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06-04-2009, 12:52
Hey guys and gals!

I am starting WHFB now, after playing 40k for about 6 years. And I'm not very experienced, since I only have played a couple of 1000pts games borrowing a friends WOC and watched others playing at my local club. Now the list bellow is what I currently have and will be playing with for now, but when I expand to 2000pts I don't really know what to get, I allready own a Lord of Change and want to keep the theme of a Nurgle/Tzeentch army.

Herald of Tzeentch:
Power Vortex

Herald of Nurgle:
Palanquin, Slime Trail

Pink Horrors:
10#, Standard Bearer, Icon of Sorcery

15#, Standard Bearer, Standard of Seeping Decay


6#, Pyrocaster

Total 999pts

So what would you add to get 2000pts?

08-04-2009, 04:36

please help, I don't want the army to be uber hard but good enough to put up a fight even with a loosy commander such as myself.

08-04-2009, 04:53
Well first of all I would get rid of the screamers (they normally proove to be pretty useless). Secondly, in case you weren't already planning on it, stick that HoN in your plaguebearer unit to give them regeneration. If you keep the list you have, you need a solid melee presence which is usually why people take a combination of a Bloodthirster and caster heroes which always works very well and is very popular, but if you don't want to do that then you can always take your lord of change, however i'd recomment atleast taking skulltaker on a juggernaut and maybe stick him in a unit of 2-3 Bloodcrushers.

If you take a BT, you should consider taking FSB (Firestorm Blade) which will grant your BT +1 Strength and, mainly, flaming attacks. Ever since the redone regeneration rules from 7th edition, everyone and their mother is hyped on units with regeneration. Now you'll have all your HE players get a boner from this and say "LOL OKAY NOW FIGHT MY HERO - HE HAS DRAGON ARMOR!" but just remember that elf characters are made of bread. Send your nurglings against them lol. But seriously, they're not that flimsy but they can also get owned by daemon heroes so don't sweat it.

If you're going to take special units, choose between either khorne hounds (as tempting as it is, DON'T TAKE KARANAK!) or seekers for out-maneuvering.

Also, consider taking the Masque if you can. For 90pts, making units take up to -3 LD or M is ridiculously strategic in many situations.