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The Muster of Rohan
06-04-2009, 11:16
Here's my first thoughts on my 1500 point Rohan army. This uses what I currently have available. Plan is to adapt based on battlefield experience and buy what I need for that as I go along.

Theoden, King of Rohan (Leader) - 125 points
Eomer, Marshal of the Riddermark - 90 points

Riders of Rohan Eored - 310 points
7 companies
Captain of Riders, Banner Bearer, Hornblower

Rohan Royal Guard - 170 points
2 companies
Rohan Guard Captain, Banner Bearer, Hornblower

Oathsworn Bowmen - 145 points
3 companies
Captain of Rohan, Banner Bearer

Theodred's Knights - 285 points
4 companies

Grimbold's Helmingas - 250 points
6 companies

Ent - 125 points

TOTAL COST: 1500 points
FORMATIONS: 2 Cavalry, 3 Infantry, 1 Monster, 2 Epic Heroes
TOTAL MIGHT: 18, across 7 Heroes

Theoden and Eomer are both great - Eomer for Fight 6 and Epic Rage, Theoden for Fight 5 to an entire Formation (Fight 5 Riders? Ta!), and Touched by Destiny (a free Epic Challenge or Epic Charge each turn? Wow). Not to mention all Men in 12" at Courage 6 with a re-roll. They'll float around, joining whatever formation(s) seem to need their abilities the most.

Theodred's Knights were a difficult decision, but Fight 5 with lances swung it, and Theodred's "Hero of Legend" rule potentially allows a boatload of Heroic actions. Combined, these rules more than make up for the loss of solo Theodred's Epic actions.

The Helmingas, on the other hand, were a no-brainer - Strength and Courage 4, for only 30 points more than a Militia formation of the same cost.

I want to try out the Ent, partly because I have three of them (my local GW was offering a metal Ent free if you bought two plastic ones...and I'm weak), and partly because if I can put together a dual charge of the Ent and one of the Cavalry units, it could be utterly devastating.

Hornblowers for everything except the bowmen increase my ability to manouevre very nicely, and Captains and banners are just a given, I feel, particularly since a large part of the army will be relying on charging.

C&C is, of course, more than welcome.