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06-04-2009, 00:17
ok so basically i need some help with a 3000 pt army of O&G but i suck at making army lists, so if anyone would be down for writing one up for me that would be amazingly appreciated.

the only conditions are the warboss needs to be a savage orc, with shield, light armor and ironback boar (the rest is up to you)

and the list should include the contents of the skull pass set and two spear chuckas

other than that the list is all yours to make, hit me with something good please!

06-04-2009, 02:18
There is a 3k list on the front list page, check it out.

As a rule, most 3k lists will feature:

Staff of sneaky stealin'
Mork's spirit totem

3-4 Blocks 0f 25 or 30 Orc boyz w/ shields or dual choppas
2-3 units of 5 wolves
1-2 units of 5 spiders
1+ block of 30 Night goblins with HW&S, nets

2-6 spear chukkas
1+ Boar chariot

1+ Doom diver
1+ giants

Those are the best bang for buck and somewhat reliable units. Once you have all that stuff you can add just about anything else and it'll work well enough.