shooting, however, was more effective. Despite the Communications Commissariat failing to attract any followers with their well thrown leaflets, the arrow storm reduced all the Bloodletter units significantly, denying each of them of any bonuses they could possibly have gained.

In combat, the Foreign Brigade stubbornly held off the Flesh Hounds, causing one wound as they flickered out of reality for a brief moment. The battle on the Western Hill was far bloodier. Six brave Red Guardsmen were slain in defence of their pulpit. Comrade Bampton, however, was not to be denied. With a brief cry of "For the Revolution! Long live Comrade von Stahl! Long live the Proletariat! URRAH!" he smashed his great weapon, forged of proletarian iron out of pitchforks and scythes, straight into the beasts snarling face, wounding it. The sheer momentum of the Mounted Commissariat almost brought it to its knees, the combat resolution wounding it again. Such things can bleed, Comrades. They can die, also!

Turn 3

((At this point, my battle plan took a turn for the worse.))

The Skulltaker, summoning the obscene powers of its magic banner ((I had been told earlier that the bloodletter could move only four, not five, inches, and this banner was another revelation)), charged its unit-if such a rabble can be called a unit-into the Foreign Brigade, and into Comrade von Stahl's own hand picked troops! Comrade Junior Commissar Alexandre stepped forwards to accept the brute's challenge.

Bloodletter Unit 3 turned around again, struggling to get to grips with the source of the leaflets which were falling like snow upon them. Unit 2, meanwhile, continued to charge at our Red Guards, turning to face the Proletariat Leadership Committee.

The fighting, Comrades, was grave and bloody.

((Damn right it was. I lost count of the casualties inflicted by the Skulltaker, his unit, and my new disability to roll 6+ saves. I lost by about 8, especially as they managed a multi unit charge. I had severely underestimated the mobility and fighting power of my enemy. Having seen those same Red Guards withstand Chaos Knight charges, I thought myself safe. I was proved wrong, it seems.))

Crushing a Bloodletter's head with his hammer, Comrade von Stahl, so as to preserve the lives of his Red Guards from the onslaught, ordered a tactical withdrawal. However, an unknown Capitalist Saboteur within the ranks of the Red Guards, long may his name by reviled by all true worker-peasant-soldiers, tripped him over as he brought up the rear on the retreat.

The Skulltaker stood over him, and raised its sword high...

The Bloodthirster also fought brutally on, killing five more Red Guards with unskilled strokes, before picking up the cart and throwing it aside. This, of course, panicked the horses of the Mounted Commissariat who, unable to control themselves, fled.

((At least, that is the official explanation for the Enlightenment Brigade and Mounted Commissariat being found several inches from combat, with the Bloodthirster over running into the Trebuchet crew. I wish I had challenged the thing. Both the Foreign Brigade and Von Stahl's regiment had been over ran. He has been fielded twice, and died both times. Am I doing something wrong?))

Seeing their dear leader in peril, the Red Guard rallied across the battlefield. Commissar Hugh struggled to his feet, rallying, as did the Mounted Commissariat (mere inches from Bloodletter Unit 2.)

And then the counter attack of the Guards began.

The Skulltaker's Regiment had been caugh practically corner on to the Quenelles Red Guards, who were thus able to keep such dreadful fighters at bay. Every Red Guardsman, on foot and horse, who was capable of charging, drew swords and ran at the enemy. The Archer Commissariat charged the Skulltaker in the flank. The Communications Commissariat closed their leaflet bags, and drew their pistols. The Mounted Commissariat whipped their horses to lather, shouting their war cries. Both Commissariats charged into the enemy rear. Through a diabolical Chaos induced madness, the Proletariat Leadership Committee failed to charge into Bloodletter Unit 2 ((2 inches out!))

Bows were strung and loosed, wherever an archer could shoot. (This meant that a Bloodletter from Unit 3 was shot dead. Not bad.)

Now, picture the scene. The combined charge of all my units killed at least five bloodletters. You have the Skulltaker only managing a modest amount of over kill, and his men preparing to strike back. You have more Bloodletters, rushing towards the fight, swords drawn and intent on butchery. You have the image of Comrade Commissar Hugh spitting out a tooth, raising his great weapon, and preparing for a final attack on the Bloodthirster as it prepares to wreck the Trebuchet. You have the possiblity remaining of an overwhelming Red Guard victory, despite the massive casualties already suffered. The game was all to play for...

Then my opponent, just as he was about to attack back and decide the battle (if he didn't kill enough Red Guards, he could have lost the combat by a quite catastrophic amount), decided to answer his mobile. With hindsight, this was a bad move, as he had to leave.

Typical High Wycombe. Great people, great games, insanely difficult to get a good fantasy game.

((But do you think I could have swung it? Just to recap, I had:

-Lost my general, and most of my line infantry.
-My Knights stranded in possible charge range of the enemy, but heavily armoured enough to withstand it and get support.
-The Skulltaker's unit, reduced from shooting, surrounded on three sides and heavily engaged, with very little means of getting enough kills to win the combat, most of the rear rank being taken up by heavily armoured Pegasus Knights.
-A Trebuchet getting wrecked by a wounded Bloodthirster.

Could I have somehow taken the other Bloodletters?))

15-10-2009, 22:29
What a let down :(

Next time tell him to leave his cell phone at home...

16-10-2009, 07:18
Ouch, one of te bloodiest battles ever I think, but damn an interesting one. I think you could have swung it over with that last ferocious assault, but hard to say for sure, but I think there was a good possibility.

Awilla the Hun
16-10-2009, 08:12
He reacted comparatively well to facing a communist Bretonnian army.

Awilla the Hun: "Of course, these aren't Knights, because that's an aristocratic concept. These are the Proletariat Leadership Committee."

Him: "OK."

16-10-2009, 09:24
One of the best threads i have ever seen! Pure fun to read and extremely well written, viv la revolution!
Also reading some of the first battle reports i decided it was a shame i can't face you in a battle - either with my warmongering (but socialists green party) greenskins or my royalist high elves, you seem like a clever guy with lots of humour - my favorite kind of opponent! Don't worry about the daemon player either -just wait until that stupid horror block faces a HE, Star Dragon with lots of Dragon Princes the whole army immune to fire:evilgrin:

16-10-2009, 11:22
Another well written report, well done sir! I do listen to the music from the links, mainly because I'm into that type of music myself. ;)

Would you have won it? Impossible to tell, although Skulltakers unit would certainly of vanished in my opinion, Bloodletters can't really take charges, much less 3!

One thing you had in your favour was the Bloodthirster being delayed by the Enlightenment Brigade and then heading into the Trebuchet. By the sounds of it, the beast probably wouldn't have been able to get into combat again until late in the game.

Oh well, I guess the only way to know will be to ask him for a re-match? :angel:

16-10-2009, 14:17
Another great report man, shame on the ending. You seemed to deal with them pretty well though, you made the most of his mistake of charging your Stubborn unit with the Thirster, nice planning to get the Knights behind him like that.

16-10-2009, 14:45
Excellant battle. It is amazing how well your 'revolutionary comrades' do against the 'reactionary liberalist pigs' :D
I have never actually seen a Brettonian Men-at-Arms on the table lol let alone 3 units!

Awilla the Hun
16-10-2009, 17:43
Thank you, comrades!

With hindsight, I shouldn't have moved the archers out of the way of the Skulltaker. I should instead have made them advance right up to them (all too concious of the Commissars nearby), and thus forced the Skulltaker to charge them. That would have given me time to get an appropriate counter attack, I think.

And I got a unit of Mounted Yeomen behind the Bloodthirster, not Knights. I should probably have put the Pegasus Knights over there instead. They would have hit that little bit harder...

16-10-2009, 17:50
Ah I see. I am suprised he didnt just butcher the Yeoman to his rear then.

Awilla the Hun
16-10-2009, 18:06
He really, really hated the stubborn unit to his front, I suppose.

Question: does vow of the quest allow the Unit to re roll its leadership test if a character with vow of the quest is leading it?

16-10-2009, 18:27
Vow of the quest allows you to reroll panic tests and so if you put a paladin with the vow of the quest in a unit of knights errant or knights of the realm then yes you can reroll.

Awilla the Hun
16-10-2009, 18:30
I was thinking more of my Enlightenment Brigade, but thanks anyway. Now, comrades, they shall never falter. And if they do, Comrade Commissar Hugh will brandish his halberd a bit, and they will stop faltering! Hooray!

Once Bitten
16-10-2009, 18:55
Excellend battle report. I think you would have had him. Then again, I'm pretty anti-daemon, so I may be a little biased in that regard.

Maybe I should give my BSB the questing vow and put him w/ my KOTR. Then maybe they wouldn't chicken out during the most important charge of a game. hmmm.

16-10-2009, 19:25
Naturally, Comrades, it was one that Comrade von Stahl was entirely ready to fight, his attempts at turning any lesser daemons to our side with impassioned words proving sadly useless, owing to the lack of class consciousness all too common amongst the daemonic races.
This bit had me laughing

another excellent report with a nice cliffhanger ending (to bad it won't be continued)

Awilla the Hun
23-10-2009, 20:46
Thank you, comrade Sevensins.

Now, as I stick more and more flock onto my army bases (done the Proletariat Leadership Committee, Mounted Commissars, Enligthtenment Brigade, Communications Commissariat, and all the characters thus far), I realise that Devourer is slowly drawing closer. So, everyone: how do you think I would fare against most tournament armies? How could I defeat some popular tournament builds? Have I got completely the wrong army, or are some minor adjustments required?

(And, judging by how everyone is going on about the "big three" of Dark Elves, Daemons, and Lizardmen, with Star Dragons and "Walter/Stank" lists occasionally edging in, do you think that I could do that much worse than a normal Bretonnian army?)

EDIT: It will be continued! It's just that I have, unfortunately, got to practice, write batreps for, and ultimately take part in a tournament, of warhammer 40,000. It is a shame, because I'm actually starting to enjoy the Red Guards more than the ESR, if only because they're so fun to write up. But fear not. On Sunday 8th November, (or thereabouts), I have booked in to a frankly surreal game involving Skaven, in which my Red Guards will be playing a key role. Described as "Space Hulk in sewers", it may well feature Comrade von Stahl fearlessly picking his way through the muck, hammer in hand, handkerchief on nose. (Or, more likely, sending a Commissar on his behalf.)

23-10-2009, 20:58
I'm sure against most tournament players you'll do ok.

Sure star dragons and bloodthirsters will give a ton of trouble but if anything you might face one of those armies once, and then get moved down to playing against nicer lists, so it all works out in the end.

Always go into a tournament with the goal of winning more games than you rather than 'winning' and you will always have a lot more fun :D

Awilla the Hun
24-10-2009, 10:59
What if, by some miracle, I actually beat one of those armies and keep going? (And before you laugh, I wasn't that far from killing that Bloodthirster. I just needed some slightly better leadership rolls for a high Ld, stubborn unit, and a unit within range of an Ld 9 character.)

24-10-2009, 13:38
Well you will most probably outnumber pretty much every army that you play barring horde style OGs and Skaven. With the Terror stuff just try to keep the bulk of your stuff within the generals bubble.
Use the dedicated patriotic fervor of your brave units and just swamp any big terror causing beasties with CR.
I would love to see this army in action.

Awilla the Hun
26-10-2009, 19:37
Not patriotic fervor, Comrade Seabo, for they intend to unite the world into one great Stahlist society, but revolutionary fervor! And they also have lots of Commissars/Knights and characters to get leadership from too. That's why I chose Bretonnians over Empire. (I can never quite envision a non magical revolutionary commissar killing daemons with the sheer power of his rhetoric, which sets them apart from the Bretonnian Peasant's Duty/Knight's Vow mechanism.)

26-10-2009, 22:59
Hey, Awilla. Just for you, while I was finishing up painting the banner on my last unit of KotR, I changed course entirely and used this:

Forward the revolution! ;)

Awilla the Hun
27-10-2009, 11:17
We salute Comrade Napoleon's efforts amongst the Beastmen of Albion, and urge him to spread the fires of Revolution across the Old World! However, Comrade von Stahl is growing concerned at how they intend to renounce their Old Major, return the farm to Manor Farm-an aristocratic title-and even cease calling each other "comrade". Action may be required in a few years.

And why are you using it for Bretonnians?

EDIT: Good news, comrades! I have finally flocked the entire Red Guards. (And made a few additions so as each man definitely has at least three colours each. That's my standard of "tournament ready painting", none of the varnish, thinning, shading, layering...-elitist concepts as they are!)

Awilla the Hun
01-11-2009, 13:32
Slight changes to the Red Guards (which are in bold.)

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Accompanied the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with 2 dispel scrolls.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty.)

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Questing Vow, NO SHIELD, Great Weapon.) Accompanied the Enlightenment Brigade

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 13 Red Guards accompanying.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Musician and Gallant.)

First Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)

Second Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)


Total= exactly 2000 points.

I've also got a game booked (hopefully) this Thursday with the Khorne Daemon player (who may or may not bring Vampire Counts.) A rematch will be coming, comrades.

Any advice against the Necroticist-Magocrat-Quasi Cullenite fiends?

01-11-2009, 17:41
Your first battle against the Khorne guy actually went well considering the....uhmmm...great fervor but lack of efficiency of most of your brave revolutionaries:D
Take the Bloodthirster down as quickly as possible, hopefully by passing a lot of terror tests and swamping him with CR. The Proletariot Leadership Commitee must get the charge on it. Their righteous fury, not to mention lances:p, will strike hard and true on the charge.
Mounted Commissariat should be used to lead the Flesh Hounds, always will be Flesh Hounds lol, on a merry chase, hopefully into terrain.
Once that Bloodthirster goes down your victory will be assured ;)

Awilla the Hun
02-11-2009, 08:18
And the Vampires? (If he brings them.)

EDIT: And I doubt that Flesh Hounds have Frenzy (this being the most disciplined Khorne army ever to set foot on any battlefield anywhere. Ever.)

02-11-2009, 22:43
EDIT: And I doubt that Flesh Hounds have Frenzy (this being the most disciplined Khorne army ever to set foot on any battlefield anywhere. Ever.)

They don't... (although they should)

If you are against vampires I can see it going very badly...

You aren't killy enough nor have the magic defense to stop him...

Top tip I can think of is if he runs a bunker then fly your pegasus knights behind his lines and charge it in the flank/rear. With any luck the pegasi (which are fairly killy) will do enough to crumble the block along with any characters in it.

03-11-2009, 05:01
I love reading your battle reports man. Always crack me up, and yet remind me that I have a Political Philosophy paper to do >.>

vs Daemons or Charlie though, can't really help you. The only guy that played DoC only showed up once and never returned. As for the VC, try and kill his magic stuff with your Communication Commisars. As Malorian said, flank or rear his bunker and crumble it. Other than that, can't offer too much.

Now, if you were up against the ultracapitalist-dictatorship of Malekith Enterprises, I might be able to offer more insight :P

Awilla the Hun
03-11-2009, 18:43
Samuraibox, any advice will be immeasurably useful against these Gangsters, Elven Supremacists, and Class Enemies of Naggaroth.

04-11-2009, 00:51
Well, against Dark Elves it really depends on the army. If they have a crapload of magic i.e. a level 4 and a level 2 (Stahl help you if you have more), they'll fry your guys pretty well. ASF blackguard will make mincemeat out of most of your infantry. And a Hydra will make you cry like a proletariat baby.

So, I'd use your knights (regular or pegasus) to hunt down his mages. Something like a High Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus will get shafted pretty badly. Against the monsters, fill them with arrows. Use your mounted commisariat and trebuchet to try and shave off as many wounds as possible while running circles around it. If all else fails, stick a big block or knights against it. It's only strength 5, and I never seem to be able to do anything against armor. It's only leadership 8 and can panic and run fairly easily.

As for the blackguard...I'm really at a loss. The only thing I can say is fill them with arrows and stones. They're only at a 5+ armor wise. Even thought they're ItP, you can still whittle them down


Almost forgot. Harpies, Shades w/ GW, and Dark riders are definitely going to give you problems. Dark riders can out fight, out shoot, and can keep up with the mounties. Harpies can shred the trebuchet crew fairly easily too, not to mention the Shades. Those will be a real pain....

tl;dr You have your work cut out for you with the DE. If anything, your missile crews have their work cut out for you.

Awilla the Hun
04-11-2009, 15:55
If I get the charge, though, the Mounted Commissariats will give the Dark Riders a taste of Revolutionary Justice!

So, your plan for everything is... shoot it. Right. Looking at the past performance of my various longbow makers, it's time to start taking a few more of their families hostage to ensure good behaviour.

At the moment, I really don't know what Hydras do, apart from that they are large, dangerous monsters. I will think of something, that may involve the expansion of the Red Guards in interesting directions. (Translation: how can Bretonnians in general deal with certain Counter Revolutionary Dark Elf threats? I can justify a lot, whilst at the same time keeping hold of my pretty cheap waves of loyal Red Guards on foot. Up to and including Grail Knights: Revolutionary Fanatics can get pretty fanatical, especially when on horseback and in heavy armour. I will keep away from a mass Knight army, though.)

And when you say "Stahl help you", this is implying that Glorious Comrade von Stahl is a divine figure. Nothing could be further from the truth, comrade, although this is an understandable misconception considering all his awe inspiring achievements! He is justifiably revered for his many acts of Kindness and Nobility (whilst being firmly against the noble classes) to the toiling classes, but he is as human as you and I, and shares all the strengths of our great species! (Mind you, he does have some pretty decent magical kit. And, if you look at the crossed scythes with a few glasses of wine and a squint, especially on the red background, it begins to look like something else altogether...)

04-11-2009, 18:23
Except the hydras to use cover to sneak up on you and breath fire all over your troops before charging (if they charge at all).

A charge from a lance will beat them if you can line it up, and the strength of their fire reduces as they lose wounds so if you can drop a couple from shooting he will be more inclined to try and get into combat.

Awilla the Hun
04-11-2009, 18:46
Thank you, comrade Malorian.

04-11-2009, 20:00
Except the hydras to use cover to sneak up on you and breath fire all over your troops before charging (if they charge at all).

A charge from a lance will beat them if you can line it up, and the strength of their fire reduces as they lose wounds so if you can drop a couple from shooting he will be more inclined to try and get into combat.

qft. My Hyrdas have always failed to shooting and knights.

But basically, shooting the important stuff is the plan. Cover is going to screw around with you probably, and you'll probably only be able to win combat against a lot of stuff if you manage to get the charge with 2+ units simultaneously.

If you want a more in depth look at the devious and evil minds behind the Dark Elves, I suggest looking at Druuchii.net or our own DE tactica :o

Awilla the Hun
04-11-2009, 20:33
The Commissariat of Public Safety is on the task, Comrade Samuraibobx.


And now, comrades, for another battle report! Sadly, it is not against the Khorne Daemon Player (who managed to read this very thread. I quote:

"Great report, but why didn't they finish the game?")

Instead, I am facing down my old foe, the Chaos Warriors player. Now with his daemons, which he also used to great effect against my Guardsmen. Time to wreak some Revolutionary Vengance, comrades...

Part 6: The Defence against Daemonic Decadance

Thought for the Day: Stahlist Thought over ASFHOCVHDMBOTBDBGWGG Death Stars.

((Sadly, that is a real acronym, used to describe genuine unit combinations. I don't know what this says about my fellow Fantasy Players that they use this sort of thing.))

Comrades! Once more, the vile Daemonic threat has foolishly crossed the path of Glorious Comrade von Stahl's forces. This time, a vile rabble led by a Tzeentchi Lord of the Change-who, as the Chaos God of magic and farseeing, is an obvious example of the Magocratic-Imperialist Decadence of the Chaos Gods-waylaid our forces, once again in Estalia, and once more by a vile Chaos Idol which had been preventing the nearby proletariat from achieving Class Consciousness by mutating them into giant spiders. Of course, thanks to his unlimited wisdom, this had been forseen by our Dear Leader, who had prepared his forces well, before lighting the fuse (sometimes, comrades, the technology of the Dwarven-Empire Capitalist Alliance must be used for our cause), and preparing to fight.

Army Lists (2000 points game)

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl's Glorious Red Guards

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Accompanied the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with 2 dispel scrolls.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty.)

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Questing Vow, NO SHIELD, Great Weapon.) Accompanied the Enlightenment Brigade

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 13 Red Guards accompanying.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Musician and Gallant.)

First Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)

Second Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)


Total= exactly 2000 points.

The Decadent Magocratic-Psycopathic Daemons

Lord of the Change (Lore of Tzeentch)
Herald of Slaneesh (with Daemonettes)-Aura of Acquiesence
Herald of Slaneesh (with Daemonettes)-Slicing Shards of Slaneesh (go alliteration!)
14 Daemonettes
14 Daemonettes
18 Bloodletters (Banner of Boiling +D6 on the charge)
3 Screamers
6 Flamers
6 Flamers

Awilla the Hun
05-11-2009, 21:47
Battlefield and Deployment

(I am, as ever, South.)

The battle took place to the East of a deep valley, remenant of a once mighty glacier. (Or, at least, that is by far the most optimistic theory of its origins.) On the North West and South West corners, as such, there stood two great spurs. (Hills.) In the middle of the battlefield, from West to East, was an old scree of rocks, the massive icon itself (impassable, no line of sight over it), and an old tower, with a copse of trees to the immediate south of it.

The Daemons deployed first. Both Flamer Units deployed in front of the Daemons' hill, with the Lord of the Change ((well, the Base of the Change)) deployed to their East. Next to that was the pack of Bloodletters, evidently trying to bolster each other's courage with timid mewlings and weight of numbers. Hidden behind the Idol was the flock of Screamers (who, comrades-for the benefit of your education-are much akin to sea creatures of Ind. They are just as deadly as these herbivorous beasts, if faced by such a competent opponent as yourself.) And finally, to the furthest East, were the groups of Daemonettes, engaged in acts too vile and debased to contemplate. (One of them was reading a strange, black book, with an apple on the front clasped by cold, dead hands. None could read the title, but it was doubtless a word of great Chaotic power. All of these books should be burned on sight, comrades!)

Comrade Von Stahl drew up his forces with his customary skill. He refused his Eastern Flank, sending an Archer Commissariat, Comrade DuBois, and a Mountd Commissariat to occupy it, along with the Communications Commissariat behind the Icon. On the spur he positioned another Archer Commissariat, and the Trebuchet, with the Enlightenment Brigade and Comrade Commissar Hugh of Bampton to hold off any war machine hunters and provide moral support. Right in front of him was the second Mounted Commissariat, and to their East was the great Proletariat Leadership Committee, with Comrade Commissar Grunwald leading them (may the working classes all praise his name!) To their immediate east was the final Archer Commissariat, with orders to shoot any retreating cavalrymen on sight. And, best of all, Glorious Comrade von Stahl himself led his three Brigades of Red Guards, partially hidden from the vile daemonic enemy by their idol. (In revolutionary times, comrades, the devices of the counter revolutionary inevitably turn against them!)

The Daemons went first, which was just as well; Comrade von Stahl had plenty of time to give his lectures. ((Prayers.))

Turn 1

The Lord of the Change snapped its talons, and the daemons set forth. The Flamers advanced (to beyond charge range of the Proletariat Leadership Committee and Mounted Commissariat-cowards!-but also beyond flaming range of any Red Guards.) The Bloodletters also staggered reluctantly forward, herded on by the ruthless Lord of Change (which flapped forwards itself, to near the Bloodletters.) Daemons of Khorne, comrades, are only reluctantly ordered forth by daemons of other Chaos Gods. They must be liberated from their un natural bondage-and then destroyed, so as they can no longer spread their filth amongst the proletariat. The Daemonettes also scuttled forward, laying aside their books and readying their claws. (Although the heralds continued to quote passages when preparing to cast magic.) And the Screamers... screamed over towards the North East, behind the Daemonettes.

The impact of Chaotic magic missiles was, at present, extremely limited. The Mounted Commissariat on the Eastern flank fell foul of the Slicing Shards of Slaneesh, being torn apart in an instant; and the archers suddenly felt strangely drowsy, as the Aura of Acquiesence had been cast. ((Comrade DuBois, however, succeeded in poking them awake throughout much of the rest of the game.)) And four archers from the central Archer Commissariat were burned to death by the Lord of the Change. However, due to the feeble magical powers of the Lord of the Change and Slaneeshi Heralds (compared to the natural power of Comrade DuBois), little damage was done on the whole.)

"Comrades. Let the people rise, and their foes be scattered. Urrah!"

Comrade von Stahl slammed his book shut, and his troops advanced. The Proletariat Leadership Committee and Mounted Commissariat alongside them spurred their horses forward, readied their weapons, and thundered towards the massed skirmish line of Flamers. The Red Guard infantry pivoted backwards, like a door hinge, so as to lure the Bloodletters on into their trap. And the Communications Commissariat spurred into the skies, right over the Decadent Daemonettes, preparing to march block, annoy, drop Informative Leaflets, and fight against the vile Screamers.

Due to the sheer vast numbers of enemy mages, Comrade DuBois could do little against them, and our Comrades in the archers and Trebuchet did even less, shooting a daemonette and missing the Bloodletters with a stone. (A few more of their families are to be taken hostage, comrades, as punishment for harbouring such counter revolutionary bowyers amongst them.)

Turn 2

The Daemons advanced again, and the turn opened with disaster! The Screamers tore over the Communications Commissariat. Not only did their vile claws inflict three wounds upon our brave Commissars ((out of a possible 3-despite all their armour and revolutionary fervor)) (blacksmiths, also, are to be watched extremely closely), but they also took both literal and figurative flight, almost flapping off the table! (Of course, as Comrade Commissar Bronstein said later, their pegasi panicked at the stench of the daemons. He will be dealt with, and may be involved in a tragic riding accident in weeks to come.) The Lord of Change flew behind Comrade Du Bois' archers and a regiment of Red Guards, but-thanks to the fine oratory of Comrade Von Stahl-they stood true, despite the horrifying creature near to them. The Bloodletters and Daemonettes also advanced. The Flamers scattered before our thundering hooves, readying their vile daemonfires with a malice that would have been terrible to witness for anyone bar Brave Comrade Grunwald, who just roared more slogans through his speaking trumpet and brandished his sword in a noble/threatening manner.

Comrade DuBois' magic defence continued to hold out against the barrage of spells cast against it. Two of her archers were killed, throwing themselves selflessly in the path of a Shard of Slaneesh meant for her. And Comrade Von Stahl's own unit suffered four casualties, our Dear Leader emerging unharmed.

((As ever, I am not very certain about casualties inflicted in the magic and shooting phases. There are just so many Red Guards that I don't care that much! In character, but inconvenient for battle reports))

A rain of warpfire was hurled at the Proletariat Leadership Committee, killing two valiant horsemen-hardly enough to stop such staunch Stahlists as these!

Across the battlefield, Comrade Bronstein decided to stop cowering and fight. He drew his pistol, and put a bullet over the head of his fellow Commissar, thus forcing him to stop running, before readying his mace and rallying. He was cheered to see Comrade Grunwald's Proletariat Leadership Committee smash into a unit of Flamers, with the Mounted Commissariat near him being marginally outdistanced. ((Can a unit of light cavalry shoot after failing a charge?))

In normal movement, the Red Guard infantry continued to slightly pivot backwards, as the trap was sprung; the depleted central archer Commissariat ran into the path of the Bloodletters, whilst the Enlightenment Brigade marched towards the flank of the Bloodletters. They had had experience fighting against Khornate Daemons, hurting the might bloodthirster most grievously, and were prepared to put it to good use. A trap was prepared; and Comrade von Stahl, wanting righteous vengance for the Skulltaker coming so close to killing him, drew his hammer and prepared to lead the inevitable counter charge. Comrade DuBois' Archer Commissariat, meanwhile, abandoned their stakes and began to walk backwards, in true skirmisher fashion, readying for another volley.

Once more was magic repelled, but shooting was somewhat more effective. The Trebuchet's stone landed in the midst of the Bloodletters, killing three of them. The arrowstorm killed a daemonette, and wounded a flamer also.

"Forward, Comrades, to Victory!" roared Comrade Grunwald as he laid about himself with his sword against the hapless (but well deserving) flamers. Together, they killed two flamers, and wounded another with combat resolution. Urrah!

Turn 3

The Daemonettes-foolishly-tried to charge Comrade DuBois' unit, but fell short ((by a fraction of an inch!)), and recieved a volley of arrows for their troubles, killing a couple. The Bloodletters, lacking any other targets, charged at the Archers Commissariat, who held, shot a volley, and killed one of the lumbering, terrified brutes!

The Screamers made another attack run over the Communications Commissariat, for no loss of life; Comrade Bronstein had learned his lesson well. The Lord of the Change continued to flap around, preparing to cast more foul spells at the Red Guards.

The toll of magic was still comparatively light. The Easternmost unit of Red Guards was afflicted by the Aura of Acquiescence ((a spell that remains in play... without having the Remains in Play rule. I believe I may have said something rude about the Daemons Army Book at this point, not for the last time.)) However, thanks to the incredible genius of Comrade von Stahl, they continued to act as normal. A handful of Red Guards were also fried by the Lord of the Change. And the other Mounted Commissariat was incinerated by the Flamers.

In combat, Comrade Grunwald fought through the last of the Flamers. Three archers were killed by the Bloodletters, and the survivors fled. The Bloodletters roared their triumph, and stampeded forward-

Only to hear a voice.

"URRAH!" The Enlightenment Brigade roared, with Comrade Commissar of Enlightenment Robscallonne leading the call, and they crashed into the flank of the Bloodletters, with Comrade Commissar Hugh leading the way. Comrade Von Stahl tried to charge, and stepped forward himself-but turned to find his Red Guards all attempting to assist the wounded Archer Commissariat. Moved by this gesture of compassion, he decided not to lead the charge. ((Translation: the Archers rallied nearby, and Comrade von Stahl's unit failed their fear test. Probably just as well, so as the daemons couldn't get extra wounds.)) Comrade Commissar Bronstein also led the Communications Commissariat against the nearby screamers. In normal movement, Comrade Commissar DuBois led the archers back again, and a unit of Red Guards moved to flank the Daemonettes. (But not charge them.)

Magic was inneffective, but shooting was far more powerful. The Trebuchet and archers succeeded in downing three Flamers! Due to their immense effecitveness, comrades, it seems that we shall have to posthumously pardon the families of the bowyers. Alas. They will be remembered as heroes of the Revolution!

Comrade Commissar Hugh led the charge, hacking a Bloodletter down with his great weapon. The Red Guards joined in, lending their Proletariat Forged Iron weapons to the cause with a relish ((hatred)), and Commissar Robscallonne blasting away with his pistol. Together, they downed four Bloodletters, and left only four standing after Daemonic Instability. And a Screamer was killed by the Communications Commissariat. Urrah!

Turn 4

The Daemonettes charged at the archers, and found themselves, at last, to be in charge range. Comrade DuBois spat at the black book, defacing it forever, and made a tactical withdrawal. Her archers gallantly covered her retreat, drawing hammer and sword.

The Lord of the Change remained much where it was, preparing for more magic; and the Flamers scooted around, preparing for more shooting at the Proletariat Leadership Committee.

The Flamers killed two gallant Commissars, leaving Comrade Grunwald, the Chief Commissar, and the standard bearer still riding. The Lord of the Change also struck down several more Red Guards; but our numberless ranks absorbed his vile Daemon fires with little loss!

The Enlightenment Brigade lost a Guardsmen to a Bloodletter's sword; but the whole pack of once proud Daemons evaporated before the Enlightenment Brigade. Comrade Commissar Hugh seized their banner, and raised it aloft before cheering crowds of Guardsmen. "Our comrades are avenged!" he cried, and recieved the great "URRAH!" in return. Comrade DuBois, as has been said earlier, fled ((was killed)), and her archers, despite killing a Daemonette, were chopped down to a man in return. The Daemonettes pursued them off the table. ((Just what I wanted!)) And the Communications Commissariat finished off the Pathetic Screamers.

Turn 5

((At this point, a fellow gamer turned up, and took a brief look at the situation. His words were to the effect of: "*Daemon player*, don't tell me those Daemonettes are the only thing you have left?" (the units were left on the table, near the edge, where they would come back again.

"And a Lord of the Change," said the Daemonette Player.

The onlooking player had previously said this memorable exchange: "Where are your cavalry?"

AWH: "There!" *points at Proletariat Leadership Committee*

"I mean where are your Knights? You're Bretonnian!"

AWH: "They are Counter Revolutionary Bourgoise, Comrade. This is a Peasant Army."

"Get out!"

It's nice to surpise people. Thus far, my 2000 Red Guards have slaughtered Ogres, and withstood the worst depradations of Chaos without flinching. They constantly surprise everyone, self included. And that, comrades, is what playing warhammer is all about.))

With the Daemonettes off the table, the only thing the Daemons had to move was the Lord of Change and Flamers. The Flamers stood still. And the Lord of Change flew towards the Trebuchet and Archers.

With a series of magical blasts, now unchecked by Comrade DuBois, it destroyed the Trebuchet and routed the archers! As I write, they are being hunted down across the Old World. Cowards, traitors, wreckers, defectors, and proto magocrats will suffer, comrades!

The Red Guard formed up into a line of battle, facing where the Daemonettes had left the table. Comrade Commissar Grunwald galloped towards the infantry as quickly as he could, the Proletariat Leadership Committee following. And the Communications Commissariat took wing towards the Flamers.

Magic was now gone, but shooting was still present. The battered three Commissars of the Central Archer Commissariat drew their bows, took aim, and shot at the Lord of the Change. Three hits. One wounded the great Counter Revolutionary!

But he passed his ward save. Vile magocrat!

Turn 6

The Daemonettes returned, as far away from the Red Guards as possible. They watched them closely over the shield wall, through narrowed eyes. The Lord of Change also took flight, and the Flamers moves slightly closer to the Communications Commissariat.

The Proletariat Leadership Committee suffered grievously from the Lord of the Change; both riders fell, and Comrade Commissar Grunwald was left with but one wound left! He clang onto his horse, and drew his pistol in response. And Comrade Bronstein was left along of the Communications Commissariat.

He spurred his pegasus forward, and charged right at the Flamers! Dodging their fire, he smashed into them, killing one, and forcing the entire unit to evaporate.

And, with a roar of gunpowder, the idol was blasted apart. The Daemons shrieked one more time, and were banished once and for all.

As the sun set over the battlefield, Comrade Von Stahl was seen to be inspecting the dead, and the dying, and the wrecked idol. And no one could tell, from his cloak or posture, whether he was smiling at the victory, or weeping.

Result: Draw!

((The Daemons player will be starting Dark Elves soon. I somewhat unkindly pointed out that he would have two out of three power armies. He says that he likes the fluff, and I actually believe him. He isn't the power gaming type.

On balance, a competely uncompetitive Bretonnian Army getting a draw against a reasonably powerful looking-and i.e., according to this forum, inherently high Tournament level-Daemons army doesn't seem too bad. Any comments?))

05-11-2009, 21:59
"...where are your Knights? You're Bretonnian!"

AWH: "They are Counter Revolutionary Bourgoise, Comrade. This is a Peasant Army."

"Get out!"


Congrats on getting the draw.

05-11-2009, 22:02
Fantastic report and a great result man.

The Daemon army was about average as far as Daemons go, not one of their power builds but still a very tough list [All those Flamers]. You played a great game to get the draw. Congrats!.

Awilla the Hun
06-11-2009, 18:05
Eagle eyed readers may have noticed that the Daemon army featured in the recent battle report is similar to the one from the Emperor's Saggitarrian Rifles. This is because it is played by the same player, and features many of the same models, with the same bases. What is your opinion of Daemon Players who take advantage of loopholes to use the same army in both systems?

Quotes from the evening.

"Oh look, it's the pegasus knights with the back to front wings."
AWH: "No longer! YEAH!!!!"

Opponent (wearily): "You can't have communist Bretonnians."
AWH: "Yes you can. Here!"

AWH: "UUUURAH!" *rolls dice*
Onlooker, looking at results: "That's why I don't act out the game."

06-11-2009, 18:31
What is your opinion of Daemon Players who take advantage of loopholes to use the same army in both systems?

Doesn't bother me at all, and those new lord of the ring bases makes it work perfectly.

Models are models and I'd rather play against bloodletters on round bases on a movement tray than against a bunch of coins, grapes, and lego men on square bases being proxies for bloodletters...

06-11-2009, 21:57
Doesn't bother me at all, and those new lord of the ring bases makes it work perfectly.

Models are models and I'd rather play against bloodletters on round bases on a movement tray than against a bunch of coins, grapes, and lego men on square bases being proxies for bloodletters...

Although who in their right mind would glue a grape to a base is beyond me.

Anyways, congratulations are in order! Splendid battle and really hard fought it seems. Any idea as to who will feel the fervor of Comrade Stahl next?

06-11-2009, 22:01
I agree with Malorian 100% (this does not include clever conversions however. Tinfoils demonic army for instance would not fit well in a fantasy battle..... Come to think of it my growing carnival of nurgle demons wouldn't fit all that well in 40K either :) )

07-11-2009, 00:15
There are a lot of backwater 40K worlds, im sure the Carnival would work just fine in 40K. It would probably even work well, the Carnival gaining root on a low tech more backwater/backwards world, the foothold then needing to be rooted out by Marines. :)

Awilla the Hun
07-11-2009, 16:15
I think that the Carnival of Chaos would work well in 40k. If you can have a carnival of Harlequins, why not a Carnival of Daemons?

Anyway, I've just been to the Games Workshop, hoping for the "Space Hulk in Fantasy" thing to work really well, and be a cool battle report. Sadly, it wasn't. None of us had played Space Hulk before. (Self included-a bad thing for the Team Captain, presumably because of my age, and because Comrade Von Stahl was the inevitable leader of people of equal class due to his revolutionary theory.) Everyone else apart from the Skaven Player was a small child of 12 or 13, and we all argued constantly. The result was two short, incredibly tedious games, before I just gave up in disgust. EDIT: for several hours after this, I generally chatted, thought about having a game, decided against it, looked at someone's English Civil War book, heard yet another small child badmouthing Imperial Guard, because apparently his Hammerhead Gunship could own everything, with its flechette dischargers and railgun and all; and providing "advice" along with another older IG Player to a pair of small children playing an arrestingly ill thought out 1200 points game (IG vs Space Marines; the Space Marine player, despite lacking Vulkan, said that because he had a Salamanders' paint scheme, he deserved twin linked flamers and meltas; and the IG Player had an IG army where almost everything had too many upgrades, or was Commissar Yarrick in a game far too small for him. And both had a dubious knowledge of the rules.)

However, I did manage to get some more possible Rough Rider conversions, and a look at the Skaven Army Book. It does look like a foe that the Red Guards could have considerable difficulty in facing, I have to say. The Clanrats, despite having better stats and rules, are cheaper than my Red Guardsmen. Furthermore, they have better support weapons that can tear through my Revolutionary Zeal and Proletarian Iron Armour in short order, and their magic is far better. I have an edge in manouverability, but only to a certain extent; my Commissars must keep close to the Red Guardsmen so as to remind them of their class consciousness and their duty to their fellow workers and peasants.

Any anti Skaven tactics, Comrades? The Under-Imperialist Technocrats must be stopped at all costs! I almost got into an argument with a staff member over whether the working classes or the Skaven would unite and take over the Old World first.

(Not that I'll be facing many soon, touch wood. The staff have a Skaven army, but apart from that it's mostly Daemons and Dark Elves around here.)

Once Bitten
08-11-2009, 13:05
Great report.

Awilla the Hun
08-11-2009, 18:22
Thank you, comrade. So, any anti Skaven tactical advice for the Red Guards?

Once Bitten
08-11-2009, 18:36
Nope, sorry. I have only played Skaven once, and that was with the old rules. Their new book definitely seems like 'monster-hammer.' <sigh>

Awilla the Hun
09-11-2009, 16:20
Comrades! I have worked out how to upload pictures. This is one of the Red Guards opposing (I think) the vile Chaos Warriors Imperialists. (I have flocked the bases now, but the stuff is coming off. Any suggestions about how to make it stay on? I just PVA it. EDIT: Oh, and my Mounted Commissars are now both Mounted Commissar (Yeoman) Units, not one Yeoman, one Pistolier. And my Trebuchet crew is now proper Trebuchet crew, not guardsmen and Sister Vasilyevna.)

09-11-2009, 21:22
As a scheming Under-Imperialist Technocrat myself, I'll be happy to lend you some advice.

Please note that these are based on observations of others playing the new rules as well as basing it on things that have remained about the same since last edition.

1) Expect magic. A lot. Seeing as Grey Seers only have cost against them when comparing them to Warlords, probably a good 80% of Skaven armies will field the nastiness of Skaven magic.
SOLUTION: Scrolls and expendible troops. Almost all of the Skaven lores are offensive and rely on hurting some expensive units. Luckily, you do not have the tasty knights that the 15,000,000,000 Toughness test with no ASv lists feed on.

2) While the Doomwheel is far more synergetic with the Skaven army than the Abomination, you should fear the Moulder creation more. This is due to your lack of multi-wound targets for the Doomwheel to blast through, meaning instead of killing 3, say, Flesh Hounds a turn, he'll only dispatch of 3 Red Guardsmen a turn.
SOLUTION1: Doomwheel = Sub-optimal vs your Peasant spam list.
SOLUTION2: Trebucher that hell spawn of an Abomination to death. That and flaming arrows of doom! Before dealing with the rat-things, make sure to kidnap some more families, to ensure that your bowmen can actually get rid of the damn thing.

3) Storm Banner. It will laugh at your shooting and, if your opponent wishes to win, he can activate the turn after it's effects end. I think this is a dirty tactic, even by Skaven standards.
SOLUTION: Massed shooting should get some hits through... Hopefully...

4) Unbreakable units. I don't think this should be a huge issue for you, thanks to being approx. the same stats-wise as the Clannies and not relying on a quick kill in the form of lances.
SOLUTION: Cover your flanks and try to bring his (likely) large and (somewhat) unwieldy units into positions that better your own.

5) Characters. Not really a problem, due to the crap magic items we have to chose from...
SOLUTION: Pound 'em into submission!

Uh... I think that's about it. Good luck on your irradication of my rivals. Oh, and you never met me... *hands some gold*


09-11-2009, 22:57
Comrades! I have worked out how to upload pictures.

The army finally has a face!

Awilla the Hun
10-11-2009, 15:51
What sort of face do you think it?

And thank you, EvilPaladin, for informing the Commissariat of Public Safety about your weaknesses. The Revolution will never forget you! The Communications Commissariat are even now distributing leaflets about your class consciousness, encouraging the oppressed Skaven Proletariat to make revolution. The Under Empire will be in flames! Long live Comrade von Stahl! Etc...

10-11-2009, 16:53
What sort of face do you think it?

Looks good :)

Although I always imagined it to be a richer red rather than closer to orange.

Awilla the Hun
10-11-2009, 17:03
You mean, with those numbers of troops, you expected me to do something apart from batch paint Blood Red? Come come, comrade, who do you think I am? A bourgeois-decedent good painter?

I'll be uploading more pictures shortly. (However, one thing: I have also turned the Pegasus wings round by now. Thank goodness.)

11-11-2009, 17:58
Just so you know Awilla, there WAS a slave rebellion in the Under-Empire led by someone known as Skabikkus (:p). After the Council gave them a nice deal, "It is said that over 10,000 slaves all turned as one and pointed out their leader..." So you really shouldn't encourage it, as it won't turn out in your favour...


Awilla the Hun
11-11-2009, 19:22
Comrade Skabbicus will be remembered as an example by all Revolutionaries who attempt to raise the proletariat in the Under Empire. This demonstrates the vital importance, comrades, of an enlightened core of revolutionaries, rather than relying upon the undirected energies of the working classes alone; and of our Commissars, who are there to protect you from Counter Revolutionaries, Wreckers, Saboteurs, Cowards, Hidden Reactionaries, Panic Mongers, Anti Stahlists, Proto Capitalists, the Petty Bourgeoisie...

*takes breath*

Elvenist agents, Dwarvenist agents, Chaos Young Magocrats (taken hold of by their foul daemons, comrades!), Imperialist influences, Snakes, Slaanist-World Orderites, Hidden Under Imperialists, Greenskin Militarists, Elven Supremacists, Twin lashists, Deathstarite Renegades, Bloodthirster/FleshHounds/Horror/SirenSongists, Elven Bandits and Masochists, and other such commonplace threats to the Revolution. Not one step backwards, comrades!

Awilla the Hun
12-11-2009, 21:36




Part 7: The Sadist-Elvenist Supremacist Hunted

Thought for the Day: If the Daemon is a class enemy, then it is not our duty to complain about their presence, but to crush their forces without mercy.

In defence of the Proletariat, Comrades, our glorious Red Guards must face many foes. Some have been labelled by Reactionary Generals, in their cowardice and lack of class consciousness, as "Over Powered" or "Cheesy". Of course, comrades, these should be resisted as Monachist Fallacies which, upon discovering Stahlist Thought, can be seen through in an instant. Nevertheless, they were tested once more as, last night, a party of Red Guards, under the command of Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton, clashed with a party of vile Sadist-Elven Supremacist Dark Elves, who had just returned from their shocking pillaging of an innocent village of the proletariat, just like you and I before the revelation of Comrade Von Stahl. They had been slaughtered like cattle; and so, with the words of Von Stahl on their lips, the Red Guards descended upon them.


For once, the opponents in the fluff are depicted as behaving roughly in character by the chronicler. Strange...

Anyway, tonight was only a 1000 points battle, against last week's daemon player. This time, he chose to bring along his growing force of Dark Elves, alongside his Daemonhunters.


The Glorious Red Guards

Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Great Weapon, Virtue of Empathy, Questing Vow. General. Accompanies Enlightenment Brigade.)
Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Battle Standard, War Banner, Virtue of Duty, Barded Warhorse. Accomanied Proletariat Leadership Committee.)
Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with 2 Dispel Scross, Gift of Life spell.)

The united Archer Commissariat (20 peasant bowmen in Skirmish Order.)
The Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command, Banner of Chalons; I didn't like the look of the Dark Elf repeater crossbowman.)
The Quenelles Red Guards Brigade (25 Men at Arms with Full Command.)
The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae with thirteen Red Guardsmen.)

The Vicious Dark Elves

Sorceress (Familiar-item that gives her a point to cast spells from-, Level 2. Accompanies Crossbowmen 1.)

Repeater Crossbowmen 1 (10 Crossbowelves)
Repeater Crossbowmen 2 (10 Crossbowelves)
Spearmen (20 Elves-Full Command, war banner.)
Corscairs (20 Elves-Full Command, Frenzy.)
Cold One Knights


The battlefield had a hill to the North West and South West (I am, of course, South.) It was 4 foot by 4 foot (or thereabouts), and was, apart from a rocky crag in the middle, completely bare.

The Dark Elves set up first, and I found myself in the strange situation of having less troops to deploy than my opponent. His crossbowelves and Sorceress set up on his hill (with the Sorceress in the foremost unit), and the mass of Cold one and Foot set up across the centre of the board: from West to East, the Spear Elves, Cold One Knights, and Corscairs.

Then came the heroic Red Guards. (UUURAH!) The mass of archers took up a position on the hill, just out of crossbow shot of the enemy, and with Comrade DuBois accompanying. To their own East, the main Red Guards deployed, from East to West: The Proletariat Leadership Committee, the Enlightenment Brigade, and the Quenelles Brigade. All were capable of hearing Comrade Commissar Hugh's excellent lecture (Prayer) on the Importance of Being Earnestly Devoted to Comrade von Stahl and of Crushing Counter Revolutionaries at all times. The Commissar looked up, and found to his mild surprise that the enemy were going first.

Turn 1

The Dark Elves advanced cautiously, making sure to keep out of charge range of the Proletariat Leadership Committee (cowards!) The crossbowelves stepped a few paces forwards, as did the rest of their army, with the Corscairs advancing further (but not much further) than the rest.

Magic saw the Sorceress preparing her vile spell (Chill Wind or something), which managed to negotiate Comrade DuBois' most staunch magical defence ((it was spent from her attempt to stop Power of Darkness-the one that grants extra power dice.)) Chanelling her powers through her vile familiar (six inches in front of the crossbowelves), she managed to strip a single Archer's flesh from his bones. The Archers, confident in their position on the Left flank, made a defiant "URRAH!" in response, especially as crossbow shots were out of range.

The Red Guards moved similarly cautiously, with all their troops making a slight tactical withdrawal.

Comrade DuBois was so distracted by this rhetoric, and cheered so very loudly, that she did not cast any spells, not that they were neccessary. The arrow storm cut down a Crossbowelf from the Sorceress' unit.

Turn 2

The Elves advanced further, ever closer to the Red Guard lines. Magic was once again blocked by Wise Comrade DuBois, and their feeble crossbows-a poor mockery of the Proletarian Longbow, Comrades-failed to harm any Red Guards.

Comrade Commissar Hugh now sprang his trap. Thehe Enlightenment Brigade and Quenelles Brigade were ordered forward to recieve any Elven Charges, with Commissar Hugh leading the Enlightenment Brigade from the front, whilst the Proletariat Leadership Committee stayed back, biding their time, with Comrade Grunwald reading from Von Stahl's Thoughts on Beasts and Reactionary Anti Humanists.

"The Elves, Comrades, are not the Fey of myth and legend! They are, to the last child, a foul species, that has long used the Proletariat of Bretonnia as its shield against darkness, whilst they live in luxury in their foul forest. Now is the time, Comrades, when their woods burn! Now is the time to carry your swords, your spears and bows, into these vile Exploiting reactionaries! Fear them not, Comrades, for they are a weak, feeble race, reliant upon magocracy over honest steel. URRAH!"

The cheer was returned by all, including once again Comrade DuBois, who again decided against trying to cast any magic in return at the Elvenist Reactionaries.

The arrow storm now began to concerntrate on the elven Spearmen. Two were slain by the rain of shafts, but they unthinkingly continued to advance.

Turn 3

The Elves now charged, with a hiss of malice and evil. The Cold One Knights whipped their steeds forward (the lizards crying pathetically), and charged at the Enlightenment Brigade, whilst the Corscairs charged at the same, but also crashed into the Quenelles Brigade. The Elven spearmen continued to advance down the left (imbeciles) flank, despite their massive losses. Magic, of course, was held back by Comrade DuBois.

"Hold them, Comrades! We are the bulwark that will shatter the hordes of Imperialist Tyranny!" Comrade Hugh cried as he lashed out with his great weapon. His Comrades joined in with a desperate valour, laying about themselves at the Dark Elves swarming around them. Many of the Enlightenment, encouraged by their Commissar's shouts and the barking of his pistol, continued to fight on, cutting down two Elven Pirates. But, due to the influence of numerous Panic Mongers, the Quenelles Brigade, despite having only lost a single Guardsmen, fled, losing their banner to the Corscairs! (Of course, the Monarchists and Imperialists of rival powers, Comrades, gain no benefit from holding the banners of the Red Guards; they consider these to be of no value.) The Enlightenment Brigade, however, continued to hold on.

"Those who retreat, will be shot!" DuBois transmitted into the minds of the disgraced Quenelles Brigade, who immediately rallied in response, and readied their weapons once more. Close by, Comrade Grunwald drew his sword.

"Forward, Comrades, to Victory!" he roared, and charged at the Cold One Knights, his Comrades following him into the enemy front. The Enlightenment Brigade let up a cheer in response, before turning to face the Counter Revolutionaries once more.

The arrow storm did not relent. Three more Spear Elves were cut down, but-once more-they continued to attack.

Comrade Grunwald instantly challenged the champion of the Cold One Knights, who accepted (reactionary dog!), and raised his sword with un natural quickness, parrying the Commissar's own blade. Their steeds also bit and kicked at each other, but again to little avail. The Proletariat Leadership Committee themselves, thanks to a number of Wreckers amongst our Lance manufacturers (I believe that some of the lances were given rubber tips), failed to mercilessly crush any Counter Revolutionaries. Many Enlightenment Brigade Guardsmen were killed, leaving five men still standing alongside Comrade Commissar Hugh and the Pulpit itself out of the entire Brigade. Nevertheless, they held out against the Counter Revolutionaries, with neither side retreating.

((The Dark Elves were helped in this by their player thinking that Eternal Hatred granted Hatred for the entire combat, rather than just the first round. He was soon corrected.))

Turn 4

The Spear Elves continued to advance towards the archers, but the rest of the Dark Elves continued to fight on, or stand their ground.

Magic, as ever, was held off by Comrade DuBois.

The fight in the centre was, once more, a bitter struggle. Four Guardsmen died defending the Mobile Pulpit; but their sacrifice was not in vain, for the Red Guards breached the Defence Line of Elvenist Supremacism, and routed both units. Gripping the Cold Ones' banner, Comrade Grunwald spurred his horse on, towards the Crossbowelves on the hill (who were franitcally ratcheting their pieces.)

Duly, he charged at the Crossbowmen, into the heart of the enemy force, and carring his steel against the elven Sorceress-Imperialist, curse her! How dare she take the life of a single Red Guardsman for her vile purposes? The Red Guard infantry, meanwhile, formed into a line, and prepared to face the Elven spearmen, with Comrade DuBois leaving the archers, and dashing towards the infantry.

Shooting saw the deaths of two more elves in the Spear Elves.

"Face me, magocrat!" Grunwald shouted challengingly.

"WTF?" the Sorceress thought, before running for her life, her crossbowmen with her, as the mass of the Proletariat Leadership Committee bore down on them. She was lanced in the back ((keep the childish puns to yourselves, comrades)), and ridden down with her Elves. A fitting fate for all tyrants!

Turn 5

The Spear Elves advanced once more, and made ready for a final charge against the Red Guard archers. The Corscairs also rallied, and prepared to throw themselves at the Enlightenment Brigade.

A volley of crossbow bolts twanged out into the flank of the Proletariat Leadership Committee, killing a single Proletariat Leader Commissar.

The Proletariat Leadership Committee turned their horses about to meet this new threat; and the Enlightenment Brigade and Quenelles Brigade made an about turn towards what was believed to be the flank arc of the Corscairs (but, due to an agent of Imperialism, was in fact their front. These foul Counter Revolutionary agents should be mercilessly crushed!)

A final volley of arrows thudded into the Elven shieldwall, killing three elves-not quite enough to rout the fiends!

Turn 6

The Spear Elves charged into the archers, who drew swords and prepared to fight to the death; and the Corscairs also crashed into the Enlightenment Brigade, consisting now of one Guardsman, Comrade Commissar Hugh (who raised his great weapon and shouted a challenge), and the Pulpit itself.

Another crossbow volley slashed into the Proletariat Leadership Committee, unhorsing another Commissar.

In combat, the archers were routed (only to be hunted down later by Mounted Commissars), but the Enlightenment Brigade, against the direst odds, held out against the wave of Corscairs.

"Aar, me hearties!" said their Champion, accepting Comrade Hugh's challenge. The fiend stabbed a knife into a weak spot in the Commissar's armour.

"You take that back, you little-" the Commissar gasped, wrapping his hands around the elf's neck and choking the life out of it (1 overkill point.)

With a badly damaged (2 wounds left) pulpit and Comrade Commissar Hugh (1 wound left) still standing, the final stage of the battle was set.

The Proletariat Leadership Committee, led by Comrade Grunwald with a cry of "Avenge our dead!", charged into the last line of Crossbowmen; and the Quenelles Brigade smashed into the front of the Corscairs, polearms raised.

The winds of magic, at last, flowed favourably for Comrade DuBois, as she reached into the winds of life, and healed the injury suffered by Comrade Commissar Hugh who, reinvigorated, raised his great weapon once more.

One Corscair was killed by the Red Guards, and several more by Comrade Commissar Hugh and the Enlightenment Brigade. None of the Enlightenment Brigade were killed ((My opponent said a bad word)), but three Red Guardsmen gave their lives to finally rout the Corscairs. Cackling manically, they outdistanced their pursuers, only to find the rocky crag in their way.

"Parlay?" one of them asked.

He met the Enligthenment Brigade Commissar's pistol ball. The rest were slaughtered.


Victory to the Red Guards!

(Now, although this was admittedly a small game against someone who is not the world's greatest Dark Elf player-he is new to the army-I have faced down two out of the Big Three, and have fought tolerably well against them. Apart from the Tzeentch Daemons Player, that is. Any hints for Dark Elf tactics will be appreciated by the Dark Elf Player.)

13-11-2009, 02:54
Brilliant write-up once again, Awilla! :D Too bad you don't live near me, as I need some opponents to play my rats against, as almost no one plays Fantasy... *grumble grumble*

Not to mention it would be fun to play your Red Guardsmen and cackle as I add more slaves to my ranks...

-Evii aka Lord Skraith of Clan Wraneklaw

13-11-2009, 04:11
Good show on his part although, the last thing I would have done would be to fling Cold One Knights at a Grail Reliquae. I've done that before and I've learned to never do it again :P

As for your end, very nice! Dark Elf magic is particularly hard to defend against due to power dice spam, but since he only had one sorceress, your damsel was able to work pretty well.

Now then, advice for him
1) Get Harpies and/or Dark Riders, esp. since you have a lot of Infantry. Dark Elves are still Elves and are not good at holding up against stuff. Their greatness is in the fact that they hit hard and fast. In order to do that, you need some way of baiting the opponents, hunting down the things that can hurt you, and generally messing with him so you can bring on the hurt. Maybe drop one of the

2) Use Knights against things that are not ItP and unbreakable. I believe grail pilgrims fall under this. imo, Fenzied corsairs should be able to make short work of them since, if I recall correctly, Pilgrims have a crappy armor save.

3) Maybe drop the number of corsairs to 15 and see if you can fit in a combat character. Most people can't fit in a whole lot of game breaking stuff at low points, and a combat hero would really help give a punch in something like the Spearmen and help them deal with heavy armored opponents better.

4) Use your army synergetically. Don't try to match up units 1 on 1. That kind of thinking is for manlings and High Elf prissys. Do what Stahl did and use your Knights to flank charge something being held up by your spearmen. Don't be afraid to flank with your crossbowmen either! With a shield, light armor, and a HW, they have a 4+ in combat and can add to help outnumber opponents (something we usually have trouble with)

That's all I can see atm without having a turn-by-turn picture or something.


And of course, thank you very much for the the battle report Awilla. Hope to read your next one soon!

Once Bitten
13-11-2009, 14:29
Enjoyable report, AtH. Cheers.

Awilla the Hun
13-11-2009, 16:13
Would you prefer it if I kept using pictures? Or should I cease using Stahlist-Ultra Realism for now?

13-11-2009, 16:42
haha parlay indeed ;)

good stuff comrade, the sadist-magocracy shall surely fall at the hands of the red guard

13-11-2009, 17:25
Another victory for the Red Guard is always good to see. Keep up the good work, man-thing.


13-11-2009, 19:44
Great report man, keep the pics though. Its always nice to see some pics with a report. Can we get some closer shots of your Pulpit - Grail Relique?

Awilla the Hun
14-11-2009, 16:51
Comrades! The Commissariat of Information has permitted me to release these Top Secret Stahlist-Realist images, depicting the Glorious Red Guards. (security clearance: Comrade Chairman von Stahl, all of Commissarial Rank, their families, their familes' friends, their families' Revolutionary Assistants, their revolutionary assistants' revolutionary assistants, and all who the above consider to be of assistance to the Revolution.)

On special request from Comrade Veq, they do include images of the Enlightenment Brigade.


14-11-2009, 22:53
Cool looking army man, thanks for the pics!.

15-11-2009, 12:03
march on to glory brave revolutionists.. and know that you look awesome while doing it :D

Awilla the Hun
15-11-2009, 15:30
Would you say, comrades, that those posters will inspire my Red Guards to greater revolutionary deeds?

vinny t
15-11-2009, 16:57
I would agree with your statement Awilla. Now I must request for more reports of great victories over the unenlightened races of the world.

Awilla the Hun
19-11-2009, 19:28
Tragically, Comrades, due to a variety of Under-Imperialist Agents getting wind of the Red Guards' arrival (and thus warning none other than King Charles himself, and his Civil War themed Empire Army, among other vicious Monarchists), I managed to get no games tonight. None whatsoever. It was the same old gang of 40k/painting people. Philistines.

This, regrettably, has caused me to turn back once more to my slightly neglected Emperor's Saggitarrian Rifles, who-with more Rough Riders, new tanks, new tactics, and the Emperor's wrath in their hearts-will do battle once more. I've also encountered a new, nice seeming Guard player, who will probably make good fighting. I will, of course, return to my Red Guards as soon as possible. But when there are no Counter Revolutionaries to purge, the ranks start to get a little bored. They show this by attempting to desert, or (for the archers) attempting to rescue their families. This bourgeois independence will result in a host of summary executions, which will take quite a while to complete.

Forward, Comrades, to Victory!

19-11-2009, 19:41
That's too bad, and trust me I know the feeling of showing up and not getting a game :(

Hopefully your "Emperor's Saggitarrian Rifles" do well.

Awilla the Hun
20-11-2009, 16:02
I thought long and hard about where to put my thousandth post: that great indicator, that the user has had too much time on his hands, has few friends, has an unnerving obsession with toy soldiers, or has been on this site for many years. I am, at present, uncertain whether to consider this something to be proud of, or ashamed of.

But, when it came down to it, I will probably keep posting anyway, so I may as well put it somewhere important to me. These Red Guards battle reports. Each has been a joy to write, most have been a joy to play, and I hope that they have been a joy to read. Thank you, comrades!

It is also perhaps significant that my thousandth post has been put in just below one which features me complaining about not getting a game. This is a key feature of my warhammer playing experience too. It always has been, and it always will be, I imagine. Fortunately, Fantasy seems to have a better record for getting large tables than 40K. I don't know why. Maybe it's the massed appearance of our armies, of great regiments, in their vast ranks and files, all setting forth to wreak havoc; whereas the 40k battlefield looks like a somewhat smaller scale affair, (even when in actual fact Green Tide Ork armies, for example, have had a far greater period of competitiveness than horde Fantasy armies are having at present, when faced with ultra elite forces such as Daemons and Dark Elves), and less restrictive regimental set up rules can be used. Who knows?

23-11-2009, 21:34
It's a shame not being able to get a game :(

And congrats on your 1000th post ath :)

Awilla the Hun
02-12-2009, 20:46
Thank you, Comrade. The Red Guards are recovering from their endeavours, and are watching the Human Supremacist Aristocratic-Imperialists in the other battle report thread, who will commence fighting shortly.

Awilla the Hun
24-12-2009, 14:22
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my Comrades gave to me:

Twelve Commissars Calling
Eleven Executions
Ten Kings a Burning
Nine Cold Ones Crying
Eight Flesh Hounds Flayed
Seven Sea Guard Suffering
Six Pegasi Flying
Five Red Guards!
Four Elves "Singing"
Three Daemonettes
Two Lizardmen
And a dose of Revolutionary Justice!

Merry Christmas, Comrades! (If you have any better lyric ideas, please post them here. The Commissariat for Information is currently on holiday in a Re Education Facility.)

27-12-2009, 06:57
Lol highly amusing Awilla :D. The Venerable Order of Rakkashi's Glorified Brethren for the Enlightenment of Uenenlightened Ones bids you a fair holiday and hopes that you will soon once again smash the unworthy aristocrats with righteous anger :)
Gotta keep his going...I love the theme lol

Awilla the Hun
29-01-2010, 15:51
Fear not, comrade Seabo! The thread will be maintained, if it costs the lives of every man, woman, and child serving in the fighting ranks of the Red Guard! Onward, to the end of Old World Imperialism!


Anyway, we must spend a few moments congratulating the world's most important politician on his first year in office. In 2009, he came into office to rapturous popular appeal, promising change and a brighter future. With his inspiring rhetoric, vast funds, and exquisitely organised campaign, the people couldn't help but adore him. Since then, he has struggled constantly with his opponents to get his laws through. Obviously, his opponents knew nothing of his popular appeal, which is demonstrated through everything from action figures to popular literature about his life and achievements. Accolades have been rained upon him. The world, we hope, is his oyster, and the better for it!

I refer, of course, to Comrade Chairman Heinrich von Stahl.

Awilla the Hun
05-02-2010, 17:13
Now, I apologise for the double post, but I have some apologising to do.

I had a strange psychic urge, as I packed the Red Guards into their case, that no one would have any Fantasy on them at GW High Wycombe. And you know, unlike many of my strange psychic urges, I was absolutely right. As a result, I have not battles to report. I lounged around, watched some 40k Daemons fighting each other (as un scifi like as it is possible to get, in my opinion), listened in on a conversation about Star Trek Online (the main attraction of which, in the view of the guys at GW, seems to be undressing one's female weapons officer-a strange pastime), and discovered that my phone was out of credit. As such, it was a very dull evening.

Also, I have heard nothing about the "Great Devourer" Tournament which usually happens at this time of year at Newbury Racecourse. (I repeat: Newbury Racecourse in England. I emphasis England so as no one goes on about Newbury Alabama, Newbury South Queensland, or any Newbury from somewhere once colonised by the British.) If anyone hears anything, please tell me.

05-02-2010, 17:17
Sucks that you didn't get a game :(

And hopefully that tournament happens.

Who usually runs it? Could you contact them?

Awilla the Hun
05-02-2010, 17:22
I just had a look on Newbury Racecourse's website's "Events" section. The Great Devourer is usually held there. Unfortunately, it is not on the Events list for the coming year. I hope it is soon amended. It would be nice to play against some new opponents.

05-02-2010, 18:28
Just a thought, but if the tournament isn't being held this year how about you running it?

I have no idea how much time and resources you have to go towards this, but I'm thinking that having a pro-gamer like yourself running a tournament would be the best thing possible.

Awilla the Hun
05-02-2010, 19:05
I probably lack the resources for tournament running, I'm afraid. And the pro-gamerness. (I mean, me, pro gamer? I can hardly paint properly, and don't exactly know the rules for everything off by heart. Thanks for the compliment, but...)

Lord Camdon
10-02-2010, 02:20
Your narrative is a pleasure to read. Best of luck with your book.

Awilla the Hun
10-02-2010, 16:59
Thank you, Comrade (Lord being an aristocratic bourgeois title of course) Camdon.

11-02-2010, 10:01
No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself.

Awilla the Hun
20-02-2010, 10:55
Well, Comrade Herminard, this one is doing just that! Battle Reports will return ASAP.

20-02-2010, 21:38
Hurray! :)

Glad to have you back!

21-02-2010, 13:22
Hurrah! I love them.

Awilla the Hun
26-02-2010, 16:06
Comrades, I apologise for the lack of a battle report this week.

Firstly, I guessed that GW High Wycombe would be using its 40k armies again, so (sigh) I packed my Guardsmen.

Secondly, we had someone round to fix our computer, which required my presence. Unfortunately, it remains unfixed, so it is going away again. (I am typing this on another computer, as you may have worked out.)

I will do my utmost to go next week, but it will be with guardsmen (and me trying desperately to tell people to take fantasy along next time...)

26-02-2010, 16:59
Check your PM.

17-03-2010, 17:54
Is this thread ever coming back? I do love it so...

Awilla the Hun
25-04-2010, 20:26
So, Comrades, everyone's been asking the same question in the Old World, in light of the coming Military Revolution with the 8th edition army book: Will my Working Classes, spurred on by the torment that has been inflicted upon them for generations, be finally roused to successful Revolution? After a great deal of thought from our highest ranking, most esteemed War Commissars, the answer is an indisputable yes! Onward, comrades, against the mass of Capitalist-Imperialist Oppression!

-With the increased manouverability of infantry, and the potential for a truly Mass Movement Against the Counter Revolutionaries with 50+ strong regiments gaining colossal numbers of attacks (or, indeed, the mere two front ranks constantly unleashing their considerable might against the foe), the mighty infantry Brigades of the Red Guard will be more formidable than ever! Of course, some extra casualties may be taken from the foe also being able to use the same formations; but, as we are a truly mass movement, we are highly likely to outnumber our enemies!

-In response to the reduced mobility of Heavy Cavalry, our beloved War Commissariat has decreed that they trust the Workers and Peasants highly enough in the areas that they cannot reach to provide Guidance and Enlightenment; they know, Comrades, that we shall stand against the foe alone. However, they have also declared that the Knights of the enemy will be more vulnerable to the great storms of arrows unleashed by our valiant Archer Commissariats and artillery pieces; they will doubtless tremble in fear before this new onslaught!

-The reduced power of Magocracy is a boon to us; we trust in Wise Comrade DuBois, but we trust all the more in the valour of the Revolutionary Soldier against such forces.

-We have heard rumours, doubtless spread by Panic Mongers and Traitors to the Revolution, that it is common practice for all Red Guards to flee before especially Chaotic or Cullenist enemies, which are somehow especially grotesque in aspect. Of course, we have always deplored this as mere Bourgeois Speculation, knowing well that you will never stoop to such Degeneracy. Now, we have the great honour to announce that this realisation has also spread to the rest of the world! Surely, Comrades, the Light of the Revolution is far reaching and all enveloping! Now, we shall stand all the more firmly, for having these rumours so thoroughly and absolutely crushed!

For these, Comrades, we must thank Subtle Comrade Grimstonefire, our august and expert agent for providing the information. It, of course, may be changed should he be proven as a class enemy, and his intelligence gathering false.

However, the most important announcement is still to come. This coming Thursday, Comrades, we shall march sternly into battle once more. The Red Flag has been raised! Innumerable brown, red and gold soldiers stand ready to be packed into figure cases! Challenges have been made to potential opponents! This thread, Comrades, will return in force. There are even hints of some sort of great engagement next Sunday, of colossal and incomparable size. Urrah!

28-04-2010, 18:23
Lenin brings all Bolsheviks to the yard; their like, let's kill the Tsar!

Awilla the Hun
29-04-2010, 21:51
The Charge of the Commissars

Thought for the day: As the rules change, class enemies remain the same.


Comrades! I have joyous news from the front! Under the ingenious command of our ingenious Commissariat, a great battle has been fought. A battle of such incalculable scale and magnitude, Comrades, that the very Old World shook before it. The Gods themselves, if such Theocratic Fallacies existed, would have gazed upon it with bated breath. It has brought our Glorious Revolution against Capitalist-Imperialist-Militarist-Magocracy to within a visible end!

500 Point Army Lists

(This needs some explanation, Comrades. Unfortunately, my originally planned opponent didn’t turn up, so I spent some time moping around the shop, wilting under the burning glances of a fellow gamer:

Fellow Gamer, pointing at AWH: You! With me! Now!
AWH: What with?
FG: Armies!
AWH: What sort do you have?
FG: 40k!

During this time, I bumped into a new blueshirt, a nice guy with glasses, who was entirely new to Warhammer Fantasy. He asked what I had. I told him Bretonnians, so he asked what they were. Now, it’s difficult to explain that, really, your army isn’t actually that typical of the Knights in Shining Amour, to I think I did quite well all things considered. He nodded amiably, and then returned to his learning game with someone about two feet tall and three years old-or so it seems. It was unclear exactly who was doing the learning; the kid had a 2000 points Vampire Count army with Manfred at home, so he wasn’t used to complexities such as taking leadership tests and running away. In contrast, the blueshirt kept having to leave to answer telephone calls, so gradually other gamers took up his learner army and started playing the game for him.

Cut to an hour later, with the more experienced staffer looking anxious: there were no games on! There were two 40k players, but both played Space Marines, and both had a strange prejudice against playing Marine on Marine because “it was boring”. So, the staffer’s eyes fall on the blueshirt, looking at the learner game that the kid had just vacated. His eyes fall on AWH, one foot hooked over the other and engaged in a staring match against the new Blood Angel’s Codex; I seemed to be winning. He asks if I could teach the blueshirt how to play. In an absence of anything else to do, and with the feeling that it was like asking the blind to lead the lame, I agreed. The shop’s learner dwarf army was to face the Red Guards. Urrah!)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald’s Reconnaissance Force

Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Battle Standard, War Banner, Virtue of Duty, Barded Warhorse. Accompanied Proletariat Leadership Committee.)

The Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

The Archer Commissariat (10 Peasant bowmen with Braziers, Defensive Stakes.)

The Mounted Commissariat (5 Yeomen with shields, musician.)

The Capitalist Dwarven Learner Force (“about 500 points” was what the experienced staffer said.)

Thane (with Warriors)


10 Warriors, Banner and Musician

8 Miners, full command

10 Thunderers, Banner and Musician



The battlefield was a half table, with the Red Guard patrol galloping in from the South, and the Capitalist Shieldwall trudging in from the north, staggering under the weight of their jewel encrusted, but entirely useless, weapons. It was mostly empty, save for a rocky crag to the North East, another to the South West, and a copse of trees in the Mid West.

The Capitalist Dwarves deployed first. Their Thunderers formed up in the North West, behind the trees, with the Miners directly adjacent to them to the East, with the Dragon Slayer to their own East, the Warriors to his East (completely unshielded by the trees) and, on the other side of the Northern crag, the Dwarf Cannon, with an open field of fire.

The Red Guards, to the South, were of course extremely ingenious in their deployment against this new Nest of Snakes. The Archers dismounted, and set their stakes right in front of the Southern Crag. They were opposite the Thunderers, and out of range of their clumsy muskets. Comrade Grunwald led the Proletariat Leadership Committee in the centre, with the Mounted Commissariat to their East.

I elected to have the Commissar lecture his comrades (pray), so the Dwarves went first.

((NOTE: I am currently learning how to use my new camera. Pictures may come later.))


“Comrades! Behold the Dwarven Capitalists! For too long, Comrades, have they exploited their proletariat with as much vigour and cruelty as their pickaxes scythe through the mines of their tortured, crippled holds! Comrades, they do this because they are deluded. They are deluded due to their Petty-Bourgeois lust for Gold Over Brotherhood, intent on squeezing every last drop of profit out of the blood vessels of their workers. Capitalist, Comrades, has infected them so deeply, that they must be disabused with our Proletarian Culture, or failing that, at sword point.” Commissar Grunwald drew his own, and shouted down his speaking trumpet one last time. “Forward, Comrades!”

Turn 1

The Capitalists began their inexorable advance, their stunted legs hindered by the Industrial levels of ale that they were Quaffing ((in fantasy, a Dwarf never drinks, but quaffs), and their heads constantly turning to check the financial markets. Their line shuffled forward, Thunderers moving into firing range of our Valiant Commissariat.

Their puny, pathetic little cannon, scarcely longer than a Commissar’s lance, opened fire, getting a flanking shot at the Proletariat Leadership Committee. Commissar Ogilvy, noticing the cannonball’s flight towards Comrade Commissar Grunwald, selflessly threw himself in front of the ball, taking the hit so as the War Commissar’s great intellect and valour could be put to use in the future for the Revolutionary Cause. A lesson that we should all learn, Comrades!

The Red Guards unleashed the full might of their general advance. The Mounted Commissariat thundered towards the Cannon, stopping just out of range of its grapeshot as they prepared to charge. The Proletariat Leadership Committee, knowing that the Mounted Commissariat would make another ultimate sacrifice to prevent the cannon ball from striking their ranks, spurred forward and galloped towards the Dwarven Warriors.

The Archers nocked, drew and shot, their black rain of arrows cutting down a single Thunderer. Comrades, that they scored the first kill is irrefutable proof that, short of Counter Revolutionary betrayals, archery is still immeasurably superior to Capitalist Gunnery.

Turn 2

Then the Dwarves opened fire.

Their infantry shuffled forward, but the speaking of dwarven guns dominated the turn. Their Thunderers, assisted by assorted Back Stabbers waving flags to direct their aim at the Archer Commissariat, presented arms, took aim and fired, cutting down two valiant Commissars in one volley. Worse yet, three of the Proletariat Leader-Commissars were shattered by one Cannon shot. For all their great Revolutionary Spirit and thick armour (it has been proven by Science, not Dwarven or Imperial Pseudosciences but good, Proletarian Science, that Commissars and Brainworkers can only continue to think and direct us when they are fully physically intact and whole; as such, they are prioritized for the issuing of such armour), they were still laid low by Counter Revolutionaries. After all, the Mounted Commissariat were mere inches away from blocking the cannon shot altogether. Their treachery cannot go unpunished, Comrades, if we are to have a successful revolution!

Undaunted, and with a great “URRAH!”, the Red Guards charged. The Mounted Commissariat leveled their spears and crashed into the cannon crew (who, with the help of at least six pints each, reeled up to confront their attackers), and Comrade Grunwald, seeing the foolish Militarist-Emoist-Capitalist Dragon Slayer, vulnerable and away from support from the Dwarven Warriors, ordered the Proletariat Leadership Committee to charge him instead.

The Archer Commissariat were too busy executing Counter Revolutionaries to shoot at any Thunderers (their task was, of course, far more important for the Preservation of the Revolution), but their mounted Comrades were extremely effective. A Dwarf Gunner swung his last pint glass and died under the hoofs of the Mounted Commissariat (the other two held out), and the Dragon Slayer was ran through by the lances of the Proletariat Leadership Committee. They overran his shattered corpse, straight into the Capitalist-Industrialist-Imperialist Miners!

Turn 3

The Dwarf Warriors, seeing this, counter charged into the flank of the Proletariat Leadership Committee, but no matter; our leaders are skilled swordsmen, more than capable of handling a diminutive pack of drunkards. With Commissar Grunwald’s voice thundering around them, they prepared to engage the enemy to their front.

The Thunderers’ volley spoke again, remorselessly cutting down three more Archer Commissars. At this point, they decided that they needed to go to the once place Uncorrupted by Capitalism: Off the board edge, via a failed panic test.

The Mounted Commissariat cut down another artillery dwarf, but their Comrades had to suffer slightly more grievously in defense of the Revolution. Comrade Commissar Grunwald cut down a Miner, but two of their Comrades fell to the massed broken pint glasses and beer bottles of the Dwarf Warriors, the Thane leading the way with his Glasgow Dagger drawn. They held out, however.

Hand to hand combat of the bitterest sort raged on. The gunner dwarf found his second wind, and continued his foolish defiance against the Mounted Commissariat (now by juggling two kegs of powder and beer, and then lobbing them at his assailants. They were unhurt, and unimpressed by his foolery.) The Leader Commissariat’s musician sacrificed himself for the Revolution; but his Comrades failed to avenge him adequately, killing just one Miner. Still, however, they held out, inspired once more by Comrade Commissar Grunwald’s rhetoric.

Turn 4

On both flanks, the Red Guards now pressed their attack harder than ever! The Mounted Commissariat finally dealt with the last cannon dwarf, overrunning around the rocky crag, spears leveled at the backs of the Miners. And, although their Chief Commissar was killed, the Proletarian Leadership Committee fought in a manner that would never be forgotten. Comrade Grunwald cut down one Miner, and the Standard Bearer cut down another.

The Dwarven Thunderers did a clumsy about turn towards the Mounted Commissariat, foolishly believing that they were to be charged in the rear by them.

Only to find the Mounted Commissariat crashing into the rear of the Miners! Comrade Grunwald cheered with a great “Urrah! For the Revolution!”, and his standard bearer did the same, raising his visor only to fall dead, a broken bottle thrown into his face. Enraged, the Mounted Commissariat avenged him, obliterating the Miners in a perfectly executed rear charge, before, as swift as the Wrath of the People, disappearing behind the trees, turning and preparing another flank charge. That, Comrades, is how the Red Guard wins its battles!

Turn 5

The Thunderers, denied of targets, watched as Comrade Grunwald held out, a man against a regiment. He cut down a Warrior, sword bloodied but still lethal-but was himself wounded, by a foul axe blow from their Thane, who had just stopped adjusting his red braces and staring at the Mithril Commodity Prices charts. Nevertheless, he gritted his teeth and kept fighting, for Commissars are made of stuff every bit as stern as the Red Guardsman!

The Mounted Commissariat turned, out of sight of the Thunderers, and tried a flank charge at the Warriors, but fell mere centimeters short, right in the sights of the Thunderers! (Once again, Comrades, those same Counter Revolutionaries were at work.) Grunwald, now almost breathless from his shouting, broke his sword as he cleaved another Warrior’s helmet. Blood was pouring from his wounds, Comrades, and yet he still fought like a Lion!

Turn 6

The dread guns of the Thunderers roared and volleyed like thunder. They presented arms, and fired, cutting down two of the Mounted Commissars, who had fought so valiantly against the Capitalist Scum! (Nevertheless, there is a sunray of hope in their deaths; we have been assured that, yes, the two Counter Revolutionaries in their midst were dragged before the guns, to shield the righteous ones. A good death!)

And a better life! Comrade Grunwald, with a last supreme effort, threw himself from the saddle and tackled a Dwarf Warrior with his bare hands, gouging the brute’s eyes out before it could even try and swing an axe at him! This routed the Warriors, and this Staunch Stahlist pursued on foot, capturing them and sentencing them to Revolutionary Justice at the point of Comrade Doctor Gillotuin’s new machine.

Finally, the Mounted Commissariat returned the fire of the Thunderers with their own bows. Their three arrows struck home, killing a Thunderer.

And with that, another victory was won for the Red Guards! Bloodily, but a victory nonetheless.


That was a good battle. Surprisingly good, all coming down to a tense little cavalry fight, and the Commissar proving that yes, human heroes can fight properly when put to it. I should have used the Mounted Commissariat to shield their Comrades in armour more effectively from the artillery fire; but, as the senior staffer kept pointing out, the blueshirt could easily have cheated and “accidentally” guessed the shot onto the Leadership Committee. Man of the match is, of course, Comrade Grunwald, for chopping down numerous Counter Revolutionaries, and keeping the PLC going more or less with his own combat resolution alone. And then taking on an entire regiment which had flank charged him. Sometimes, propaganda doesn’t need to be exaggerated.

On Sunday, Comrades, there will be a mega battle to look forward to! Probably.

29-04-2010, 23:01
For a small battle it's good to see it turned out well.

Way to put that staffer in his place ;)

Could you define 'mega battle'?

Do you mean one large game or one with lost of people playing with a small force?

Awilla the Hun
30-04-2010, 08:11
I'm not sure. I was told by the staff guy that, theoretically, it's a way for learners to "Let their hair down" and bring all their models to swashbuckle with. I was also told that, in practice, lots of "normal" players also bring their troops along, unpack, and unleash hell. So Comrade Von Stahl is not going to bring along 10,000 points of Red Guards with which to crush the Counter Revolution once and for all (and grind my painting and gluing hands to ashes with), but he is hopefully going to call upon his associates in the Foreign Red Guards Brigades and get some comrades to join the Revolutionary Struggle. At least, that's what I'll say in the battle report.

30-04-2010, 15:34
Brilliant ongoing storyline.
I'm sure Comrade Stahl will lead his troops (and any asociated allied contingents who have seen the error of their previous Imperialist/Capitalist/Mageocratic/etc ways) to inevitable victory...Hurrah for the Revolution!

01-05-2010, 01:55
loving this batt rep thread :), looking foward to the next report :D

Awilla the Hun
02-05-2010, 19:04
Ashes to Ashes of the Capitalist System


Now, Comrades, you know how I said that there was going to be a mega battle? Well, once again, this needs some explanation.

I turned up at about 2:40 or so, 20 minutes before the battle was set to start. The shop was full of 40k gamers, with battles raging on all tables. I settled down to watching one, featuring two young players and their orks facing down the might of the Blood Angels. I must say, the Blood Angel player (despite losing his Land Raider and Death Company to a deepstrike mishap, which is poetic justice if you ask me) was an extremely noisy winner, constantly going on about the incredible hitting power of his troops. Anyway, I also chanced upon a gentleman with a large force of Khornate Daemons. I had fought him previously. I had also fought him in my ESR series, in which he was given to boasting about his Genestealers (before discovering that, no, they should never ever be exposed to my flamers, no matter how many attacks they have.) We had a brief discussion, concerning why he was using Daemons; it transpired that he was finding it too easy to win with his Vampires, so he sold them. We wanted a rematch.

This, however, was when things started to go wrong. The games took until about 3:20 to finish. Then it transpired that there were only four fantasy players in the shop. Of these, two were extremely young. Anyway, this seemed acceptable, and in any case, with only one hour fourty and minutes in which to play (I had been assured that a 2 hour mega battle worked with 40k), nothing too large was likely.

Then one player revealed he was only there to paint his Miners. This left the three of us. The Khorne Daemon player, upon finding that he was going to be fighting alongside 1000 points of Night Goblins, decided that actually, despite him having his models on him, he rather wouldn't play. I do not wish to be judgemental, but his reasons were not that the Night Goblin player was unpleasant, but that the Night Goblins would "just run away", and leave his Bloodletters alone to stand against the Red Hordes. This made the Goblin player and I slightly upset, and regrettable words were exchanged (was the Daemon player in it for a tactical challenge? No: he was in the game "for laughs"), and so the Daemon player returned to his two pastimes: gluing and telling Chuck Norris jokes. ("Chuck Norris and Mr T walk into a bar, and the room implodes because it can't take their awesomeness." That dreadnought is a Chuck Norris robot, and it'll kick you all to death, and it has a -20+ armour save. That sort of thing. That said, as I type, my little brother is currently fighting his way through Knights of the Old Republic 2 with Chuck Norris kicks and little else, so maybe there's something in them.)

So, there will be a battle, but it has to be one of the tiniest "Mega Battles" in history. Lasting just over an hour after I had chosen an army list and unpacked everything, it isn't even going to be completed. I apologise. Also, there will be no pictures until I figure out my camera. Which will be as soon as possible, because there were some good pictures.

The 1000 point Armies

The Heroic Red Guards

Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Battle Standard, War Banner, Virtue of Duty, Barded Warhorse. Accompanied Proletariat Leadership Committee.)

The Proletariat Leadership Committee (8 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

The Archer Commissariat (10 Peasant bowmen with Braziers, Defensive Stakes.)

The Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (25 Red Guards, full command)

The Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (25 Red Guards, full command)


The Capitalist Bandit Night Goblins ((my opponent was amused at this designation, especially when I pointed out that I was often somewhat more insulting. He was also young. However, both he and onlookers, his Dad included, had a laugh at the "communists".))

Night Goblin Big Boss with heavy armour, and a large magic weapon that does -3 armour save (combined, he thought, with its strength.)

Night Goblin Shaman with 2 'shrooms, a magic item that does 'Eadbutt, and the spells "Mork Wants Ya!" (The Monty Python hand) and a spell which makes them move forward more quickly.

Night Goblin mob 1 (20 Goblins, full command, 3 fanatics, led by the Big Boss.)
Night Goblin mob 2 (20 goblins, full command, 3 fanatics.)
Night Goblin Arrer Boyz (20 Goblins, led by the Shaman.)
Spear Chukka
Squig Swarm of many squigs.

10 Spider Riders (full command)
3 Trolls

Giant (with longshanks, and a cool night goblin hood made of green stuff.)


This was a half board, comrades, with a hill in the middle, and a small building to the East. To the West were some useless Castle Walls (useless because they were built by the lackeys of Capitalism, and because they were not used all game.) I am, of course, South.

The Capitalist Bandits deployed first. Their grotesque giant (clearly a sign of what awaits us all should we fall to the lufe of Capitalism; their size is so utterly groteqsue, that there is no other explanation) deployed to the North East, with Goblin mob 1 to his direct West, led by their Arch Bandit. Some distance to their West, not quite cowering behind a hill, was a mob of trolls; obviously, they had moved themselves from their normal slimy, desolate hell holes in Fan Fiction.Net, Warseer, 4Chan and other such areas of inquity to face down their foes. To their West was Goblin mob 2, to its own West the Spear Chukka (see the foolishness of these Bandits, not knowing that, really, in Fantasy the shape of terrain doesn't matter for line of sight purposes), and to the far North West the Spider Riders, whipping their beasts into bloodied submission. Finally, behind all these to the North East were the Night Goblin Archers, the vile Magocrat-Shaman at their head.

The Valiant Red Guards, knowing that the demonic allies of Capitalism had deserted them, only deployed a small force of 73 men to confront them. The Trebuchet deployed in the South East corner, with the Archers forming a line somewhat far back in the deployment zone. The Red Guards Brigadesformed a diagonal echelon , with the Proletariat Leadership Committee as the most North-Easterly point, and the other brigades as a line stretching to the South West.

The Red Guards listened to a long lecture made by Comrade Grunwald. He was on fine form.

"Soldiers of the Glorious Red Guards! We must sternly and absolutely obliterate the hordes of Goblin-Capitalist Tyranny! Their days of holding up small peasant villages will be ended! No more shall they occasionally trouble tiny regiments of State troops! We, the working classes, shall bury them! Bury them under our bodies, choke them with our blood, drown them with our sweat and toil!"

And on that note, the game began.

Turn 1

The Goblin advance was slowed by a rash of violent stupidity. This was partly due to their big boss being a great distance away from the Trolls (the result being that they ambled forward, laptops in their grubby fists, endlessly typing posts to AH.Com about "WI H33tler does Operation Sealion and pwns Churchills ass?" and other such absurdities.) The archers were too loathing of each other, showing the true disunity of a Capitalist-Militarist society, as well as the dangers of Pluralism, as they stood still and did nothing. In contrast, Mob 1 put on a turn of animosity induced speed, enabling them to sprint forward alongside the lumbering Giant. The other mob managed to shamble forward at a more normal pace. And the Spider Riders skittered forward around the hill.

Their shooting provoked an argument as to whether the Spear Chukka could or could not shoot over the hill (it had true line of sight, but not actual warhammer line of sight; and there was a debate over what part of the hill was an actuall hill.) In the end, they shot their Spear Chukka after a dice off, but missed.

The Red Guards, in contrast, acted more cautiously. The Quenelles Brigade and Proletariat Leadership Committee edged backwards, the better to catch the Night Goblin Mob 1 in a pincer movement, and the Gisoreaux Brigade marched Westwards, the better to face down the Spider Riders.

Magocracy was nonexistent, but shooting was far more effective. "No wall, Comrades, can withstand Revolutionary Thought. Or Trebuchets." So said Comrade Commissar for the Obliteration of Fortresses Kerent ((and me)), and with that he unleashed the mighty power of our Trebuchet. The rock crashed into the giant, causing three wounds and a great hole to be rent in his grotesque belly. The archers followed suit, causing two more wounds to this giant target as they peppered it with fire arrows, roasting its flesh like the suckling pigs it sits down to at night.

"Lololol!" went the Trolls, as turn 2 began.

Turn 2

The Night Goblins now put a semblance of organisation into their movement. The Giant lumbered on, starting to close with our lines, as did Mob 1, Mob 2 following along behind. The Archers put on an animosity induced turn of speed also, Shaman at their head! The Spear Chukka was Goblinhandled around the hill, the better to irritate the Commissars with its shots. The Trolls decided to start posting false rumours about the 8th edition rulebook ("KILLPOINTz IN FAsNaTY LOL!") And the Spider Riders foolishly skittered up to the front of the Gisoreaux Red Guards Brigade, not even charging them.

Their magic, however, was more painful. An 'Eadbutt removed the Standard Bearer of the Proletariat Leadership Committee, and the Goblins of Mob 1 were herded forward via Magical whips being beaten against their backs. This brought their Fanatics (as opposed to the Sober, Intelligent Fanatiscism of true Revolutionaries) into play, the three of them slaughtering 3 Leader Commissars with their great flails!

Enraged, the Red Guards gave a great "URRAH!" and charged. The Gisoreaux Brigade smashed into the Mad Dogs and Spiders of the Spider Riders. And the cunning of Grunwald was revealed as the PLC charged straight through a Fanatic (it was dispatched by Grunwald's own sword) into the front of Mob 1, and the Quenelles Brigade surged forward into its flank.

Shooting was no less effective. The Trebuchet misfired due to an unforseen incident; but the Archers brought down the Giant with a last volley of firearrows, its corpse crashing onto their stakes.

The Gisoreaux Brigade fought valiantly against the Spider Riders, but the fiends held out.

"Your allies are dead, your giant is dead, and your Capitalist brothers will die! Why, Counter Revolutionaries, do you fight on?" Grunwald roared as he drew his sword. He killed two Goblins, his Commissars killed another, and the Quenelles brigade ran a fourth through on a pitchfork. Their big boss dispatched a Commissar through vile trickery in return.

Of course, the odds of them holding out were really low. They, after all, were outnumbered, outpositioned, and outskilled. I mean, Comrades, what could possibly go wrong? It was as if they needed a double 1...

Turn 3

Whilst the Red Guards battled against the wall of green flesh in mob 1, the Night Goblins continued their vile advance. The squigs, which had until now been keeping up with the general advance, hopped towards the archers. Mob 2 moved over the hills, and the archers continued their advance.

Their fanatics once again forced many Guardsmen to sacrifice themselves for the Revolution, as they swept through the Quenelles Brigade, killing many; killed all the Commissars save Grunwald; and even killed four archers! Moreover, the vile magocracy of the Shaman sent a giant, Pythonist-Magocratic-Morkist hand to seize hold of the Dear Comrade Grunwald; but his well trained horse avoided the danger.

In combat, the Red Guards reaped a vicious toll upon the Counter Revolutionaries. The Spider Riders were routed utterly, but not caught by the Gisoreaux Brigade. Meanwhile, the Night Goblins were also routed; Comrade Grunwald personally fought a duel against their fiendish Arch Bandit, and dispatched him on sword point. The combatants overran...

The archers gloriously sacrificed themselves for the Revolution by walking through the fanatics, killing them all but being routed in process (they obeyed Grunwald's first order, but not his second to "Fight to the Last Drop of Red Guard blood, in the defence of Sacred Proletarian Soil".) And the game ended a draw, because it wasn't over.


Any comments will be appreciated. With hindsight, I should have chosen Yeoman rather than the two massive infantry blocks; they would have removed many fanatics, and could probably have helped counter the spider riders. I also had some poor armour rolls. But enough of my excuses!

03-05-2010, 12:15
well sounds like a fun game (and those trolls....) to bad you couldn't finish it

Yeomen might have helped, yes.

03-05-2010, 16:55
Agree with the yeomen for baiting out fanatics, but at 1000 points you are kind of limited.

Anyway, glad to see reports again :)

06-05-2010, 13:30
I really enjoy your reports. :D

06-05-2010, 14:20
Good reports and really nice fluff. However your 1000 point lists are illegal because you need a general and that can't be the BSB...

Awilla the Hun
06-05-2010, 14:30
I need a General and a BSB. These are compulsory.

06-05-2010, 17:40
Onward brave comrades!!

07-05-2010, 01:51
I need a General and a BSB. These are compulsory.

Yes they are, but you only have a BSB in the above list. I also am working on making a peasant list, they are so much fun. In a game I had a couple weeks back 1 unit of 24 men at arms broke and ran down a unit of chaos marauder horsemen, a unit of chaos warriors and broke a chaos hero on steed. Glory to the peasants!

Awilla the Hun
07-05-2010, 14:50
Comrade von Stahl applauds their efforts! The 1000 point list is unjustifiable, but I think that the 500 one is slightly more so, if only because I didn't have any "border patrol" rules to hand. I can only plea poor mental arithmetic.

13-05-2010, 17:44
Great thread! Spent all last night reading it. My newly created Vampire Counts are most interested in such a noble cause and encourage you to continue creating dead bodies in the name of the revolution.

On a side note, while I find the Soviet based fluff more entertaining, wouldn't a Maoist based fluff have been more appropraite as that was the true peasent revolution? The Russians spent more time starving their peasents than making revolution with them after all.

But in any event keep up the great work! I'll definatly be reading this thread regularly. The Vampires keenly await future battles.

14-05-2010, 02:08
On a side note, while I find the Soviet based fluff more entertaining, wouldn't a Maoist based fluff have been more appropraite as that was the true peasent revolution? The Russians spent more time starving their peasents than making revolution with them after all.

...And Mao didn't?:eyebrows:

Can't wait for the next report though

14-05-2010, 02:28
He did, but his was truely a peasent revolution because China had no real proletariat (workers) to speak of. He broke with Marxist/Leninist thought when he adopted the peasents as his supporting class. To the western world there might not seem to be a big difference between workers and peasants, but to the communist leaders in those countries it was big enough to form a gulf between the USSR and the PRC that never dissapeared. Marx himself would likely have shrugged the differences off, as he was neither a Communist or Marxist, but he was more enlightened than any of the people who tried to implement his vision after his death (and he also never gave solutions to the problems he addressed, a very maddening thing for anyone who has studied him).

Awilla the Hun
14-05-2010, 16:55
In Communist terms, Stahlism is a sort of Maoist-Leninist hybrid. It uses the peasantry as the main revolutionary class (mostly because there is hardly any industrial Proletariat anywhere, apart from Nuln and a few dwarf holds), but at the same time advocates a strongly centralised Revolutionary leadership, with an enlightened caste of thinkers and intellectuals leading the Revolution. This is for three reasons.

The first is practicality: the Bretonnian peasantry is hilariously uneducated even by the standards of most a 19th century industrial worker, and thus simply cannot be trusted to conduct a revolution on its own; after all, Comrades, it would most likely collapse into a food riot, with many members wondering back to their farms out of boredom/apathy, leaving the rest as easy meat for the Aristocratic Militarist Pig-dogs.

The second is that my only knowledge about Mao's revolution comes from "Wild Swans" by Jung Chang (a biography of a Chinese girl-I would reccomend it, but there's probably more to the actual politics than she mentions), and occasional footnotes in politics textbooks about Mao. In contrast, I could fit in more references about the Soviet Union, as I was studying it at the time in history. (And the retakes are coming up.) In addition, justifying Asian names in a Bretonnian/Empire army would be impossible. Imperial and Bretonnian ones can be jigged around to sound like evil Bolsheviks (or, at least, evil French Revolutionary Terrorists.) It would be too much effort to work out how to spell Chinese/Vietnamese/Korean/Cambodian (I could, unfortunately, go on) names too!

The third is that the author had in his posession a copy of Red Alert 2, and was busily writing a fantasy novel involving a vaguely similar society taken seriously, and wanted a bit more Enemy at the Gatesish "evil commie" madness, summary executions, ham, and so on.

There aren't many battle report threads which get communist ideological debate going, are there?


Comrades! Over the last few weeks, I was unfortunately unavailable for gaming. However, I did have the privilege of watching a remarkable battle unfold; a couple of players had brought along some House Rules, so I got to see them in action. This, as close as I can tell it, is what happened. (I’ll try to explain what each model does, mind.)

2000 Point Armies

The Red Party

The Prime Minister (This is their Lord Choice. Stats like an Empire General. They have varying special rules, however. This one, for example, has “Dourness” (Stubborn), “Smile” (causes Fear), and “Ill conceived announcement about the economy” (suffers from Stupidity).)

Level 4 Press advisor (He is a sort of Magic User. He can inflict massive damage on opposing Supporters via weapons such as “Make up statistics” (extra power dice), “blackmail” (causes an enemy unit to rout) and “distract” (gives enemy unit Frenzy-good for luring them away from key objectives.) When he miscasts, however, he suffers from a “Sit com”, which inflicts 1 S10 hit on him and removes 100 Victory Points.)

The Yellow (A sneaky infiltrator, who can magically appear behind enemy lines-like tunneling, really-and promise to support the Army. This causes mass panic tests in all the supporters nearby, with a slight modifier. However, tunneling mishaps, so to speak, involve “Being revealed to have a father who was a Banker” (immediate elimination), Dithering between parties (the opponent places him wherever he wants to), and “Force promise for electoral reform” (all captured objectives count for half points). There are rumours that they’ll be getting their own army book soon. These are, however, largely discredited.)

4 units of 20 Supporters (These are rank and file infantry, who form into skirmish order, and attack other supporters. They can do it directly in close combat- “the debate phase”- or by claiming objectives. Only Supporters can claim objectives, although they are supported by other units.)

1 unit of 20 Deep Reds (These are a Red only Supporters unit. Basically, they are a bigger, tougher version, capable of taking and dealing far more damage. However, they are somewhat unreliable and prone to making hideous gaffes; when ordered to charge, they will attack the closest unit, friend or foe, due to ranting and raving extremely loudly about their “clAss”.)

The Blue Party

The Opposition Leader. (Much like the Prime Minister, but has several subtle differences. He has, for example, no “Dourness”, and no "Smile" and has the special bonus “Not being the Reds”, giving him +1 A. He also has “Ill conceived policy about families” and “links with the aristocracy." This has much the same effect as the economic equivalent.)

The Yellow

Level 2 Press Advisor (He is less effective, but also less prone to “Sit com”.)

The Banker (He allows the Blue Party to field 500 points of extra troops-however, the Blue Party also suffers from -1 Ld whenever he’s within 24 inches.)

The Blueblood (This is a fanatical supporter of the Blue Party, but one who is prone to making hilarious mistakes. These are his main asset, for good or ill. They work like the Orcish “animosity”: roll a 1-3 each turn, and the Blueblood removes victory points and panics nearby troops, and on a 4-6 he adds victory points and causes Terror.)

4 Units of 20 Supporters

The Battlefield

The scenario was a sort of take and hold battle, with the objective being to capture numerous objectives. Other scenarios include “Great Debate” (a sort of Deathmatch) and “Key Issue of the Day” (a very subtle game, with less objectives, but massively decreased leadership; normal practice is for each side to make one offensive at an objective, claim it, and call it a day before the “debates”-close combat-inflicts too many casualties.)

It was full of extremely dense terrain, especially at the top of the board, which was exceptionally hilly and even mountainous. Notable was the massive urban ruin in the bottom right hand corner, filled with objectives. (For some reason, these house rules are played down the long edges of the table, rather than across.)

Special Rules

-Monarch: Occasionally, the monarch may take an interest in the affairs of war. This requires both Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to be routed or killed at the same time. If this happens, the game ends as the Monarch attempts to restore order, and possibly call another Election.

-Press: These are markers which scatter around the board, and have a chance of causing considerable damage to the troops. Each “Press” marker is moved by scatter dice at the start of each turn. If a Press marker comes within 1 inch of any unit, roll a dice. On a 1, the unit is routed; on a 6, the unit gets to move 2d6 inches any direction they choose. Press Advisors have a special ability which enables them to temporarily control the Press, even allowing them to “have a brief word with them” and remove them from play.

-Expenses: Roll a dice each turn. On a “1”, a newspaper has dug up disturbing information about all your troops’ personal expenses. This causes them to stop moving and fighting, and instead move towards (charge if in range) the Press.

((Battle next post, because this one is filling up quite rapidly.))

Awilla the Hun
14-05-2010, 17:29
The Battle (a turn by turn analysis is difficult, because I didn’t see all the game, and the rules are quite complex.)

Throughout the game, two very strange things kept taking place. One was that an old Vet kept walking up, taking one look at the game board, and saying that it would be a draw, with a minor Red victory due to astute use of their Yellows. The other was that a girl (GW High Wycombe is sometimes tolerant in that regard) constantly flicked through the House Rulebook and laughing gleefully.

It started with considerable Blue progress, with small units of their Supporters almost wresting two Red strongholds in fierce hand to hand combat. (At this stage, the old Vet was in a state of breathless excitement.) For a time, they seemed likely to swing it in the earliest stages; but Red Counter attacks, led by their Press Advisor, forced them off.

This marked a considerable stiffening of Red resistance. Despite considerable hinderance from their Prime Minister's "Ill conceived announcement about the economy” combining with unlucky Press movements to make him more or less inactive throughout the game, shuddering back and forth muttering to himself, their followers fought hard. (An indicator of what might have been: in a practice game, the blue Banker attempted to face the Prime Minister in hand to hand combat, and was cudgelled to unconsciousness by his suitcase, before autobreaking and fleeing at his smile. A sad loss to the Red side.) Their Press Advisor was notably effective, locking down one of the blues all game in an intense duel that had all eyes turning to watch, and simultaneously swatting aside Press markers left, right and centre. ("Pwned!" said the Red player triumphantly, before leaning across the table, all dorito breath and neckbeard, to discuss his female weapon's officer's state of undress in Star Trek Online with his opponent.) Even so, they were inexorably forced back by the Blue army. Many red objectives were lost, and casualties suffered, including a well converted female (!) soldier defending an exquisitely converted objective, which turned out to be part of a diorama featuring her.

After one final flank attack, the Reds were thrown into near complete dissarray. The main part of the game, however, would be decided in next week's session.


This proved to be even more intense.

In the previous week, the Yellows had been surprisingly inactive (taking a few wounds, but hardly outflanking as much as predicted.) All this changed.

The players both brought in an expansion pack army book, so the Yellows were now a small force of their own! Still, this would be decisive; the Blues were winning a minor victory, but the Reds could still swing it-if they had Yellow support.

The Yellow Army

The Yellow Leader (like The Yellow, but with improved stats.)

The Old Sage (an old, respected Yellow commander, but who has had precisely no experience at serious warfare. Often claims to be prescient, somewhat dubiously, and is completely opposed to the Blue Banker. As a result, he has a sort of Crystal Ball like ability which reveals enemy powers and magic items. He also has Hatred and Frenzy when near a Banker, and is worth no victory points at the end of the game unless he kills at least one Banker.)

2x 20 Supporters

This force proved to be the tie breaker in favour of the Blues. At the end of the last game, both Yellows were creeping towards both the Red Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader-and each other-to engage in desperate battle. Now, however, they struck. One attempted to charge the Opposition Leader, but was instead distracted by the Press. He fought his way clear, saw his chance, lept foward with Electoral Reform Promise in hand-but was immediatley charged and kicked to death by his own side's Deep Reds! This left the Blue army's Yellow, and the modest Yellow army, which instantly began to lay into the battle worn Red Army. Their desperate flank attacks removed whatever rank bonuses the Reds had left, forcing them to rout. As the sun set, the Reds were routed, their Press Advisor finally overcome, and a strange Blue and Yellow alliance emerged.

But it was a hollow victory for the Blues. Not only had they suffered and Electoral Reform Promise, making it only a few Victory Points above a Draw, but their rules writer was still finding faults in the wording of their Army Book, and that of the Yellows! As such, he resolved to write a sort of amendments list, of all the rules mistakes, until he could fix all their faults.

Interestingly, and doubtless due to a typo, this amendments list left the Yellow Old Sage as a sort of Junior Banker in the fluff, despite his fervent opposition to that position! The fluff change, bizarrely, left him arguing that this was what he had wanted all along!

But that's Retconning for you...

14-05-2010, 17:31
So... many... special rules...

14-05-2010, 21:51
So the Yellow/Blue Alliance guys won but then they drew....right?
That looks incredibly complicated.

15-05-2010, 07:54
so Junta meets warhammer and gets drunk? Sounds hilarious if complicated.

Could you get pics of the diorama?

Awilla the Hun
16-05-2010, 17:18
Funny how you should say it sounds like a corrupt dictatorship...

http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/Politics/General-Election-2010-Result-Former-Home-Secretary-Jacqui-Smith-Loses-In-Redditch/Article/201004415621405?lpos=Politics_Carousel_Region_4&lid=ARTICLE_15621405_General_Election_2010_Result% 3A_Former_Home_Secretary_Jacqui_Smith_Loses_In_Red ditch (Here's the diorama, with a little film included about it!)

It was, I must say, quite a hard slog. But, after weeks of bitter fighting, a blue/yellow party alliance finally emerged. What happens next, though, remains to be seen.

Awilla the Hun
26-05-2010, 11:20

Comrades! Today, I have been liberated from the clutches of the vile Stalin, and all his Tsarist-Liberalist lackeys! My (first) history A2 retake has been done, all concerned with Soviet Power and suchlike. My exams and revision have, alas, prevented me from writing battle reports, including this Thursday's. (Regrettably, I have to revise for a retake about British politics, also.) But next week, the Red Guards will hopefully make their triumphant re-re-return. Without that degenerate Revisionist Stalin hanging over them, too...

Awilla the Hun
02-07-2010, 20:17
I know it's a triple post, and I apologise; but this needs bumping.

You know how I said a while back that I could potentially return to warhammer? Well, that didn't happen due to a variety of reasons. Anyway, now my exams are done. I will be back, Comrades!

02-07-2010, 23:50
That's good to hear, these battle reports are uniquely appealing to many.

However, it remains to be seen whether or not I can reply with regularity this time round...

03-07-2010, 10:01
good news indeed :)

Exams went well I trust?

Awilla the Hun
06-07-2010, 15:45
They weren't that bad, although I am ashamed to admit that I did not do the socialism question in my politics paper.

Anyway, it's a bit early to say how things are going around here, but as everyone's going on about how 3000 points is the new 2000 points, Comrade von Stahl will soon have to call upon a few more volunteers to bolster the ranks of the Red Guards, although of course ranks are an inherently militarist concept. No, the Rank Bonus reflects how loudly everyone is shouting slogans, with the rear ranks providing even more voices.

Ideas include:

-Bulking out each of the main Red Guard Brigades to 40 Guardsmen each, possibly 50, and doing the same with the Enlightenment Brigade (Reliquae.) Frankly, as everyone will be having 30 strong units of everything, this figure simply will not do!

-Calling in a couple of 15-20 strong International Brigades to flank the main body.

-Getting a skirmish screen of archers, and adding standards to all units; I have heard that they can hold objectives now.

-Asking Comrade DuBois for some more magical assistance.

-Proving even further that no walls can withstand revolutionary thought (or trebuchets) by investing in a new trebuchet. This one, however, could take the form of a howitzer that shoots leaflets at the enemy (and, unofficially, shells.)

-Increasing the size of the Proletariat Leadership Committee correspondingly, possibly having a second branch of them, so as to truly inspire the proletariat, and spread their leadership bonuses even further! (Kills they may make with their lances are just a bonus.)

Of course, all these ideas probably come to more than 1000 points. Any support for the ever greater Revolution will be greatly appreciated.

In addition, I've just purchased Anthony Beevor's "The Battle for Spain", about the Spanish Civil War. Expect Estalian volunteers to be flocking to the red flag!

06-07-2010, 16:57
That actually looks to be very close to 1000pts...so do all of it! (Surely your men wouldn't do anything half-heartedly?)

If you have to prioritize then a second Trebuchet and more Red Guard are just the ticket!

You may also want to think about making your archer units 20 strong. 20 strong units with stakes, flaming arrows and step up sound like a sound investment.

EDIT: Actually, as you mentioned it, no one is really sure if 3000 will become the new 2250. I doubt it to be honest. Its much more likely that 2500 becomes the norm although I see nothing wrong with 2250 myself.

07-07-2010, 22:30
2250 is harder to divide by four, so the point percentages are more finicky and people have more room for their heroes. I don't think people want to let there 600pt Lord go but he won't fit unless the points go up. Also with an increase in points you will see more horde units which just sound fun I think.

At a side, the skink revolution has begun, soon the slann overseers will be killed and all will be equal.

I'm thinking of going all skink horde in 8th with the working class (skinks, kroxigors) making up the bulk of my army and being lead by a few enlightened individuals (Tehenuhuan and some skink priests)

As a side, does beasts have any good buffs to help steel the resolve and to increase the survivability of my skinkies, yes, I said skinkies :eek:

Awilla the Hun
09-07-2010, 14:18
Glory to the brave Skink Anti Magocrats!

Anyway, I came to GW High Wycombe. I saw some of the new book. But... no one turned up.

I'll get the new rules ASAP. And I'm promised a game next week. Sorry everyone.

09-07-2010, 16:37
No worries :)

Looking forward to see how the revolution does in 8th :D

11-07-2010, 14:04
We shall perservere for the cause!

I don't know if you have played a game of 8th yet but I'm finding it to be a blast...albeit without the terrain rules. They are a bit fidgety for time-constrained club play. Probably lots of fun for garage play though...

Awilla the Hun
13-07-2010, 12:28
Comrades! A tide of darkness and filth is sweeping across the world! As its leaders squabble amongst themselves, the great Saviour of The Working Classes plots his next move. The stakes are high, as he is accused of Extremism, and Plotting to Destroy Society and Humankind Once and For All! But he is a man on a mission, Comrades, with the mandate of The People, and a will to see it through.

So, oil spill crisis aside, I have just purchased my new rule book. An army list will be posted shortly in the Army List section.

Awilla the Hun
15-07-2010, 23:04
((Sorry about the double post.))

Revolutionary Warfare

Thought for the Day: Father is close, Mother is close, Glorious Comrade von Stahl is closer, but the new rule book must be closer still!

Comrades! At long last, we have engaged in the most ferocious and intense fighting in defence of the Revolution! Uncounted numbers of the Dark Hordes, pouring from their vile caves in the deeps, have been beaten, beaten, and beaten again, by our heroic Red Guards! For too long, Comrades, we have had to fight outnumbered, for all our mass popular support, but no more; due to the expansion plans of the Proletarian Leadership Committee, headed by Glorious Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Light of the Working Classes, Indomitable foe of Imperialism, we may now only be outnumbered ten to one! It is fortunate, then, that we have now taken vows to never, ever take a backward step, even if outnumbered millions to one. Rumours that this is part of a “dick waving contest” with the Revisionist Militarist-Degenerate Reactionary-Hereditarist, King John the Ill of the Cathayan National Revolutionary movement are mere rumours. Anyone who believes otherwise will be prosecuted. Anyone who even thinks this will be prosecuted. I have been instructed to add that anyone who even reads this, or knows of this, will be prosecuted.

But we live in a New Society, free of restraints of Aristocratic-Monarchist-Magocratic laws, so we are as such free to continue to details of our latest revolutionary struggle; the first after the Great Leap Forward in the Rules of Popular Warfare!

(Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X9LvC9WkkQ Brahms’ Hungarian Dance No. 5. It isn’t Socialist Realist-I’ve got lots of those to spare-but it does convey a general sense of slight incompetence, inspired by Eastern Europeans, but nevertheless ending well. It is taking its rightful place alongside Soviet March as the Red Guards’ theme tune.)

Now, Comrades, both generals were still fairly ignorant about the tenets of Revolutionary 8th edition warfare. This means that mistakes are extremely likely (for example, we both forgot the Steadfast rule for much of the game), and that neither of our armies were adapted for 8th Edition warfare. Fortunately, we managed to wrangle out most issues by a combination of flicking through books, asking for advice from the ever cheeky audience, and dice offs. As we are regularish opponents, this proved to not be much of a problem.

The Armies

The Red Guards

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Marches Triumphantly with The Foreign Brigade.

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with 2 dispel scrolls.) Had the 5+ Regeneration Spell.

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty.) Rides with the Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers.

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, shield, Shrieking Blade. This proved to be of little use, because what looked like his entire army was Immune to Fear.) Stands firm with the Enlightenment Brigade

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (25 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 13 Red Guards accompanying.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Musician and Gallant.)

First Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)

Second Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)


Total= around 2000 points

((Any advice as to how to improve this 2000 points list for truly Revolutionary 8th Edition Warfare will be appreciated, especially if it involves relatively few new purchases.))

The Numberless Horde of Chaos

Tzeentchledum aka “James” (Lord of Tzeentch on Disk with 2+ armour save, Mark of Tzeentch, doesn’t take multiple wounds, some sort of big sword, and The F Bomb of Doom. Actually, it wasn’t called the F Bomb of Doom. It was a loudspeaker that hurts the ears of the enemy. But I prefer my version.)

Tzeentchledee aka “Jonathan” (Sorceror of Tzeentch on Disk with a lot of stuff. Level 3.)

Sorceror of Tzeentch on Foot. (Level 2.) Cowered with the Marauders.

((Between them, they had Flickering Fire, Pandemonium, Titillating Delusions, and The Thing Where They Ecstacy Themselves to Death via Toughness Tests of Evil Slaneeshyness.))

Warriors of Tzeentch with Full Command. About 20 or so.

25 Marauders of Tzeentch with Full Command.

5 Marauder Horse

5 Knights of Chaos with Full Command. Somehow ignored fear.

5 Knights of Tzeentch with Full Command

When dealing with new terrain and scenarios, we employed a mix of old and new. We pulled out the Terrain from the box (as usual), but on my insistence decided to use MYSTERIOUS TERRAIN. Well, the manner in which I said it deserves capital letters. Or the other way I said it: “IT’S LIKE ALAN TITCHMARSH, BUT MANLY!” Similarly, we rolled for Scenarios (Meeting Engagement), but decided to limit it to 6 turns. We didn’t know how long it should take, but by the sixth turn we were both pretty fagged out, and cars were beeping outside expectantly.

I must say that, in my eyes, Meeting Engagements did not suit the Red Guards well, especially in their old guise, as they had many units. Many units could get lost easily, and the Red Guards rely upon being a series of interlocking countercharges and leadership auras to succeed. If these were absent at the start, things could rapidly get ugly.

In the end though, it wasn’t as bad as I’d hoped, but it was still, in my view, crucial to the outcome of the battle. All the units got on the battlefield, well officered. But Jonathan the Flying Sorceror and Comrade Dubois were both, mysteriously, absent…

As ever, Comrades, The Red Guards are marching into battle from the South of the field, in their great drive to the North to cleanse the world of Chaotic Despotism. The terrain was simple: a large hill, part in both of our (diagonal) deployment zones in the East; a small Mysterious Forest in the centre, and an inn, home to numerous Capitalists, to the West. The Mysterious Forest was, due to the comments of Panic Mongers and Snake-Tongued Devils surrounding us, rolled for before the battle started, meaning that it ended up as a Blood Forest. (Spells casted from or to the forest cause D6 S4 hits to units in the forest; it moves afterwards.) Whilst this proved to be sufficiently manly, we forgot to read the part that says how you cannot be steadfast in a forest, or that dangerous terrain tests are suffered by all cavalry passing through. Seriously, we forgot.


Due to the extremely suspicious disappearance of Comrade Commissar Dubois in the early stages of the battle, the Red Guards marched into deployment first. The Trebuchet was emplaced on the hill, with Comrade Commissar Hugh and the Enlightenment Brigade forming a wall of shields to defend it, and the Communications Commissariat on the extreme East flank (braving many accusations of “Rightism”) to further bolster the trebuchet. A unit of archers also deployed on the hill, prepared to Smash the Chaoticists with a rain of arrows. To the West of the hill, moving reassuringly leftwards, the main shield wall of the Red Guards was deployed, stretching from the edge of the hill to the edge of the Counter Revolutionary Militarist Blood Wood, with Glorious Comrade Von Stahl in the very centre with the Foreign Brigade. In front of them was another unit of archers, formed in two ranks, stakes ready to repel Imperialism. To their immediate West, taking cover behind the Bloodwood to avoid the Magocratcy of the Tzeentchian enemy, were the Proletariat Leadership Committee and a Mounted Commissariat. Finally, to hold off any enemies daring to sneak down the far West flank around the Blood Wood, was the final archer unit, and the final Mounted Commissariat.

The Chaoticist Hedonist-Militarists were the next to deploy, marching forth in a dark, disorganized tide. They filled their North East flank (a nest of Rightists!) with their Marauders (led by a Degenerate Magocrat on foot) forming up near to the Knights of Tzeentch and their Lord known by some as Tzeentchledum, and himself as James. (My opponent clearly considered Himself to be a flying lord of evil with a gigantic halberd. Strange.) The mass of Ranting Mad Dogs forming their Warriors dominated the centre, with the Marauder Horse in front of them, and their other Chaos Knights slightly to the East. They shunned the Far Left (West) entirely.

“Comrade Chairman,” asked the 25th man in the Foreign Brigade, “I have a question.”

“Speak, Comrade Hemingway,” said Comrade Von Stahl, readying his lecture notes.

“Comrade, in view of the new charge rules, and the closeness of our deployment zones, should we not take the offensive and-“

Comrade Von Stahl opened his notes.

“And charge the enemy as they are forming up?”

There was a brief silence.

“That man there, Comrades, is a Traitor to the People! He has criticized the Strategy of the Revolution, criticizing with it the entire Spirit of the Revolution. Therefore, with the greatest regret, he cannot be permitted to exist in the World of the Revolution!” Von Stahl drew his pistol, aimed, and fired. Now, there were only 24 people in the Foreign Brigade, which suited my army list building just fine; I had a sneaking suspicion that I had one or two Battle Pilgrims too many.

Comrade Von Stahl made a great speech, concerning the inherent Idiocy of the enemy in the old sense: that they did not participate in Revolutionary Politics, instead cavorting with their Theocracies and in their Vile Orgies, or even having no deity at all, instead living in a Bestial Manner! (Coincidentally, Idiocy was originally an Athenian term meaning a citizen who didn’t take part in politics. The things you learn…)

Whilst this was made, little of significance happened; the enemy only started…

Turn 1

The Chaotic Despots advanced, of course, with greater enthusiasm on the Right ((East)), clearly showing themselves as a group of treacherous rightists all along! Lord James and the Knights of Tzeentch both attempted to charge the Communications Commissariat; but their pathetic attempts failed, due to the reactionary and slow developing nature of Rightism! In the centre, the Warriors and Knights advanced cautiously, with the Marauder Horse right in front of them.

Their magic phase, I feel, was crucial for one simple reason: I had only four dispel dice, because Comrade DuBois was inexplicably skulking in the presence of the enemy. (Her excuse, that she was being chased by a pack of Chaos Marauder Horse, bears no scrutiny despite the four hundred and three witnesses. They are counter revolutionaries, Comrades, and stern measures are being taken.) I was thus ill equipped to hold off the Ecstacy Spell spitefully aimed at the Enlightenment Brigade; whilst Commissar Hugh emerged unhurt (and with a suspiciously big grin on his face), it killed many of his Comrades. In addition, Titillating Delusions was cast on the Communications Commissariat, pointing them at the Marauders.

Their shooting, due to the lack of Industry and Innovation amongst the Peoples of Chaos, was non existent, and their sole weapon, being an attempt to drop F Bombs until the enemy logged out in disgust at this “Trolling Noob”, would prove to be laughably ineffective throughout the battle.

With a roar, the combined Cavalry of the Red Guards attempted a series of charges. The Proletariat Leadership Committee, in the first of many bold charges, charged at the Marauder Horse, a Mounted Commissariat at their side. The cowardly Marauders fled immediately, callously killing one of their Comrades as they fled through the Warrior Regiment, but rallying behind it, leaving the Red Cavalry to stumble forward. ((We were uncertain about dangerous terrain tests, among other things.)) In addition, due to a fit of Insanity ((lack of rules knowledge))on the part of the Communications Commissariat ((Me)), the Pegasi attempted to charge the open flank of the Chaos Warriors; they only moved three inches, still on the wrong side of the hill, and facing many of the enemy in a slightly less than advantageous position. They readied their pistols, knowing that if they fell without dignity, at least they wouldn’t do quite as badly as the Revisionist Leftists of the North Korean football team. In addition, the Western archers moved up to just behind the Bloodwood, and the Leftmost Mounted Commmissariat galloped up the enemy Left (West) flank!

Magic, as Comrade Dubois staggered onto the board edge, was a non starter.

“No wall, Comrades, can withstand Revolutionary Thought! Or, indeed, Trebuchets! So, Comrade, I say to you: GIVE IT THE BEANS!” Comrade Commissar Hugh, perhaps slightly shaken by his recent misadventures with Chaotic Decadent Magocracy, was not entirely coherent when giving the order to fire, but the Heroic Trebuchet crewmen understood anyway, and they unleashed a lethal chunk of masonry, ripped from the walls of a Bank of Dwarven Exploiters. It crashed into the midst of the Chaos Warriors, killing many of them. Archery, due to the continued activities of Counter Revolutionaries amongst bowyers (or rather, me having no targets other than heavily armoured knights and warriors) was less successful.

Turn 2

Turn 2 brought many charges from the forces of Chaos. The Knights of Tzeentch, Lord James at their side, drove hard into the Communications Commissariat, who sternly held against them, remembering the decrees of Comrade Von Stahl about the fate of the families, household pets, and donkeys of panic mongers. The enemy Knights also charged right at the Archers in front of the Red Guards; they held out with ease. ((Query: as my archers have Braziers, which cause flaming attacks to cause fear in mounts, monsters etc, does this mean that their wielders avoid fear from mounted enemies?)) The rest of their forces advanced in a more cowardly manner (slowly, down the middle of the board, with the Marauder Horse once again shielding the Warriors) whilst their Sorceror flew down the Eastern (Right!) flank.

Their magic, due to the presence of Wise Comrade Dubois (Comrade Dubious, perhaps) was less effective than the previous turn. A casting of “Pandemonium” was easily deflected by a scroll. Similarly, their pathetic shooting was non existent.

Due to the presence of many Panic Mongers and Jackals in the Archers, they, for all their defensive stakes and peerless equipment, were beaten by the Chaos Knights. They overran into the Mounted Commissariat behind them, who had just finished delivering Revolutionary Justice to those archers who attempted to surrender. The Chief Commissar of the Communications Commissariat accepted the challenge of the vile Lord of Chaos, and fought the Militarist Despot to a Standstill in a duel with his great skill at arms and fortuitous memories of Comrade Commissar Grunwald’s advice. His Comrades, however, failed to inflict any damage upon the enemy, and one was cut down; accusations that the powder of their pistols was dampened by an inexplicable rainstorm, brought down by a Counter Revolutionary demon or weather deity are being investigated by the Commissariat for Public Safety. They fled, but were immediately executed as Panic Mongers by the nearby archers.

With the thundering Cavalry of Chaos amongst the lines, Comrade Von Stahl reacted with customary vigour, leading the Foreign Brigade and Quenelles Red Guards Brigade into the front and flank of the Chaos Knights, to defend their Comrades in the Mounted Commissariat. The surviving Mounted Commissariat continued to thunder up the flank, now close to the rear of the enemy lines! In addition, The Gisoreaux Red Guards were ordered forward, to hold off attempts by the enemy infantry to charge the flank of Comrade Von Stahl. And the Enlightenment Brigade turned to face the mass of Disks and Knights of Tzeentch milling at the bottom of their hill.

Magic was, as usual, a non starter; Comrade DuBois not only arrived late, but has failed in her duties!

Shooting, however, was a true triumph of Proletarian Valour and Class Consciousness over the armour of the enemy. A rain of arrows poured into the Marauder horse from every longbow in range, exterminating the pack of Hyenas utterly! In addition, a stone from the Trebuchet crushed many more Chaos Warriors.

Comrade Von Stahl’s counter attack, tragically, came too late to prevent the slaughter of the Mounted Commissariat; but they fought bravely ((killing no one)), and held the Knights back.

((With hindsight, sending in the Quenelles Red Guards was a mistake. They just got killed uselessly!))

Awilla the Hun
15-07-2010, 23:04
((Sorry about the triple post-too long!))

Turn 3

Comrades! This turn, the enemy’s plans were being rapidly foiled! Their assortment of Tzeentchists, due to their restricted range of Ideolgical Vision (and line of site) had to turn, giving the forces on the hill succour from the forces of Rightism as they turned to face them. Moreover, the Chaos Warriors could only struggle to lumber around to face the Commissars thundering up their flank.

Their magic phase is of great interest for all students of Revolutionary Stahlist Thought related to magocracy. Their Tzeentchi Sorceror, the vile Jonathan, cast a great spell, one that alerted Chaotic Agents within our forces to try and spread false rumours against the Revolution. (Pandemonium.) His spell, incredibly, due to a series of rare circumstances, succeeded with an Irresistible Force-but this is now also a miscast, showing the true dangers of overt Magocracy! It is far more useful, Comrades, to merely struggle to hold back the majority of enemy spells with a handful of power dice and dispel scrolls, trusting in the weight of bodies to take most of the heat. The Sorceror suffered an S10 hit, which not only scratched the Disk’s new stereo system, but also wounded him. URRAH!

Their shooting was a success. Their Lord dropped the F-Bomb on the Enlightenment Brigade. It really was an F-Bomb, exploding into a series of razor sharp Obsidian Fs, killing two men.

Due to the presence of many Counter Revolutionaries from the enemy spell, the Quenelles Red Guards in the front of the Chaos Knights were put to inglorious flight, their Chief Commissar executed for his failings ((in a challenge by the enemy Champion)) in a rare example of lenience. Comrade von Stahl’s men, however, fought on.

The Counter attack of the Red Guards raged on most nobly, as the Proletariat Leadership Committee launched a heroic charge at the battered Chaos Warriors! They fled ((it was later learned that they could not)), and the charge fell short, forcing them to (again) lumber a few inches forward. ((In fairness, the charge would have probably failed anyway.)) The Eastmost unit of Archers turned to face the hill, knowing that Class Enemies could soon be pouring down it. In addition, the Mounted Commissariat continued to work their way round the rear of the enemy infantry. And Comrade Dubois joined the safety of the Gisoreaux Brigade.

The magic phase was, yet again, a failure (although Pandemonium was dispelled), but the Trebuchet inflicted catastrophic damage upon the Chaos Warriors, bombarding them remorselessly with masonry ripped from the walls of a BP building ((BP=Beastmen Pwnworks. NOT British Petroleum. Certain politicians trying to whip up Anglophobia should remember this.))

“Face me, you Mad Fascist Captain!” said Comrade Von Stahl, before giving his opponent a change to repent his ways and join the Revolution. Due to the previously mentioned lack of Class Consciousness amongst Chaos Worshippers, he declined, and met his end on Von Stahl’s hammer. ((Chaos Knight Champions killed by Comrade Von Stahl: 2.)) His men cheered and surged forward over the bodies of their willingly sacrificed Comrades, forcing the Snakes to retreat in panic-straight into the Blood Forest! This foolish action earned them a most satisfying end. ((Well, actually, Von Stahl and the Foreign Brigade overran them. But this version is cooler.))

Turn 4

Now, Comrades, the battle hung in the balance. The threat to the Left Flank had been held in check, and much of the enemy was being pounded down by trebuchet rocks, or was sitting still hiding a magic user on the other side of the table. If Von Stahl’s Western flank troops could march to the aid of the Eastern flank in time, a great victory could be won.

((The problem was that the Eastern Flank, after the squandering of the Communications Commissariat and the lack of Comrade Dubois being able to dispel the Ecstacy spell on the first turn meant that that flank was defended by a handful of Enlightenment Brigaders, warmachine crew, Commissar Hugh, and some archers. And it was struggling to hold back the enemy’s main, most mobile striking arm. Whoops…))

The enemy Lord James raised his sword, whipped his disk forward, and crashed into the Trebuchet crew. Nearby, the Knights of Tzeentch charged into the Enlightenment Brigade. Their flying Sorcerer flew into the midst of the Red Guards in the Western region, magic ready. In addition, the other Sorceror scuttled out of his Marauder guards, right onto the hilltop.

Their magic struck the Red Guards fiercely, killing several archers with a Flickering Fire, and a Pandemonium was dispelled with a scroll. ((I think.))

But it was in combat where the most cruel blows were struck. Commissar Hugh stood back to back with the defenders of the Enlightenment Pulpit, its Commissar roaring threats, rewards, slogans, and for more pistol ammunition. He accepted the challenge of the enemy champion and (perhaps regretting his choice of a fear causing weapon, which was entirely useless against Chaos) fought him to a standstill. Many of his Comrades, however, were killed, leaving the Enlightenment pulpit standing alone with the Commissar. In addition, the Trebuchet crew held out valiantly, losing two men, but holding Lord James back.

In response, the remaining archers nearby hurled themselves at the flank of the Chaos Lord. ((Due to their flaming attacks, I thought they did not fear him. Is this true?)) The mass of the Red Guard foot began to advance towards the Rightists, with the Quenelles men rallying and forming into a rough line alongside them. Moreover, the Proletariat Leadership Committee tried a charge at the Marauders, but were out of range.

Comrade Dubois tried to cause her unit to Regenerate, but the enemy dispelled it easily. ((Maybe I should have used more than four out of my ten power dice. I don’t know. I certainly didn’t want a miscast!)) And the arrows of the Red Guards were ineffective.

In close quarters, the Chaos Lord was once again fought to a standstill, killing two archers, but being held in check by their burning torches. Comrade Commissar Hugh continued to hold his enemy back; but, seeing the Enlightenment Pulpit fall to the swords of the Knights, shot himself in shame. The Knights thundered over the hill, right towards Dubois’ unit!

Turn 5

The Knights of Tzeentch smashed into Comrade Dubois’ Gisoreaux Brigade, swords raised. The Disk mounted Sorceror also took flight, once again behind the main line of the Red Guards.

The enemy magic phase was grave indeed! Pandemonium was cast successfully, and the Proletariat Leadership Committee was subjected to a vile blast of Ecstacy, killing seven of them, and hurting Comrade Commissar Grunwald most grievously! They held out, however, chanting the words of Comrade Von Stahl.

Perhaps as fitting punishment for her previous failures in magic defence, Comrade Dubois were hacked down where she stood by the Knights of Tzeentch-the Chaos Despot-Deity of Magic! Her men, suffering heavy casualties, panicked (partly due to Pandemonium) and ran for the woods. The archers and Trebuchet crew holding up the Lord were put to flight, the artillerymen being ran down.

The Gisoreaux Brigade rallied there, watching the Knights bearing down on them, and knowing the punishment for failing to adequately defend a Commissar. ((My opponent thought I was being “unkind”.)) So, too, did the three remaining archers, a paragon of Class Solidarity! Von Stahl’s Foreign Brigade marched backwards, forced to form an awkward position to hold off both potential Flank Charges from the Chaos Sorceror and the Knights of Tzeentch. The Quenelles Brigade also joined his line. And the Proletariat Leadership Committee joined the flank of the line, ready for a final counter charge.

Magic, due to the death of Comrade Dubois, was non existent, and archery was ineffective.

Turn 6

The Knights of Tzeentch recharged into the midst of the Gisoreaux Brigade. ((Despite my pleas that Tzeentch, God of magic, was obviously blessing his men, and would therefore cause the trees to get going, the Bloodwood remained annoyingly passive.)) The Sorceror once more flew around the place.

In magic, another vile blow was struck. Comrade Grunwald was slain, and his Proletariat Leadership Committee fled due to the work of Panic Mongers! These were rapidly emerging, due to another successful casting of Pandemonium.

The Gisoreaux Brigade, despite all the foes facing them, took heart in their weight of numbers and ranks, and held out defiantly.

But Comrade Von Stahl, due to the advice of the Foreign Brigade’s Chief Commissar Orwell, and the poison words of Reactionaries, had positioned his Brigade so as it could not charge their flank in support! He was forced to watch, impotently, as the Gisoreaux men, for all their courage, broke and fled in the final round of combat!

And the Mounted Commissariat, with all the finest traditions of the Red Cavalry, at last charged the rear of the Chaos Marauders. Two were killed, but they somehow held out.

With that, the game ended. We didn’t count points (It was getting late), but it looked like he was victorious. But it’s always difficult to say; no matter how much he kills, I usually end up with more men still standing.

Certainly, my lack of knowledge of the new rules, our non optimized armies, and some bad luck (Comrade DuBois’ non appearance; she may be replaced by a new Commissar very shortly) didn’t help. But, due to a combination of my blunders, and his skill, the heavy hitters vital for the Red Guards defeating the enemy were ground down and crushed, as was the defence. His magic functioned with great lethality, far more so than usual. But I think that, if I had fought a bit more cleverly, I could have held out; after all, my usual plan of keeping some of his men at an arm’s length (his Warriors did nothing all game apart from getting shot by trebuchets and turning to face the Red Cavalry, as did his Marauders) was succeeding. However, I totally failed to hold up the enemy on the Right flank, due to the poor use of my Pegasi, and the lack of troops present to defend it; the Gisoreaux Brigade could have easily been spared. I also wasted the Proletariat Leadership Committee in a series of pointless charges, trusting in the increased charge distance for the new edition to get them through, and the Pegasus Knights’ advantage of mobility was entirely wasted.

Nevertheless, good game, and I’ll hopefully be getting a rematch next week!

16-07-2010, 21:41
His magic functioned with great lethality, far more so than usual.

It should be noted that for the time being, most army book lores are incredibly easy to cast due to comparatively lower casting values. I have been casting Black Horror on 7+...(whilst feeling dirty every time I do. :angel:)

That game can be filed under the category; "Learning Experience". As always, I'm already impatient for the next report. Crack on, brave soldiers of the revolution, crack on!

Awilla the Hun
22-07-2010, 18:57
The Perils of Capitalist-Consumerism

Thought for the Day: We must strike a single multitudinous mortal blow against the enemy!

Comrades! In our numerous Spontaneous Commissariat Policy Explanation Sessions (organised and regulated by the Commissariat for Information), a major question has constantly emerged. Why is it that we do not mass our Red Guards Brigades into ever larger units, so as to emerge with ever greater triumphs over Reactionaries?

Under the previous system of battle, this was Counterproductive; for then, the bravery of the Proletariat was best distributed into smaller forces, to assault the enemy from all directions-a simple task, due to their minds being too focussed on Counter Revolutionary Impulses such as Capitalism, beating slaves to death, and Ogristic Consumerism. However, due to the Ever Fluid, Ever Evolving Nature of Revolutionary Warfare, this has now became not only a possibility, but a near certainty for future engagements!

Of course, to test out our theories, we needed a formidable opponent; one to challenge even hardened veterans of the Revolution, so as to ensure that its failures can only possibly be put down to Counter Revolutionary Conspiracy rather than military failure. A foe that had, for generations, terrified the Aristocracy to the roots of their ancient castles as they cowered in terror.

We refer, obviously, to Night Goblins.

You can tell that my opponent knows where to find the battle report and could be reading this, can't you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Da0TzkKkOw&NR=1&feature=fvwp (The Artilleryman's Song)

I arrived at GW High Wycombe slightly bemused; my expected opponent hadn't been answering my texts, and was most certainly not standing there awaiting me. However, a curious noise soon erupted from somewhere. Looking down, I noticed a small, green skinned gentleman with a horde of goblins standing right behind him. He introduced himself as a Crooked Moon Player, and challenged me to a game. With a sinking feeling, I remembered him from my previous battle reports, as the Night Goblin fan with the fanatics. He remembered me, and announced that he had found the report "funny". His friend, after being informed of the background, announced that communism couldn't possibly work. I informed him that, as it was a quasi Bolshevik-Maoist group, it couldn't possibly not work. He walked off.

Now, I say this fellow was green skinned, because he was a surprisingly effective general for someone of his age, and because he had the same impish malice and questionable knowledge of the rules of warfare as all goblin leaders. Unfortunately, the battle that followed was only brief, because he had to leave quickly.


1000 point armies

The Red Detachment of Reconnissance Forces

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs Dubois (Damsel with Dispel Scroll, Shield of Thorns. Stands alone against Magocracy.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Battle Standard Bearer with Barded Warhorse, Shield. Rides with the Proletariat Leadership Committee.)

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities (and Comrade-General) Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Shrieking Blade, Shield. Marches against the Forces of Reaction in the Quenelles Brigade.)

The Quenelles Red Guards Brigade (30 Men at Arms, Full Commmand.)

The United People's Commissariatfor Internal Security (20 Archers with Braziers.)

The Proletariat Leadership Committee (9 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician.)


Crooked Moon Tribe of Night Goblin Capitalist-Consumerist-Magocrats

Night Goblin Great Shaman (Dispel Scroll, Level 4.)

Night Goblin Big Boss (Great Weapon, Armour of Fortune, Magical Map. Cowers with Mob I. Causes Terror.)

Night Goblin Mob I (25 Gobbos, full command, shields, spears. 3 Fanatics.)

Night Goblin Mob II (25 Gobbos, full command, shields, spears, 3 Fanatics.)

Arrer Boyz (20 Gobbos, shortbows.)

Spider Riders (10 Riders, full command, poisoned attacks.)


10 Squigs

Spear Chukka I

Spear Chukka II


The battle was an assault on the watch tower, with me defending the watch tower. It was played on a half board. (3 by 4 feet.)

The battlefield was an abandoned village, believed by the Commissariat for Public Safety to contain a magical artefact of unimaginable danger; one that could turn the fortunes of the revolution, and as such the Night Goblin Capitalists had sent their best to claim it. However, as they are cowardly, slovenly creatures, they were rapidly overtaken by the Commissariat for Internal Security, who seized the central watchtower with their finest marksmen, all willing (as should we all be, Comrades) to sacrifice themselves for the Revolution.

The battlefield was bordered by a ruined inn to the East, as the Red Guards marched in from the South. To the West, the village, once home to hundreds of the Peasant Classes, had now been infested by a forest, doubtless sent by Chaotic-Naturalists, which growled threateningly. (Wildwood.) To the North was a great hill, and it was over this that the Capitalists came...


The Red Guards deployed first. The mighty Trebuchet was hauled into position in the South East, where it could cover the hill and watch tower, as well as shoot without the Counter Revolutionary Forest blocking its line of sight in its attempt to assist the Night Goblins. Comrade Dubois took up position nearby, ready to cast magic from its excellent shooting position. To its West stood the Quenelles Brigade, expanded as per new Revolutionary Warfare Doctrine, with Comrade Commissar Hugh leading from the front, as he always does. He cut a fly in half with his new sword, and put a swarm of mosquitos to flight; before turning and leading the "Infantryman's Hymn to Comrade Von Stahl" as the Proletariat Leadership Committee, with Comrade Grunwald also in the front rank, moving position to his own immediate west. Finally, the Mounted Commissariat rode up to the gap between Watchtower and Wildwood (using their Scouting move to assist them) so as to launch an offensive against the Capitalists should the need arise.

The Night Goblins, of course, deployed in an offensive posture-a laughable procedure against such well prepared troops as the Red Guards, knowledgeable in the ways of the Revolution! The hill was bristling with their primitive artillery battery, doubtless only capable to work due to the influence of their Chief Magocrat, the Great Shaman, accompanying it. Their North East sector was dominated by their Head Consumerist, the Giant, who drunkenly lurched into battle behind their Spider Cavalry, with Mob II to their West, obviously preparing for an assault upon the Watchtower. Their Squigs filled the front of the North West sector, with the Night Goblin Arrer Boyz on the hill right behind them.

The Night Goblin Capitalists, of course, went first...


Turn 1

And immediately ran into controversy. Understandably, I was somewhat irritated by having the entirety of Mob 1, causing terror and spraying out three fanatics, suddenly waltzing right into the middle of the back of my deployment zone, and then charging into the rear of Comrade Commissar Hugh's Quenelles Brigade. Obviously, Comrades, Counter Revolutionary Agents have been at work-they will be investigated, and dealt with sternly and with immediate effect! According to Comrade Commissar Grunwald ((and my own)) extensive knowledge of warfare, scouts ((and the players)) should have some knowledge of each other's magic items at the start of the battle-and especially when it was so signicant as this! Later, it was established that the Night Goblins couldn't have charged anyway. But, as I said, this opponent of mine was not of human flesh at all! No, Comrades; Goblin Agents have been infiltrating the ranks of the Revolution! A new purge of all Undesirable Elements is to be initiated!

The Night Goblins charged into the rear of the massed Red Guards; but, as soldiers of the Revolution, they immediately faced the threat, readying their blades, with Comrade Commissar Hugh and the unit's Junior Commissar D'Ubyonny moving to the rearmost rank to keep the Capitalists at bay. The Fanatics forced many Revolutionaries to sacrifice themselves in an attempt to smother them; four Red Guardsmen and a Proletariat Leader Commissar perished in the attempt! (It is fortunate, Comrades, that Comrade Commissar Hugh had a chance to start his lecture/prayers; although he was interrputed before he could finish, his Comrades were so enraged that he never got a chance to explain his unique view on Comrade Von Stahl that they fought as if fired up by the Glorious Comrade's Words anyway!)

The rest of the Capitalist Horde advanced, with Mob II reluctantly approaching the tower (doubtless goaded on by the presence of the giant behind them, whose unchecked Consumerism meant that many would end in his giant gut unless they ran away from him as quickly as possible, even if it meant death on the blades of the Red Guards!) The Eastern sector was full of movement as the Spider Riders advanced, flogging their poor beasts half to death to escape the Capitalist-Consumerist lumbering along right behind them. In the North West, the Squigs and Arrer Boyz, cowed by the show of Revolutionary Solidarity in the tower, only moved forward slowly.

Their magic phase had a vast arsenal of energies being unleashed. Their Great Shaman unleashed a gargantuan bolt of force at the Watchtower via a Gaze of one of the Orcish Theocratic Constructs to Passify the Proletariat ((it was to cause 2D6 S4 hits)); but it was dispelled by Comrade Dubois' scroll. However, the jabbering lunatic's second spell was cast with too much power for Comrade Dubois to halt immediately ((Irresistable Hand of Mork-D6 S6 hits)), and it smote the tower heavily, killing three of its defenders. However, these Staunch Stahlists held their positions most gallantly, preparing to rain arrows on their opponents! Even better, the Great Shaman hurt itself! An emphasis on the Sham in Shaman there, Comrades!

The shooting of the Goblins was entirely wasted on the defenders of the tower, doubtless due to its thick stone walls, but more importantly because a mind consumed by Capitalism cannot fully concerntrate on the needs of warfare! It seems certain, Comrades, that they were distracted by various ornaments on the tower too much to aim for its staunch defenders!

In close combat, the Night Goblins were foolish in their belief that they could overcome the valiant Red Guards! Three defenders of the Revolution gladly sacrificed themselves for the cause; but, due to the new wide ranks (a cause to praise Revolutionary Warfare indeed!) Comrade Commissar Hugh led a major counter attack, killing two more, and his Comrades added another to the vast tally of Capitalist dead! They held out, Comrade Grunwald encouraging them with his great voice ((and great sword)) to Beat and Destroy the Howling Pack of Mad Jackals assailing them!

The Red Guards, of course, were in no respect startled by the mass of Counter Revolutionaries in their rear, and moved into action. Firstly, Comrades, the Mounted Commissariat, in a display of devotion that should be saluted by all Revolutionaries, rode into the midst of the Night Goblin lines. Their mission was simple: with leaflets of Comrade Von Stahl's own writings, to convince the Greenskin Capitalists to defect from their Militarist Orc masters. Unfortunately, they have almost as little class consciousness as the Daemonic and Chaotic armies, so stage 2 of the plan was enacted: scatter around enough cheap jewelry to entice their fanatics out of their regiments. This was significant more successful; for although the Mounted Commissariat perished, all three Fanatics poured out of Mob II to wreak devestation amongst the Night Goblin lines!

The Proletariat Leadership Committee moved forward, preparing to flank any attackers riding down the Eastern Flank of the tower, and using its great bulk to shield themselves from Night Goblin shooting.

Magic was a great triumph of the new Revolutionary Methods for Magocrats. Comrade Dubois, whilst slightly overenthusiastic in her practice of magic ((she miscast, but got irresistable force all the same, and emerged unhurt due to her Blessing)), and succeeded in inspiring the spirits of the Quenelles Brigade ever further; they struck every enemy surrounding them with many repeating blows even in the magic phase! ((Translation: She got Shield of Thorns off. Many Goblins were killed.))

Shooting was also extremely effective. The archers in the tower poured a great volley of fire arrows into the giant, with the Trebuchet joining in; the brute emerged with but a single wound left, but its rampant consumerism still made it continue towards the Red Guard lines. Such is the blinkered worldview brought about by Capitalism, Comrades! Even life itself is valued less than Consumption!

In combat, Comrades, the Red Guards fought most gallantly against the Capitalists. Five of them were killed, but three Goblins also fell to their blades. They lost combat by a considerable margin according to Reactionary Militarist rules-but continued to hold out with a great tenacity! ((DOUBLE 1, COMRADES!))

Turn 2

The Night Goblin Assault Party from Mob II threw itself at the tower losing two to the arrows of the garrison, with the Spider Riders charging at the Quenelles Brigade. Already engaged from the rear, it is almost (but not quite) inexcusable that they did not show sufficient Proletarian Solidarity to frighten the Spider Riders away ((meaning that I forgot Comrade Commissar Hugh caused Fear!))

The Goblins acted like cowards throughout the rest of their movement phase, with the giant and Squigs both hiding behind the tower!

It is undoubtebly the case, Comrades, that Wildwoods are Counter Revolutionary, for this one favoured the Goblins by Consuming two of their fanatics! The third, however, careered into a bolt thrower, shattering the machine!

The magic phase saw massive destruction being caused to the goblins assailing the Quenelles Brigade. Only five of the original regiment were left alive by the blades of the Revolutionaries ((and I would have hit the Spider Riders if I had remembered!)) However, three Proletariat Leader Commissars perished from a hand of Gork. They held out, however.

But the greatest triumph of all was still to come; a mass of Revolutionary Cells, carefully placed in the Goblin command structure, rose up as one and ordered them to withdraw and join the revolution! Long live Comrade Von Stahl for this glorious victory!

((Actually, my opponent had to go. Good game though, and it could have gone either way. I may have mistaken the orders of some of the magic phases. Any comments, comrades?))

23-07-2010, 00:00
I love your battle reports like an overfed plutocrat's brat loves cookies.

However, you can't take two scrolls any more.

23-07-2010, 03:36
Another well written report and another (semi)glorious engagment for Comrade von Stahl!

Comments? I do have one.


The above.
Your signature.

Couldn't-stop-laughing. (No rational explanation as to why, fully three minutes of my life wasted cackling like a senile-old man or a giddy ten year old while the phrase reverberated inside my head, in various tones of course...)

In lieu of a rational explanation I will resort to the de facto Warhammer solution...Chaos did it!

Awilla the Hun
23-07-2010, 10:30
I have heard that there are to be some more substantial engagements this Saturday. Comrades, I know that these have previously turned out to be some of the tiniest "mega" battles in the history of warhammer, but I'll still be going anyway.

And I only took one scroll in the last battle, Comrade Silasofthelambs!

23-07-2010, 13:37
Sucks when the game ends on turn 2 for any reason.

Hopefully you get some full games in on Saturday :)

23-07-2010, 15:25
By the sounds of it, you need to find yourself a gaming club Awilla. ;)

Awilla the Hun
23-07-2010, 17:04
Hopefully there will be one at Uni. If I get there...

24-07-2010, 05:34
Ah, you're right. I'll go compose a 4-hour self-criticism now.

Awilla the Hun
24-07-2010, 20:28
You do that, SilasoftheLambs. You do just that…

The End Times for Imperialism!

Thought for the Day: Not one step backwards, even if the enemy uses Wind Blast!

The might of the Red Guards, Comrades, is always used to preserve the Working Classes, no matter of which race, nationality, or creed. It is for this reason that, for example, International Volunteers, even from the Under Empire of the Skaven, have joined our numberless ranks, and are now merging with the Front Line Services of the Proletariat. Moreover, Comrades, the Red Guards have sometimes been used to defend the Workers against the aggression of Capitalist-Imperialist-Magocratic-Chaotic Despotic-Cullenism, even if it must sometimes work alongside Capitalist-Imperialist-Elvenist forces; these, whilst certainly a vicious force, are the slightly lesser of the two evils.

An earlier example of this was in the Lustrian Campaign ((First Battle Report)) where the Reds marched to war alongside the forces of King Charles I of England against a horde of Theocratic-Demonists, who were attempting to overrun a great city of Imperial worker-peasants. ((Comrades, although I didn’t mention it all those months ago, the Empire army was themed around the English Civil War royalists.)) It was once again alongside King Charles’ forces that the Red Guards fought. In the greatest battle fought in recent years, the Red Guards answered a request for aid from a Dwarf Lord, who wanted his hold to be defended. He had heard (from what source he did not tell us; doubtless he had executed a number of our agents, true matyrs to the Revolution!) of our immeasurable prowess in all forms of war, and begged for our assistance. It is a sign of his desperation, Comrades, that he had even requested and received aid from a host of Monarchist-Immortalists, the lapdogs of Prince Tyrion-the historical enemies of the Dwarves, showing quite clearly the flexible and feeble moral values brought on by Capitalism!

At first, Comrade Von Stahl refused. However, reading on, it came to his attention that the host marching upon the Dwarf Hold was led by none other than the Arch Chaotic Despot-Militarist, Archaon Lord of the End Times himself! Should he fall, Comrades, the war against Chaos could be brought to a measurable end, and thousands of Dwarven Proletarian lives saved! So the Red Guards were mustered in almost full force, with the Communications Commissariat hard at work to muster more workers across the world.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2DbqHsmR0k&feature=related (There March the Soldiers)


The battle was truly enormous. About four players per side, each with 1750 points, fighting across a large, L Shaped board in a Meeting Engagement. It also yielded some excellent pictures, which I will do my utmost to upload after figuring out my new camera. In addition, as it was a Thames Valley area campaign, stores occasionally rang each other up to cast spells at each other’s battles. This proved to be most interesting.

So, the English, Chinese, French Revolutionary Wars and Russian civil wars united (sort of) to eliminate the Chaotic threat. What could withstand them?

Armies ((Note: as forces came and went throughout the battle, and there are lots of them, there may be some irregularities. As I told some of my fellow generals where this batrep was being written, I apologise for any mistakes I make.))

Forces of “Order” ((Although we were quite a disorderly bunch, frankly. In between my inspiring speeches to the soldiers, the dwarven player going out to lunch, and the ignorance of some of the rules on the part of every player, it was a miracle we got any game at all!))

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl’s Red Guards

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.)

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with dispel scroll, Prayer Icon of Quenelles (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Had the 5+ Regeneration Spell.

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty.) Rides with the Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers.

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, shield, Shrieking Blade.)

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (8 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (30 men at arms with full command, Comrade Von Stahl in charge)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (30 men at arms with full command, Comrade Von Stahl in charge)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (15 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 13 Red Guards accompanying.) Comrade Commissar Hugh of Bampton led them

The Red Cavalry (5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician)


The Kings’ Own Royalist Foot ((Sadly, without King Charles himself; he’s apparently based on an Imperial explorer whose name escapes me. But they look very, very cool, all morioned and piked to perfection.))

Wizard Lord (?)

Warrior Priest on Barded Warhorse, great hammer, heavy armour (Rode with the Cuirasseurs)

Warrior Priest on Foot (marched with the Pike), great hammer, heavy armour, Orb of Thunder

25 Pike ((spearmen)) with full command

25 Pike ((spearmen)) with full command

20 Shot ((handgunners))

20 Shot ((handgunners))

15 ((?)) Cuirasseurs ((Knights with full command))

Helblaster Volley Gun

Great Cannon


The Capitalist Dwarves

Rune Priest (?) with Spellbreaker Rune ((?))

Dragon Slayer, in charge of Warriors

Warriors: 12 Warriors (?) with full command

Thunderers I: 10 Thunderers with full command

Thunderers II: 10 Thunderers with full command, and the Rune Priest (if there was one)




Organ Gun

Organ Gun

8 Miners

8 Miners

The Immortalist-Elvenist Host

Lord on Griffon ((Played by a girl (!) quite independent from the rest of their leaders. She said that the Peasants deserved equality.))

Mage with assorted elven spells and goodies

20 Lothern Sea Guard (led by Mage)

6 Phoenix Guardsmen

Forces of the Disorder ((And never was a trurer title issued!))

The Militarist-Chaotic-Despotic-Elvenist-Sadist Forces

The Great Counter Revolutionary, Archaon, Lord of End Times! (Mounted on Dorghar)

The Swords of Chaos (5 Chosen Knights not led by Archaon)

Chosen of Khorne (16 Warriors, Full Command, Mark of Khorne)

Chosen Warriors I (16 Warriors, Full Command)

Chosen Warriors II (16 Warriors, Full Command)

Marauders (36 Marauders, Full Command)

5 Warhounds

Hell Cannon

((Now for the awkward part: he also decided that he could use Dark Elves at the same time. Strange…))

12 Corscairs with a brace of handbows

12 Corscairs with a brace of handbows

15 Executioners with full command

15 Executioners with full command

20 Spearmen with full command

Repeating Bolt Thrower

5 Cold One Knights

The Crooked Moon Tribe of Night Goblin Capitalist-Consumerist-Magocrats: expanded!

Warboss on Dragon Squig (Night Goblin Warboss on Arabyan Carpet ((very nice conversion, sadly unpainted)) with Big Eds Kicking Boots and Armour of Fortune.))

Great Shaman (?)

Big Boss (Great Weapon, some Magic Armour.)

Goblin Mob I (20 Night Goblins with full command, 3 fanatics. Led by Big Boss. Bore Banner that caused Terror.)

Goblin Mob II (20 Night Goblins with full command, 3 fanatics.

Arrer Boyz (20 Night Goblins with shortbows.)

10 Spider Riders with full command

10 Squigs and Herders (6 squigs, 4 herders.)


Spear Chukka

Spear Chukka

3 River Trolls

The Cullenist-Imperialist Vampires

Vampire Lord

Varghulf (possibly two.)

20 Skeletons with full command, flaming attacks

10 Ghouls

Corpse Cart

And, last but not least…

Disorder Units put on the board for random people to use

20 Skaven slaves

25 Skeletons (full command.)

Of these, many were of course unable to come on at first. These were:

-Comrade Commissar Hugh of Bampton and the Enlightenment Brigade
-Two Archer Commissariats
-Both Miner Units
-One Cannon
-The Griffon
-Both Executioner Units
-Both Corsair Units
-The Skaven and Skeletons also came on in the middle of the battle.


The Battlefield

The Forces of Revolution and Order deployed first (and thus went first), and chose to form up in the South West sector, (I am South), with the forces of Reaction and Disorder in the North East.

The battlefield was a giant L-Shape, in the below style from my perspective. ((NOTE: Imagine that the two Is are directly above the TOB, that marks out the corner. Warseer's post engine can't take this properly!)

In the West part of the bottom stalk was a Wizard’s Tower, eagerly claimed by the Forces of Order; but the main feature of the bottom stalk was a great hill, an ideal firing position for artillery pieces. In the apex of this “L” was a mighty Tower of Blood, also on a large hill, with a scattering of forests in the South Easternmost part of the corner. The upper stalk, apart from hills on the northernmost corners and a few scattered forests, was completely empty, offering a potentially excellent field of fire.

Deployment (Which is, of course, diagonal, divided between both stalks of the L.)

Comrades! The Forces of the Revolution were given the honour of defending the Tower of Blood from the Reactionary foe! The gap between the Tower and the Southern edge of the battlefield was soon filled with the entirety of the Gisoreaux and Quenelles Red Guards Brigade, with Glorious Comrade Von Stahl and Wise Comrade Dubois leading from the very front ranks! Behind the tower was the Trebuchet, entirely ready to shoot its mighty stones indirectly, so as to serve the revolution without putting itself in undue danger. Also by the Tower of Blood was the Royalist Great Cannon and Mortar, their gunners doubtless seeking inspiration from the valiant artillerymen of the Revolution; men who know that, as no wall can withstand their stones, so can no stone withstand revolutionary thought! It was a sign of their commitment to the alliance that Comrade Von Stahl chose to defend the right flank, entrusting it to the elite soldiers of the revolution, knowing that they will not be swayed by minor political considerations.

The Order Centre, however, was more heavily congested. The hill was dominated by artillery, with the batteries of Capitalist artillery arrayed upon it. Directly in front of the hill was stationed the mass of Royalist Pike and Shot, with the Helblaster directly in the middle. Their preachers walked the line, inflaming the men to fight for God, Saint George, the Crown, and other such Opiates of the People, nodding curtly to the regiments of Capitalist Thunderers deployed on either flank. However, their effectiveness would be somewhat limited by the strange decision of allied High Command to station the mass of the Order Horse in front of the gunline, in effect blocking the fields of fire for a considerable amount of missile troops. Comrades Von Stahl and Grunwald both complained; but King Charles I ((as usual)) was not to be swayed by their arguments. The Proletariat Leadership Committee (led by Comrade Grunwald), Cuirasseurs, Red Cavalry, and Foreign Brigade, deployed in front, close to the foe, and ready to drive home a lethal attack of forces both Physical and Moral ((in the manner of English Chartists some centuries after Charles.))

The Order Far Left ((West)) was fittingly also held predominately by the Red Guards, with our valiant archers garrisoning the Wizard’s Tower. (Unfortunately, the regiment earmarked to hold the Tower of Blood was “delayed”-suspicious, especially in the view of how our bowyers have so fatally let us down before.) However, providing some limited support of the Revolution was the Lothern Sea Guard, the Warriors Regiment with the Suicidal-Militarist Slayer at their head, the Phoenix Guard, and the Elven Mage cowering in the midst of the Lothern Elves. The paucity of their aid clearly shows that they are incapable of fully accepting the revolution, as is inevitably the case for such a Conservative and Reactionary race of Immortalists; in the long run, Comrades, they must be eliminated.

((This doesn’t take into account just how haphazardly our reinforcements arrived.))

The Forces of Reaction set up predominately in the Northern stalk; and, bereft of cover, sought to overwhelm the Order lines in a vast human wave, a tactic scorned by all true thinkers of Revolutionary Warfare, who seek to minimize casualties at all times, but sadly prevalent amongst Reactionary Leaders! Although their forces were heavily mingled amongst each other, broad generalities can emerge. On their North West ((my left)), the Night Goblin Capitalists were the spearhead of the attack, with their Mobs I and II in the centre, the River Trolls slightly behind, and their sector near the Order Left dominated by the Dragon Squig riding Arch Capitalist-Militarist (not coincidentally on their Right Flank), their Arrer Boyz, and their primitive Spear Chukkas.

The Disorder North East ((my right)) was in contrast more dominated by the Chaotic, Elvenist-Sadist, and Cullenist forces, with the entire Cullenist force deploying almost directly opposite the Red Guards Brigades. The so called “Lord of End Times” Archaon was clearly hoping for the Cullenists to thin out the ranks of the Red Guards sufficiently for this cowardly Counter Revolution, so as to snatch victory; an obviously erroneous and pointless objective, especially with the inspired Generalship of Glorious Comrade Von Stahl among them! The mass of Chaos infantry and cavalry filled the plain, with Archaon himself alongside a regiment of his elite “Chosen of Khorne” forces-almost the equivalent, man for man, to the Red Guards, the elite of the Revolution-just behind the Cullenist advance. (Not coincidentally, he was on my far right of the battlefield-a Rightist, for certain!) The Sadist-Elvenist Dark Elves, as is natural for a race known for springing into battle for the shadows rather than facing it in the open, restricted their presence early on to a regiment of Warriors guarding a Repeating Bolt Thrower. Finally, the Hell Cannon, a fusion of Capitalist Technology and dire magics, deployed at the very back of the Disorder lines. (Fortunately, they had grossly overestimated its range; it was therefore incapable of providing any sort of counter battery fire to the Capitalist artillery, or even-most threatening of all-our Trebuchet!)

The Forces of Order, Comrades, went first, with even Comrade Von Stahl forsaking his usual lecture for military pragmatism. (Translation: we didn’t pray.) “For Comrades,” he said, “it is vital for our mighty armies to weaken the spirits of the enemy from a distance, so as to convince them of their class consciousness. To victory, Comrades! To Victory!”

“URRAH!” came the response, and the battle began.

((Continued next post. I doubt this one can take any more!))

Awilla the Hun
24-07-2010, 22:09
Pre Game Movement

Immediately, the Red Cavalry, under the command of Junior Commissar Voroshilov, readied their spears and galloped forward in a Vanguard move, directly towards the mass of Night Goblin Mobs I and II! This of course caused all six of their fanatics, desperate to glittering spearheads of our cavalry, to hurtle out of their regiments, and crash into our horsemen! With Comrade Von Stahl’s name on his lips, Comrade Commissar Voroshilov was killed instantly; but the Fanatics were out in the open, and now could be killed.

Turn 1

((The very first action was to order a spell from the lore of shadows to be lobbed at some other Thames Valley Games Workshop by telephone. The result of this will, alas, be never known.))

Comrades Chairman Von Stahl and Commissar Grunwald immediately ordered a series of bold offensives, in close concert with their ally, King Charles. To cries of “Saint George! Saint George!” the Royalist Cuirasseurs advanced at a walk, directly into a pair of fanatics, killing them but taking a handful of casualties. To cries of “The Hammer of the Proletariat shall fall upon you, Capitalist Pig Dogs! The Hammer of the Proletariat shall fall upon you, Capitalist Pig Dogs!” the Foreign Brigade and Proletariat Leadership Committee advanced alongside them, shields raised in anticipation of numerous fanatics. The Capitalist Night Goblins rattled spear on shield in foolish defiance. By the Tower of Blood, Comrade Von Stahl’s own Red Guards Brigades made a general advance, with Von Stahl’s own men being fired up by the Revolutionary Zeal of the tower, but both of them, despite some minor disorder in the ranks due to the rough terrain, marched to superior defensive positions, ready to face the sparkle skinned onslaught from the Cullenists. And in the Far Left, the Elves and Dwarves slowly advanced towards the enemy, watched closely by the Red Archers; they had been ordered to ignite arrows and shoot volleys into the backs of any so called ally who dared to desert the Revolution! Joining the Elves now was the Elven Lady on her Griffon, who swept into the midst of her troops to lilting cheers of the elves, pipe tobacco from the dwarves, and cries of “Fascist!” from the Red Guards. ((I had myself used this quite frequently to describe the forces of disorder.))

The spells of Order, Comrades, were a success, owing not to the great strength of Capitalist magery, but the incredible weakness of Chaotic Magocracy! With Comrade Dubois on the lookout for the witchcraft of the enemy ((it was agreed that her single spell would do little until the Red Guards actually engaged the enemy)), the allied magocrats concentrated their energies into a series of spells which, although laughable to an army well schooled in Stahlist Thought, were lethally effective against Disorder! The Orb of Thunder caused the sparkling Varghulf, Dragon Squig (and screaming Griffon) to drop from the sky. (Both players were disappointed; this seemed to be the Vampire Counts player’s first game, and I had played the Goblin recently, but this was the first outing of his dragon squig. As for the Elf maid… she took it well.) The elven magocrat, not to be outdone, used his own spells to great effect ((I can’t quite remember what, exactly)), and also used Drain Magic to cripple the spells of the foe!

The Shooting of Order, whilst devastating due to the presence of the Red Bowmen, could easily have been more effective had not the Dwarven Player, with a duplicity and lust for consumerism common to all capitalists, gone out to lunch, and the GW Staffer asked to replace him given up. As a result (but mostly due to assorted chaotic agents revealing themselves and dealing great hurt to the Capitalists-a lesson is to be learned, Comrades, even from these lax, lazy, diminutive Capitalists!), the entire Dwarven gun line, with their glittering, modern rifles and field guns, remained silent, and the Royalist Shot was mostly blocked by cavalry. Nevertheless, the Red Bowmen did what they could. It was discovered that the Goblin Spear Chukkas were within range of the archers in the Wizard’s Tower; one was heavily damaged by a great volley of fire arrows, with only one wound left! The Trebuchet, seeking to join in, tried to hurl its rock-but Counter Revolutionary Wreckers had been at work, causing it to misfire! The crew immediately repaired it; but it suffered a wound in the process. The Royalist Mortar, however, took up the strain, lobbing a shell into the midst of the Spider Riders (originally aimed at a Goblin Infantry Regiment, a sure sign of the weaknesses of Capitalist firearms) and killed four of them. The elven bows of the Lothern Sea Guard also inflicted heavy casualties upon the Greenskins ((but I can’t quite remember how…))

It was at about this time that a regiment of skeletons, and another of skaven slaves, suddenly appeared in the middle of the Forces of Disorder. This has still not been explained, but the Commissariat For Public Safety informs us that it could be due to the deceits of Chaos.

The tide of darkness hurled itself at the Forces of Order. Some, perhaps, more eagerly than intended. The Impulse Spending so common amongst Capitalists gave the Goblins an attitude that could be termed as Impulse Killing. The result of this that Mob I ((due to animosity)) charged straight into their own fanatics! Elven of them were killed, to the great amusement of all present. Their Big Boss snarled and brandished his over sized sword.

And Comrade Junior Commissar Orwell of the Foreign Brigade took a breath.

The rest of the enemy fanatics were, alas, more effective, with two crashing straight through the Royalist Horse, inflicting heavy casualties, and one emerging dangerously near the Proletariat Leadership Committee! ((Ironically, the Foreign Brigade, ordered in specifically to absorb fanatics, emerged quite unharmed.))

The charges of the enemy reflected this Capitalistic desire for Impulse Killing. The Varghulf, Corpse Cart and Ghouls all charged into the shield wall of the Red Guards Brigades, with the Skeletons and Vampire Lord first occupying, and then leaving the Tower of Blood. ((Due to the vacillating Vampire player; he didn’t quite know how their instability worked, poor young man.))

The Arch Counter Revolution Archaon attempted to follow them ((in the movement phase, no lesss!)), but was out of range, instead contenting himself with moving behind the Cullenists, his Khorne Chosen in tow. The rest of the forces of Disorder made a general advance, with the grossly obese Consumerist Giant lumbering up to support the (now somewhat immobile) Night Goblin Warboss.

Their magic, due in part to their intense squabbling (but mostly because of Drain Magic) failed to have any noticeable impact, with not even the Orb of Thunder being dispelled! In addition, it was now that another GW rang up, and called in a gigantic pit of shades; truly, Comrades, the Revolution has supporters throughout the entire Old World! The pit (using a blast template only reserved for Titan Weapons in 40K Apocalypse games) crashed into the midst of a mass of Chaos infantry and marauders. Unfortunately, due to their high initiative (which still provoked a long discussion), only four of them were killed. It is obvious, Comrades that, whilst these supporters are numerous and well meaning, they are nevertheless sometimes incapable of providing coherent assistance. Clearly, we must put our trust in centralized command under Comrade Von Stahl to provide enlightened Revolutionary leadership and victory!

The shooting of Disorder was scarcely more effective, Comrades! The Hell Cannon’s range was incapable of reaching the main concentrations of Order forces, the result being that it was only able to fire at the fanatics, relying on its large blast templates to panic the Cuirassiers! The result was that none of the Cuirassiers were killed or routed, and there were two extremely dead fanatics. The Repeater Bolt Thrower opened up at the Knights, but it failed to inflict any significant damage.

In close combat, however…

The Necromancer on the Corpse Cart sneered as it saw Comrade Dubois produce a book. “What is this?” it sneered, twirling its moustache evilly. “One of your pathetic books of revolutionary thought? Pah! Pathetic! Is that the best you can do?”

Its long dead eyes then turned to the front cover, and noticed something. It froze.

An apple, gripped by a white hand.

“Not that,” it said. “Please, not that! Noooooooo!”

“We utilize special weapons, Comrades, in our battle against Cullenism,” said Comrade Dubois. She pointed at the title: Twilight. “If you remain here,” she explained, “you will be transformed into a teenagers’ mary sue fantasy figure, doomed to walk the earth forever being followed by hordes of fangirls-and more than a few fanboys, I might add. I see that your friend the Varghulf has already succumbed.”

The Varghulf was posing in the sunlight, allowing its rays to glitter off its shining skin. If it had expected this to cause any form of arousal amongst the Red Guard at all, Comrades, it was disappointed; Comrade Von Stahl had issued sunglasses, and they were making their polearms ready. “Begone, Cullenist,” Von Stahl said. “Begone!”

And so, shrieking, the Vampire host departed. The Red Guard cheered, and looked up to see Archaon standing right in front of them.

((Actually, the player had to go just before we got to fight the combat, due to his mother asking for him, and not sounding too sympathetic to my plea that “I haven’t fought him yet!”. A pity, I must say, for I think that I would have won that combat fairly convincingly. Sixty red guardsmen and a pretty effective combat character, all ranked up in horde formation, against a handful of ghouls, a not very effective Chariot, and a single Varghulf, all in the front. But it would have been interesting, nevertheless.))

Turn 2

Many reinforcements also arrived, with the Enlightenment Brigade marching up to reinforce Comrade Von Stahl’s position, and both Archer units charging into battle to face whatever came before them on the West Flank. A Dwarf Cannon was also wheeled into position on the East flank, to support Comrade Von Stahl.

Comrade Commissar Orwell took a breath, and noted the mass of disordered goblins, being slaughtered by their own fanatics, right in front of his unit. He looked around. The Foreign Brigade, just fifteen strong, had marched so hard that they had not had time to replace their weapons, the result being that there were not quite enough to go around. But their faces were set.

He drew his greatsword. “Forward, Comrades!” he cried. “Forward!”

The Foreign Brigade charged into the remains of Mob I, despite their Big Boss causing terror, panicking the horses of the Proletariat Leadership Committee and preventing them from charging. To their right (appropriately enough), the Cuirassiers leveled their lances and smashed into Goblin Mob II, roaring “God save King Charles! Hang the roundheads!”. (The Roundheads, Comrades, were a group of theocratic democratic-aristocrat-bourgeoisie, and are thus not fitting allies for the Red Guards.) On the Left flank, the Dwarves surged forward, charging both the giant and the Squig riding Warboss. The Elves, notably, did not join in.

The rest of the movement saw the Red Guards facing Archaon reforming to receive his charge, with Comrade Von Stahl and Comrade Dubois both reading from their Books of Revolutionary Stahlist-Taalinist Thought, with many bonuses bolstering the troops.

Magic was once again successful. Comrade Dubois’ attempt to bolster the troops further with her spell failed; but Orb of Thunder remained, the Shield of Sapphery was raised, and Drain Magic was cast. Moreover, the Chaplain accompanying the Cuirassiers made them Unbreakable, his Opiate of the People proving to be exceptionally strong.

Shooting was also effective. The Mortar lobbed its shell into the midst of the massed Chaos infantry, inflicting many casualties. The Dwarf player, now returned from his meal, added his artillery fire, but there was little he could do due to the mass of combats blocking his firing arcs. Nevertheless, by a very improbable overshot, killed the Consumerist Giant! Not allowing death itself to overcome its Impulse killing, the brute fell into the midst of the dwarf warriors attacking it, killing several of them. ((Hilariously, I might add.)) The Great Cannon, however, was not so effective; in attempting to kill a fanatic, it blew up in a misfire-again, Comrades, Capitalist black powder artillery has demonstrated great weaknesses! Small arms and bows also inflicted heavy casualties, with all bar one fanatic being gunned down by Dwarven and Royalist musketry, and massed volleys of arrows being directed at artillery, but the giant’s bulk ((Soft Cover)) protected them from most of the damage. Comrades, thus far, the Capitalists have shown themselves to be poor allies: first by not even supporting us, and then by helping the enemy by killing their giant! However, Red Archers also cut a swathe through the squigs, killing two beasts and a handler! And the Mighty Trebuchet hurled its great rock at Archaon. It was a direct hit, a wound.... but the Arch Enemy triggered his Magocratic Ward Save, protecting himself from harm.

In Close Combat, however, the grand charge into the centre proved exceptionally lethal against the goblins.

“When the one with the Polearm gets killed, the one behind him picks up the polearm, and stabs…” Comrade Orwell’s Foreign Brigade crashed into Mob I, with Orwell himself fighting the Big Boss in a challenge. Although he was killed, and the Red Guard lost another man to the spears of the Capitalist-Militarists, the Night Goblins were routed, with many supporting attacks being provided as Red Guardsmen stepped over their own dead, sacrificed nobly for the Revolution, and stabbed into their foes. With a great “Urrah!”, the Foreign Brigade pressed on, right into the Skeleton regiment, behind which Mob I had fled, their so called Militarist “Big Boss” leading from the front-of the retreat! To their right, the Royalist Horse similarly ploughed through their own Mob of Night Goblins, their preacher calling out verses from an opiate of the people known as “The Bible”, before being obstructed by the Foreign Brigade, and facing the remains of the Spider Riders preparing for a counter charge.

In a fit of stubborn, Capitalistic Self Reliant insanity, the Slayer, rather than accepting support of his many Comrades in the Left Flank, chose to challenge the Warboss. The brute accepted, wounding the Dwarf with one punch from a ring encrusted finger. Nevertheless, the two Capitalists squared off for another round of combat.

Awilla the Hun
24-07-2010, 22:11
The Forces of Disorder attempted to recover from these catastrophic defeats by continuing to charge our lines! The squigs charged into the Dwarf Warriors accompanying their Slayer, and the Spider Riders charged into the Royalist Horse. More sinisterly, however, the Dark Elves started to emerge in force.

As their player claimed that they could come on from any board edge in a Meeting Engagement, both units of Corsairs emerged behind Comrade Von Stahl’s position, handbows readied. In the Western front, their Executioner units also arrived, on the Left Flank of the Dwarven artillery and Royalist Shot. Although neither could charge, it was still a dangerous development, and a testament to the extent of support the Sadist-Elvenist must have from clandestine Counter Revolutionaries.

Most importantly, however, was Archaon.

“I suppose,” Comrade Von Stahl said, walking out from the front of his Brigade, “that you do not wish to lay down your arms and join the Revolution?”

“No,” The Lord of End Times replied, after staring astonished for a moment. “I suppose that you do not wish to lay down your arms and join Chaos?”

“Enough of this banter,” said Comrade Von Stahl. “Comrades! Prepare to receive Cavalry!”

Archaon, drawing his infamous daemon sword, charged straight into the awaiting improvised farm tools of the Red Guards, with Glorious Comrade Von Stahl at their head!

The magic of the enemy was largely devoted to sending in a Pit of Shades at their opposite numbers in another GW. However, they also found time to cast a few spells at the Forces of Order, with Archaon’s “Pandemonium” being dispelled by Comrade Dubois’ dispel scroll. Most of their other magicks, however, were held in check by the vast arsenal of dispel dice employed by the Forces of Order.

Once again, the shooting for Disorder of limited effectiveness. The Corsairs handbows shot repeated volleys of bolts at the backs of Comrade Dubois’ Gisoreaux Brigade, but these fell a long way short. The Goblin Spearchukkas both spat bolts at the Griffon. Both failed to inflict any damage; but then the hellcannon opened fire, incinerating the Fair Elf Maid from the creature’s back. The beast remained on the battlefield, guarding its mistress’ corpse. It is, Comrades, a foolish beast, enslaved by the Lies of Elvenist Conservatism; very little of the corpse remained to guard! The Repeating Bolt Thrower also opened up at the Proletariat Leadership Committee, and due to controversy about Line of Sight, failed to do any damage to these Staunch Stahlists!

In combat, the Foreign Brigade killed three Cullenist Skeletons (commanded by a Necromancer and a very confused kid) due to instability and their own blades, crushing the Counter Revolutionaries once again! This is in stark contrast, Comrades, to the so called Elite of the Royalists; their Horse actually lost combat by one, with all their much vaunted plate armour and lances! They still held out, due to their Chaplain’s preaching. In addition, the Slayer and Warboss continued to fight each other to a standstill, the Slayer’s troops suffering two casualties to the slavering Squigs, but still holding out. The most important fight, though, was still yet to come…

Archaon crashed into the shield wall, only to be confronted by an extremely determined soldier of the revolution. “For the Proletariat!” cried Junior Commissar Carnot, drawing his sword, wrought of pure Proletarian Iron and, with the name of Comrade Von Stahl on his lips, faced the Lord of End Times in a duel. Unfortunately, doubtless due to the influence of innumerable Wreckers and Panic Mongers, the unit champion was slashed to pieces on the Lord’s Blade. Nevertheless, the Red Guard held out most staunchly and valiantly, Glorious Comrade Von Stahl readying his hammer to face the Everchosen in person.

Turn 3

Both units of Miners arrived, and charged at the Executioners, breaching charges in hand…

Comrade Dubois noticed an opportunity. The unit of Khorne Chosen near her own Gisoreaux Brigade was formed into ranks four wide, which under the new rules are not ranks at all. They could be defeated, therefore, by any massed, ranked infantry, such as her own Red Guards! She raised her staff, and with a great “Urrah!”, the Men at Arms of the Red Guards Brigade, thirty strong, smashed into the Khorne Chosen with the force of a mighty scythe wielded by a peasant at harvest…

Red Archers and artillery pieces turned, readying their weapons to shatter the Executioners should they break through the Dwarves…

The Royalist Pike and Shot lumbered into gear, cumbersomely making ready to face the Dark Elves…

Comrade Commissar Hugh ordered the Enlightenment Brigade to turn about and march forward, trying to prevent the Sadist-Elvenists from charging the rear of the Red Guards Brigades…

The Foreign Brigade, still battling against the vast horde of undead…

Many magic users prepared to cast their spells, and gunners and archers readied their weapons, taking aim at new foes….

And Glorious Comrade Von Stahl mustering the Red Guards for a final push against Chaotic Despotism’s greatest leader!

But, sadly, at this point, the Capitalist Dwarves retreated, their Lord withdrawing his forces altogether; so the results of all these actions will never be fully known! Treachery, Comrades, is all too common amongst Capitalists, for all their proclamations of “Brand Loyalty”! The Red Archers and many gunners and artillerymen, upon seeing the Miners withdraw, opened fire at the Executioners, killing six of them, but not stopping their attack.

At this point, the battle ended, with the new victory points system (counting Complete Kills only) combining with Disorder counting the Dwarves as being killed, resulting in a Disorder Victory.


It was a trying, but enjoyable game. Many people were ignorant about the rules, which (combined with the vast numbers of soldiers) resulted in the game moving slowly. Still, like a 40k Apocalypse game, it provided many interesting moments and “what might have beens” despite the low number of turns. I’m still not sure whether the Quenelles Red Guard could have thrown back Archaon; if he had unleashed his Daemonsword, he would have doubtless killed many Guardsmen, but he could have hurt himself, and sheer weight of attacks could have done some damage. I think that Dubois’ attack could have at least held up the rankless Khorne Chosen. Frankly, the Foreign Brigade breaking through the entire enemy army is a bit unlikely, but the Proletariat Leadership Committee were moving up to support them, and could have done a lot of killing for the Revolution! Any comments in how it could have gone had it lasted longer would be appreciated.

Also, some of my fellow generals may have found this. If so, I hope this did it justice, Comrades!

25-07-2010, 02:48
I have to say, you are a man of greater patience than I.

I know for certain that I could not abide such a game...however, I shall put aside these feelings of discontent and offer council.

By the sounds of it, your firing lines where relatively unscathed. I could imagine some frontline units holding and others failing which in this situation would be beneficial. Units making such piecemeal breakthroughs would catch the attention of all shooting units and perish. This prevents the enemy forces from reinforcing key combats. Conversely, if any of your units managed to break through they would be free to join the combats which required them as the enemy lacked any truly threatening (or simply concentrated) ranged firepower. That is but one possibility! :angel:

On the subject of Archaon...who knows? Certainly Comrade von Stahl would have ended up having the most elightening conversation with the Arch Chaotic Despot-Militarist...

Awilla the Hun
25-07-2010, 12:45
Comrades! With the assistance of Socialist Ultra-Realist Painting Techniques, the newly named Battle of Blood Tower has been brought to life in full colour!


At least, it is approximately the opening of turn 2, anyway. Note the disorder of the ranks of the Red Guard. This was due to the fact that plastic hills do not go well with movement trays and over sixty plastic minatures, many difficult to rank up due to their long polearms.


Unpainted, but still good looking. Keen eyed observers will notice that the rider is, in fact, male; but as it played such a tiny role in the battle, I felt that at least the player could have a sort of cameo role to make up for it.


Red Guards of the Old World, Unite! All you have to lose is your chains, lives, souls, and various bodily organs! (You will notice that Archaon has no head. This may contribute to how he only managed to wound Cormade Carnot five times in the challenge.) I at first considered charging the brute, but reasoned that actually initiating combat with the Lord of End Times, in the view that Slaneesh may compel him to molest the corpses of my men, and doubly so because if he overran there would be nothing to stop him savaging our artillery batteries near the Blood Tower, wasn't such a good idea.


This is after they went straight through the Night Goblin capitalists. The justification for the use of Empire State Troops was that they had only just risen from the grave.


Behold the Sadist-Elvenists, ill painted and as killy as anything! (More pictures to come.)

Awilla the Hun
25-07-2010, 12:51

Repeat after me, Comrades. Awww... (Note the Slayer facing down the "Dragon Squig".)


Grind him into the dust under your numberless marching boots! Shatter him to the four winds! For you, Comrades, are soldiers of the Revolution, and are thus a force unmatched in all the Old World!


Comrade Carnot faces Archaon head on...


And the outcome is sadly predictable.


This isn't quite everything. The PLC later moved up to support their Comrades in the Foreign Brigade (just behind them, of course.) And the Miners haven't turned up yet. But it's a broad overview of what it was like just before the Dwarf Player packed up.

25-07-2010, 16:21
Hmm. What a jerk for bringing Archaon. A tooled-up chaos lord is bad enough, but the Lord of the End times himself is just six different kinds of OP.

Fortunately, WE know that the real end times will consist in an harmonious and peaceful world under the ideological descendants of our beloved von Stahl.

Comrade the Hun, based on your vast experience commanding valiant but inexpensive infantry (whose effectiveness at actually killing the enemy, though low, is often compensated for by their exceedingly staunch resistance to counter-revolutionary might)
is a horde formation an effective choice, or not? My sense is that two 25-packs of <insert core choice here, mine would be empire state troops> are overall a better choice than one 50-pack, due to being easier to maneuver, being able to be in two places at once, and being able to stick something until a more effective elite cadre can be brought to bear upon the capitalist flanks (a tempting target, being so bloated by excess).

Your thoughts?

Awilla the Hun
25-07-2010, 18:32
I have only used the new form of Revolutionary Warfare in three battles, and the horde in two of them. Out of these, one of them got illegally rear charged, and the other had to face Archaon, and had him kill their champion in a challenge. Therefore, I don't think I've had a sufficiently representative sample of battles to draw upon.

However, I would advocate a mixture of small units to cover flanks, and horde units to kill enemies (if you have the points, that is!) This is, after all, roughly how the Empire detachments system works, only increased in size.

That said, it all depends on what sort of infantry you have, and what enemy.
Looking back over the last battle, for example, it could be argued that I should have formed my Red Guards into an old fashioned Box formation which, although not in accordance with Stahlist Revolutionary Warfare, would have enabled their massed ranks to hold the Chaotic-Despots, whereas the extra attacks gained from a Horde Bonus would only have inflicted relatively light casualties due to the heavy armour worn by the Counter Revolutionaries. However, against the Goblins and Skeletons in the centre, a horde would have been ideal, as the massed attacks of the Red Guards would have ripped through the feeble armour and toughness of the Capitalist-Cullenist forces. Unfortunately, however, a horde could not be spared due to the massive buildup of Chaotic-Cullenists on the right flank, which required more troops to repulse. Similarly, in an ideal situation, it would have been better for the relatively "Elite" Enlightenment Brigade (Reliquae) with its hatred and stubbornness, to have formed a horde (something technically possible, I think), because it would be stubborn without Steadfast, and could throw in more attacks with its "Hatred". That said, I lacked enough models to put this theory into practice.


I would just like to point out that the same guy has a fondness for powerful Chaos Lords; for example, he used a tooled up Terminator Lord from an "Imperial Armour" book in my ESR thread. (There, he got the hell beaten out of him by a mass of guardsmen, led by Commissar Yarrick/The Duke of Lawford, in a bayonet charge. The similarity to the situation of the Red Guards is quite remarkable!) The same guy also decided that he could bring in Dark Elves and Chaos in the same army.

And I see, Comrade SilasoftheLambs, that you have sufficient Stahlism coursing through your veins. No more self criticism is required-for now, at least.

Awilla the Hun
04-09-2010, 17:02
Comrades! Twice in a row now have I tried, and failed, to get a game at GW High Wycombe in the past few days.

The first time, I suppose, was understandable. After all, turning up randomly at my GW rarely yeilds perfect results; and besides, doubtless I was influenced by the baleful presence of the Arch Revisionist's memoirs carefully tucked in my Gaming case for on coach reading, polluting the Stahlism of my valiant Comrades! I refer, of course, to Tony Blair's "A Journey". (The differences between Comrade Von Stahl and Tony Blair are, of course, easy to identify. One is a fanatical, militarist left winger, with a deeply unconvincing paint scheme. The other is a warhammer model.)

However, this Saturday, there was no such ideological excuse. I went along in the belief that there was to be a mega battle. There was-but only for the armies in the Isle of Blood set (Skaven Under Imperialist Technocrats and Elvenist Conservative-Magocrats!) The result was that I didn't get a game, but instead got a fine opportunity to repair many wounded Guardsmen.

(By the way: for those of you who are dissapointed, don't worry. The game itself, from what glimpses I caught of it, didn't look up to much. If possible, it seemed like a worse organised, slower paced, more argumentative version of "The End Times of Imperialism", partly due to it being mostly in the shallows of the sea-making movement phases slow down dramatically as everyone had to roll armour saves every time they moved, partly due to the sides being extremely imbalanced in the favour of the High Elves, and partly because the Skaven side consisted mostly of unreliable children who left in mid game and had to borrow my movement trays.)

In addition, I also got some photos of an excellent Trygon conversion that is apparently to be entered into the Golden Daemon Youngblood competition (I have its owner's permission to use these snaps.)

Finally, I'll try to get a game this Thursday. If I succeed (I have arranged it already), then you'll get a battle report. If not... well, this could be the last of the Red Guards you'll get for a while, because I'm going off to Nottingham University to study History, and I've decided to take along my Imperial Guard. The Guardsmen are, if nothing else, far easier to carry and maintain, although not neccessarily as politically reliable.

However, Comrades, this does not mean the end of the Red Guards. If Nottingham has a higher proportion of Fantasy players (they have both 40k and fantasy, among other systems), Comrade Von Stahl will return to march again against Counter Revolutionaries and Enemies of the Working Classes!

Another EDIT: Comrades. Due to the inherently sluggish, reluctant nature of Daemonic races (who have to be summoned to battle by magocratic forces with long, Counter revolutionary, complex rituals, whereas the truly loyal Red Guardsman volunteers instantaneously, and suspected class enemies only require a sword to be brandished at them by a Valiant Commissar to be ordered into action), the Daemon player didn't show up this time. He will hopefully be here next week though.

Awilla the Hun
17-09-2010, 12:17

The Hymn to the Red Guards (with apologies to John Adams’ The People are
the Heroes Now)

The red guards are heroes now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
The red guards are heroes now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
Comrade Stahl is the hero now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
When we look up
the fields are red
the fields are red with blood the Capitalists bled
And former Karaks one by one
rise red beneath our harvest moon
And purged Daemons one by one
Rise red beneath our harvest moon
Rise red beneath our harvest moon
When we look up
the mountain ranges rise beneath,
the moon and fields are red
The red guards are heroes now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
The people are heroes now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
Comrade Stahl is the hero now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
The red guards are heroes now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
The people are heroes now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
Comrade Stahl is the hero now, the behemoth pulls the peasants’ plow
Why choose this when so much bombastic Socialist-Realism is out there? Well, Comrades, I thought you may like an anthem where you understand the words. (Rather than listen enthusiastically to burly Russians belting out a great Sound and Fury, Told by an Idiot, Signifying Nothing.) But this, Comrades, sums up the Red Guards every bit as much as the Hungarian Dance and the Soviet March from Red Alert.

It is commie propaganda, sung in unison by an unnervingly static crowd; but it doesn’t mock them as much as the others. Soviet March is so over the top as to be ridiculous, and something in the Hungarian Dance hints at vague levels of incompetence; but this one allows them to have a slightly sinister brand of glory. After all, it takes a very, very brave peasant to stand firm against unimaginably vicious foes, them with magic weapons, armour forged from the blood of a thousand souls or by Gods and Magic users, him with his battered scythe or pitchfork and nailed together planks, and with a cabal of utterly ruthless political officers breathing down his neck brandishing pistols and shouting polysyllabic bits of insanity at him which he can barely understand (and, come to think of it, most of the political officers themselves barely understand it, but simply shout because it’s the approved thing to do.) It takes an even braver man to defeat them. Laugh all you like, Comrades, at their bumbling incompetence, bloodthirsty ruthlessness and insane twists of ideology; but these men have guts.

Most importantly, Comrades: thank you for reading my battle reports. They’ve been great to write, lots of fun (I laughed quite a bit), slightly unnerving for my opponents to be faced with a maniac (“URRRRAHHHH!” “Take that you fascist!” “Comrades! We must stand firm against these Reactionary bandits!” and so on), and, overall… good. And they will probably return. Until then…

“The Divisional Commander reported that Novograd-Volhinsk had been captured at dawn. The Staff advanced from Krapivno, and the noisy rearguard of our train was stretched out all along the eternal road which Nicholas I once built from Brest to Warsaw on the bones of peasants…” (extract from Red Cavalry by Izaak Babel, first published in 1926. If these battle reports have in anyway tarnished the memory of the brave men and women who have fought in history’s revolutions… well, it was inevitably, but I apologise.)

And so: sit back! Relax! And I hope you enjoy these reports! I conducted not one, but two battles on Thursday night, and didn’t write them up immediately because, to be quite honest, I was shattered! For dramatic effect, I have reversed the order in which they were fought; I hope my opponents forgive me. URRAH!

The Final Mortal Battle

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o15eB4aHlss (March of the Defenders of Moscow)

Comrades! This day, the Revolution has achieved a most famous victory, capturing gargantuan parts of the realm of Bretonnia! Where once the King laid an iron rod over the land, using it for his will, it is now a pure workers’ state-no, a pure, workers’ paradise! No longer shall you be forced to struggle, Comrades, for scraps of infertile soil whilst the Knight exercises his hunting rights over whatever meagre crops you have raised! No longer shall you be spat upon and cursed by all! For, Comrades, we are in the process of setting up a Proletarian society, centred around the Working Classes, to be led by the Voice of the People himself, Glorious Comrade Von Stahl! The soil is magnificently fertile-life flourishes here, of all types! And the existing occupants are cheering their liberators; according to many accounts, from all ranks, they are proclaiming that “We are welcome to” their land! Their land, no more, Comrades! It is the People’s Land! To be shared among all of us!

Therefore, Comrades, I unhesitatingly and proudly proclaim the founding of the People’s Democratic Republic of Mousillon! Long may it endure!

Of course, no matter how beautiful a land may be, the taint of Counter Revolution, until every strain of Reactionary Capitalist-Imperialist-Cullenite-Demonist-Chaotic-Despotic-Magocratic-Under-Imperialist-Sadist-Conservative-Elvenist Forces are eliminated, remains. Little of this is present in Mousillon; so Comrade Von Stahl led a considerable force of our Red Guards to liquidate the threat once and for all!

The main battles took place over the ruins of a gutted collective farm, where once delighted colonists had been contemplating their Revolutionary way of life, and the golden future it offered. The name of the area will live on in all annals of Revolutionary History: Battlecry Gulch.

In times of old, Comrades, this area used to play host to a Knightly contest, in which these ancient Aristocratic-Militarists would attempt to snatch flags from each others’ Headquarters, in a futile attempt to win the favours of aristocratic maidens. (Futile because these Knights were often incapable, due to the obvious inadequacies of aristocratic-royalist upbringing, of winning the favours of ladies by doing their duty and defending their Peasantry by slaying monsters; obviously, Comrades, the Red Guards had to step in to save them!) Now, however, no Knights stood to defend it, so the Red Guards marched in, and discovered that the land was perfect for the growing of wheat.

But, mere weeks after Battlecry Gulch Collective Farm was set up, it was immediately raided by a massive Horde, centred on a dread guild of undead culleninst-imperialists! The raiders swept into the village, flamed the granary, and unleashed massive, resurrected trolls on the unfortunate inhabitants, who suffered many indignities; many had their ration account books hacked open by rapacious Counter Revolutionaries!

This affront could not be borne, so the Red Guards sternly and justly marched in from, as ever, the South.

(This is the battlefield in which both the evening’s engagements were set. To the South East, North West and North East were some low hills, as well as two more hills: one in the central Western sector, central in the North/South axis, and another in the North of the board; not on the edge, but close. So, on balance, not that great for wheat farming, which is more or less in keeping with typical revolutionary standards of agriculture. There were also two more pieces of terrain: a lone tree in the centre, and an ancient crypt, considered open ground, but later dangerous terrain for cavalry.)

The Red Guards arrived rapidly, and immediately noticed the undead from their skin, which was sparkling in the moonlight. Pausing for vengeance only to buckle on their armour, sharpen their deadly weapons, and to listen to a long, vital lecture from Glorious Comrade Von Stahl, our Valiant Red Guards attacked!

(The first battle was a 1500 points engagement, and I worked out my list in a hurry. I remarked that, as I had issued sunglasses, my men were safe from the Vampiric attacks, as they would not be blinded by their sparkling skin. He replied that he disliked Twilight immensely, and the reason that they had such an Attractive Corpselike Pallor was that he hadn’t got past the undercoat for most of them. We got on famously after that, even engaging in a colossal ideological debate, demon player joining in, about whether Comrade Von Stahl was a “dictator” or not; obviously, Comrades, such an accusation is self evidently false! In this battle, however, I decided to limit my summary executions, as they would simply create more recruits for the undead. No, re educating their families is a better plan…)

Awilla the Hun
17-09-2010, 12:24
The Heroic Red Guards

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.)

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with dispel scroll, Prayer Icon of Quenelles (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Had the 5+ Regeneration Spell.

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty.) Rides with the Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers.

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (8 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (30 men at arms with full command, Comrade Von Stahl in charge)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (30 men at arms with full command, Comrade Von Stahl in charge)

The Foreign Brigade (15 men at arms with full command)

The Red Cavalry (5 Mounted Yeomen, Shields, Musician)

The Archery Brigade: 14 archers, stakes, braziers

The Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights, musician, gallant.)


The Cullenist-Imperialist Vampire Counts

Vampire on foot with various killing items (leads Skeletons)

Vampire on horseback with various magic items (rides and broods alone)

Corpse Cart


10 Ghouls

Approx 25 Zombies (including undead Skaven!)

Approx 25 Skeletons (full command)

5 Spirit Hosts (!)



The Red Guards deployed second and, because of Comrade Von Stahl’s brilliant lectures (on burning bad literature) fought second. (In this battle, we took turns to set up unit by unit-is this how it’s always done?)

The Undead were an imposing, very obvious sight in the darkness as they formed up to face the Red Guards. (“STFU NOOB ALLIANCE!” they roared out of long dead throats.) Their Eastern flank was led by the imposing Varghulf Twink-Cullenist, who cowered behind a wall of Ghouls (or “Warriors” as he called them.) Their Western flank-how dare they choose to fight on our left and mock us!-was where their main force went: a wall of Spirit Hosts, or “Rogues”, floated lazily before the shuffling mass of their rank and file Zombies and Skeletons, with the Corpse Cart and Mounted Vampire just behind their lines.


The Red Guards were so moved by this performance that Comrade Von Stahl almost fell asleep in mid lecture, but doggedly continued his speech whilst his troops formed up. The Gisoreaux Brigade formed a wall of shields to hold the Eastern flank, forming a line ten across with Comrade Dubois leading their regiment, standing firmly against the Ghoul and Varghulf. In front of their shieldwall stood the Foreign Brigade, under their Young Commissar, Comrade Lister, who would buy time for the other Red Guards units to get into position should the undead spring any unpleasant surprises (having never played against the Vampire counts that much, I didn’t know how the Invocation business worked.) Comrade Von Stahl’s Red Guard brigade formed a dense column, six ranks deep, and also behind Comrade Lister’s Foreign Brigade. The Trebuchet and archers held our Eastern hill, the archers defending the trebuchet with a wall of stakes. Our Western flank was held by the Red Cavalry and Communications Commissariat, who would attempt to flank and harass the main enemy force, making them commit troops to chasing down these elusive targets; and in between the two forces rode Comrade Grunwald, with the Proletariat Leadership Committee. Comrade Dubois, with her magic, got the Master of the Wood spell, certain to smite down the Cullenist dogs!

(The plan, for the Red Guards, was simple. The enemy East, with its Ghouls and Varghulf, would hopefully be held up and destroyed by Dubois’ unit, with all its massed attacks, whilst the Varghulf-who, I reasoned, was only one model, and therefore couldn’t do that much damage- would be tied down by the Foreign Brigade and, after a judicious application of shooting and massed polearms, would be destroyed. The majority of the enemy West would be tied down running after a handful of Pegasi and light horse. Von Stahl and the Proletariat Leadership Committee would then crash through the enemy’s shield of spirit hosts, break them with massed combat res and magic weapons, and then crush the disorganised, worse armed, and worse equipped(!) undead, hopefully with the Communications Commissariat and Red Cavalry helping out. At least, that was the plan…)

Turn 1

Immediately, the Cullenists gambolled towards our lines in a most vicious manner, with the Spirit Hosts leading the advance on the left flank; they angled in an Easterly direction towards the main mass of Red Guard infantry, obviously heading towards their comfortable homelands of the Right! (“I wants mah XP!” was heard from the Vampire, as the mass of Skeleton and Zombies shambled after the spirit hosts.) The Corpse Cart and Mounted Vampire followed them closely. On the enemy East, their Ghouls ran towards the Red Guards, and the Varghulf took flight to the other side of the forest, also facing the Red Guard infantry.

Their magic phase involved them attempting to transform our heroic soldiers into Reactionry Spirit Hosts! They casted the spell successfully-but behold! Despite there being many, many units (on a 4+, a unit loses a wound, and a spirit host pops out-effected all my units) not one Red Guardsman succumbed. We must congratulate the efforts of the Commissariat for Public Safety in their latest achievement: creating revolution in the afterlife! Even now, Comrades, the souls of the dead flock to our cause! (“GET MORE MANA! OMG!” howled the Vampire in unending despair.)

Immediately, Comrades, the Red Guards grabbed their weapons and fought! The Western flank was filled with the thunder of hoofs and wings as the Red Cavalry and Communications Commissariat galloped around the enemy West flank, almost directly behind their lines! Meanwhile, the Red Guards formed up to face the Counter Revolutionary Cullenists. A battle line was formed, with the Foreign Brigade in the centre, the Gisoreaux Brigade forming a shieldwall on the right, and Von Stahl’s own picked elites forming a column on the left, all facing the Cullenists.

Magic was somewhat ineffective; but shooting was not, Comrades, for no less than two ghouls were cut down in a deadly volley of archery! The Trebuchet, however, missed the target of the Corpse Cart due to the glare from the sparkling skin, and the darkness of the night; nevertheless, they will be questioned, Comrades. Questioned earnestly!


Turn 2

“PWNAGE, BITCHES!” the Varghulf bellowed triumphantly, before throwing itself into the Foreign Brigade’s front. The Ghoul Warriors activated their “Charge” ability, and charged right into the Gisoreaux Shield Wall. “OMG-THEY AREN’T STUNNED! NOOOOOOOOO…” came the cry. The Spirit Hosts also advanced, in between the crypt and the hill-but the troops they were shielding did not, as the Zombies, Skeletons, Corpse Cart and Vampire on horseback all turned to face the Communications Commissariat and Red Cavalry.

Sadly, Comrades, the magic phrase gave us a desultory quantity of dispel dice ((and I was very cautious with them, having heard about the undead capacity for magic)), so the Skeletons, under the influence of a Dance Macabre (“CHARGE! BRAINS!” they muttered; “I’M LVL 70, NEWBS!” their Vampire said enigmatically) charged right into the Communications Commissariat; they held, confident in their superior weaponry, armour, and the strength of the Revolution! Meanwhile, the Cullenists managed to transform one of the archers into a Spirit Host, which emerged by the Red Cavalry; evidently, Comrades, a few dark reactionary bastions remain in the afterlife.

In combat, the Varghulf, due to the presence of innumerable Counter Revolutionary Panic Mongers in the ranks of the Foreign Brigade, ploughed through its opponents (about seven were killed-not a good omen), and ran them down! (Fortunately, they had already been shot in the back with fire arrows, as punishment for running, and to deny the enemy their corpses.) The Gisoreaux Brigade, however, gently informed the Ghouls that no, they don’t stun people after charging them; and, despite losing three Red Guardsmen, hacked all of them to death with their polearms. With almost beautiful drill and discipline, they made a smart about turn to face the Varghulf, preparing to charge it.

However, the Communications Commissariat did not fare as well. “REND! HEROIC STRIKE! SHIELD BREAKER!” said the Vampire, challenging Commissar D’eria; he accepted, and was killed. Three Skeletons were killed by hoof, pistol and mace, eager to join their Comrades in the afterlife Revolution; but the Communications Commissariat made a tactical withdrawal from combat, effortlessly outdistancing their pursuers.

“URRAH!” went the Gisoreaux Brigade as they smashed into the Varghulf. “URRAH!” went Comrade Von Stahl as he passed his detection test, noticed the Rogueish Spirit Hosts, and led his Brigade, the Proletariat Leadership Committee alongside him, in a charge against them. The Communications Commissariat failed to rally; but only fled three more inches. Obviously, Comrades, they simply failed to control their Pegasi! The Red Cavalry also skirted around the enemy, facing somewhat towards the backs of the Spirit Hosts.

Magic was not used, due to Comrade Dubois being engaged in combat. Shooting was also of minimal effectiveness, as the archers were out of range of any targets. The Trebuchet, however, put a wound on the enemy mounted Vampire, easily getting past its “Frost Shield”!

“Take that you fascist!” cried Comrade Von Stahl, wounding a Spirit Host. “Backstab! Backstab! Backstab!” cried the spirit hosts, killing five Red Guardsmen (!). ((It was at this point that I found out that, in the new rules, they only ever get a 6+ armour save in close combat at best. Really, they need to be made far, far cheaper.)) Their sacrifice was not in vain, however, for the combat was won, and many wounds were inflicted on the Spirit Host by combat resolution; obviously, the Revolution below is doing superbly! Against the Varghulf, however, there was less success, due to numerous Wreckers sowing discord, as about seven Guardsmen were summarily executed by fire arrow. ((Not, of course, that damn thing’s hideous amounts of attacks and Stomp.)) “LVL 57 NAO! DING!” it said triumphantly. But the red line held out, due to the inspirational words of Comrade Von Stahl.


Turn 3

The Cullenists, slowly but surely, turned to face the Red Cavalry and their Spirit Host wall; all turned towards them, with the Zombies and Skeletons slowly advancing, with the Corpse Cart and mounted Vampire right behind them.

Magic, for the Cullenists, was effective; Comrade Dubois was sadly distracted due to a Varghulf bearing down on her. The three dead skeletons were revived, and the regiment was compelled to charge at the Red Cavalry (who made a tactical withdrawal, ending up next to Von Stahl’s Brigade.) The Mounted Vampire also restored its wound with its newly made bandages.

Naturally, Comrades, the Vampires had no concept of shooting; so it was straight to close combat, where the Spirit Hosts were utterly smashed beneath the numberless boots of the Red Guards! The Varghulf killed many more Guardsmen, but they still held out against it thanks to Comrade Von Stahl, and their own dogged ranks.

Comrade Von Stahl, then noticing the wall of undead flesh bearing down on him, ordered another charge. Once more, Comrades, did the united forces of Revolutionary Horse and Foot crash into the undead (although one Proletariat Leader-Commissar fell from his horse as he rode through the crypt. A sad loss indeed) as they charged into both the Skeletons and the Zombies as one, trusting in their superior equipment, training and fighting qualities (at long last!) to win the day.

Both the Communications Commissariat and the Red Cavalry also rallied, with the Red Cavalry galloping over the hill towards the flank of the corpse cart and mounted Vampire, and the Communications Commissariat holding their position. ((Can flying cavalry move after rallying?))

Once more did the Trebuchet and have no targets; but a mighty salvo of arrows from the Mounted Commissariat wounded the Mounted Vampire! ((“OP HUNTER NEWBS!” it complained bitterly. “I AM SOOO HAX!”)) If this continues, Comrades, we will stop punishing our bowyers so harshly for their innumerable past failures!

In close combat, however, a very strange thing happened to Comrade Von Stahl’s brigade; they moved more slowly against the Zombies! “Lol-Firewall!” said the Vampire, whereas it was obviously due to Wreckers at work, poisoning our brave soldiers! ((Actually… they lost their fear test. Two double sixes, meaning that they were only WS 1, and thus wouldn’t be quite as effective against the Zombies. Of course, where Zombies are concerned, being less effective against them is only a relative term.)) Three Guardsmen were killed by the enemy Vampire; but, their faces set, they began killing. Together, the Proletariat Leadership Committee and Red Guards inflicted catastrophic damage to the enemy, with the skeleton champion killed by the Chief Commissar of the PLC in a challenge, and heavy damage inflicted with blade and combat resolution alike, demonstrating the clear superiority of the Revolutionary Soldier over the Cullenist-Imperialist. ((Three chopped up Zombies, many cut up skeletons, about six kills in each unit from Combat resolution.))

But still, the Varghulf was bearing down on the Red Guards facing it. It raised its claws, ready for the final bow, then-

“Billy, it’s time for school,” came a sinister, female voice through its voice chat.

“But Mom, I was about ti-“

“Billy, do as you’re told. I’ve got you cookies-it’s a special occasion! Your Elementary School Teacher’s leaving, and she needs that wine bottle also. Don’t be late!”

There was a sigh, as the creature was strangely static. “I’ll get you, noobs,” it croaked before, with the rest of its army, inexplicably vanishing.

But, almost immediately, another sound was heard: marching hoofs.

“Daemons, Comrades,” said Von Stahl grimly, before ordering in reinforcements and preparing for one final struggle.


((Result: Draw, as we had to end the game-remember that, chronologically, this was the second game we played.

My thoughts on it are that the outcome heavily depended on the fight with the Varghulf. If Dubois could have held, then I could have been able to hold up the enemy attempts to resurrect their casualties and heal their wounds with scrolls and dispel dice. If I had done that, I would probably have crashed through the majority of their army and shattered the Cullenists, especially when Von Stahl passed his next fear check! If not, I would have been slowly ground down, with a Varghulf loose around my back line. Not a pleasant situation.))

The next battle will be written later today. (NOTE: The Vampire player had no WoW theme in his army at all.)

Awilla the Hun
17-09-2010, 17:24
THE really final mortal struggle ((I apologise about all the double, triple etc posting.))

So, let us rewind a few hours to when I, at about twenty to four, stepped onto a bus in anticipation of a game, and accidentally met my opponent on said bus. This was quite a novelty, especially as we were both arriving early to the agreed RV point of 4:30 in the afternoon. This was also his last week at GW High Wycombe; both of us would soon be going off to University, myself to Nottingham to do History, him to somewhere good, but I can’t tell you what.

Strange to say, but it seemed like events were conspiring for a final send off that would sum up my Warhammer Fantasy experience. Many people from my gaming past were at the shop (including the guy who, ages ago, played the Tzeentchi daemons in my second battle report that ripped the Red Guards a new one, AND later used a different type of flamers to great effect against my Guardsmen, although for the record he was BSing a bit. It wasn’t 30 guardsmen he burned in a few flamer shots, but 28!) The weather was nice, the sun was out, I actually managed to claim the (single) table, and… well, you’ll see! There was an epic ideological debate here, too, as a staffer perceptively pointed out that it looked like there was a Proletarian uprising going on. I defended my position, and slowly unpacked my army.

It was decided that we would play a “normal battle”. (Which is to say, Table Quarters, victory points, etc.)


Comrades! Today we must engage the enemy to the death, in a final struggle that will decide the fate of the People’s Republic of Mousillon! We must crush and annihilate these Barking Mad Dogs of Daemonism, as they come upon us in their immense swarms! As class enemies of the worst sort, they must be purged once and for all! For the Revolution, Comrades! For Comrade Von Stahl, I implore you- To the Front! To the Front! To the Front! Only there can the tide of corruption be halted! Only there can the working classes triumph!


The battlefield was the same as before. It was a 2000 points battle.


Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl’s Red Guards

Comrade Chairman Heinrich Von Stahl, the Comrade General (Bretonnian Lord with Virtue of Empathy, for he fights on foot with his dearest friends and comrades, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might (Hammer of the Proletariat), Braid of Bordeleaux (Book of Stahlist-Taalist thought.) Accompanied the Quenelles Red Guards Brigade

Comrade Commissar for Magical Affairs DuBois (Damsel with dispel scroll, prayer icon of quenelles. Led the Gisoreaux Brigade. Master of the Wood.)

Comrade Commissar for War Stephan Grunwald (Paladin with Barded Warhorse, War Banner, Virtue of Duty.)

Comrade Commissar for Nationalities Hugh of Bampton (Paladin with Virtue of Empathy, Questing Vow, Shield, Great Weapon.) Accompanied the Enlightenment Brigade

Proletariat Leadership Committee and Advisers (8 Knights of the Realm with Full Command.)

Quenelles Red Guard Brigade (30 men at arms with full command)
Quenelles Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

Gisoreaux Red Guard Brigade (30 men at arms with full command)
Gisoreaux Red Guard Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Foreign Brigade (15 men at arms with full command)
The Foreign Brigade's Own Commissariat (10 archers with stakes and braziers.)

The Enlightenment Brigade (Grail Reliquae (man on wheeled puplit with pistol) with 10 Red Guards accompanying.)

Communications Commissariat (3 Pegasus Knights with Musician and Gallant.)

First Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)

Second Mounted Commissariat (5 Mounted Yeomen with shields, musician.)


The Chaotic-Despotic-Magocratic-Hedonist-Imperialist Daemons (NOTE: The Daemon player said that, in his view, the daemons had benefited a lot from the new rules, with Flamers being able to march and shoot; at long last, he admits that they are under costed. In contrast, he believes that my army has suffered under the new rules, which I will discuss in greater detail later.)

Lord of the Change (All Lore of Tzeentch spells.)

Herald of Khorne with Killing Blow, 3+ Armour save (leads Bloodletters)

Herald of Slaneesh (leads Daemonettes. Had lvl 2 Slicing Shards of Slaneesh.)

20 Bloodletters with Full Command

28 Daemonettes with Full Command, Siren Standard (makes a unit charge them. I added another thing to my long list of “things I find strange in the Daemons army book”: in this case, a magic standard that requires no casting role to use its spell.)

6 Flamers

6 Flamers

3 Screamers


Battle plan: The enemy’s army was extremely inflexible compared to mine, with a comparatively small number of units. Therefore, I would force him to deploy forces on one flank by sprinkling light units around, whilst defeating the majority of his troops on the other flank with the full force of my infantry, artillery and heavy cavalry.

Awilla the Hun
17-09-2010, 17:27
Deployment and scout moves: The Red Guards deployed first, but went second. (I am, of course, South. The battlefield is identical to the one in the other battle.)

In accordance with Comrade Von Stahl’s ingenious plan to defeat the Daemons, the Western flank was flooded with minor, but still exceptionally well trained and equipped units. Two Archer Commissariats were positioned there in a line, with the Red Cavalry scouting ahead near the Western hill to shield them from Flamers, and the Communications Commissariat nearby to give then the benefit of their oratory, and their pistols should they attempt to withdraw. The Eastern flank, meanwhile, was full of Red Guards. Their Red Cavalry was drawn up ahead (again to hold off Flamers.) The main body of the Red Guards formed up into a tightly packed group, with Comrade Von Stahl’s own unit as a solid anchor, the Foreign Brigade acting as a shield (and bait), and the Gisoreaux Brigade ready to flank the enemy, should they be tempted to charge the Foreign Brigade. The South Eastern hill was defended by the third archer unit, along with the Trebuchet and Enlightenment Brigade, Comrade Commissar Bampton leading with the Red Flag raised in the front rank! The Proletariat Leadership Committee rode between the hill and the infantry, providing a vital link between our troops.

The Daemonists deployed second, and were falling into our trap! ((Unit by unit, that is.)) The Western flank was dominated by the vast horde of Daemonettes, and a Flamer squadron, busily putting down their Gucci bags and getting ready to face a mere handful of soldiers! The Bloodletters, standing on the Northern hill, seemed set to pour into the awaiting shields of the Red Guards; whereas our East was faced by the Arch Counter-Revolutionary, the Lord of the Change, as well as their Flamers and Screamers.


Comrade Von Stahl exhorted us for all he was worth, with his greatest lecture of all: “On why we must liquidate immediately all class enemies who are massive monsters but cannot be challenged in close combat!” ((Lord of the Change. Can he really not be challenged?))

And, with that, battle was joined…

Turn 1

The Daemons were obviously eager to attack us; for the Red Cavalry on the Eastern flank was immediately targeted by the Screamers! These howling mad beasts overran them, killing two of our gallant Red Cavalry!

The Daemons had the temerity to dare to advance against us, even on the Left Flank, where the Horde of Daemonettes ran into the ruins, directly towards our line of archers, and their Flamers flew towards the hill where our other Red Cavalry squadron was stationed! In the West, they also advanced; their Bloodletters reluctantly plodded towards the Foreign Brigade, and the Flamers and Lord of the Change also flew at a leisurely pace towards our lines!

Their magic, as is often the case with Daemonic peoples, was of mixed quality. The Slicing Shards of Slaneesh cast at the Communications Commissariat was effortlessly deflected, a true sign of the decadence of these Slaneeshi sorceresses. However, Comrade Dubois once more lived up to her political unreliability, when a Bolt of Change killed no less than five Proletariat Leader-Commissars! They held, however, staunch Von Stahlists to a man. ((It may have been a bolt of change, but it could equally have been another spell which caused casualties to everyone within 12 inches of the caster. Not terribly effectively, as it did S1 hits to everyone bar the PLC, and thus inflicted precisely no casualties of note on the others.))

The Daemonic Shooting also inflicted grievous losses-but not so grievous as not to be replaced! The West flank’s Red Cavalry were annihilated by a wicked barrage from the Flamers!

What happened after that remains a matter of conjecture; it seems that one of our archer units on the Western flank was, in an admirable fit of revolutionary fervor, drawn to trying to charge the Daemonettes, despite being massively out of range! Enthusiastic, Comrades, and admirable in a way; but it shows how we must respect the orders of Comrade Von Stahl and the Party, for it was against the battle plan, and meant that there were less bows to loose at the Daemonettes! ((Translation: they were drawn in by Siren Song.))

The Red Guards responded to this outrage with all due wrath and vigour, thrusting manfully at the enemy! Comrade Grunwald led the Proletariat Leadership Committee in a heroic charge against the Screamers; the brutes had no choice but to accept, due to the inherent stupidity of their Daemonic brains. The Foreign Brigade marched purposefully towards the Bloodletters, ready to sell their lives dearly for the Revolution. And the Communications Commissariat took cover behind a hill, in readiness to unleash a mighty charge at the Flamers at point blank range!

Our own magic was lamentably ineffective due to the political failings of Comrade Dubois; but shooting was, even though it was of much reduced capacity, somewhat successful! The trebuchet and single unit of archers inflicted massive casualties on the Daemonettes, knocking down six of them; as six is the so called sacred number of Slaneesh, it is a sure sign that this opiate of the people is entirely ineffective! Another unit of archers fired fire arrows at the massive Lord of the Change; but its counter revolutionary magocratism deflected significant damage.

((I pointed this out to the Daemon player at some point. He said that I was a dictator, and that he was better for being honestly evil. I said I was his mere chronicler, and that Von Stahl represented the People’s interest. And so on…))

In close combat, Comrades, the Proletariat Leadership Committee killed two Screamers with their lances and the general unwillingness of Daemonic races to engage in honest combat, instead preferring to evaporate! However, Comrades, a single Screamer survived, to pin the PLC in place…


Turn 2

There was an immediate mass counter charge against the Proletariat Leadership Committee from all Daemons present! The Lord of Change charged their front, and the Flamers crashed into their flank! Nevertheless, they held, remembering the words of Comrade Von Stahl that we must always endeavour to defeat Daemonism, even at the costs of our lives, and that our souls, as they do not exist, are in no danger from such Deluded beings! The Bloodletters, in an enormous, outnumbering wave, snarled and crashed into the Foreign Brigade, who also formed a shield wall and held out. And the Daemonettes, taking advantage of the undue fanaticism of the archers, charged directly into them!

There was very little else to move “ordinarily”, as you can appreciate; but the Flamers drifted onto the hill overlooking the Communications Commissariat, readying a volley…

Magic was non existent, as all the casters were in hand to hand combat. The Flamers readied a colossal volley of… flames against the Communications Commissariat, and inflicted three wounds, bringing a rider down, and hurting their bugler heavily! In response, many leaflets were thrown at them; but they took a strange lack of notice of these.

In close combat, the true dangers of undue fanaticism were demonstrated, as the archers were wiped out by the Daemonettes, making them instantly charge into the second archer unit! See, Comrades, how undue fanaticism can even endanger our own beloved Comrades! Meanwhile, the PLC were heavily beset by their opponents.

“Oh, Comrades! This is your last chance! You can join us, join the side of the Revolution, join the side of Freedom and Liberty against the darkness! You can bond with your fellow working man! You can…” unfortunately, Comrade Grunwald had little time to say more, as he was flattened by the Lord of the Change’s staff. The PLC’s Commissars killed the last Screamer, but fled in panic, and were executed on sight by the archers ((overran.))

Finally, the Foreign Brigade perished to a man under the swords of the Bloodletters, being overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers- but they sold their lives dearly, Comrades, dispatching three of their opponents! ((Not bad for peasant halberdiers; I was worried for a moment that they would actually hold out and ruin my plans! Disturbingly, the Bloodletters could very easily have restrained, which would be out of character for them, and would have wrecked my plans further.)) Even better, the Counter Revolutionary Chaotic-Despot-Militarist fools of the Bloodletters overran directly into the path of both Red Guards Brigades!

And then there was a great wail from all around… ((translation: fire alarm. GW High Wycombe was evacuated. We returned a few minutes later; but, for me, this was the summation of my GW HW experience. When I get to an interesting point in a game, I’m often forced to stop. Dang.))

Despite this peculiar, fourth wall breaking interruption, the Red Guards instantly sprang into action, pouncing on these foolish reactionaries. The Enlightenment Brigade charged at the Lord of Change, Comrade Bampton (and his Great Weapon) at their head. On the West flank, the Communications Commissariat charged the Flamers, who were at too close a range to offer any volleys; it was sword, lance and pistol vs claw and talon. And in the centre…

“Comrades! Here are some of the messages, sent from Working mothers, to their sons and daughters, on the front!” A scream sounded from the midst of the pile of corpses that had been the Foreign Brigade, sounded long and loud until a hellblade was driven into a gut. Comrade Von Stahl took no notice. “Comrade Terrence, my child! I long for you now, to defeat these class enemies!”

“Guardsmen! Form ranks!” the sergeants roared, and there was an immediate dull rattling as shields were tightened, and a hedge of crude iron levelled.

“I know, Comrade, that you will never retreat! Your father is dead, your uncles are dead, your brothers are dead, and your sisters have been worked to death by the Lord on his camp! Avenge yourself, Comrade, against the vast reaches of the hordes of Imperialist Tyranny!”

Out of the smoke of war, the Bloodletters would be seen, stumbling and running forward, blood soaking their blades. Von Stahl snapped the book shut, and drew his pistol. “Forward, Comrades! Forward and beat them! URRAH!”

“UUUU-RA-AH!” came the response, and the force of the workers was unleashed. No officers had mustered the Guardsmen of the Quenelles and Gisoreaux Brigades that day, nor whipped them into line. They came as a mass, a mass of steel and sweat and blood, rising against the Khornate demons with a rage unmatched in the history of war. They crashed into the enemy front and flank, and the hosts of Chaos shrieked; a dense column, six ranks deep to hold the front, and a broad line for the flank. To kill them.

Magic was unnecessary, and in any case Comrade Dubois was engaged in combat! Shooting wounded a Flamer from the Eastern unit, but it was in close combat where much of the damage was done!

The Communications Commissariat killed a Flamer, suffering no losses of their own. The Enlightenment Brigade suffered three casualties facing the Lord of Change, for no wounds inflicted. But the combined efforts of the Red Guards…

Von Stahl shot a Bloodletter through the face with his pistol, and lost several men in his Brigade, including his Junior Commissar in a challenge to the Herald. Nevertheless, between them, the Red Guards slaughtered many Bloodletters!

The archers, however, were exterminated by the Daemonettes, their skin being used for many beauty products in years to come.

Turn 3

Reluctantly contemplating their “purchases”, the Daemonettes turned and prepared to charge Comrade Von Stahl’s flank… only to fail their charge, stumbling pathetically forward!

There was little movement, for everything was engaged in battle. Magic, similarly, was shut down. Shooting, however, killed six archers in the single remaining squad by the Flamers.

In combat, however, many great feats were achieved! The Lord of Change was cast onto its back by the Enlightenment Brigade with one blow from Comrade Bampton’s Great Weapon, wounding it once! Many Guardsmen sacrificed themselves for that mighty blow, however. And, despite a great loss in men, including another Junior Commissar, the Bloodletters were gutted by the Red Guards, losing many more Bloodletters to the numberless polearms of our men! A Communications Commissar was cut down, but a Flamer was wounded in return.


Combat raged on into the second part of turn 3. There was no movement, for everyone was heavily engaged! The Bloodletters in combat with the Red Guards took massive casualties (just three left, not including the Herald!) However, this was at considerable cost;

“Face me, Comrade!” roared Comrade Von Stahl, raising his hammer and accepting the Herald’s challenge. The mighty champion of the people faced the foe-but was stabbed in the back by an unknown class enemy, and was killed! ((I fluffed my ward saves badly.)) This traitor shall be rooted out, Comrades, whatever the cost! The last Communications Commissar was killed by the Flamers…

And with a great URRAH! the Enlightenment Brigade surged forward onto the comatose Lord of Change, stabbing and slashing with their manifold blades and pistols! Although many were killed ((the unit was left with the Pulpit-5 wounds left-and Comrade Bampton)), the Lord of Change was reduced to one single wound!


Turn 4 onwards

Comrades, I wish for many things. I wish for universal peace and happiness and equality. I wish that all class enemies can be liquidated. But I wish most of all that this battle report can be left here, with the enemies of the People in complete disarray, and the Red Guard triumphant on almost all fronts. But, alas, I cannot. Today shall live in infamy, Comrades, among all Revolutionaries. In infamy.

For the Daemonettes, thanks to the over enthusiasm of some Guardsmen, charged into the flank of the Quenelles Brigade, now bereft of Comrade Von Stahl’s great leadership. For the Flamers charged into the Enlightenment Brigade, supporting their wounded Master!

It was a hard fight to the death, Comrades, make no mistake. Von Stahl’s unit, for a time, held out, killing a Bloodletter. Comrade Dubois held out against the Herald of Khorne, an arch Militarist of the worst sort, in a challenge, even dealing a heavy blow with her staff! (Hit, but not wound.) And the Enlightenment Brigade, even as their Commissar was killed by the Lord of Change, wounded the brute-but it made its save.

The Gisoreaux Brigade fought a last, doomed action against the Daemonettes, killing a couple ((I hummed what I thought was “The Red Flag” all the while, but was actually “Beasts of England”)), but they fled-to where, I know not. The Enlightenment Brigade died to a man, in the end, but they perished and the Trebuchet soon followed.

The last I saw of it, Comrades, before I left the field to pen this report, was a solitary figure, rising to his feet as the Daemons played all around him with the dead and the dying. He spat a wad of blood and stood, watching, a broken hammer in his hand, and his own torn books at his breast. What happened next…

I could not tell, for it was lost in darkness, Comrades. But we shall endure, as the spirit of the working man endures. The working man, and the soldier alike, is not to be treated as a toy, some lead automaton with no soul of mind of its own. It is a free man, and as long as that spirit goes on, the Red Guards shall flourish.


Massacre to the Daemons.

((Yes, it was a massacre-but it hinged on the smallest things, and it could easily have gone my way. I really shouldn’t have thrown the PLC away-they don’t get on well in this edition, so far-to chase down the somewhat feeble Screamers; I could have shot those with ease. They could also have at least tied down the Daemonettes. I should also have better supported the Red Cavalry; on the Western flank in particular, I could have supported them with my Pegasi, and used them to conduct a united charge against the Flamers, before threatening the Daemonette flank-but then again the Flamers would probably have been able to dodge around them, and shoot the Pegasi, leaving a rather poor quality unit of light horse to conduct the charge.

The Daemonic army did factor into it a bit, of course-that Siren Song allowed them to chew through the Western flank far more quickly than I had planned-but not that much. Daemonic magic did relatively little, because I engaged their casters in combat from an early stage. No, it was my little mistakes that wrecked the game. The Guardsmen, by and large, fought pretty well. Yes, they sometimes rolled poorly, but Turn 3 made up for it in grand style. The Red Guards have been slightly kicked in the guts by the new edition, in my view, but only slightly; a 5 point soldier with a 6+ save and rubbish characteristics is a handicap, but they can be used effectively enough.))

So, Comrades-this is it, for now! Any comments will, of course, be appreciated.

20-09-2010, 16:50
Hurray! More battle reports! :D

I'd actually say men at arms got better. Cheap and high str (4 is better than average) is what you want, although that WS 2 bite them in the butt now and then.

Good to have youo back :)

Awilla the Hun
21-09-2010, 18:39
Not for holding the line, which is how I've mostly used them.

I'm going to be testing out Nottingham Uni's warhammer club this evening. In 40k, so not with Red Guards, but a game will hopefully emerge!

UPDATE: I had a fun evening, but it was with other RPGs. Nevertheless, it was good, and the real Warhammer fun could well be on Saturday instead...

Awilla the Hun
13-10-2010, 20:58
Comrades. Strictly speaking, this is not a warhammer fantasy update. However, I don't really know where else to put this (apart from on Facebook, obviously.) So here it is. The Red Guards have now unleashed one of their representatives into the dark, twisted, Aristocratic-Militarist-Magocrat-Daemonic-Imperialist dominated world of Live Action Role Playing!

Yes, Comrades! We have ventured boldly, in the name of the Proletariat, of the Revolution, and of Comrade Von Stahl, into the darkest underworld of geekdom! Whilst Comrade Von Stahl will not be explicitly mentioned by our agent (mostly because the benightened inhabitants of this world may mistake him for a vicious tyrant), Stahlism will spread ever further! Forward, Comrades, against the vile degeneracy of these Yapping Lackeys of their Aristocratic Pig-Dog King/High Lord! URRAH!

((Note: Yes. This does mean that I'll be running around in an unconvincing attempt at medieval costume, whilst simultaneously spraying out polysyllables like a madman. The things I do in the name of the Revolution...))