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03-04-2009, 15:22
So I got down and dirty against a Deamon player today. It was a good game!! Same guy who stole victory from me in T6 a couple of days ago. So this was a grudge match.

My army remained the same (I’ve posted it so often I won’t post it again). His army did change however.

Skulltaker (in horrors) on jugger
Herald of Khorne on jugger with -2LD banner (in Hounds)
Herald of Nurgle on Palaquin (in plague bearers)

36 Horrors
10 horrors
30 Plague bearers – re-roll wounds icon.
15 Hounds in one mega unit

Hope the map and units are all self explanatory. The yellow chariot is the 2nd stank while the white chariot is the waltar



Basic army deployment for me with the cannons spread and knights from 1 end to the other looking to flank around from the stank “hinges”

Daemons however got the 1st turn which wasn’t what I was hoping.

Daemons Turn 1:


The hounds began by racing across the table in eagerness to kill. Everything else moved forward into range as well. The bloodthirster moved across to the flank of my army (which would prove to be a thorn in my backside). His magic phase was dispelled and scrolled by me into nothing.

Empire Turn 1:


I began by attempting to get that hound deathstar away from my main lines and off to the flank and hence out of the game. To do this I moved a unit up so that if charged the hounds would be facing my left flank. I also moved another unit to cover any potential moves to the right with astank behind to occupy the hounds into next turn and onwards (experience has told me that a stank lasts about 2-3 rounds of combat against the hound unit).

I also tried charging the bloodthirster (to also pull it away from my battle line and annoy my opponents plans), however I failed the terror test to do so, thankfully I didn’t run far- like 5” or something.

Magic and shooting went well but was disappointing. I only managed to get 4 horrors in the unit of 10 despite throwing a cannon and two magic missiles at them. I did get a handful of horrors from the large unit and 2 hounds thanks to a cannon shot. Skulltaker passed his 1st of 3 look out sir! Roles.

Daemons 2:


So this turn blew something hard. The hounds charged the unit of knights leading them to the left. Killing 3 of them only (but winning the combat- you got to love 1+ armour). However this led to both units of flanking knights also fleeing away from the fight!!

Again the enemy magic phase was useless thanks to my having 8 DD and 2 scrolls (well no scrolls remained past this turn).

Empire 2:

I got to unleash some awesome human goodness this turn- it was a very bloody and quick (as in movement game).


Stank #1 crashed into the Plague Bearers (not usually a good plan I know but I needed to hold that unit until I could deal with it more effectively).

Stank #2 moved ready to join his friend #1 next turn.

My AL on Charlie the Waltar continued to second guess where the Bloodthirster was going to go (so he could hit him with his Cannon Hammer)

I released two of my wizards from their unit, hiding 1 behind the Altar (it being a large target) the other didn’t have the movement and so was standing in front of the bloodthirster with a big sign going “I’m over HERE!” thankfully he was the scroll caddy who had no scrolls left so it wasn’t a big problem.

My other wizard and friends charged the unit of 6 horrors to end their (w)horroring days for good.

Shooting and magic was meh. I tried casting Fire Wall on the Greater Daemon (in the chance it would stop the bloodthirster from moving next turn). I also cast a few magic missiles at it. Again nothing really happened. Burning head boundspell (doomfire ring) was great again taking out 2 plague bearers and 3 horrors.

Skulltaker survived lookout sir! #2. Actually he failed but the cannon rolled a 1 to wound- grumble grumble.

I also tried firing at the Greater daemon with the other two cannons but overshot with 1 and the other was wardsaved.

Combat I killed 3 plague bearers and 5 of the 6 horrors, leaving 1 left! Wtf…

Daemon Turn 3:

This turn was also a hard one as I lost 500 points before the magic phase…

Either way the Hounds charged the small unit which failed it’s terror and ran so the hounds then went for the other unit via Enemy in the Way rules. The knights failing their terror test and running off the board taking another unit of knights and a great cannon with them!@! The hounds ending up off the table (out for a turn at least). Either way it hurt.

The Thirster also went for my sacrificial (well I decided he was sacrificial) wizard. Thankfully my fleeing kept me safe.

I still managed to stop all his spells (which was fun, can’t have too much magic defence right).

In combat the stank suffered a wound and I killed the last of the small unit of horrors.

Empire Turn 3:


So with no hounds to worry about I let rip on what remained. The Plague Bearers got a flank charge and 2nd stank charge (with 5 steam points so 6d3 impact hits) I also took a risk with the other stank and went for 4 steam points (so the bearers got 10d3 impact hits going their way!).

The Thirster was again targeted by my cannons. This time I was successful and scored 3 wounds on the beast.

The horror unit got hammered by magic and my other cannon. This time Skulltaker failed his Look out Sir! Again and I rolled a 3 to wound AND Skulltaker failed his wardsave- bye, bye beast (not that I was worried, my AL has killed skulltaker before in a single round of combat- and in a challenge).

In combat 20 plague bearers perished. 13 to the stanks and knights and then 7 to CR. I did loose one of my wizards however – which was hard to bear I admit but I did it stoically.

Anyway with his lv3 block of horrors down to lv1, 7 nurglings remaining and a ½ VP lord left (true the horrors were around but nothing was going to stop my stanks from getting into them now). My opponent conceded!!

Victory to the Empire!

End game:

03-04-2009, 15:32
Hound deathstar?!?!?...

Anyway, good to see the empire beat back the deamons (even if it was with alter/double stank). Your massive failure of leadership tests made up for it ;)

Only thing I'd suggest is that next time you at least post a link to your list.

03-04-2009, 15:58
Ah yea sorry.

Well here it is for those who read this before they read the report :rolleyes:

Arch-Lector- War Altar, Mace of Helsturm, Van Horstmann's Speculam
Wizard- lv2, mounted, Ring of Volans, Rod of Power
Wizard- lv2, mounted, Doomfire ring, powerstone
Wizard- lv2, mounted, 2xDS

4x5 Knights with musician
2x6 knights with musicians

3x Great Cannons
2x Stank

Where I play anything goes (infact my list is a response to most of my opponents).

ANd yea 16" MR3, 30 wounds, 30 str5 attacks makes a Death-Star unit in my eyes. Added with a Khorne Herald- and usually Skull Taker their aren't many things that will take it on fair and square.

03-04-2009, 16:12
The thing about deathstars is that they usually are based off cheaper troops to get ranks and number which are boosted by characters and items.

Having a deathstar of hounds is like having a fully ranked unit of kroxigor: tough but too expensive to be effective. (Assuming the opponent knows anti-deathstar tactics.)

03-04-2009, 16:24
The thing about deathstars is that they usually are based off cheaper troops to get ranks and number which are boosted by characters and items.

Having a deathstar of hounds is like having a fully ranked unit of kroxigor: tough but too expensive to be effective. (Assuming the opponent knows anti-deathstar tactics.)

True but the army was written to combat VC and Deamons (armies that have no real way to avoid being hit by such a nasty thing as they can only re-direct rather then bait and flee).

Both lists you see are tournament lists for the Hong Kong GT happening in 3 weeks time.

I played another Tournament list which was 19 chariots. I managed to win again (massacre) but only as I was Empire and had 5 cannons and a lord which may as well be carrying one. VC and other Deamons would struggle against the chariot list of doom.

Another person is bringing an army of zombies. Just a single unit something like 300 strong which he lines across the board. Behind he places his wizards (Manfred lord and 3 LV2) just bumping the zombies to full strength and casting Curse of years and winds of undeath etc.

This is the crap I have to contend with!! :D

My army is designed purely against Deamons.

03-04-2009, 16:28
Sounds like a pretty crazy group...

I no longer blame you for your list ;)

03-04-2009, 16:38
What a bonkers gaming group !

03-04-2009, 16:40
meh when everyone is WAAC it's no longer WAAC!

I find that really funny as you pronounce it wack...:D:rolleyes:

Ultimo ninja
03-04-2009, 23:49
You definately stacked your list to make up for demon otp attack potential......Thats what I plan on doing with my Woc whn the time comes....good job.

04-04-2009, 19:52

Played another game today (report tomorrow morning).

Against VC this time. My list same as above.

Lv3 mounted, red fury, infinite hatred, item that brings back a wound per wound caused.
Manfred hero, mounted
Wright king with Regen banner
Nercomancer with mv again spell on corpse cart

2x20 zombies
30 ghouls
2x5 wolves
12 blood knights with 4+ ranged wardsave banner
Black Coach.

O NOES you say! How could Empire ever win?

Wait till tomorrow says I where you shall see how Empire can massacre such a list for the loss of TWO thats right TWO knights.

04-04-2009, 20:43
A tip for you matey, don't spoil your own reports ;)

05-04-2009, 05:04
A tip for you matey, don't spoil your own reports ;)

Thats exactly what I was told at W-E! I was drunk when posting so excuse hte giveaway!. Report added soon.

05-04-2009, 07:23
So as mentioned above I took on Daemons and won, yes I have given away the ending but that doesn’t stop the victory from being any less sweet, especially as I only lost 2 models the entire game.


Anyway here’s the deployment. Hope it’s all self-explanatory; all his hero’s were in the death star Blood Knight Unit. My wizards were deployed in the 6 wide knights and the unit of 5 knights on the left behind the hill.

Now we were using Tournament terrain setting which means each side mirrors the other (so no time wasted in choosing sides) with a terrain piece in the middle of the table and all terrain outside deployment zone so no setting cannon bunkers etc.

I went for my standard deployment of knights from 1 end of the table to the other which artillery liberally spread out (I have 2 rules with my arty. 1st is two pieces can never be within 12” of each other to most overrunning should another gun/missile unit be attacked and destroyed. The other is that I always place 1 gun on either flank of the table- just always NEVER in the centre together etc. This is to increase the chances of flank shots but also to give me a wider cover range with the arty. usually it means I need to move 1 gun eventually but I don’t really mind about that.

He deployed in a sort of refused flank and I thought he was going to be a douche and hide behind the hill the entire game (like some players at the last warhammer tourney). Instead he did something crazy which was rush forward…

Vampire Turn 1:

Like usual I lost the roll to go 1st however I usually like going 2nd anyway.


His army rushed forward, his wolves moving unsupported and all his cavalry pushing ahead of his infantry. I shut down his magic phase with the help of one scroll. So not much of a turn.

Empire turn 1:

I made moves to destroy the vampire horde with knights on the left charging the wolves (and then promptly failing their fear test). I moved knights around beginning my classic and time tested tactic of circling the rear (I’ve played dwarfs, daemons, vampires, Orcs they all do the same thing which is run at my centre and let my flanking knights get to their rear- it’s weird I guess they concentrate on the stanks and waltar too much – which is why I use them. =P

I also actually moved the stanks back a little as I was getting all ready for a tid-for-tat movement battle between my stanks and his blood knights to see who would get the charge.

The cannons hit 5 of the blood knights but 3 passed their ward and regen saves Doom Fire Ring (burning head spell) killed 2 of the wolves by the forest and another cannon took out 4 zombies (WOOT WOOT).



The wolves moved closer to the tank (not sure why he didn’t charge. I think it was so his Black Coach would get a flank on my knights) everything else moved forward (incl. the ghouls just forgot to move it on the map.

In the magic phase I dispelled/he failed to cast everything BUT ‘move again’ on the blood knights which he cast on double 6. The one spell I was saving my 2nd scroll for (I did see that move coming) and argh… the blood knights charged my Arch-Lector.

In combat the Holy Priest of Sigmar issued a challenge which was accepted by the Castellan of the Blood Knights with his KB sword. He fluffed both attacks and passed the regen against mine.

Emp 2:


Well both stanks went with 4 steam points and charged the blood knights!

I did charge the wolves on the right this turn and passed the test. Meanwhile my magic and shooting let rip on his infantry, slaughtering a handful of zombies. I also used the Firewall stored in the Ring of Volans on the Ghoul unit (holding the corpse cart) which killed 1 but the cannons killed a few more.

In combat the stanks had 10d3 impact hits leading to 21 hits with 14 wounds leading to 10 regens of which 6 were saved. So 4 dead dudes. In the challenge the Vampire Champion only lived thanks to his regen. Meanwhile the vampires HORSE scored a wound on my AL (3+AS, 4+ ward…wtf). The knights killed all the wolves and ran off the table (I’m not volunteering for a flank charge from the black coach).

Vamps 3:

Shifting his zombies to cover against my knights (he finally realized I was flanking him I guess).

His wolves remained hidden in the forest (points denial? Not sure what they were doing).

He also moved the ghouls so they could move again in the magic phase to charge the stank. However 13 died thanks to the firewall, plus the corpecart suffered a wound.

The vamp lord had moved into contact with the steam tank next to the AL and managed to wound the beast brining back to life one of his Blood Knights.

Empire Turn 3:

I was a bit of a fool this turn. I attempted to get 4 steam points on the wound tank and rolled a 6. Then I wanted to make up for this by getting 5 steam points on the other tank only to roll a 6! So I doubled the damage done to my steam tanks.

I moved around the flanks even more and charged the zombie unit up the north end of the table smashing it out of existence.

In the Al combat I finally killed the Champion with 5 wounds. Only to see the stank get wounded again and the champion just rise up from the ground!@!!!

I won combat but all regen saves were passed.

Vamps 4:


I hadn’t fired any cannons at the Black coach yet due to LOS however in this turn it finally became Ethereal (just as it was coming into sight as well) which really pissed me off.

The ghouls charged the stank and combat was a total failure as everyone passed their saves or failed to hit/wound.

Empire 4:


I front and rear charged the 2nd unit of zombies whilst setting up to enter the wounds to chase the hounds and getting ready for anti-black chariot moves (my BC contingency plan A as I called it). Mean while in my magic phase I gave the coach flying…

I managed to get 5 steam points between the chariot which led to a few more dead Blood Knights and the ghast challenged my AL to combat only to be struck down with 6 wounds caused so max overkill possible! Only a two Blood Knights remained amongst the characters and the ghouls were almost finished as well.
Vamp 5:


The black coach flew so it would be able to flank charge my AL next turn and hopefully tip the combat the vampire’s way.

Meanwhile the magic phase was clamped down again. He had 8PD and 2BS to my base 7DD so he had to struggle to get anything and he tried raising units on 1 die all the time failing ½ the time and being dispelled the rest.

Empire 5:


Black Coach Contingency Plan A went into fruition with passed Terror and Fear tests I charged the damn thing! Yes I know I couldn’t attack it but I lost combat because the coach now had hatred it would have to pursue leading it toward the forest and out of the game.

I repositioned some knights to get ready for a rear-charge on the ghouls and blood knights. I was just able to see the wolves in the forest with the unit in the north and so charged in.

Magic and shooting were useless as I 5 magic missiles and law of gold which can’t be cast into combat… meaning I went straight to fighting.

Steam tanks did nothing this turn but my AL killed the Blood Knight Champ for the 2nd and final time.

Vampire 6:


There was nothing to do but combat this phase (I again clamped on his magic). The Black Chariot killed 2 knights (forgot to show on this map) and the stanks suffered another wound each. Unfortunately for the vamp player it was caused by his Wright King and a Ghoul so no auto-bring back to life thingy.

Empire 6”


Charged the rear of the ghouls and blood knights, I realized that the rear-blood knight charge wasn’t a good idea as I was feeding extra CR to my opponent however I passed all my saves which was lucky.

Meanwhile the stanks finally got 5 steam points between them and with the knights took out the ghouls. My AL issued a challenege which was accepted by the Necromancer who was smashed off his cart.

After Cr all that remained was a ½ strength lord and Manfred (with both wounds). The Black Chariot wasn’t harmed either but had made a grand total of 46pts in the game.

End result massacre to Empire.