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06-04-2009, 14:44
So I've always taken ghoulkin on my lord with the thought that against gun lines I can get the jump on them, and in some other situations I can move up a unit on the flank. Well in actual fact I think in roughly 35 games I've used it 4 times. So now I'm looking at this 25 point ability and thinking my points could be better spent else where.

This is kind of sad because I've always really pushed ghoulkin as a real tactical advantage.

There just aren't that many gunlines out there anymore, and the gunlines there are are supported by fast combat units, so if I move up my ghouls before I get a chance to raise them up I risk losing units early. And then of course you have the new killy armies where you can't rush in and need to wait for your support units.

So what are your experiences? Have you found ghoulkin worth it?

(Warning: If this starts turning into ghouls vs skeletons I will lock this in a second.)

Gazak Blacktoof
06-04-2009, 15:36
If you make your ghoul units bigger then it would be worth it. I can see it being fairly rubbish for a raising army like the one you normally use.

How much is it though, 25 points? It adds a bit of versatility and might be useful in a pinch to exploit a weak deployment or get the jump on a gun line.

I know that you're dabbling with more combat oriented vamps at the moment. You might find its more of an advantage for that army.

What else would you spend the points on?

06-04-2009, 15:44
Dark acolyte would be nice.

The problem is that fully ranked or not ghouls have trouble standing up against killy units which I'm seeing more and more of.

In a more combat based list it could work better.

06-04-2009, 16:21
I could see it as useful if you had either many ghoul units (4+ of 12) or a few larger regiments (20+) to start. I see it as a good way to keep your infantry forward to support knights, or to quickly set up combat with multiple charges. If the enemy has enough shooting to destroy small units, it could be more trouble than its worth.

I was very enthusastic about Ghoulkin when I first got the book, but have never used it (though admittedly, I haven't played many games with my VC army since 7th Ed.) I suppose part of the problem is that I don't have many ghoul models at the moment, and haven't been inclined to add them yet.

My biggest hopes for it, once I start playing on a regular basis again and have more Ghouls, is to combine it with Hunter in the Dark. I want to try some very agressive armies where I can deploy a vampire or two forward to harass and engage enemy units right away, then have my infantry that much closer to help suppor them. Again, its still a theory with a largely untested army, since I haven't had much of a chance to play in a long time.

06-04-2009, 16:42
Ehh, if you're playing a summonhorde (and you usually are) then the extra turn to get into combat makes Ghoulkin un-necessary, and gunlines survivable. Most opponents I've faced with Ghoulkin either get it wrong (They do the march after working out if they have won first turn or not) or just plain forget it, so I have no problem with seeing it dropped more ;)