View Full Version : Daemon Instability Question?

Colonel Cleric
06-04-2009, 18:56
Hey all, just something i would like clearing up before i continue any more with my daemon army list.

Im new to Warhammer as it is, and was just wondering whether taking the Standard of Chaos glory making all Daemons within 12" stubborn would mean that Daemons losing combat would no longer need to test for instability?



06-04-2009, 19:00
no it just means you take it with no modifers- e.g. you always test on your stated leadership (most of the time LD7) rather than reducing it to how much you lost by

Colonel Cleric
06-04-2009, 19:02
ah, i see, thanks for answering :)

06-04-2009, 19:07
No. Being stubborn makes them stubborn. The break test (aka instability test) continues as normal, you're just less likely to lose it.