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06-04-2009, 00:37
This is my first time posting a Battle report. I recently went up against a friends dwarves at 1000pts.

My army:
Bruiser- Siegebreaker, wyrdstone necklace
Hunter- 2x tusks
6x Bulls w/ bellower
3x Bulls w/ bellower
24x gnoblars
2x leadbelchers
2x leadblechers

His Army: From memory
Thane with 20 something longbeards and o-stone
20 something warriors
2x squads of shooters with guns (can't remeber how many were in them)
Guess range cannon w/ engineer (guy that allows him to reroll the artillery dice)
... I think thats everything.

turn 1 Ogres set up from left to right on a smaller 4x4 table:
Hunter, gnoblars, 6x bulls behind, Bruiser, 3x bulls, belchers, then belchers both behind a hill.
Dwarf set up: my left to right
Warrior squad, both gunner sqauds on hills, cannon, thane sqaud with o-stone far right.

Ogre Turn 1:
Everyone moves forward a bit. Leadbelchers "sneak up behind a hill". The hunter fires at the warrior sqaud killing one and failing to penetrate the ranks, darn their hardy toughness.

Dwarf turn 1:
The thanes squad moves forward a bit along with the warriors. The cannon fires at my large ogre sqaud and manages to cause a wound (he's phenominal with the guess range). No combats.

Ogre turn 2:
Everyone moves forward yet again. The leadbelchers peak their head over the hill and have line of sight to the thane and his crew. The first squad fires getting 12 shots, but only hitting twice (boo) and not wounding. The second squad gets 6 shots hits four times and wounds three times killing of two of the dwarves. The hunter fires at the gunners on the hill, but shoots at the ground instead.
Everything is in place to charge next turn.

Dwarf turn 2:
The warriors move around a bit to prevent a flank charge from the hunter. Everything else stays put.
The cannon fires at my gnoblars, which confused me a bit. But he hit a rolled through killing 3. The gunners open up on my 6 man squad and deal 2 wounds. The other sqaudfires at my 3 man bull sqaud and off's one, which makes them panic and they fail and flee back about 6 inches.

Ogre turn 3:
The 2 bulls rally.
My bruiser charges into the thane and his longbeards, along with the 2 units of leadblechers on the hill, one manages to hit the flank. He respondes by
dropping his o-stone. The 6 man bull squad charges the warrior squad.
The hunter fires at the the side of one of the gun squads and misses.

Combat is good and bad for me. The 6 man bull squad cause some impact hits but they are warded off by the dwarves armor. 9 attacks cause no wounds, but they dwarves couldn't manage to cause a wound. I still lose combat, break and... get pursued down, by dwarves...
On the other side the leadbelchers demolish the flank but attacks back by the thane and his group kill the other two belchers. The bruiser swings away and kills 2 on the front. He got pretty lucky there. He won but I stood.

Dwarf turn 3:
He finishes off my 2 bulls with his gunners and cannon. and charges my gnoblar with his warriors, but they stand up to this assault by standing and shooting... killing none... and then winning combat, by killing 2 to his none.. where he makes his leadership test.
The combat with the o-stone group goes better for me. Once again the the leadbleches destroy the flank and the front group attacks my leader causing no wounds with him killing four, but I can't break the dwarves.

Ogre turn 4:
The hunter charges the warriors on the flank. He causes some wounds along with the gnoblars. We win but can't break the dwarves.
On the other side, the dwarves aren't feeling to good about life and once again the leadbelchers stand up to the flank, but have finally lost a model. The thane and his lackeys try to oust my bruiser, but to no avail. He kills another three dwarves. All thats left at this point is the thane.

Dwarf turn 4:
The gunners jockey for postion from the inveitable death of their thane and possibly the warriors.
The warriors are defeated. The hunter unleashes his tusks to run them down, and the gnoblars pursue a few inches.

Ogre turn 5:
The gnoblars bicker.
The released tusks try to charge one line of gunners on the flank, with support from the Hunter at the front. They stand and shoot the hunter killing him outright. The combat insues and the tusks kill two gunners, with no return wounds. They break, flee, roll a total of 12inches, and go 11inches off the table. The tusks persue only 3 inches...
The thane goes down swinging, causing 1 wound to my bruiser, his first taken, but in return is utterly anihilated. The Bruiser turns his attention to the cannon.

Dwarf turn 5:
The Gunners didn't have line of sight on my bruiser, so they shot and killed off the tusks. The cannon fired at the gnoblars, killing a few and breaking the squad. I'm pretty sure he could have fired at my tyrant or lone leadbelcher, who was still at half strength and a scoring unit, but he didn't.

Ogre turn 6:
The tyrant and leadbelcher charged his cannon, killing all but one crew member. The lone dwarf in an act of insane courage did not run.
The gnoblars rallied.

Dwarf turn 6:
The gunners fired at the gnoblar unit, and had a bit of bad luck. They were over half range and he missed, alot, only hitting a few times and killing only one.
The cannon lost its final crew member. And the game was over.

We had a blast playing this game.
Lots of fear tests and not a singal one failed, Dwarves have great leadership.
The gnoblars took a table quater, I killed his gneral and I captured a banner. All I had left was the gnoblar sqaud, bruiser, and leadbelcher. All he had left was his gunners. Kill wise we were pretty close on points, but the standard and table quater squeaked out the win for the ogres.

06-04-2009, 02:57
Nice game :)

06-04-2009, 11:05
Nice battlereport, easy to follow. Well done on the win v Dwarves, they're a fairly tough match up for Ogre's. How'd you find the hunter, I don't think you killed anything with shooting?

06-04-2009, 14:49
He killed two I think. He did better in close combat, same stats as a Bruiser, except he has better leadership. AND two dogs that are pretty tough themselves. The hunter is fun, and is probably alot better when your going up against multiple wound models (mobile bolt thrower is pretty sweet). That said, its not that great. He dosen't have the power i'm looking for at his points. I'd rather another bruiser or butcher.

It is a great looking model though, and has potential to be alot of fun to field, I know I still will.