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06-04-2009, 16:30
ok Im participating on a special tournament. (atleast very first time for me in this kind of tourney)

Point limit is 2500 points with 300 addon (total of 2800 list)

tournament is 5 games long and the last game is played with full 2800 list.
In other games, you can varify your list with that 300 extra points as long as you deduct same amount of points from your original list.

I have few armies but only two that has so much models that I can field all painted army of this size. Here be the high elves

High Elves 2500/2800

Caradryan 175

Noble 218
Battle standard bearer, barded elven steed
lance, shield, dragon armor, battle banner

Archmage 360
4th level, annylian crystal, ring of fury
dispel scroll

Mage 185
2nd level, 2x dispel scroll, silver wand

10 Archer 120

15 Spear elves 180
full command, warbanner

14 Phoenix Guard 300
full command, banner of sorcery, gem of courage

13 White Lion 275
full command, lion standard, skein sliver

5 Dragon Prince 240
full command, banner of ellyrion dragon horn

13 Swordmaster 285
full command, amulet of light, standard of balance

5 Shadow warrior 80

5 Shadow warrior 80

TOTAL 2498

300 pts addon

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100

Great Eagle 50

Great Eagle 50


List is a bit static with nothing speacial indeed. Trying to go with quite solid solution. I still have 7 sword masters and 2 bolters + eagles unpainted but I think I can manage those before the tournament.

Comments?? Improvements?? Pros vs Cons?