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03-04-2009, 22:13
I'm pretty new to the game, and was wondering how casting modifiers effected dispelling, if at all. Here's what I mean; lets say my opponents caster needs a 3+ to cast 'whatever' and has an item that gives him +1 to casting rolls. He rolls a 2, and gets his plus +1, the spell goes off. Do I need a 2+ to dispell or a 3+?
From another angle I have a magic item that put my opponent at a negative to cast (DoC Great Standard of Sundering, -2 to casting for a chosen lore). My opponent needs a 6+ to cast a spell, rolls a 9, still gets off at a 7 to cast, but to I need a 7 or a 9 to dispell that spell?

Looked in the rulebook and the two FAQ's couldn't find anything on the matter, any rulings, opinions, or direction?

Lord Zarkov
03-04-2009, 22:17
If he rolled a 2 then the spell won't go of anyway regardless of casting modifiers.

But if he was casting a 4+ spell and rolled a 3 he would have cast the spell on a 4 and therefore a result of 4 would be needed to dispel it.

In the case of your Standard of Sundering example you would only need to roll a 7 to dispel it.

03-04-2009, 22:20
Good point on the miscast thing, forgot about that... Thanks for the reply though, that answers my question pretty solidly.

04-04-2009, 00:53
An easy way to look at it.

If your opponent rolls a 5 to cast a spell, with a +1, physically change the dice to a 6. Now dispell as normal, as if they had rolled a 6. The same works for dispell or for items that negative the result, just imagine it changes the dice. You must always dispell on the FINAL result.

The rule regarding needing a 3 to cast in the BrB is called "minimum casting value" i think, it basically says any DICE ROLL (ignoring any modifiers) of 2 will fail to cast the spell.

It really comes into play with vampires, their most common spell is 4+ to cast, but can easily have a +2 modifier on a wizard. So a roll of a 2 will become a 4, but still fail to cast because the DICE ROLL was a 2. However a 3 dice roll will become a 5, cast on 5, and need to be dispelled on a 5. Hope this helps!