View Full Version : 2000 point Lizardmen list - open comments welcomed

05-04-2009, 16:54
Hello all. Planning on starting a lizardmen army and want to see what everyone thinks of this list. Any tips or changes? Thanks to everyone in advance


Slann-Mage Priest 390 points
-Sun Standard of Chotec
-Becalming Cognitation
-Focused Rumination

Skink Priest on engine of the gods 415 points
-level 2
-dispel scroll


18 Saurus 234 points
-standard, musician

10 skinks skirmishers 76 points

10 skinks skirmishers 76 points


16 temple guard 311 points
-full command
-reered guardian has burning blade of chotec

3 terradon riders 90 points

stegadon 235 points


2 salamanders 150 points

05-04-2009, 17:03
Not a bad list - I would personally split the salamanders up into 2 seperate choices (since you have them), drop the braves on the skinks, drop the burning blade on the TG champ, upgrade the Stegadon to ancient with a warchief, drop the sun standard on the Slann, grab a warspear for the warchief. Might not be able to fit the warchief on ancient in, but 2d6+1 at Str 6 can be plain nasty.

07-04-2009, 17:52
any other comments on the army? im looking for some input! thanks

08-04-2009, 01:20
I ran a similar list, pretty effective
1 slann 3 disp: soul stone, rumination, and I don't recallthe third 3DD and the plauqe for extra dispel
1 sk priest EOTG shiwld of mirrored pool
1 sk chief ancient steg war spear

16 temple guard + warabanner
20 spear saurus
10 skinks skir
10 skinks skik

that was it