View Full Version : 1k Suicide Uruk-Hai

05-04-2009, 20:03
Trying to use the famous Suicide Elves pattern :D

Anyways, its actually a Misty Mountains army:

Druzhag the Beastcaller

Goblin Company with bows
7xUruk-Hai warband with crossbows

Dragon with magical power
2 Cave Trolls

10 pts under, dunno what to spend it on tho (assuming it costs 5pts for goblins to have bows, i can't remember)

The basic theory is that literally every single model in the army has something to shoot. Admittedly, the cave trolls are range 6, but that's not the point :D
Plus, Uruk Hai are still pretty hard in combat, and crossbows are bloody good.

The dragon, which is almost half my army, is a very important part. Its more because i love them that i would use it than because they're actually that good. Hopefully there won't be too many things that can deal with him at 1k. Besides, he can burninate stuff pretty well (love the dark fury spell, its crazy good on a S8 monster).

Any ideas? I'm unfortunately only 5 pts under my max for allies, so...