View Full Version : 2 lizardmen border patrol lists, which to go with

Deus Mechanicus
05-04-2009, 03:40
Skink Priest 100 pts
- Level 2

15x Saurus Warriors 195 pts
- Full Command

15x Skink Skirmishers 105 pt

400 pts

First list has a little stronger magic punch but less skirmishers.

Skink Priest 65 pts

15x Saurus Warriors 195 pts
- Full Command

20x Skink Skirmishers 140 pts

400 pts

this is a variation of the first, dropped the magic level of the priest and in addition gained 5 more skinks.

Which one to go with? Is the extra magic level worth sacrificing 5 skinks?

05-04-2009, 09:00
It can go either way just depends on who you arefacing. If you are going against another lvl 2 mage that 35 points might be a waste, but I feel that won't be that often so I would go with the lvl 2. If you do take list 2 split the skinks into 2 units, it allows for a little more diversity. Also in a small game like this it might be worth thinking about maybe taking a skink chief with the skavenpelt banner, and just attaching him to the unit of Saurus warriors, gives them 3 attacks each. Forgot to tell you that you save 20 points where you can eithe spears or to add 2 more skinks (3 if your friends aren't nit pickers about 1 point)

05-04-2009, 11:40
I'll take the lvl2 mage list better than the other one.

With a lvl 2 you have 4 power dice, 2 for showing up 2 for the level 2 ; you also have two spells, that you can both cast ; the enemy will have 2 dispel dices, 3 if he have a mage, which means you're likely to have one spell that pass.

With a lvl 1 you have 3 power dice, and only one spell ; I have to check but I believe you can't use more than two dice with a lvl1 wizard, so you will have a dice wasted. The enemy will have 2 dispel dices, 3 if he have a mage which means he have a much better chance to shut down your magic phase.

So in my opinion take the list with the lvl2 mage, because the lvl1 will be a dead weight.