View Full Version : 1000pts tomb king

05-04-2009, 21:34
please read and tell me what u think of this 1000pt tk list. might use it in my next doubles event.

Tomb prince - 153pts
light armour
great weapon
golden ankhra

priest - 160pts
cloak of the dunes
dispell scroll

10 skeleton warriors - 80pts
all bows

10 skeleton warriors - 80pts
all bows

tomb scorpion - 85pts

tomb scorpion - 85pts

16 tomb guard - 247pts
standard bearer
banner of the undying legion

screaming skull catapult - 110pts
skulls of the foe

im not to sure about the golden ankhra wit the prince, was thinking more along the lines of blue khepra.

anyways please let me know what u think.

many thanks.