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Nazgit the Exorcist
07-04-2009, 03:46

Am coming back to warhammer after a some time away. Here is my WoC list at the moment. I have models for 1500pts easily, but want to see how they work before expanding to 2000 or 2250.

This is designed to be a tournament army base.

1 Exalted Hero @ 163 Pts
Great Weapon
Armour of Damnation [45]

1 Chaos Sorcerer @ 161 Pts
Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll [25]
Barded Chaos Steed

16 Chaos Marauders @ 100 Pts
Shield; Full command

12 Chaos Warriors @ 222 Pts
Shield; Full command

12 Chaos Warriors @ 222 Pts
Shield; Full command

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30 Pts

1 Chaos Chariot @ 120 Pts

5 Chaos Knights @ 265 Pts
Ensorcelled Weapons; Champion; Standard
War Banner [25]

10 Forsaken @ 180 Pts

Models in Army: 68

Total Army Cost: 1493

Ideas for use of army:

-sorceror to take fire (for flaming sword of rhuin), join knight unit and act as a melee character while using remaining spell at targets of opportunity.

-chariot to stay with knights

-forsaken to stay with general's warriors.

-warhounds to screen knights/warriors

07-04-2009, 03:52

Get rid of champions and shields in marauder units; you don't need them.
Also consider giving them mark of slaanesh to ensure they make it to the enemy's lines (unless they're killed before, of course).

Give another Dispel Scroll to your Sorcerer.

Get rid of your Forsaken. They usually end up being dissapointing (rolling constant 1's and 2's on your D3 for attacks will really tick you off). You're better off taking more Chaos Warriors and you can give them additional hand weapons if you want.

Good luck with your army!

Nazgit the Exorcist
07-04-2009, 08:51
Thanks for the input. I've made a few changes to my list and will see how it plays out :D

07-04-2009, 10:50
no marks??

Nazgit the Exorcist
07-04-2009, 16:57
Nope, not in this list.

Had my game tonight (so excite!), replaced the forsaken with another unit of 12 warriors, removed the champ and musician from the knights and the champ from the marauders and gave them flails.

WoC are awesome.

Having said that, I lost. But I blame that on a turn of terrible rolls during a vital close combat phase and that fact that my opponent accidentally included an extra unit of knights (empire).

Said close combat phase had a unit of warriors engaging 25 swordsmen with 2 detachments and doing well, until the 2nd CC phase where I rolled a silly amount of 2's.

Next battle will be a re-match with same opponent, 2000pts. I've been looking for an entry in the army book concerning marks and charatcers, but can't find anything that would prevent a slaanesh marked hero, for example, from joining a Nurgle marked unit. It was not allowed last edition, and I'm pretty sure that has carried over, but not 100%.