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07-04-2009, 05:01
A friend and I had this come up in one of our games, when Pandemonium (WoC Tzeentch spell list) was in affect. In this situation the attacker is the one casting "pandemonium."

Since it is a remain in play spell, the defending player on his turn my attempt to dispel it on his turn (using his own power dice). But what happens when he rolls a double to dispel it? Is it an automatic miscast (aka failed dispel attempt) or is it ignored because he isn't casting an actual spell.

In addition, what happens if "pandemonium" is in affect and defender is dispelling a spell cast by the attacker? Does the defender suffer miscasts (auto failed dispel) when they roll a double?


07-04-2009, 05:15
Pandemonium affects leadership and casting values. Dispelling a spell is NOT a casting attempt and goes after all casting attempts are complete. This is done if the defending player has power dice left over to dispel a spell that is a remains in play, such as Pandemonium. Doubles for miscast is just that - you need to make an attempt to CAST a spell. Dispelling is not an attempt to cast a spell...
What happens when a dwarf player rolls to dispell a spell. They get 2 power dice despite the fact they have no casters.. They can use these power dice to dispell any spells in play. If they rolled doubles - who would miscast .. One of their wizards? This is non-sense. So, there you have it.

07-04-2009, 05:40
Yeah, thats what we thought too, and conducted ourselves that way throughout the game.

Just wondering what others might say about the spell wording

07-04-2009, 14:46
Rolling double 1s is an automatic failure for dispel attempts.

Rolling any other set of doubles has no game effect.

07-04-2009, 16:05
Double 6 is an automatic success.

07-04-2009, 16:55
D'oh. Your right.